NOTE: I have not listed all the pickups nor the secrets for this level. I have only given you how to get from the beginning to the end. The rest is up to you, the player. So have fun and good luck.

You start this level off next to a small inlet sea and the kayak you came here  in. A croc is swimming nearby, so make luggage out of him or you can leave the walking suitcase and jump up the embankment to your right. Either way, you need to get up to the embankment and on to the lower of the two raised blocks.

A wild boar is roaming around up there, so you can make bacon out of it or just ignore it since you are where it cannot get you. From the first raised block jump to the higher raised block. From this block you need to jump over to the tree branch and grab it and pull yourself up. From the tree branch jump over to the slanted ledge and shimmy to your left. Pull yourself up and go over to the hole in the floor.

Jump down through the hole and go dowm the ramp to the bottom and watch the flyby.

Ok, explore the area and notice the closed wooden gate and the two receptacles for gems that look like serpents and the wooden bridge above you. Now from where you entered this area go to the raised block to the left of the entrance and jump up and grab the ledge. Pull up til you can get to the bridge. After crossing the bridge turn to your left. Notice the opening in the wall ahead of you. Align yourself with the opening, run and jump to the opening, grabbing the edge of the opening and pull yourself up. Go to the end of this corridor and pull the wall-lever to your right. As the door opens and you go through it, you find yourself in a large room with a piller in the middle of the room with faces all over it. Below is a pool of water with wooden gates at various places around it.

Dive into the water and go through the underwater opening in the pillar and pull the switch there. There is an underwater tunnel on the northwest wall by the wooden gate in the floor of the pool that leads to some goodies. But, if you do not need them, surface and get out of the water on the lower ledge on the north wall and go to the now open gate which contains one of the red stones you will need. To the left of the stone is an alcove with a wall-lever, so get the stone and then pull the lever.

Leave this room and go and jump back into the water which has gone down some since you pulled the lever. When you jump into the water jump slightly to your left and pull up onto the ledge there. Go through the open face door and watch the flyby as you come to the next room. After the flyby, head to the left and through the open gate and pull out the block at the back of this tiny room. Now go back to where the block was and through the corridor you created by pulling the block out. When you get to the end of the corridor you see a wooden gate to your right and a room to your left. Since you see no lever that can open the gate, let's go into the room on the left.

In this room are several raised blocks and a pool of water, dive into the water and look for the lever in the ceiling and pull it. This will open the gate you saw before coming into the room with the pool. Now surface, get out of the pool and go to the now open gate and use the monkeyswing to cross the pit to the other side.

Once across the pit, turn right and go through the crawlspace. As you emerge from the crawlspace you find you are on the other side of the lava pit you saw in the flyby. Now go up the ramp to your left and turn left when you get to the top. Ahead of you is another red stone. The red stone is on a pedestal that is on a wooden bridge over a dark pit. As you near the stone you see a flyby of a the welcome wagon waiting for Lara to come and use the two red stones she has to open the gate you saw before coming to this area. So grab the stone and head back to the area you saw in this latest flyby and deal with the uninvited guest waiting there.

Once you are back in the area where the gate is that requires the red stones, show the uninvited gueat that you do not like party crashers and then open the gate with the stones. As you open the gate and go through, another party crasher comes up behind you and two skeletons come out to play. Deal with the party crasher first and then with the skeletons. Go on through to the next room and deal with two more skeletons.
Notice the closed wooden gate with the keyhole next to it. To the right of the locked gate is a corridor with a face door at the end and a wall lever next to it on the left hand wall. Use the lever to open the door. As you go through the door watch the flyby of where the key is, now find a way to the key.
Jump in the water and swim to the waterfall.

See the opening to the underwater tunnel on your left. Swim through the tunnel til you come to a lever in the ceiling and pull it. Now swim through the tunnel opening you passed on your way to the lever til you see the gate you opened and you can surface. When you surface and get out of the water there is an opening in front of you and a face door with a serpent gem holder for a gem you need to find. So, let's go through the opening. Watch out for the croc that wants to make Lara his lunch, so make a pair of crocboots out of him and matching purse. Now go to where the croc came from and turn right when you get to the water and you will see a green stone (hmmm, could this be the stone for the door?). Get the stone and head back to the serpent receptacle and place the green stone, now watch the face door open. Go through the open door and up the ramp til you come to a ladder. Climb the ladder and you find yourself facing the small pool you saw in the flyby. Go and pick up the key and jump over the edge to your right and leave this area.

Once you are back at the wooden gate with the keyhole next to it, use the key and open the gate. Go through the gate and jump over the pit to the next room. In the next room you are greeted by three skeletal playmates, so give them a timeout and survey the room. In this room there is a wooden gate ahead of you and to your right, both of which need stones to open them, and an opening to your left. As you go through the opening two more skeletal playmates want Lara to play dead for them, so send them to bed without dinner and go to the hole in the floor and climb down the ladder. At the bottom of the ladder a welcomimg committee is waiting, so deal with them and get the fire stone and the yellow stone in the alcove behind you. Once the stones are in your possession, head back to the room with the two wooden gates.

Go the gate directly in front of you as you exit the room with the hole in the floor, use the yellow stone and watch the gate open. Go through the gate and deal with the two skeletons that come to life and then jump into the water filled hole in the floor. Swim down til you are in the room below and get the water stone and the blue stone in the alcove. Now surface and head to the last closed gate you saw when you first entered this area. Use the blue stone to open the gate, go through and watch the flyby of Jeeves next to a helicopter. Now head toward the helo and the level ends.