Level by Kevin Learwood (Staticon)

Walkthrough written and graciously provided by the author

Lara's Dream - 8 Walkthrough

Please only read as far as you need to if you are really stuck at some point.

Adventure Starts

This part is merely a precursor to the main game. All you need to do is, as the caption states, Follow The Yellow Brick Road. At least, follow it until you reach the rusty hut. There is a pickup on the roof of the hut but I will let you find out for yourself how to get up there.

Run around the hut and operate the jump switch to open the hut door. Once inside, push the lever switch to lower the cage and retrieve the Drin Key.

Head back outside and continue the journey along the Yellow Brick Road until you come to a door in the forest. Use the Drin Key to open this door.

Slide down the ramp and enter The Dream Place.

Secret 1 is hidden behind a hedge just before you reach the rusty hut in this part of the level.

The Dream Place

You find yourself outside a sort of castle in some indeterminate location. Explore until you find a door that opens when you approach. Climb in - the door will slam shut behind you. Inside, you will find a closed door to your right, with a ramp on the other side, and a pit to your left. There is a passage leading from the pit so no prizes for guessing which way you go next.

Run along the passage. You will pass a closed door on your left but keep going. After a few twists and turns, you will see a rolling ball in the ceiling. Don't worry about it just yet - it is not yet activated.
Continue along the corridor. After a couple more corners, you will find another closed door to your left set back in an alcove. Keep following the passage until you arrive at a room with a sloping floor, three rolling balls and some vases.

Shoot the vases and collect the pickups.
The rolling balls are not activated yet so, if you wish, you may have a look around and see a room in the castle that you will be visiting soon.

Return along the corridor you came in by. The door in the alcove is still closed. Stop and save when you get to the bottom of the slope with the rolling ball. The ball is now active so step onto the slope and jump back out of the way.

The ball will drop into a pit and you will hear a door noise. If you run up the slope, you will see that a gate has blocked the passage. Return to the door in the alcove. It is now open and you may enter and activate a floor switch that will open the gate in the passage.

Return to the passage and continue the return journey. Before you reach the last corner, you will see that the other door is also open now allowing you to enter and activate the lever switch which will open the gate at the bottom of the ramp you saw when you first entered the castle.

Return to the pit at the start of the passage. Do not drop into the pit - nothing nasty will happen, but it is too deep to climb out into the castle entrance passage. With your back to the wall at the end of the passage and the pit to the right of Lara, angle slightly to Lara's right and do a standing jump/grab. Pull up into the entrance passage.

There is a rolling ball hidden in the ceiling at the top of the ramp. Dodge this and go up the ramp. Pick up the crowbar and jump into the water.

Swim along the tunnel and surface in a room with two platforms at either end of the pool and flames coming from gratings in the floor.
All you need to do here is to slide the globes onto the cherubic faces on the floor. It's not a difficult puzzle so you can sort it out.

When the last globe is in position, a cage will rise from a shallow pit giving access to the next floor.

Shoot the two vases on the raised blocks. If you do not do this now, they get in the way later.

Run to the far end of the room. There is a closed door to the right, another door with a cage in it and a lever in the wall.

Pull the lever. A cage will rise between the two blocks that had the vases on them. Run back, jump up onto the nearest block and climb onto the cage and push the wall switch before the timed cage drops back to floor level. Collect the goodies on the blocks and head back to the door that had been blocked by another cage.

Enter this small room and collect the Star Key and the Stik Key from its column.
Return to the double doors and open them with the Stik Key. Pick up the shotgun on the stairs and make your way up to the next floor.

At the top of a small ramp, is a switch behind a wooden frame that you cannot immediately get at.

In an alcove, at the other end of the room, is a switch. Pull this and release the Knights Templar (and a Demi-God on the next floor up). Lure the Knight to the frame with a switch behind it. He will swing his sword and smash the wood allowing you to get at the switch. Pull this switch and climb the frame. From here, you can climb or jump to the next floor.

(There is an unintentional shortcut out of this room, but I am not going to tell you what it is.)

Make your way back to the other end of the room either avoiding or shooting the Demi-God and climb onto the battlements.

Jump in a northwesterly direction into another area at the castles north wing. Shoot the large beetle that attacks.

Run into the room behind you with a pool in it. Dive or jump into the pool and open the underwater door. Swim into the flooded room. There is a raised cage in here and another underwater door. Open this door and swim into the tunnel.

A gate will drop, blocking your way. Turn and swim back into the flooded room. The cage has now dropped and there is an underwater switch on the wall. Pull this switch.

The gate that dropped in front of you will now be open and you may now swim along the passage and up to the top of the tower.
Climb out and dispose of the giant scorpion.
There is a large push switch in an arched alcove in the roof area. Push this, and all the water will be drained from the flooded rooms. Also, a roof door into the rooms below will be opened. (There is a pickup to be had if you explore the ramparts here.)
Return to the room with the two pillars that you swam up to and climb back down to the formerly flooded room. Make your way back into the pool room and drop through the newly opened hole in the floor.

You will find yourself in a room with a blocked fireplace and an open door. Go through the door into the next room. At the end, use the Star Key to gain access to the Chapel.

Explore and enjoy. Then save and operate the jump switch on the wall. A flyby camera shows you where to go next.

When control of Lara is returned to you, sprint some of the way as the rotating spikes are moving downwards quite fast.
Pick up the Tak Key and a door will open back into the Chapel. Return and place the Tak Key on the plinth.

A cage will drop allowing you to pick up the Mun Key.

Make your way back to the fireplace which is now clear of obstructions, but beware of an angry Demi-God.

Drop into the fireplace and descend to the ground floor of the North Wing.

In this room, there are several vases, columns and three gates.

If you shoot the smaller vases. a pit will
open beneath one of them. Follow the newly opened passage to a room where you find secret 2. Return to the gate room.
Use the Mun Key to open the middle gate. Enter the passage and follow it to a pit, passing a closed door to your right. Another gate will drop behind you just after the closed door stopping you from returning to the castle by this route.

Drop into the pit and into The Dream Vault.

The Dream Vault

After sliding down the ramp, you will find yourself in a small room with a Star Key on the wall to your right. You will need it later so you can either take it now or collect when next you pass this room.
Exit this room and enter a passage that runs left to right. You may wish to explore a bit here just to see what is where but, when done, head to the end of the passage that is currently to your right.

Looking down, you will see a short drop onto a catwalk. Drop onto it and make your way to the open end. Drop down into the room below.
There should now be a closed gate behind you, an opening into a water filled area in front and a closed door to your left. If you look through this door, you will see another Star Key on the wall. It will be some time before we can collect that one, though.
Jump or dive into the water. Exploration of this large room will reveal two submerged, blocked, tunnels and a small-submerged dais. To get to the dais, swim almost to the far wall directly opposite the catwalk room and turn right. At the bottom of the domed floor, is a Drin Key. Take this and head back toward the catwalk room. Before entering the final domed floor area, turn right and head down to the submerged tunnel in the south east of the room. If you are in the right place, the door to this tunnel will now be open.

Swim in, the door will close behind you once you are a certain distance inside, so, no going back that way. Follow the passage up until you can pull yourself out of the water in a rusty room with a closed door opposite the pool and a climbing wall to the right.
Use the Drin Key and open the door.

Shoot the phantom SAS guard. Enter the room and shoot the next guard. Collect the Whiss Key from the raised floor section. There is another door in this room but we need to get the Mun Key before we can open it.

Return to the pool room and climb the wall. At the top of the ladder, run to the door and open it with the Whiss Key. Note that there is another closed door to the left just inside.

Inside the next room are a couple more guards to dispose of. Collect the six-shooter ammo. Run along the corridor with the open roof and dispose of one more guard before collecting the Mun Key.

Return to the room where you picked up the Whiss Key and open the next door with the Mun Key.

Dispose of the guard then admire the works of DEEKMAN hanging on the walls. Operate the wall switch and see a door open.

Head back to the pool room, climb the wall and go into the water-wall room.

Dive into the water and collect the six-shooter then swim up through the opening in the ceiling and climb out of the water.

You are now in a largish room divided into two halves by an ornate fence. On the other side of the fence are some giant scorpions -
You will be dealing with them later.

Operate the lever switch that you will find in one corner then turn and approach the fenced off corner. On the floor, you will find the Cran Key. Pick it up. A gate opens in the fence. Go through the gate and drop through the hole in the floor.

Swim in a north east direction until you find the other submerged passage. Its door should now be open. Swim into the passage. Once again, the door will close behind you, barring a return this way.

At the end of this passage, pull yourself out of the water into a small room with a ladder leading up through the ceiling. Climb up and follow the corridor to a hole in the floor.

Drop into the room below and dispose of the guard. Have a look around this room. It is mostly filled with a large container and has a picture hanging on one wall, a closed gate in another wall and a large double door that is sealed closed. Try and find the way out for yourself.
If you get stuck - The next passage is concealed behind the painting. Face the wall and climb into the picture.

Follow the passage to the right. It slopes downward and doubles back on itself. At the end, you will be able to climb up through a hole into the container. There is a lever switch in here that opens the gate. Do this now, then return to the container room and exit through the newly opened gate.

Follow the corridor until it slopes into some water, swim the rest of the way.
Pull up out of the water into a blue room and dispose of the guard. Run on through to the red room and start climbing. There is a small medipack awaiting you on the top platform. (Don't worry if you drop into the pit, there is an escape tunnel leading out of it.)

Jump to the platform where the fire was and climb into another short corridor at the end of which is a pillar room. A run/jump will take you to the top of the first column. Pick up the six-shooter ammo.

The path through this room is fairly obvious. Run/jumps from pillar to pillar, a climb to the top of the tallest pillar and another run/jump/grab to the six-shooter ammo.

There is a room to the left here which you can crawl into and collect secret 3, some flares.

Crawl back out and slide down the ramp. At the bottom, turn right and do a running jump through the door. Stand beneath the overhanging structure and monkey swing to the next platform.

Jump up into the alcove in the wall then jump up on top of the overhanging structure. Run up the ramp and face the wall with the ledge inset. Run, jump and grab then shimmy to the right. Keep going, around a corner, until you can pull up onto the path. Pick up the six-shooter ammo you will fin there then run up the slope until the path ends. A run and jump should get you across the gap and onto the platform opposite.

You are now in the other half of the room with the ornate fence. Dispose of the two giant scorpions you saw earlier then head over to the lever switch and operate it. It opens the gate back in the catwalk room and a gate in the fenced corner of this room. Enter the fenced area and, once again, drop through the hole in the floor.

Swim back to the catwalk room and go through the gate. (The room with the Star Key is still inaccessible) Climb the stairs and you will end up back in the corridor you started in but, this time, we have the key to the door set back in an alcove. Go here and use the Cran Key to open the door.

An electrical light show will start as you approach the room at the end of the corridor. Pay no attention to it, it will not harm you. Run into the room and jump to the doorway in the wall on the left.

Just inside this passage you will see a wooden door. You may crowbar it open now and explore inside or you can continue down the corridor. We will be back here later.
Continuing down the corridor, you will eventually reach a door to your right and a fence barring your way ahead. Don't forget to gaze in awe at the magnificent Dream Vault to your left.

Enter the room to your right. Drop into the pool in the floor and follow the passage to the simple underwater, 3-D maze. You can find your own way through this.

When you surface on the other side of the room, pull up out of the water and walk to the dry end of the platform. If you look down here, you will see a closed door stopping you from exiting this room for now.
Look up to your right and see a corridor in the wall. Run and jump into it. A short way along the passage and a door will close behind you. Follow the passage round the corner and you will find an alcove with a Stik Key on a pedestal. Take it and then continue along the corridor and around the next corner. The gate ahead will open as you approach. Drop back into the water and pull back up onto the ledge.

Return to the dry end once more but this time make your way down to floor level. The previously closed door is now open and you may continue into the corridor beside the Vault.

Further along the passage, you will come to another fence blocking the route. There is also another door to the right. Go in and look around. You will see a closed door with a pad on the floor in front of it. Standing on the pad does nothing yet. In one corner are three blocks and, opposite them, four switches on the wall. Though you cannot see it yet, there is also a closed door behind the blocks.

The switches on the wall activate this door and the three blocks. They are all on timers and have different amounts of time on each. All you have to do is operate the switches in the correct order to gain access to the room beyond. Try and solve it yourself - it's not too difficult. If you cannot, then scroll down for the solution.
Stand, facing the switches. First, operate the left-most switch. Run to the other end of the row and operate the furthest-right switch. Lastly, operate the switch one place to the left of your current position. Turn round and sprint to the door in the corner. It should close again just after you enter the narrow room.

At the end of this room is a lever switch. Push it. The door will re-open and the blocks will drop. Go back into the switch room and stand on the pad by the exit door that now has a flashing light over it. The door opens and you can continue on your way.

A short way down the corridor, it opens into a large open room with columns rising from its floor. Run and jump to the nearest column. A rope appears which allows you to swing to the next column.

From here, run and jump slightly to the left to the nearest column. Slide down the slope and jump to the platform with the door on it. As you approach the door, it opens and a series of blocks rise to form a staircase. Standing jump to these blocks and ascend.
The exit from the next room is barred by a grating. Fortunately, there are a pair of rolling balls situated at the top of a ramp leading down to this grating. All we have to do is make them roll. Easy?

If you cannot work out this puzzle, the solution follows, but do have a go first.
There are two globes situated beneath the top end of the ramp. Push them to either side of the room then down the room into the alcoves in the corners at the bottom end of the ramp. Return to the switches and operate both of them.

Return to the globes. They are now raised up level with the blocks either side of the grating. Push each globe onto these blocks then climb either of the wall mounted ladders to the upper ledges.

There are two more switches on the wall at the ramp-top end of the room and both of these must now be operated. This will raise the globes up to our present level from where they may be pushed onto the blue circles on the floor in the corners.

The two rolling balls will now roll down the ramp and smash the grating open for us.
Return to floor level and exit the room over the flattened grating gates.

On entering the next room, you will see a pool in the floor and a glance upward will reveal a series of platforms. Dive into the pool and swim along the passage you will find in the floor. Pull up into a small room and collect the goodies from the plinths. Upon picking up the scroll-like Tak Key, you will be shown a block rising from the floor back in the pool room. Swim back here and climb onto this block.

Climb up to the next platform up then turn left. Do a run/jump/grab to the next platform. Turn left again and run/jump/grab the bottom of the ramp. Pull up onto the ramp and jump up to the walkway. Run around to the doorway (I usually do a save here). Enter the room and, immediately, you are set upon by two Wraiths. The only way to get rid of them is to get them to follow you back down to the pool. I don't think the water kills them but they don't seem to bother you again once they are down there.

Make your way back up to the walkway and enter the chapel. Place the Tak Key on the stone altar then return to the walkway. Another block has now risen. Climb it then up again to the platform. A running jump slightly to the left takes you to another platform and, from here, you can make it to the opening in the wall with a run/jump/grab.
As you enter this room you will see two doorways in the wall to the left, and a series of arches dividing the room in two. Several flames burst into life shooting out from gratings in the doorways and from the floor beneath the arches.

Investigation of the nearest doorway will reveal a closed door just beyond the flame. Go through the arches, picking a moment when the flame subsides, and go through the other doorway, again, picking a moment when the flame recedes.

Inside, there is a lever switch. Push the switch and hear a nearby door open. Make your way back through the flames to the first doorway and enter the corridor just inside.

Follow the passage until it splits with one corridor going up and the other down. Take the upper one and continue along the passage. They rejoin after a short while. Continue to the end and drop through the hole in the floor back into the flooded vault.

Make your way back to the original catwalk room, through the gate (the room with the Star Key is still locked but we will be back again later), up the stairs, back into the room that had the light show in (it is now de-activated) and back into the corridor with the wooden door.

There is now a gate blocking the long passage so, if you didn't open the wooden door last time, do so now.

Climb the steep steps inside to the open door at the top, run up the ramp and slide down the slope. This will take you back to ........

The Dream Place (second time)

Follow the corridor to the base of the slope. As you round the corner, a door will open and close behind you. You are back in the passage that led to the Dream Vault. Head back to the gate room and use the Stik Key on the right-most gate as you look at them.

Follow the passage and drop into the pit at the end.

The Deeper Dream

Slide to the bottom of the ramp. You are faced with three doors, the right-most one is open so enter and slide to the bottom of the ramp.

Through the windows at the bottom, you can see the prize we aim to collect in this section, There is a Whiss Key in the room but we cannot, as yet, reach it.

Follow the passage until you come to a crossroads. Straight ahead is a closed gate. Another closed gate is down the corridor to the right, and to the left is a short passage with a switch in the wall.

Operate the switch, turn right and sprint along the opposite corridor. The gate is timed and you can only just make it by sprinting. Once past the gate, it will not close. You can now push the lever switch that opens the gate to the next room.
Climb the wall and, at the top, pull up onto the slope and jump backward onto a ledge.

There is another secret here: Drop backward off the ledge, drop/grab and pull up into a crawlspace. Crawl into the small room and collect secret 4, some shotgun ammo.

Crawl back out and drop back to the floor. Re-climb the wall and return to the ledge. From here, continue climbing to the next ledge up. Walk onto the platform that protrudes from the ledge and do a run/jump/grab to the platform with the switch on it.

Operate the switch and run jump to the platform by the newly opened door.

Follow the passage through the door, across the enclosed bridge with the flashing lights and on until you enter the room with the flames.

To reach the switch at the other end of the room, you must climb onto the top of the bridge, run to the end of the room and drop back to the floor. Operate the switch, the flames will go out and the door near the ceiling will open. Climb the ladder and enter this door.

Once inside, the door will close again and you will see another closed door to your left. This needs to be opened so, continue along the passage until you come to a room with an arched door at the other end and a wall switch to the left. Press the wall switch and the previous door will open. Go through the arch and have a look at the puzzle ahead. When ready, return to the newly opened door and have a look in the room beyond.

Through a grille you will be able to see a duplicate of the puzzle room. In this duplicate, though, all the pieces are on the correct squares so all you need to do is shuffle the pieces in the puzzle room to match these. Simple, eh?

NOTE 1: Each piece must be on it's correct square.

NOTE 2: Each piece is different.

Once all the pieces are in their correct places, the exit door will open. Follow the new passage for a short distance and enter a large room. The exit is directly ahead of you at the top of a staircase but you will not yet be able to reach the bottom of the stairs.

A door will close behind you as you enter, sealing you in. Feel free to explore here and note the many closed doors at various places in the wall. Run to the end of the stone floored part of the room to find a pit with a ladder leading down. that is the way to go so, down you go. Once again, explore this lower part of the room until, in one corner, you will find a crawl space up on the wall. Climb into this space and follow the passage. A gate will drop behind you. After a short distance, the floor slopes down a little and you can stand up. Run the last length of corridor into a small room with a lever switch. another gate drops behind you. Operate the lever and exit through the remaining passage.

You will find yourself back in the upper part of the large room and the gate has re-closed behind you. If you look down, you should see that the lower half of the room is now flooded and that the gate to your left is now open.

Enter this new corridor and follow it downwards. The gate will close behind you as you enter and another gate will close when you get to the bottom of the ramp. To the left is another small room with a lever switch in. Operate this lever then head back to the passage. You should have heard a gate opening and, when you reach the passage, you will see a wall of water ahead. Jump in and swim back to the stone structure, Find the ladder and swim upwards. You will find that the water has risen some more and you are now able to swim to the stairs and pull up out of the water.

Exit this room up a short ramp and then slide. You will find yourself back at the three doors but, this time, the left hand door is open. Once again, slide down. You are, again, able to view the Whiss Key in its glass room but still cannot reach it.
Follow the corridor to the gate. The gate will not open yet, you must first activate the pad by running along the passage to your right and operating the wall switch. Once activated, a light will flash over the pad so go and stand on it.

The next room has two raising blocks in which need to be raised in order to progress. There is an audio clue as to which tiles to step on to raise the blocks - two similar sounds indicate the block triggers and a deeper tone indicates an anti-trigger. The tiles will only play their tone once, though, so pay attention. Have a go at raising the blocks yourself. The solution follows if you get stuck.
The blue and green tiles are the triggers. All five of each must be stepped on to raise their respective blocks. Avoid the red tiles - they undo all your good work. If stepped on, you will need to start again but remember - the tones will only sound the first time the tile is stepped on, so any subsequent triggering will be silent.
All other colours are neutral and may be stepped on without any danger.

Once both blocks are raised, you can climb up them to the next room.

Here, we meet our old friend, the motorcycle. We cannot use it just yet so continue through the room to the ledge overlooking the larger room. Just to the left of the gate at the far end, you should see a jump switch. Drop down into the water and wade down the room to operate it. This will open the large gate and, if you look up, drop some ropes from the ceiling.
Wade back to the ledge. There is a ladder that scales one side of the ledge. Climb back up then run/jump/grab the nearest rope.
Line up to the other rope, swing, jump and grab it. Line up to the right hand ledge ahead and repeat the process, this time, landing on the ledge. Follow the short corridor around the back of the gate mechanism to the other ledge. Here, you will find a wall switch. Press this switch and a road will raise out of the water.

Make your way back to the motorcycle and ride it along the newly raised road. Follow the passage up a steep slope. It is a good idea to stop at the top and save as there is a pit to jump very soon.

Race down the slope, follow the tunnel to the left and try to keep as near to the right wall as possible whilst going as fast as you can to make it over the pit. Once on the other side, brake and dismount. On the opposite wall of the tunnel, if you look carefully, there is a shimmy ledge set into the wall. You will need to shimmy back out over the pit to reach a concealed room that contains a Drin Key that you will need very soon.

Shimmy back to the bike and continue along the tunnel until you come to a gate. Use the Drin Key to open this gate, then drive down the tunnel to the next gate.

In the wall, opposite the gate, is an opening. climb up and operate the lever switch you will see there.

There are also some goodies to pick up in this room. You can get the six-shooter ammo and shotgun ammo if you like and you must get the scroll-like Tak Key from the alcoved corner but avoid the large medipack. It is certain death. Spookily, these items can only be seen in the mirror so you must use it for guidance on locating them.Dont forget to operate the lever switch before leaving.
Return to the motorcycle and ride down the steep slope. Follow the tunnel to the left and ride up the steep slope mowing down two of the phantom SAS men at the top. Dismount and dispatch the phantom SAS man on the raised section of the room. As you climb up onto this raised section, a door will open and another phantom awaits you inside.

NOTE: You may have spotted some rusty doors dotted throughout the tunnel. These are escape tunnels. If you should get separated from the bike and slide down the steep slopes, these tunnels will allow you to get back to the top of the slopes and rejoin the bike. Other than that, you need not worry about them - they contain no secrets. Feel free to explore them if you wish, though.

Back to the adventure:
Follow the new passage into an empty church-like room with pillars and balconies. As you enter, dispatch the phantom SAS man then have a look around. You will see a closed door opposite with a lever switch nearby. There is also a raised floor section at the other end of the room with a ladder going up the wall. Inside a glassed-in area is the stone plinth for the Tak Key. There are a total of five levers to push to open the door into the glazed area. They are located on the balconies so go look. But beware, you may encounter one or two more phantom SAS men depending on your route.

Once all five lever switches have been operated, the door to the glassed-in area will open. You can then place the Tak Key on its dais. This open the exit gate.

Go through this and follow the passage to the well room.

Dispose of another guard, take a deep breath and dive into the well. Swim down - it's quite a long way - and open the underwater door at the bottom. Follow the tunnel and come out into a submerged room with another underwater door. Opening this reveals a closed rusty door that must be opened before progress can be made.

Swim up to the hole in the ceiling and pull up into darkish room. There is a lever switch behind some glass panelling and a closed gate, and a door leading into another room. Go into this other room. Some large objects block the way. These must be moved to gain access to the chamber beyond. Fortunately, there are plenty of alcoves and recesses to take them.

Once the way is clear, enter the small room with the ladder on the wall and climb. When you get near the top of the ladder, jump/turn/grab to the ladder behind you and continue climbing.

Near the top of this second ladder, jump backwards onto a ledge. Turn and operate the lever switch located there. Climb back down again with all the associated jumps and turns. When you get back to the bottom, return to the room with the lever switch behind glass. The gate is now open to this part of the room so you can throw the switch. You will hear a door opening when you do so.

Jump back into the water. swim through the passage, which has just opened, and you will find yourself at the bottom of another well. Swim up into a room very much like the other well room. Make your way to the exit but be alert. Two more phantom SAS men will attack.
Exit the room and climb the two steep steps. Follow the short passage and slide down the ramp.

You are back at the three doors and this time, the centre one is open. One last time, slide down the ramp. Before you, the object you seek, the Whiss Key.

As you take it, the floor collapses revealing the way out. Drop down and make your way along the passage. Watch out for rolling balls, though.

At the end of the passage, slide down the ramp.

The Dream Vault (second Time)

As you slide down the ramp, keep the action key pressed. As you drop through the hole at the end of the ramp grab on. Drop and grab. There is a crawl space here in the darkness. Pull up into it to discover secret 5, some six-shooter ammo.

Back out of the room and drop back into the flooded vault. Swim to the catwalk room.
Use the Whiss Key to open the door, enter and collect the Star Key.

Make your way back through the open gate and up the stairs, along the corridor to the room which had the lightshow and back up the steep stairs to the open doorway. Up the ramp and slide the slope back to the Dream Place.

The Dream Place (third time)

Back in the castle once more, use the two Star Keys that you should have in your possession to open the final gate. Run through this gate and along the passage to awakening.

I hope you enjoyed this level.
Thanks for playing.