Indian Mountains

Level by LaraLevelbauer

Walkthrough written for Lara’s Home by Moonpooka and posted here with permission


There are four places you can get stuck with no return:

1st - Level One. After the rolling boulder in the large mud slide room. You enter a rocky area and eventually flood a pool to retrieve an Indian Key. You must take this key before proceeding to the outside area as there is no way back for it.

2nd - Level One. Do not forget to take the crowbar from the sleeping skeleton in level one, (the revolver is lying near him, and the crowbar is also near by) as you will need it to retrieve the golden stars in level two, and there is no way back for it.

3rd - Level Two. The left dart room lever to the timed door is not re settable; you must use the right side lever first, and save before you use it not after. Once you are through the timed door, you are ok to save your game.

4th - Level Two. Take the Jeep keys to end the level. Do not drop into the hole in the ground near the jeep before taking the keys. You will arrive back at the start of level one with no way to return.

Please save often and in different slots, in case you need to return to a previous save game because of any of these issues.

There are a total of six secrets to find.

Part one

Three Secrets

Drop into the water and climb out at the south wall. There is a timed lever here to a wheel door at the north end of the next room. Use the lever then race through the rooms to pass through the timed door. You will be in a tiny brown room now, and can see an opening to the north. Walk to the edge of the opening and Lara will get a nice scene of the jungle room ahead.

You have to make your way to the top of the room now, and it’s a bit hazardous at times, but if you do fall lets hope its into the water pool below so that Lara can climb back up to the opening using the wall ladder on the south wall.

From the opening, do a running jump round to the right to land on a green ledge in the SE corner of the room. Jump north onto the rocky ledge, then head west to the tree trunk and use it to climb up higher. Shimmy round to the north side of the tree trunk then climb up and off to the right.
A vulture will attack so gun him down then run and jump to the south rocky ledge. Go west and make your way to the SW corner of the room. There’s a small slope on the ledge, stand on the left side of it facing west so Lara can jump and grab the upper green ledge and pull up. Pull up again at the south wall to take Lara to the top of the room, then you can explore the upper area if you wish, but there is nothing to find up here.

Jump round the upper ledges to get to the north side of the room. There’s a wide muddy path to make your way along which will take you into the next area.

Stop at the end of the muddy path and look for some fallen debris to the NW, and nearby is a door in the west wall. Enter the door and go straight on to the fallen debris to your left. There is a passage to the right, but ignore that for now, you will return through there later on.

Head through to back west room and three tribesmen will attack. Blast them away and take the Torjuwel (Gate Jewel) that one of them drops.

See 1st beginning note

It is very important you search the platform where the skeleton is laying at the west end of this room. There lies the Revolver, and at the SW corner of the platform is the very hard to see Crowbar. It is vital you take the crowbar with you into level two or you will not be able to finish the levels.

Return to the outside area and make your way east to a small pool. To the west is the Jewel Gate, but before heading over to the gate, nip behind the tree at the east end of the pool to collect 1st Secret – Revolver Ammo, and then head over to the Jewel Gate.

At this point three wild boars have arrived over by the pool, so pick them off then place the Jewel to open the gate and go inside.

Just inside the door, and to the right, is 2nd Secret – LMP.Take it then head through the mud passage, but take a left turn before the end. Go right and you will arrive above a large mud slide room.

Drop down one level, then line up with the north ledges. Take a running jump over and climb up. Now climb up to the west and make your way forwards until you see a boulder suspended above a filigree door. From the end of this ledge, do a running jump over to the SW mud slide and this will activate the boulder making it safe for Lara to pass through the filigree door. But before heading there, drop down west from the mud slide, and search the muddy floor for 3rd Secret – Revolver Ammo.

You can now enter the filigree door in the west wall and enter to the rocky room ahead.

See 2nd beginning note

You must take the key from this area before you return outside as the filigree door is now closed and it will not re open for you to return.

From the first rocky ledge, go left to the end of the ledge. Stand facing SW, jump and grab the slope at the south wall and shimmy right until you can pull up onto a small safe ledge. Take the Revolver Ammo that’s laying at your feet, then turn and face north so that you are looking out over the room. There is a sloped type pillar ahead but it’s safe to land on. Jump over then jump to the west ledge where you see a button on the wall. Use the button to flood a small area in the rocky floor over the other side of the room, and then face Lara to the east and jump to the coloured pillar to her right. From here, take a long running jump over the jagged rocks ahead and she will fall into the newly flooded pool in the ground.
Swim through to the west, then at the end of the watery tunnel, Lara will have to swim down into another tunnel, and on the floor of this tunnel is that much needed Indischer Schluessel (Indian Key).

Swim away up the tunnel with your key safely in your back pack, then climb out at the top and make your way through the passage until you can hop up a step and enter a new passage. Proceed and you will come to a familiar place. Ahead is some fallen debris, and to the right is the three tribesman room where you should have collected the Revolver and crowbar from, so if you still haven’t got the crowbar, go get it now as it will be your last chance to do so.

Ok, now you can leave and go back to the pool outside.

At the pool, go east and return through the Jewel door. Go all the way to the end of the passage this time and kill the tiger that attacks from the passage to the right. Now head on until you come to a tiny mud room with two closed filigree doors and a key hole at the east wall. Use the Indischer Schluessel (Indian Key) on the lock and both filigree gates will open.

Make sure you have the crowbar with you before proceeding.

The south gate will lead to a trap, so no need to go there. Take the north gate and slide into a second mud room. To the right is a passage which leads to another trap, so travel straight on through the north passage and slide down into another mud room. Take the east passage now and slide into a final mud room, and then run ahead to enter the next level.

Part Two

Three Secrets.

Head west, and jump into the next room. Drop to the floor on the east side and make your way round the east side of the room behind the tall pillar to avoid the flame emitters. There is a lever up in an alcove in the west wall. Jump up and use the lever to raise a shorter pillar next to the taller one. A ceiling hatch also opens above the short pillar. Run jump to grab the short pillar, and then pull up into the room above.

Make your way to the south end of the room. There are some boulder traps about, but I found only one set activated and they were above the east door.

There are two wall levers at the south wall. Use the left lever first as the right is spike trapped for now. The lever has opened the east filigree door so run through letting the boulders fall either side of the slopes, leaving Lara quite safe.

Go through to the small room ahead and you face a wall. Go right and find the second block from the right is movable. Push it forwards once, then get behind the wall and pull the block onto the patterned tile on the floor. You will see the spikes deactivate at the right side lever in the previous room. Head back and use the right side lever to open the west wall door and go through.

Make your way up the passage until you see a closed door ahead. Go left here and walk towards the deadly water room. Jump to the first tile ahead, and then run jump to the higher block at the east wall. From here it’s a simple jump into the east room.

There is a lever at the east wall, and a spike wall trap to the south. When you use the lever it opens the door back in the passage, but it also activates the spike wall. Flip the lever then roll and sprint from the room. Jump to the block to the right, and then stand jump to the lower tile to the west. Jump back into the passage and head left to the newly opened door.

In the new room be careful as the central pool is lethal. There are two levers, one either side of the pool, and at the south wall ahead, there is a timed door behind a poisonous dart trap.

See 3rd beginning note

You must activate the right side lever first, and then jump the pool to use the left side lever. This left side lever is not re settable and you will be stuck if you use it first as the doors will not open. Also, do not save your game until the timed run is done. The best thing to do is to save your game just before using the right side lever, and then you can reload from there if you do not make it through the timed doors.

Once both levers are used, sprint to the double doors and roll under the poisonous darts. If you made it through then run to the top of the slope and the double doors at the top will open for you to enter a new jungle area. If you did not make it through the doors, reload that save game and try again.

As you enter the new jungle area, you will see a shot of a Shiva guarding a Golden Star. That is your destination. Head forwards into the room and kill the lurking tiger, then go to the SW corner and jump the green rocks for 4th Secret – Revolver Ammo. Now slide down into the lower part of the room to the east. You can see the Shiva marching around up on the east ledge. Use the log textured pillar nearby to jump to the Shiva ledge, and then use your revolver to gun him down. Now it is safe to go take the Goldener Stern (Golden Star) from block at the south end of the ledge.

Look to the west now and you will see a pole. Climb to the top and back flip off, but have your guns ready as a tiger is lurking nearby. You have now entered the temple area.

You are now standing by a large building, with two closed doors. Head round the building to the north side, and nip up onto the pool wall ahead to easily pick off another lurking tiger. Now run round the pool wall and drop down to the south where you will find 5th Secret – LMP at the end of the path to the left.

Go westwards now, and enter the building with the stripped pillars. At the west wall you can place the Goldener Stern (Golder Star) and open up a door in the south wall. Enter the new door and go right. Make your way to the end of the passage, then at the end you will come to a bridge spanning a deep room. Jump onto the bridge and run to the slope at the far end, but do not run up the slope.

A boulder will fall from the top of the slope when you are part way up, so, save game and jump up the slope backwards, then on the third jump sprint forwards as you hear the boulder fall. Run back over the bridge and jump back into the south wall passage, then wait until the boulder has rested before jumping back to the bridge. Make sure the boulder is totally still before approaching it as the slightest movement from it will still kill Lara. Shimmy past the boulder and proceed across the bridge and up to the top of the slope. Climb the south wall to top, then as Lara pulls up she finds herself on a long slide down between spike traps. You can jump right, left and central to avoid the traps, or you can simply slide through them losing a small amount of health. Either way, you must land in the south doorway below or Lara will get stuck in between the wall and the slope at the bottom of the slide.

Run through the passage ahead and climb up at the end. Walk out onto the balcony ahead and you will see lever to your left. Ignore it for now and nip over onto the small roof to the south to collect 6th Secret – Revolver Ammo. Now return to the lever and use it to open the doors to the main building below.

Drop to ground and head east to the main building wall. Go left here, and at the end of the building turn right. Now take a right turn again to enter the main building through the newly opened doors.

Ahead of you is a pole, and behind it there are Two Goldener Stern (Golden Stars). Take them then head up the pole to the top. Back flip off and make your way through the green passage to the west. Two Tinnos wasps will attack, gun them down and proceed to the end of the passage. Go left and then right and you will come out into an open green cave type area, and another two Tinnos wasps sneak up on you from behind. Pick them off then run to the west end of the cave and find a hole in the ground to drop down.

Lara arrives in a lower jungle area and you will get a shot of the Jeep keys lying on the ground near to the jeep.

See 4th beginning note

Do not drop down the hole near the jeep. Take the keys to end the level.

The End