By Oxy

Walkthrough written by the author and included with the level download.

[Note: Scroll down for another walkthrough, written by manarch2 and added on Apr 4, 2012.]

This is not a complete walkthrough, only noting the necessary things to do to finish the level. You don't need to play everything in the order treated in the walkthrough.



Pick up the ROSES behind the pine tree.

Climb up, go left, climb up the roofs and in the right corner pick up the LASERSIGHT.

Climb down, go out and right. When you pick up the ROSES jump backwards. The two ghosts heads will fall.

Go to the front door and place the roses into vases. Enter the house.

The SILVER KEY is near the aquarium.

Go back (left, where you entered the house) through the library up the stairs.

Push the "round statue" forward in the corner and unlock the door. Jump over two ghosts and pick up the GOLDEN KEY. Go downstairs into the library and unlock the door. Pick up the KEY and kill two harpys.
Shoot the vase near the picture and climb down.

In the end of tunnel crawl right because the ghost head will fall. Climb up, on the right under the block you see FIREWOOD. Enter the room.

Go to the hallway. In the end unlock the door. Two ghost heads will fall, so walk near the wall. Climb up the window and pick up AMMO. Go back, the picture has moved. Pick up the COMPASS.

Pick up FIREWOOD and place it into the fireplace in the bedroom, where you killed the two harpys.

Picture has moved, pick up the KEY and unlock the bathroom, it is straight where you entered the house. You can check the small bathroom also, if you like.

In the bathroom with pool on the top of burning fireplace is a KEY.

Swim down in the pool and pick up the CROSSBOW.

Swim up and pick up the SMALL MEDI PACK. The fire is now unlit. Pick up the KEY.

Climb up of the right fireplace and combine the CROSSBOW with LASERSIGHT.

Shoot the moving ball over the plaque of woman's head. Enter the room with blocks.

Here you must find two keys. FIRST KEY is under block on the front, where you entered the room. You can't move it yet.

SECOND KEY is under the block in front of the fire in the second room.

Use all three keys on the locks and enter the roof.

Jump into the aquarium and pick up the KEY.
Swim out through the tunnel.

Shoot the moving ball up of the lion plaque. Doors into the council-chamber in the first floor of the house are now opened.

First go left, where two trees are burning, and kill the harpy. Pick up the roses (twice). Fires are extinguished.

Climb up, unlock the door, jump over ghosts and pick up the GOLDEN BIRD. Climb back down, place the roses into vase near statue and enter the house.

Go up stairs, jump over the ghost head near fence on the right and jump over the second ghost head.

Enter the council-chamber and shoot the moving ball over the firewood. You can now enter the resting room on the right.

Go straight into the next room; behind the pillars is moving ball. Shoot it and enter small room, where dinosaur head is.

Pick up the GOLDEN BIRD and kill the harpy.
Go downstairs into the basement.

Place roses into vase and step on metal square. Follow the unlit metals and pick up the GOLDEN BIRD (watch out - the ghost head will fall onto bird).

Go into the dining room. Pick up the MEDI PACK, go through door and shoot the moving ball.

Pick up the AMMO. You can enter the kitchen now, if you like. Pick up the GOLDEN BIRD over the fountain.

Go out and place three golden birds onto the plinth in front of the golden monkeys (See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil).

All trees are now extinguished. Kill the harpy and place the fourth bird in the end of tunnel. Harpy is guarding the last one golden bird.


- over the bathroom, where moving blocks are. It is behind the block on the right where you entered the room.

- (GOLDEN PISTOLS) are in the basement behind the curtain.

- is on the shelf of the window near moving ball in front of the

- outside right where you picked up roses and two ghost heads falled

- when you swim out the aquarium on the left in swamp.


This is flyby level. DON'T SHOOT here!

Go into the pool near fountain and pick up the KEY.

Go back, on the left is small "gazebo". Pick up the DIAMOND. Go out and unlock the door.

Place the diamond on the wall in front of the limousine. Enter the pool garden. Pick up the KEY under the ghost head. Use key on the lock.

Go behind the pine tree and pick up the GOLDEN BIRD.

Thank you for playing.



Harpyís House

Levels by Oxy

Walkthrough by manarch2, based on the builderís notes

NOTE: You can play both levels from the start menu; they are not connected.

Harpy 1


This level starts with Lara being in a courtyard. Drop down from the alcove and a block rises ahead so that you cannot access the E area yet. Go S behind the bushes and find Yellow Roses. Now head to the E block that has risen and spot the ladder to the right of it, climb it up to the roof and watch a long flyby of the mansion. Afterwards go S over the glass roof and climb up to find some Flares. Get to the opposite (N) side of the roof and climb up W. Go E and then to the far NE corner to find the Lasersight. A block has lowered in the courtyard where you started this level, so climb down all the way there and enter the W garden. Go W and you will spot more Yellow Roses on the left wall. Donít directly pick it up as that will also trigger two ghost boulders, but stand facing NE, grab it and jump forwards to escape them. Now head N and W in the dark corner and get into the crawlspace for Secret 1, Golden Pistol Ammo. Return and find Crossbow Ammo in a small pit near the boulders, then head S and back E in the starting courtyard where you now have access to the larger area behind the lowered block. If you went further S in the garden you would have come to a door requiring three bird statues you donít have yet.

Into the Mansion, Some Keys

Go E to the end and place the two Yellow Roses in the receptacles to open the door between them. Enter the mansion and in the main hall with many stairs head SE and through a doorway where the camera angle changes. Go S in the piano room and through one of the two S openings here to the aquarium. Pick up the Silver Key on a carpet in front of it. Return all the way N, then NW to the main hall and enter the library through the NW curtains, go straight N and then W up the stairs. Push the globe once so that a right door opens, get in the alcove for a Large Medikit. Back down use the Silver Key to open the door up the ramp, then enter the next room. Grab Crossbow Ammo from a S block, then go W and jump over the boulders because the tiles are deadly. Pick up the Golden Key, jump back and leave this room again, heading downstairs and into the library. Here you now can go W and insert the Golden Key to open the nearby door. Go W and take first the Large Medikit, then the Bronze Key while ducking. The bed is deadly though. Two harpies attack so kill them. Note a missing pile of woods on the N blocks, then go to the SE corner, shatter the vase if it isnít already and crawl, then drop down into the sewers.


In the next crawlspace go ahead and pick up Explosive Crossbow Ammo under the ghost, then get back and crawl right, at the end left to get a Little Medikit, back and then left, get up, follow the passage and crawl a bit, then crawl out of the narrow tunnel either left or right because a nasty boulder comes down. Climb the long ladder (noticing the wood behind you) into another room with more boulder/deadly tile traps and Crossbow Ammo on a S box. Exit this room E through the door that you can hear open while entering the room and go left. Find a Little Medikit on a right shelf, then head on. I donít know if moving the globe effects anything, so get on and insert the Bronze Key to open the door at the end. Enter the passage and immediately jump over the first boulder, but keep left or right as another boulder comes down. Climb the left windowsill and pick up Poison Crossbow Ammo to open a picture door in the previous hallway. Get back there and pick up the Compass from the alcove. Now the block with the Firewood in it lowered so get back all the way to the ladder, drop down and pick it up. Climb down the ladder again, get back through the crawlspaces and at the end climb up into the room where you shot the harpies. You now can place the firewood N, get back down as it immediately lights.

Bath Area

A picture door SE in the room near the crawlspace has opened, get in and find a Green Key and Flares. Head out of this room and go SE to the main hall, then directly E and place the Green Key to open two doors left and ahead. Kill a harpy and enter the N bathroom where it came from, shatter the vases and pick up a Large Medikit. Another W door has opened; pick up the Crossbow Ammo near the toilet. Get back out and into the other room that opened. Shatter a vase left of the door to get Flares, then dive into the pool and find a Little Medikit and the Crossbow E. Swim back up and go S, pick up the Yellow Key from the fireplace. Go to the opposite fireplace, climb the ladder right of it and backflip. Go on the glass floor and combine the Crossbow with the Lasersight, then look up in the high SE corner and shoot the swinging ball. A W door opens so head through.

Movable Block Puzzle

There are three visible blocks in this room right from the start Ė the one directly to your left, when going right one ahead and one left. Push in the first block S to your left and go into a bigger room right with a fire in a corner. Push the block right of you (N) once, turn right and pull the E block ahead once, go right around it and pull it again. Now go where the block originally was and find a Green Key (this block was the second one you could see from the start). Finally you can pull out the third block you could see from the start (N and right from the entrance to this area), go around to the square where the previous block was and pull the block once. Now go back around and find Secret 2, Crossbow Ammo and Golden Pistol Ammo. Go back to the room with the fire. We need to clear the way a bit, so push and pull the two blocks that are in this room against the W wall with the fire, then push the block that hided the secret back to where it was. Go S and find another pushable, pull it out, then push it to the left twice. In the revealed S passage is another block, pull it out twice and then push it left once. Now pull the third block as far N as possible and then push it to the N wall. The way is now free to a passage with a globe and three keyholes that require another key, so head back and find another pushable block and another fire. Pull and push the block to the S wall, then pull out the NW block and push it once E, go where it was and find the Blue Key. Push the block back W, then head in the E passage and pull out the block until you can go around it. Now a closed door is revealed and you can insert all three keys; insert the yellow and green ones first, then push the globe away and insert the blue one.


Head through the now open door and crawl right through the passage to arrive on the roofs. Follow them and before jumping SW into the water find a Little Medikit S between some of the roofs. Now dive in the aquarium and find a Bronze Key a bit W of where you dropped down. Find and swim in the S passage and follow it until you can climb out at another outside area. Get Secret 3, Golden Pistol Ammo, in the small pond left of you (W), then head on N and find a W passage, get in the next area. Kill a harpy and find two Yellow Roses bundles NW and SE, head back out to the previous area and use the Crossbow to shoot the swinging ball high up N.

First Two Golden Birds

Now climb the ladder left of where the ball was to the top, follow the passage and insert the Bronze Key in the receptacle to open the double doors. For better mobility you might want to push the globes away, but it isnít needed to jump over the ghost boulder/deadly tile trap. Pick up the first Golden Bird while ducking under the ghost, then jump back and head back outside to climb down the ladder again. Go S and find an E receptacle for one of the Yellow Roses; this opens the door left of it so that you can re-enter the mansion, as you are back in the piano room. Go back N to the main hall, then go up the stairs and head right. A ghost boulder drops down so jump over it and the deadly tile, head into the door that just has opened and through the passage, jump over another deadly tile and into a new room. Shattering the swinging ball S is the only task here; get back out again, jump over the tile and enter the now open W room. Notice a closed door in the middle W and another passage NW; go there and to the far W end. Look N through the arches and see the next swinging ball which you can shoot with explosives from your Crossbow. This opens the door in the previous room so return all the way there and find the door under the dinosaur head. Pick up the second Golden Bird and return to the last room where you have to shoot a harpy.

Last Two Golden Birds

Now return through the E passage and down the stairs to the main hall. The door N on the upper stage leads you back to the room where you found the Firewood. Run down the next stairway to the basement and find the Golden Pistols for Secret 4 behind the left part of the N curtain. Go S, pick up the Flares under the dinosaur head, then head E along the table and place the Yellow Roses in the receptacle to open the left hand door. Drop down in the room with four fires and step on the marked tile to your right to deactivate the first, step on the tile and the second is deactivated and so on. When all tiles are clear pick up the third Golden Bird (first avoid the ghost boulder that falls down, then duck to get it) and exit this room again, go W and up the stairs to the main hall. Kill a harpy that comes out of the S door on the upper stage. Thereon head SW to another room with a big table. Climb on the NW ledge with the Little Medikit, a door opens in front of you, pick up the item and slide down into the next room, picking up Crossbow Ammo. Shoot the swinging ball with explosives and look for Secret 5, Golden Pistol Ammo, on the SE ledge. Jump back up to the dinner room and find an open W door to the kitchen. I found nothing inside so you can head NE to the main hall, then NW and exit the mansion to the courtyard where you can find the fourth and last Golden Bird on the fountain because a block lowered.

Placing the Birds, Finale

Now head to the starting area and further W into the garden, then go S and in the far SE corner to find a Little Medikit in a small alcove. Go W and place the first three Golden Birds in front of the monkey statues to lower the block. Kill a harpy; you can do that with explosives now if you have enough. Enter the just revealed passage, place the last Golden Bird to finish this level.

Harpy 2

A Diamond

Watch the long flyby of the setting and afterwards head a bit W, then find a Red Rose in a N corner. Head further W and go through the arch, and jump in the right hand pool to find a Gate Key under a plant. Climb back out, head E to the start all the way and find a NE passage, head through and find the Diamond in the middle of the room at the end, this triggers a small flyby. Head back out and straight S, place the Gate Key to open the door, head through and reach the area with a car.

The Golden Bird

Pick up a Red Rose right of the car and insert the Diamond on the W wall receptacle to open the S door. Head through and pick up a Red Rose to your left. Ignore the pond as thereís nothing to find; instead go into the left passage and find a Gate Key under the boulder Ė duck to get it. Get back out and place the Gate Key in the receptacle left of the exit, this triggers a long flyby. Afterwards go back in the area with the car, go right behind the tree and drop down to find a Golden Bird to end this level.