by Peter Tedstone (Stormchaser)

Walkthrough: Jose Boo


1 - Not all doors and areas are opening doors or accessible, as the location area is bigger than the playing area to create a feeling of depth to the setting.

2 - This level is set during at night and can be quite dark - there are lots of flares littered around.

Story - The Diamond Of Kashtuk has been stolen from the British Museum by armed thugs - Lara tracks them down to an industrial area in the middle of a large European city.


Go out and kill a dog and two thugs, use the crates to jump over the cornice at the left (E) and light a flare to find some flares. Go N along the cornice and find in the NE corner #SECRET 1: a bottle of poison (all the secrets are bottles). Jump over the ledges to get more flares at the north side.

Go down and use the crates again to jump over the west cornice. Walk north and at halfway pick up the "Gate key". Go till the end to find two sets of flares in a small room. Turn and go to the south wall behind the crates to unlock the door and enter.


Kill two dogs and go to the south wall of the courtyard. Behind the crates there is a small grate. Shoot it with your pistols and enter the crawlspace. In this place find the crowbar (over the entrance). Go back out and jump over the south flat roof.


Go right and kill the thug. Go through the hole at the end and down into a new room. In the east side of the central structure get the "Western Shaft Key". Over the central structure there is a moveable piece, but I don't know its function. At the SW corner is a shootable box which contains a new "Gate key" that allows you to open the metal door at the NW and go out of this room. (You can also jump from the central structure to the hole you had entered before and go around the building to the other side of the metal door).


Face left and open the door at the end with your crowbar; in this room pick up the goodies and shoot the wooden box in the SW corner to get the lasersight. Go out and climb up the chain in front of the metal door you've opened before and back flip to enter in the high room. (It can be difficult to grab the chain, but doing a single jump forward from a bit distance it shouldn't be a problem). Go left and at the far end (S), there is a box with the #SECRET 2. Go back and through the W wall; in the left room you'll find a big medipack, at the other side a ladder to go down. Once down look for a moveable piece (like the piece in the room you had get the shaft key) in the S room and pull it to find the "Jeep keys". Climb the ladder and go out of this building.

Near the chain there is a grated door, which can be opened with the crowbar. Cross the dark passage and take care of two dogs. Continue and shoot the boxes to access to the jeep. Drive in reverse and the crate at the back of the jeep will crash. Drive along the dark corridor and stop in the chain room. There is a thug up at the left in a dark corner. Kill him and go there climbing the ladder to get some ammo. Climb down at the other side and advance a little. Open another grated door in the left wall and pick up the Uziís, the revolver and some Uzi ammo. Go back to the jeep and drive straight ahead to the courtyard where the "crowbar-crawlspace" is.


Drive over the ramp in the NE corner to arrive in a poolroom. Dismount and kill the thug. Use the ladder near the entrance to climb up and go through a hole in the S wall (shoot the grate first). Explore the new area to find some Uzi ammo, a big medipack and the "Northern shaft key". Get back outside and take a running jump over the right cornice, pick up the ammo the thug drops and run to the far end to find #SECRET 3. Get back to the jeep and drive until you arrive to the room of the beginning.


Drive along the ramp in the NE corner and stop the jeep over the wooden bridge. Dismount and face S. Jump over the floating crate to can get the other side where the truck is and kill the thug behind the crate, take his ammo and use revolver+lasersight to shoot the padlock and open the door he guarded. Enter and go up the stairs opposite you, shoot the grates and go left to find the "Eastern shaft key". Go back to the truck and continue E entering in a room where two thugs await for you. Dispose of them and shoot a wooden box at the SW corner so you can get the "Southern shaft key". Get back to the jeep.


Drive across the end of the bridge and through the first corridor in the left wall, arriving to a small courtyard with crates. Shoot the box over the ledge in the SW corner to get #SECRET 4. Return to the jeep and drive along the streets until another courtyard with crates and closed doors. Dismount and jump over the crates at the SW corner to get #SECRET 5.


Help you with the crate to jump over the ledge at the W wall, shoot the grates and continue until a room with a big ventilator. Drop carefully and walk to one corner; from here run quickly crossing the ventilator to take less damage possible. Climb up the ladder of the left and through the corridor; drop in a new room. Turn left and open the grated door with your crowbar to pick up a lot of goodies. Go out and push the grey cupboard aside to shoot the grates and enter a crawlspace.

Beware with the machine-guns! If you move quickly you won't suffer many damage; help yourself with the crates and corners. Shoot the two thugs and the grates in a small alcove at the north side of the room to get the "Diamond of Kashtuk" (a gate opens outside). Opposite the diamond is another corridor with a moveable piece; move it on a different tile (circle picture) on the floor in the center of the room to open the nearby door and go outside. (You'll need to use medipacks 'cause of the machine-guns).


Mount on the jeep and go through the door, which opens when you retrieve the diamond. Drive up the ramp and fast to avoid the first machine-gun, jump over the water and right at the end of the corridor to avoid the second machine-gun. Pass another ramp and arrive to a room with a chain. Leave the jeep; you will need it no more.

Climb up the chain and back flip over a metal ledge, go to the corridor at the NE corner and now along the way you'll have to put the four "shaft keys" in their receptacles and kill a thug each time you open a door. Finally arrive in a room and climb in a window at the W wall. Jumping into the water and swimming towards the motorboat the level ends.