December 21st

Author: Karsten Kleo (6 of 9)


Christmas Time:

Lady Lara Croft decided to spend a nice winter-evening in her mansion, in the mountains of Tibet. On her way she recognizes, that she canīt pass the usual way, because of an avalanche, which has snow-covered the way. So she decides to make the way through an old temple-complex. Help Lara through this small adventure, to get her into her home in the Tibet-mountains.


Climb on one of the pillars. Grab the ladder in the middle, shimmy to the other side and climb up. Get the Flares and find yourself in a room with water. Climb on the edge above the entrance, and shooting the vase collect the LaserSight. Head to the left, and through the platforms get to the lever, push it. Jump into the water. Swim through the open grate, and collect a Medi Pack and the Revolver. Get on the storey again, shoot the vase in the water, and the door opens above. Pull the block out on the right side, enter the corridor, and pushing the lever the grate opens on the other side. You have to push the block there, out of the door, then the grate will open above the water. Meanwhile collect the Medi Pack. Jump into the water, and climb out next to the right-hand open door. Grab the gap of the block, shimmy to the left-hand waterfall and climb up.

Find yourself next to a huge building. Meanwhile collect the Medi Packs in the small room, although they won't be needed later. Get on the storey, climb up the pole, and get the Key from the flower. Meantime shoot the vases, ‘cause some of them hide goodies. Heading up the first stairway get a few of Medi Packs. Get on the floor, open the grate with the Key, and get on your Snowmobile. Smash the icy-wall, and head up the slope. I think it's easier to get off the vehicle. Heading to the right reach a building. Meanwhile get a Medi Pack in a snowy corner. Shooting the lock get in on the small bridge. Shoot the vase in front of Lara, the flame extinguishes below, and you can get The Hand of Orion. Get through the open door on a small square. There's a bridge split in two in the middle. Jump on the bridge, visit all of the 5 small windows, there are goodies waiting for Lara. From one of them climb down on the floor, and collect 2 The Hand of Sirius-s from the water. Get back to the Snowmobile, get on and ride in the opposite direction. Ride up the slope, look around at the building, because you can collect Medi Packs in a vase and behind a block. Continue your way up the slope, ride through the small gate, and get off the vehicle at the statue.

Collect the Medi Pack from the small water behind the ramps. Heading to the right jump over into the passage. Run straight ahead on the next, snowy area, slide down the slope. Get The Hand of Orion #2 from the centre of the pillar. Find same Flares to the right. Get to the glassy window, get the Medi Pack, and climb up the pole. Crawl trough the room so the poisoned spikes won’t hurt Lara. Pushing the lever the door opens. Run through the dark cave back to the statue, get on the Snowmobile, smash the icy wall and return to the great building. Head down to the right-hand base, climb up the columns, place the Hands. Interestingly I saved my game before placing one of the Hands, and when I loaded it later, the Hand was in its receptacle. Checking my savegames you can see that I still have a Hand of Sirius. The door opens below, run through the hall, place the Hands on the other side. Find yourself in a room with water. In the front of the grate, in the water find a Medi Pack, but swimming into the opposite direction get to another house. Enter the house, heading to the right shoot the vases in the back room. The final room opens, and you can see the Christmas tree and the numerous gifts. Heading towards the pine the level finishes.

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