Christmas in Tibet

Author: Sascha Wandelt (Sweet25)

Walkthrough by OBig of
Translated by Petunia of

Unpack the Copy the wav files into the Audio folder, the christibet.tr4 file into the Data folder, and the rest into the main directory. Start the adventure and have fun!


Pull down the lever on the opposite wall, and slide down the slope.
Push the ice-block totally into the alcove and crawl through the gap. From the sloping platform jump on the column, and after a run-up pull down the wall switch. Get out in the crawlspace, up the slope, and find yourself in a courtyard, in front of a building.

The door to the left has opened. Get along the cave. Notice that Lara looks carefully at the Key beneath the ice - you will have to return here after the ice has melted. Reaching a wall notice the switch, still too high on the wall. Shoot 2 bats. Climb on the left-hand block and jump into the small water. Get the Crowbaar.Crowbar in the corner. Climb up the ladder, and to the left, into the small alcove. Jump on the rope, and swing it on the wall. Pull down the switch you saw earlier. Get on the wall again and jump into the water. First swim to the left, don't swing the other rope. Get out of the water in a cave. Kill the bats, and get into a passage, through the left-hand block. Getting along the passage find yourself in a room, where force the Christmas Star #1.out of the wall. Push the lever which opens the door. Don't go there, but jump into the water and swim backs, because this way is simpler and faster. Get out of the water at the ropes, and jump on the wall. Jump on the other rope, and into the passage, behind the open door. Monkey-swing above the spikes, and get out on the courtyard, on the storey. Collect the Shotgun and the Revolver here, and on the other side find a Medi Pack on the bridge. Pull the lever there, and get on the floor from the bridge.

The other door has opened below. Climb the ladder on the right side of the block, and get into a large room. On the floor, in the corners behind both of the 2 grates push 2 buttons. Pushing one of the buttons a monster appears from behind the grate above. Kill him, and get on the storey. Push the first button and kill other monster. Behind the next grate force out the Christmas Star #2. Push both buttons behind the other grates, and get back to the ice-bound water

The ice has melted, get the Gate Key.

Get on the courtyard, and use the Stars on both sides of the door.

You are at a chasm now. Climb down or drop down on the left side of the chasm, open the door with the Key. Find some Revolver Ammo, Flares and another Gate Key inside. This is the level only Secret, at least I didn't find more. Pull down the lever on the wall outside, at the chasm, so you can get on the top again.

Get into the room through the corridor. Notice the 2 patterned floor-tile there. Step on them and hurry behind the opened door, straight ahead in the room, finally hanging drop down into the passage below. Lara's energy must be on the maximum because she looses the half amount after the falling. Use the Key in the end of the corridor, and get into a large room.

The left-hand box hides a Torch. Light it in the burning fire, and light the other burners, so the door opens.

All you have to do is pushing the button in the end of the corridor, and the level finishes.