The Search for the Amulet of Seth

Levels by Jens Allaert

Walkthrough by Yoav

Egyptian Chaos

Start in an Egyptian room. Go to the south-east behind the column for flares, then turn around and head west, jump over the tile. When the flyby ends, jump into the pool, swim west for clips, roll and swim south into a tunnel at the end, climb out.

Kill two small red scorpions and head south, climb the ladder up to a room above. Kill the shooting ninja and the small red scorpion ahead, then go west and pull the lever in the dark. Head south and climb the rock where the ninja was standing. Pick up a small medipack, then pass the door you just opened and watch the mummies from both side alcoves. Run into a grave room and take from the pedestal the Eye Piece #1. Go right or left and slide down the wooden slope, kill the ninja and follow the wooden ledge west to the end. Pull the lever and go through the opening gate. Climb down the ladder and follow to a small desert area with grounded Jeeps. Kill four ninjas one by one and get their clips, then climb the half blocks for Uzis and medipack. Now you have to wait a while for the fifth idiot ninja to give you the Eye Piece #2. When you have it, go to the east wall, combine the pieces and place the Eye of Horus. Step forward and load the next level.

Cave of Seth

Start by sliding down a tunnel. Follow into a cave and kill two small red scorpions and a bat. Reach the water hole, jump inside and swim into a small pool with a closed gate. Climb out and kill dogs, get a medipack from the pedestal then head east and pull the lever in the dark. Jump back into the pool and swim through the opening gate, then climb into a cave. Head west and kill three scorpions, then slide down a slope. Watch your step, as the all area ahead is full of traps. First go past the eye tile and a boulder will fall down. Then go to the left side, slide and cross the floor safely. The next floor is also trapped. Go to the right side and jump two tiles. Climb up the wall into a secret room. Get the Shotgun and the ammo around the room. Back to the floor and run over the opening, take a sprint across the boulders cave and run up the slope into the last cave. Pick up the Amulet Of Seth, then climb onto the raising block and keep climbing to the top, end this level by crashing to the desktop.

Escape From the Oasis of Seth

Load the Level from the main menu.

Start by standing in a hole. Jump up, grab the trapdoor and pull it down. Pull out and head to the motorbike. A ninja is shooting at your from behind so kill him, then start driving around the hole and over the ramp to cross the deep hole. Stop near the second motorbike and in front of the brown door. Open the west door and follow to Jean Yves' office. Pull the jumpswitch on the west wall to open the brown door and get back over there, kill a ninja on your way. Drive forward over the fountain place nd get off next to the north-east box. Climb to the red roof and look for a jumpswitch on the wall. I have no idea what it does. Keep into the black wall and arrive at a yellow submarine marina (reminded me of the Beatles' "We All Live in A Yellow Submarine"). Anyway, get off the motorbike and climb onto the roof, take a running jump across the water and follow to a short passage. Drop down and from the ledge jump into the yellow passage, slide down, hit the wall and end the level by crashing to the desktop.

Plane Madness

Load the Level from the main menu.

Well, my mistake, it's not a submarine, only the body of plane. Run down the passage and kill two soldiers, get revolver and ammo they will drop. Climb up to the next floor and pick up the medipack. Go forward, open the left door, inside you can kill a soldier. Go back out and climb up to the next floor, slide down twice, open the door and enter to the cargo area. Kill the soldier, then go behind the cargo, get the ammo. Climb the next cargo, kill another soldier and get his medipack. Pull down the trapdoor and climb up, follow the passage, kill a soldier, get his medipack, then enter the room. Kill soldier and gunfire, go to the west wall and throw the switch. While the room is trembling, head south and climb the cargo, pull down the trapdoor. Climb up and step forward, then drop through the hole, slide down and the level ends.