Slide down and go have a play on the ice for a bit, then head through and go left at the snowman.

Go on until you come to the canal and at the quay side jump into the water and swim right, keep looking right to find a hole to swim into and climb out into a small room, use the lever there to open a black gate back at the quay side area.

Now go back and climb up into that new open gate. Go through, swim down and head left through a murky water tunnel, go right through to the end and climb out to find the GATE KEY.

Now swim back out and stand at the black gate entrance. This time swim left again but keep going to the end, now turn right and find the ledge to climb out on by the black gate. Use the GATE KEY on the gate and jump into the water, collect the flares then climb out onto the steps. Shoot out the window and go through to the new room.

Light a flare and look in the right corner on the North wall for a push block, push it as far as it will go then turn around, look up and use the ladder there to climb into the next room.

Draw pistols and shoot out the black grate behind the fires, jump the fires and crawl through to the next room. Shoot the box and collect the flares then shoot out the left side window, hang drop from the window ledge and drop down onto a red awning, turn and look right to see another small red awning, jump over to there and climb up to the crawl space above.

On the roof top do a sideways flip onto the sloped roof, slide down and grab the edge then shimmy left all the way to the end, now climb up and do a back flip onto the bridge behind you. Look on the South wall for a low breakable wall panel, use action and Lara will kick the wall away, crawl through and shoot out the black grate at the end, now climb down into the new room and kill the waiting rats.

Judge the swinging boxes and head into the next area shoot out the black door, turn and hang drop to climb down the wall. Now get into the water and swim down the tunnel until you come to a blue door, use action and Lara will open the door. Swim out and into a new area.

Swim right and look on the right side for a ledge with a large med pack on it, climb out and take it, you will now see a flyby of this area and a shot of the CROWBAR high up on a bridge, you will also be treated to some wonderful Christmas music.

From the med pack ledge head over to the South East corner of this area and climb out on the sloped ledge, look in the right hand corner for a jump switch and use it, a door close by on the South wall opens by a small boat, so go there and enter the new room.
Shoot out the left window but donít go through it yet, light a flare and look in the right corner of the West wall for a push block, push it through until you reveal a crawl space to your left. Head through there and shoot out the black grate to get into the next room.

Climb the box and shoot out the window in the East wall, now jump to the high block and use the monkey swing to get over to the window; you will lose health here from the steam vents so beware!

From the window drop down into the small court yard and find the slope to help you up onto the wall, now go to the right and climb up onto the small red awning, draw pistols and shoot the red ball in the wall gap, this opens a door in the court yard next to you, so either jump over from the wall or go back to the push block room and use the broken window to get into that other court yard.
Enter the new black door and you will hear some nice Christmas music again, go to the right and find the snow man in the corner, climb the wall to get into the window above then go up the slope and to the left, look across and see a ladder to jump to, when you are over there go right and slide into the water, when you land look up and right a bit, there you can climb up and use a hang lever, this opens the door out and its just at the side of the hang lever. Before you leave though you must remember to take the RUBY KEY from the water on your left! Now leave here via the new door and shoot out the black door to reveal the snow mobile!
Climb on the snow mobile and smash through the East wall, head right and up the slope until you come to a new area, look for the thin slope with a closed black gate at the top of it near the end of the room. Get off the snow mobile and look in the South West corner of this area for a black grate to shoot out, enter the crawl space and collect the secret, The Christmas Rose!

Come back out and head over to the North east corner and here you will find a place to use the RUBY KEY to open the black gate at the top of the slope. Get back on the snow mobile and head up the slope into a new room, at the top, back up as far as you can and line up with the windows across the canal. Do a daring jump on the snow mobile and smash your way through the room and down onto the walkway below, turn immediately right as you hit the walkway so Lara smashes through another wall, park the snow mobile and shoot out the black grating above the box in this room, climb up and crawl through into a new room, look for a hole in the ceiling and go up, in the next room a fire is burning so look on the book case for the lever to shut off the fire, now go to the back of the fireplace and climb up to find the SMARGD Key, come back down and go back
to the snow mobile room.

Now go out onto the walkway and turn right, at the end jump round the corner onto another walkway, at the end is the place to use the SMARGD Key.

Now return to the snow mobile room and go back through the crawl space. The black door is now open so head on through and jump onto the monkey swing, go across and at the end drop down and grab the wall ladder, now shimmy right and climb up into a new room.
Now use the floor lever in this new room to open a watery door down below in the canal. Go back to the ladder and jump down into the water, swim down and to the right to find that new door. Swim through and climb out onto the red ledge, now jump to the ladder and shimmy round to the left, climb up to the ledge above and go onto the top step, from here do a running jump over to the pole and climb up to the top, back flip off onto the higher ledge then climb up into the window above you. Go out onto the roof and shoot out the black grate, crawl through and find yourself on another roof top, go far right and find the crowbar by the snowman.
From where you picked up the CROWBAR face North, jump back off the bridge and into the water, swim immediately left and go back through the watery door you entered this area by.

Make your way back through the tunnels and climb out onto the white ledge, climb the wall here and make your way back to the swinging box room, head on through and climb into the crawl space to take you back to the first bridge. Go straight across the bridge and into the room new room, drop down into another small room and use the crow bar on the door there.

Head on through and shoot the box to collect a large med pack, now shoot the window in the West wall. From the window jump across to the red awning and then jump over to the balcony ahead of you, the door will open as you approach, so head on through to receive a warm Christmas welcome from an old friend, and the level ends.

Note from Moderator: Here's another version, submitted by OBig's Hungarian team. Both walkthroughs arrived within minutes of each other!

Christmas in Venice


Lara has gotten an anonymous invitation to come back to Venice during the Christmas days. But, until she can sit down at the festive table to taste the plum-pudding, she must find the way along the lonesome, snowy streets and secret channels of Venice. Many thanks to Juttae and Tifa Nazah, for the pretty Christmas objects and to Litepulsar, for the cute young-Lara!


Get out to the water, and jump into. Swim to the right, in front of the corner into the right-hand house, and getting out of the water pull the lever. At the beginning of the level a door opens. Swim along and through a narrow gap, and collect the Gate Key in front of a grate. Get back to the channel among the houses, swim to the left, around the corner, open the iron gate with the Key. Get some Flares from the pool, then shoot the glass on the building. In the small room, next to the burning candle push in the block, and climb up the ladder on the loft. Jump over the flames, shoot the grate in the crawlspace and crawl through into the other room. Shooting the boxes find a Medi Pack and Flares. Shoot the left-hand glass, and starting from the window run up, and jump on the sun-blind above the water. Climb into the crawlspace, and get on the roof.

Stand with Lara's back to the wall, into the corner, the sloping roof must be to the left side. Jump once to the left, slide and grab the edge. Shimmy all the way to the left, jump back and find yourself on a small terrace. Kick in the lower part of the wall next to the small snowman, and crawl in. Note the left-hand room - having got the Crowbar you will have to get back here. Shoot 2 rats. Pass the swinging boxes, they can't reach Lara walking by the wall. Shoot the crate in the passage. Climb down the ladder, and open the door in the water. Get the Medi Pack from the small pier, swim all the way back in the channel and climb out on the shore. Pull down the wall-lever in the right-hand corner, and swimming back climb out in front of the house, then enter the building. Push in the block next to the burning cradle, and crawl into the left-hand passage. In the next room jump to the steam-blower from the small crate, then monkey-swinging on the ceiling get to the window. Shoot the window and climb down the ladder into the small courtyard. On the other side climb up on the small balcony, then on the sun-blind.

Shoot the sphere swinging in the wall gap, jump from the balcony on the other side, then enter the right-hand door. Climb up the right-hand brick wall, into the wall gap. Jump into the other building, climb up the ladder, then on the other side of the small corridor climb down into the water. Collect the Ruby Key in the corner, then climbing up into the small alcove pull down the wall lever. Climb up the wall again, and enter the open door. Slide down to the snowmobile, ride down the slope, then up the other slope. Get off and use the Key on the right-hand wall. Next to the slope, behind the pine-tree shoot the grate, and find the only Secret: the Ruby Rose. Get on the snowmobile and ride down the slope. Jump through the connecting bridge onto the pile, smashing the wall. Get off, jump on the box, shoot the grate, and crawl through the gap. On the other side's small room get some Flares, and climb up into the room above. Revolve the book on the shelf, and the fire is extinguished in the fireplace. Getting into the fireplace collect the Smaragd Key and use it at the channel, by the right-hand wall. Get through the crawlspace into the room below, jump up on the ladder at the open door, and monkey-swing onto the other side. Releasing the bars grab the vertical ladder, and climb up onto the small connecting bridge, which you jumped over by the snowmobile. Push the lever, and the right-hand underwater door opens.

Swim in, and climb out on the small platform. Jump on the other one, run-up and grab the opposite pole. Take care of hitting the CTRL at the last minute. Turn to the left, climb up and jump back on the platform. Shooting the grate climb up into the crawlspace. There's a small roof on the other side. There’s a crawlspace covered by a grate there. Get through and get finally the Crowbar. Jumping into the water swim back from where you came, pass the swinging crates, and get back on the small balcony, where you have kicked in the wall by the snowman. Enter the small room, climb down on the floor. Get some Flares behind the bed, and force open the door in the alcove. In the next room one of the boxes hides a Medi Pack. Shoot the left-hand window, get on the sun-blind and jump on the opposite small balcony. Entering the open door Lara finally arrives at her old friend who has been awaiting her with numerous gifts. The level finishes here.

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