City of Kupar

Level by Batotel

Walkthrough by Yoav

Follow the main path straight ahead and kill the dog. Shortly you reach an area with alcoves, closed door and keyhole nearby. First pick up the flares and the shotgun ammo from the alcoves and then throw switch, it opens the gate in the opposite alcove. Go over there and get the Stone of Maat (Key), use it at the keyhole.

Get down stairs, you'll come to an area with three closed doors, two are in front and switch from left. Take the left path and look for the third closed door, notice that you can climb onto the stone nearby and pass to next area, but this will be a mistake right now as you can get stuck there and not be able to return.
Use this way later and right now go back to the switch you saw, climb onto the stone and throw it.

One of the two doors is open now. Go through it, kill the dog attacking and proceed forward, slide down the short path. From your right a closed door with Inca Artifact receptacles, head forward, you'll reach snowy area with siren alarm to let you know that three dogs are attacking. First head over the high place with the switch, as you can see there're also double gate and keyhole. Climb onto the stone and throw the switch, it opens the third door you saw earlier. Now you can take short trip around this area. Go and pick up the shotgun ammo, then climb up onto the block and follow the passage. You are now onto the granary roof, nothing much to do here. Drop down and go back the first area you entered.

Get in the pool room, go around and stand under the ledge. Jump grab the ledge, pull onto it, take standing jump over the next ledge. Proceed and take running jump over the ledge with the ladder, climb up the ledge above. From here you can see that there's closed door from the right side and ledge with switch opposite you. Run jump over the ledge with the switch, throw it. Turn face over the ledge with the open door, run jump over there and enter the room. Pull out the movable face block from left side, get the Uzis. Go to the right side of the room and get the shotgun ammo, then climb onto the face block and throw the switch.

Take a jump to the pool below and get to the path outside. The second door is open now, head over there, light flare then enter the room, kill the bat and pick up the Mine Detonator Body (Key). Now you can use the shortcuts through the path you came, climb onto the stones where I told you not to do it earlier, and pass to the place with the granary. From here back to the double door with the keyhole.

Use the Mine Detonator Body, follow the hallway over the ice block and pull it back. Kill the three dogs beyond this opening, you find yourself at small Inca place. Head forward between those Incas placed over the pool, jump into this pool and pull the underwater lever. Flyby shows you double door opening, start swimming along the underwater passageway and get out of the water. Take care of two nervous dogs, then pass the door and climb up to high area. Get down the stairs and you'll see the final door you opened, back to the Incas place.

Proceed straight ahead to the closed door in the hallway, beyond this pool. Look to your left side, there's a high opening, pull up into this opening, drop down and throw the switch from the right. Keep moving down over the next passage and throw the switch at the end, this opens some door in somewhere you are going soon. Get back to the hallway outside, the door is open now, get the Inca Artifact and from both sides of the room medipack and shotgun ammo.

Find your way back to the Inca Artifact receptacles, place the Inca and pass the open door, kill the dogs in the passage and come to large cave. In front of you is a closed double door with keyhole, head right and climb up the ladder into the alcove above. Light flare then take standing jump over the next alcove and get the Mine Detonator Body (Key). Climb down and head over the keyhole, notice soon as you use the key to open this double door, two spiked boulders will start rolling after you. Quickly start running down in the passageway, turn right then left and right again, you are in the last passageway. Note, if you keep running forward you drop down into the pit ahead, so quickly move to left side and let the spiked boulder pass away from you.

Go to the edge and stand with Lara's back to the pit, drop grab the edge and land onto the ice ledge below with face to the opening. Do not go through this opening yet!! Turn to face left and drop down onto the ledge below. Run and jump forward, enter right, follow the ice passageway till you come to the room. Climb onto the block and throw the switch to open the final door you saw earlier.

Before you leave this room, get from both sides revolver ammo and medipack. Back to the opening you saw when you dropped down, crawl into the crawlspace, stand and climb up. Get outside, turn right and start climbing up onto those ice blocks, crawl into the large crack. Stand up when you are able to do it, turn face to the deep pit. Take running and jump across the pit over the opposite passageway, grab the edge and pull up.

Make your way back to the hallway with the final opening door, proceed to next room. Get down a few stairs and take care of dog coming from the corner, proceed over the corner and then slide down the long slope. End of this level.