Center of the World
A user-made/custom level by PSIKO


Another walkthrough by Scottchu follows this one.


This walkthrough is unofficial. Psiko did not write it. It lacks some of the details of the pick-ups and ďtrickyĒ moves. This walk only aids the gamer in the right directions. Note: some inputs of other gamers were included. Screenshots are courtesy of CyCro.


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Steel Perimeter Water room

Immediately, swim around the perimeter to get to the eye scanner at the end. After the positive ID, turn right and continue the swim. Turn left at the corner back to where you started and then up and out of the opening hole above which the scanner opened. Find the next water hole to drop and swim left then right after the long camera view.


Underwater Dome

Locate the next scanner just below along the right wall. You may go back to the air opening for some breath of fresh air. Then swim again to the direction of the scanner but this time, enter thru the new opening just above the scanner. Long swim up and out into a huge room.


Earth Diggers Room

Here, youíll see on your left and up the stairs a closed room. The music changes when you step near the room. Out into the middle area, you'll see two tank-like earth diggers on both sides. Nothing much you can do here.


Burner Pit

Go straight and into the opposite area where there's a burner pit on the left and a highway going down to your right. Notice the red narrow ledge. You'll need that later. But for now, you need to climb one of the red ledges to make a jump to the opposite red ledge. Walk left near the burner pit and climb up to the right and jump up the small ramp. Explore the next area.


Reptiles Cages

You'll see within the area two cages and reptiles inside. Near each one is a glass casing with artifacts inside. You cannot do anything here yet so proceed down and to the end where you'll see three limbs with statues at each end. Make a jump to one of the limbs. Pull and push the statues to the opposite end of each limb. A door above will open. There are two more reptiles in this room. Right now, they're safe where they are inside the cages. Then shoot the covers (where the statues were originally), you'll find switches in each receptacle. Pull down all three switches and three rolling blades will fall down in a room below. There are two ways to get to that blade room. One is to go back to the Burner Pit area and the highway you saw leads to the rolling blade room. The other is by opening a shortcut. This is recommended because you need the new route later. Just remember this shortcut.


Long Ledge Opposite the Reptiles Room

After dropping the three rolling blades, go back to the opposite far end of the area where you started this. Don't come back to the burner pit, but come out into the open where you see a couple of green orbs (round things) by the side. Look over the chasm (a water canal is at the bottom) and see the long ledge with pink walls. You need to get there. This will require a tricky jump move. From where you are, you have to slide grab on the edge, shimmy to a part where you see another slope below, release, slide, grab, and then back flip with turn to grab hold of the opposite ledge. Pull up. Pull the lever to open the shortcut to the blade room. Go down the area below.


Water Canal

To get here from the long ledge, go to the far end where you see the sloped column. That is a climbable column. A routine maneuver will bring Lara to the water canal. Explore the area for some pick-ups. Notice the steep ramp and wall switch at the other end. That cannot be reached yet. Don't you get an idea what you need to negotiate steep ramps like this? Proceed to the glass casing with a weapon inside (again unavailable now), and left to the long hallway, then right to a narrow dark passage, and out into the Rolling Blades room.


Rolling Blades

You already dropped the three blades. Be very careful with the fourth. Alongside that blade is a climbable wall. Make a jump grab and immediately climb before the fourth blade gets to you. Shimmy to the right and then back flip to the now raised block in the middle. If you didn't drop those three blades, that block would not be there. Lara will just slide and burn when you back flip. That raised block also makes it possible to reach the other climbable wall. The rest is a series of maneuvers but the idea is to go as high up and to locate two wall switches:

one is a jump switch near the plungers/hammers

and the other is a drop down switch on the outer wall behind the alcove with the blue health pack.

A door, which Lara kept looking at every time she passes it, will open at the top. Exit here.




Cathedral Entrance

Walk straight and slide down the ramp. Finish off the Egyptian baddie with only the pistols and constant side jumps. There's a wide highway on your right side. The long ledge above the highway has some health packs you can gather. You cannot go out at the end of the highway. Again, you need something (spoiler: perhaps a buggy?) to negotiate the steep ramp. Go to the left area and you'll see a number of structures that don't make sense right now. But one by one, you'll orient yourself to what is inside them. Two dome like structures with closed gates are where the buggies (aha!) are parked. Thus, it is now more evident that you need the buggies to traverse the highways and ramps in this game. Thus, your goal is to get these buggies going. For now. Though you now see many bars/gates that are closed and impassable (and you'll open them in time), one building however will automatically open the bars/gates as you enter it. Look for that building.


Burner, Pool, Acid Room

This is the building where youíll see a pool with high column in the middle, burners on the side, and a pink acid room below the grating. You go to the water first so you won't miss a goodie. You can't pass through that underneath bars yet because itíll open from the other side (it's the exit back here). Pull out at the base of the middle column and shimmy left all the way around near the burners). Short jump to that ledge but donít pull up (it's a burner!). Shimmy left and drop down to the acid room under. Negotiate the plungers/hammers to pull a lever and from where you back flipped, to your right, make a big jump over the burner and to the other poolroom. There's a lever on the surface that will open the bars (and close the goodie area you picked up earlier). Now you're back to the pool with column. That is obviously a climbable one but leave it; thereís no way you can hold onto it because of the slope at the base. Thru the same step except that you can sidestep the burner this time for a side jump, go back to the grating outside (donít fall to the acid room anymore). Leave the building and look for the trapdoor that the acid room lever opened for you.


Long Hallway Above
To get to the trapdoor, do this: just after the pool/acid room, go outside past that bright statue and Lara looks up at the trapdoor she just opened with acid room lever.

How to go up the trapdoor

You have to pull up by the green ledge on the right side (A). Short walk and line up and face the climbable wall at an angle but you cannot reach it. Instead short jump on that angled ledge nearest you (right of ladder B). Don't let up on that jump key because she'll flip from that ledge to the opposite one (C), and all the time pressing the right key till she lands on the flat surface. From there, grab the opposite short ladder to back flip with turn to the longer ladder. Grab and climb to the trapdoor and get up the long hallway. On the right, just after the long camera view, thereís a floating structure with a lever on top. Run/jump/grab/shimmy to a flat surface. Pull the lever then drop to the ground via one of the slopes to minimize injury. Go up the two-ladder routine again to get back to the long hallway. Run to the other end and youíll see the yellow ledge and door that the lever you just pulled opened for you. Line up correctly --- extreme left and turn Lara to face the right side of the yellow ledge (see image):

Jumping the yellow ledge

From here, running jump and last second (delayed) grab then upwards and onwards.

Three Flying Creatures Room
Notice the trapdoor that opens when you step inside? This is another shortcut and the passage from this room to the ground below and vice versa. One of the sides is grab able. To the left at the end is a closed room with orbs that contain flying baddies. Leave them for now. Instead, face back the new open area just beyond the trapdoor. This is above the acid/pool room. Slide, grab, and shimmy about three blocks to the right, then back flip with turn, and grab the opposite ledge. Walk around the perimeter ledge and familiarize yourself to this new area.


Highway Above the Acid/Pool Room

Thereís a long U-shaped highway with impassable ends. Near the pole, and across the opposite side, youíll see a distant yellow door with an incline to the right. You need to go inside the room with a right angle jump and grab to the blue/green incline which is lower than the brown incline next to the yellow door. From there, shimmy and pull up to a flat surface. Short jumps to the brown incline and to the door will bring you to a lever inside. This will open the door in the Three Flying Creatures Room. Go back to that room via a sliding jump down to the acid/pool room and out and into the passage/shortcut up the creatures room.


Back to the Three Flying Creatures Room

Shoot the orbs (one at a time) and dispose the 3 baddies and another Egyptian. This will give you access to a new door at the end of the room. Notice the wall switch again? Jump and reach for the climbable wall on one side then back flip/turn to the opposite wall switch. A yellow block is raised somewhere. Donít bother going to the lever you see beyond the burner. Thatís the lever you just pulled to open this room! Go back to the pole area by the Highway.


Pole Room

Climb the pole. Back flip a little to the left or right just to avoid the raised block. Onto the block and reach the monkey swing then drop down on that wall switch by the pink wall. The blades on the column below start moving and the column opens a pedestal that has a health pack on top. Upon landing from the wall switch, turn left, and walk left to an opening on the grating floor. Donít bother with another lever in an inner room. Thatíll be for the timed door later. A long jump from there will bring you to the pedestal on the column with moving blades. Grab the health pack and duck to avoid further damage from the blades. You can turn while crouching to the other climbable wall and time a long jump grab to it and shimmy around the window to make a long leap to a blue triangle below (at level with the pedestal) or you can from the crouch position just stand and make a long jump in the direction of the blue triangle (saving you some jumps). If you get to the right place, youíre now facing a very distant but reachable bright platform. Be warned: they crumble upon landing on them!


Crumbling Platforms

The key is to position Lara correctly on that small blue triangle.

On the blue triangle before the first set of platforms

She only has enough room for a run-up jump to the platform. It may seem like the platform is miles away but a correct long jump with just a little angle adjustment to the right while airborne without grabbing will land her perfectly on top of the first platform. Two more platforms to her left. Donít bother to turn anymore, as she doesnít have enough time before this platform sheís standing on crumbles! Just side jump left twice, then short forward jump to the fourth platform, run/jump to the fifth black platform, run/jump/grab to the sixth and last platform. If you donít pull up, the last platform will not crumble. Take your time and target a long jump to that climbable black wall ahead and a little to the left. Down below the climbable wall, a gate opens to the ground that enables you to go back to the buggies garage. You may now or later pick up the key in front ahead at the end of the hall. Then go back up the wall, climb till the gap, shimmy right around the corner then either:

1.) Pull up and out into the highway (easy way) OR

2.) Drop into the red/heavy water room below (experts challenge).


Heavy/Red Water Room

Easy way is: If you go by the highway and turn right at the corner, you will see an opening. Climb up and youíll be overlooking the red/heavy water room. To your right above on the wall (you may not see it) is a drop down switch. Use the first incline directly below to slide on and, at the right timing, jump with adjustment to the right to hit the middle incline. Then back flip jump with roll to grab a small crack on the same wall below the switch. Climb the wall and drop down on that switch.

Experts challenge: The high wall switch above can be reached with a series of precise tricky moves. Get on the only ledge to pull out of the water. Short jump to the climbable wall that emits steam. On top is a close grating. The wall switch opens that grating. Shimmy to the left and on the slope block, then release/slide/grab/shimmy left and around the flat surface of the same block. Face the room.

How to throw the switch at the red/heavy water room

You should have a ďlookĒ view of the three inclines: two below and by the wall switch and one at the opposite. Each incline has burners at the bottom. Thereís a crack way below the wall switch and at level and opposite the middle incline burner. The idea is to face squarely the middle incline to make a long jump from the block you are now standing on. Angle a bit to the right to avoid landing on the middle burner but not too much that youíll hit your head on the red brick overhang. Upon landing on the middle incline (X), immediate back flip/turn (see broken lines) for a grab at the crack before you slide to the burner. Climb the wall switch for a drop down.

Whether itís the easy or hard way you choose to throw that high wall switch, after releasing it, immediately jump/roll/grab upon landing on the first incline to get to the water without hitting the overhang. Climb the now open grating and stop short of the burner on top. Shimmy left then release/jump/grab the crack on the right side. Got the idea here? You were bouncing off the red incline to get to the opposite crack! Shimmy right and land on the safe hallway beyond the burner. Go to the higher-level ledge; drop down on the yellow incline at the end of the hallway, up and thru another hallway, then left for that switch that opens the gate to the first buggy. Go back to the ground level via the black climbable wall you first reached after the crumbling platforms (from the top, climb down past the gap). If you donít have the key yet, get it now at the bottom. Proceed to the garage and off you go back to the Cathedral entrance and up the steep ramp near the beginning of this level. Back to level one for some unfinished business.


LEVEL 3: Back to LEVEL 1


Drive forward to the health pack and switch. Pull the switch to lower a block thatíll enable you to go back to the first level. U-turn, then turn right at the corner, follow the highway and out into the Burner Pit area. You may make a U-turn to the highway leading back to the Rolling Blades room then run over that Egyptian, then pass thru the shortcut you opened to the Water Canal area. Ride the short bridge and up the ramp to now get that laser sight and reach the wall switch you saw earlier. Jump on the switch to reveal the secret. This will open the glass casing of the Master Shotgun. On the now raised block and in long camera view, jump an angle right back onto ledge where you left your buggy. Avoid the burner. Grab and pull up, and ride your buggy to the left and down the block back to the shotgun pedestal. Drive out to the blade room, up the highway back to the burner pit area. Remember the red narrow ledge by that area? Yea, you have to drive on that red road. Follow it and around the burner pit to arrive at a new steep ramp. Ride the ramp and to the end of the driveway. To your right is a new area you havenít seen (this is above the Reptiles Cages). Notice the blocks you have to raise beside the two inclines? You need them to bring the buggy to that new area. For now, you have to leave it and walk to that new area via any of the four bridges.


Burner, Burners, and Acid Pool Area
You find yourself in an area where the right side is a pink acid pool and thereís no way to cross it from this side. The left side is a lot of burners and columns, and two sets of monkey swing on top. Observe the wall switch from afar that can only be reached via the second monkey swing. Climb the leftmost column wall. On the top, before sliding, jump/roll/slide/grab at the base block. Shimmy left and around, then back flip to a safe spot. Climb the new wall, shimmy right and around, then on top, slide a little way before jumping at the first monkey swing and grab. While hanging, youíll be fired upon by an Egyptian. Swing to the end, side swing to the right, face right, then release and grab on that fire column. Pull up and kill the Egyptian. Be careful of the fire that is emitted behind you. From the fire column, jump at the second monkey swing, grab, swing, and drop down on the wall switch (that wall switch raises the blocks at the driveway end where you left your buggy) and into a pool below. Surface out of the pool and face now a closed area where there are three statues inside. Go back to your buggy via the pink acid pool this time on your left side (since you are now at the opposite area). A series of jumps (notice that closed door by the wall on your left in the middle of your jumps?) will bring you back to the front area. Cross the bridge to your buggy. Ride the ramp and block to bring the buggy near the burners area. Drive thru those glass windows and youíre inside the building with three statues.


Three Statues Room

Simply pull/push the statues and place them in front of the markings. The high door you passed by the acid pool jumps a while ago is now open. Go there.


Levers and Dome Room

Kill the Egyptian. Go to the four switches. Two switches will rearrange the bars so you can enter both rooms on the side at a time. In each room, there are two levers. All four levers release the reptiles from their cages. The other two switches raise some blocks that you need to climb and drive on later. At the end of this hallway, you see more levers on mounds surrounded by burners and a solitary lever inside a glass casing or dome. Leave them first. You cannot do anything here for now so leave this area and go back to the reptiles cages. Leave the buggy at the three statues room for you cannot drive it anymore.


Back to the Reptiles Cages

Kill the reptiles. Throw the switches in each cage and get the 4 Scion artifacts. Upon getting the fourth and last artifact, a trapdoor opens in the middle of the four cells. You are however impeded by the gap in the wall between the cells. The way around is to jump at the monkey swing near the last cell. Aim for the V and with long jump and grab you can swing to the wall then drop for a grab on the gap. Crawl along the gap and drop in the middle trapdoor. Slide in an unlit tunnel. Crawl to the end and crawl back out on the right opening. End of this level.

Now watch an interesting FMV cut scene, which partially explains the story.


LEVEL 4: Back to LEVEL 2


Pull the lever and watch the cam pan to a now open building on the ground level. Thatís your destination. Slide down to the ground. Take care of the Egyptian and go to the open building which is the cathedral.


Inside the Cathedral

You have to get to the top of the cathedral door to pull a lever there (use the laser glasses to see it when youíre at the middle of the cathedral). Thatís your task here. Stay on the right side of the building so you wonít miss the crack you have to grab onto. You can pull up by crouching then crawl to the left to be able to stand up. Trace your way along this ledge. Running jump to the next platform. Pick up some flares on the right corner. Here you see some round shaped things (lenses) and a bright yellow thing (like a sun) above. Go back to the direction you came from but aim a running jump grab at the higher brown column. Walk right and you are now by the outside ledge of the cathedral roof. Here you see some bright yellow platforms from afar. Thatíll be for later. Continue walking right and then an opening on your left that overlook some fixed platform/overhang by the side of the cathedral roof. Negotiate that route. At the end, when you can no longer proceed, aim a short jump over the V to get onto the area with decorated grating floor and donít miss the wide shot ammo at the end. Climb further to your right to get to the top of the roof and look for the next opening (use the look view when youíre at the opening and search for that small ledge below and to your left). Again there are two ways from here --- hard (experts challenge) and easy.

Experts challenge: short jump to that blue inclined ledge below and immediately jump over a bigger blue ledge in front of you. Search the left hand side of the cathedral by walking and jumping over those ledges. You may see a pole at the end. Climbing down the pole, youíll see an oval thing at the bottom. There seems to be no purpose to these spheres (there will be a couple more later), except when you get into contact with it, youíll die! Now to go back, you must clear the blue incline at the end of the ledge (where you initially landed in this area). That jump over the ledge seems impossible and, in fact, very difficult! The trick is: Lara must jump from the brown floor (the square just before the long cam view). Her back must be resting on the wall too to give her a run up (see image below).

Position to jump over the blue incline

A well-timed jump over it, with a midair correction to the right, will enable her to reach the first blue incline and then grab/hang onto it.

Easy way is: From the opening above, you need to position Lara for a short backward jump onto that small blue inclined ledge below you. Back jump (donít flip!) and donít shorten the jump by grabbing too soon. When you land (you lose some health here), slide a little way then grab/hang onto it.

While hanging on this blue inclined ledge, shimmy right to that blue platform. Face the incline that is directly under the monkey swing. Put your back on the wall then jump forward and immediately jump and grab the monkey bar. Swing to the end but be wary of the Egyptian firing at you from the ground. Youíll lose a lot of health and might die so be quick. At the end of the swing when youíre by the wall, turn left and swing to the direction of the ledge with a lever. Thatís the cathedral door. Drop and pull that lever which opens the gate of the second buggy. Make a couple of grabbing drop and immediately below are some ammos for your crossbow. Jump to ledge on your right then a grabbing drop to the ground. Deal with the Egyptian and proceed to the second buggy garage and drive off to the first level (same highway as before).


LEVEL 5: Back to LEVEL 1


This is just a short passing level. Drive the second buggy back to the narrow red road and around the burner pit to get back to the steep ramp and to the driveway where you see the two inclines at the end. But this time, use the other incline on your left to get on that steeper ramp and further up and on. Thatís it. End of this level.


LEVEL 6: Back to LEVEL 2


Trapdoor Leading to the Ground

Get off the buggy. Walk in between the two pillars on a long camera view. A trapdoor automatically opens. Donít drop yet. Pull the jump switch at the end wall and one of the lenses in the cathedral moves. Climb the wall to the right of switch. Drop into a dark area with burners. This seems like a dead end. But if you grab and shimmy left (a long one at that) along the burners, youíll be able to pull up on a flat surface. Explore this new corridor and up above youíll see the dreaded second set of crumbling platforms. You may now or later get the crossbow.


Techno Organic Breath (a.k.a. the crossbow)

To the left end of this corridor, youíll see a couple of climbable walls. A little back flipping and shimmying is needed to get to small alcove (with closed gates and overlooking the timed door lever). Snag that wonderful piece of weapon. Running jump will get you back to the bottom of the climbable wall. Now, youíre ready for the platforms.


Second Crumbling platforms

The key here, like the first set of platforms, is to position Lara correctly for the first jump to the first platform (see image)

Before the second set of platforms

Running jump to the first then second (no stopping here). Then grab the second platform. Shimmy to the extreme right of the second platform (see image)


Hanging on the second platform

Pull up then turn right to adjust orientation for the next short forward jump to the third platform. Grab and shimmy right like you did the last platform. At the fourth platform, shimmy left and face the last platform (see image)


Hanging on the fourth platform

Pull up and make a long running jump with grab to the last platform. Climb the ladder at the end of the jumps. Thereís a pick up on the right. If you havenít got the crossbow, get it now as the block lowers to connect this corridor with the first one (see how to get the Techno Organic Breath). Proceed to the climbable wall to your left. Slide a bit then grab the monkey swing above. Jump down at the wall switch at the end to open two gates/doors (watch the cut scene) --- one at the crossbow alcove and another at the pole area. Be careful of the burner below when you release the switch. The buggy is just above. On long cam view, drive down and thru the corridor that has two fire emitting walls on the right side. The yellow wall will automatically open and youíre back on the highway. Get to the pole by the highway. Climb to the pole area, back flip, monkey swing to the other side. Look for a lever at the inner back room --- the one you didnít pull earlier, remember?


Timed Sequence

Upon pulling the lever, the yellow block will rise and youíll be sealed in while another door beyond the first door in this pole area will remain open for just 75 seconds (watch the cut scene just so youíll know). Drop to the highway via the second opening at the corner left. Run as fast as you can on the highway back to the pole. Climb, back flip to the ledge and make a tricky jump to the flat metal surface by the door, which is on your left (see image below).

Position for that tricky jump to the flat spot by the door

On landing, make a run for the second door avoiding the gaps on the floor. Easy? Some tips here: stop the cut scene to gain some time, and use the yellow block that sealed you as the indicator whether the timed door is still open or closed already, cut corners by sprinting or jumping whenever you can, and forget the monkey swing.

Inside, kill a flying baddie. Throw the two jump switches on the wall to move the lenses at the cathedral. Go back to your buggy by the highway.


Top of the tower

Continue the drive around the highway. At the end of the road, a little yellow block will automatically lower for you to pass and get to the burner corridor where you started. Make a u-turn back to the highway or just circle around the highway to an area --- a break along the wall --- where you can drive the buggy into a red ramp. Be wary of the hole in the middle or the car will fall all the way down to the cathedral ground. Drive by the ramp and let the buggyís weight press down on the top of the tower. Something is activated at the cathedral. Leave the buggy here for good.


Inside the cathedral

Go back to the cathedral via the trapdoor that opened at the start of this level. Nowís the time to climb down to the ground. Inside the cathedral, dive in the pool. Get the health packs and surface back. You canít make this long swim in one go. At the end of this water tunnel there are openings on both sides and two orange objects --- embryo activators --- to get while in long cam view. You cannot pull up and out of this water; so swim thru the opened door at the end. Find two jump switches on opposite walls. Sidestep the burners all the time. The switches will open yet another door. Swim out to the next short level.


LEVEL 7: Back to LEVEL 1


A short but challenging level. Pull up on the next surface. Jump at the slide and out into a ledge by an acid pool room. Two flying baddies will attack you. Make sure that if you side jump, you donít fall into the acid pool. Use your most powerful weapon to kill them fast. You need to cross the pool by jumping on the right squares. Try jumping at the farthest square each time. At the end, you can reach a small room. Crawl back and out while in long cam view. End of this level.


LEVEL 8: Back to LEVEL 2


Youíll find yourself at the top of the ladder above the trapdoor you first opened in this level. Climb all the way down to the ground again. Go inside the cathedral and look for two frames at the back end of the cathedral to fit in the orange embryo activators. Watch the cut scene and see the new set of trapdoors open on the highway above. You must get to the uppermost highway by foot. Three ways (the choice is yours):

1.) Pass thru the shortcut by the 3 flying creatures room. Back to the highway and thru the yellow blocks that lowered.

2.) Pass thru the same automatic trapdoor you used to get down here. Climb the opposite ledge for a running jump and grab on that ladder.

3.) Go to the pole inside the cathedral (see expertís challenge on the blue inclines). Thereís a ladder at the back end near that pole. Climb all the way up to the uppermost portion of the highway.

Drop down to the trapdoors to go to the last level.


LEVEL 9: Back to LEVEL 1


Watch the cut scene as you drop to this level --- beams will shoot out and the glass cover or dome of the solitary lever is removed as well as two scorpions will begin the attack. Fire at will and dispose the scorpions fast. On the side openings of this tunnel, youíll see the front and back of the burner and acid pool areas. You may get the last health pack by a ledge at the front area. Back at the tunnel, locate the other end and an opening into a wide and high area. This is now the earth diggers room where you started this game. The grating on the ground has moved vertically; the tank-like diggers have connected to each other; and the underwater dome at the beginning of this game is raised. Thatís now the sphere that shoots those beams. They are not harmful but can very well obstruct your view with its bright lights. Jump to the left on the metal blocks. Shimmy right and climb down a little way to the hall that leads back to the levers and dome room. The way to go to the solitary lever is down and up. Climb down via the now vertical grating. Look for two poles to climb up from at a time starting at the ground. At the top of the pole, youíll see a lever. Pull it and watch the trapdoor with climbable wall open up. Slide down the pole back to the ground. Look for the closed room with a changing music when you step close to it. Remember that when you started at this earth diggers room? Climb the opposite of the grating (the side fronting that closed room). Halfway thru, position Lara to make a back flip to the ledge/roof of the closed room. Thatís where the climbable wall you opened. Climb up and out into the area of the solitary lever, which had a dome. Pull the lever and see a block rise somewhere in the mound of the four levers by the burners. Just about the only levers to pull to finish this game. Go to that mound with a series of jumps. Pull the levers and watch the octopus looking lasers do their thing. Once all four levers are pulled, the door with the changing music below opens up. Find your way down there, then slide, swim, pull up, out and exit.

Congratulations. End of the game.


Complete Walkthru of "Center of the World"

rewritten by Scott Chu @ 2009/09/17

*** Rhatech, 2004, Access to the Steel Tower (i.e. New RHA Shining Star) - 1st Time ***

Get to Drilling Vehicle Room

Swim forward & around the square tunnel to the end. Pull the underwater lever to open a ceiling trapdoor in the beginning area. Swim right & then left to find the open ceiling, then pull out the water. Go up the staircase to top & drop into the water. Swim into a huge area & go right to pull a underwater lever to open another trapdoor (I still think a corresponding cut scene is really necessary whenever a switch/lever activates something). Swim up & a bit right to enter a small tunnel, swim all the way to the opened trapdoor & pull out the water.

Go straight & go left up the central staircase. The area behind the bar is the final destination of this game. From the middle of the staircase, run jump to the left high pillar & get a TE health (Techno Egyptian Health, which is actually a large medipack). Look to the hall, in front of you are a flat grating floor & 2 giant drilling vehicles. Remember them. Go straight to the opposite side & run jump to the platform beside those red floor. Another run jump to the a bit higher platform. in between these 2 platforms is a highway for some car (You'll drive that later). Go left to the end & jump up on a platform with a burning fire below it. Turn around & jump up to upper red floor & climb up the blue platform to a new area.

Activate 3 Rotating Wheels

Follow the right path to end. Jump down nearest extruding platform. Pull & Push 3 statues to the pattern tile. This will open a door up behind these platforms. Shoot covers & pull 3 switches. For each switch, a cut scene will show a rotating wheel rolls down a hole (The rotating wheel room is just way down below). Leave the open door cause you can do anything there for now. Go back the way you came & at the end turn right to an area with a chasm on left & 3 green orb things on right. Look down chasm & you'll see 4 slope ledge on wall. Drop down the nearest one & grab at end. Do a twist backflip to grab the pink ledge behind you (I think the standard is: Go to last slope ledge & slide down . Go right to push a lever & see a cut scene showing some block is lowered. This open a shortcut to the rotate-wheel room down below on ground.

[### Unofficial Way to Get LaserSight & SECRET #1 ###]

[Attention]: This is not the official way the author intends you to get the secret. So if you don't want to try this, skip next paragraph...

Ok, go back where you pull up & stand at center of the left mound, face the wall & use safe-drop bug (Jump back & press Ctrl without grab) to fall down on the high pillar below. get the LaserSight. Turn left & Jump up to pull the jumpswitch. Lara will fall into the waterway. Pick the flare at the bottom & then pull out the water & and go straight to dark corner. The cover of the receptacle is already removed by the jumpswitch, so get SECRET #1 - Master Gun (actually the shotgun). Follow the left path & pass through the shortcut opening to the rotate-wheel room. [please jump to the paragraph 'Deal with 4th Rotating Wheel'].

Get to Rotate-wheel Room

Go right & jump the pillar at the end. Drop backward & grab the wall & climb down to ground. Jump into the water way & swim right to end. Pick the flare at the bottom, then pull out the water & go to the right dark corner. Pass the covered receptacle with a master gun on it (This is a secret that we'll get back later for it) & follow the path, then pass the shortcut opening & reach the rotate-wheel room.

Deal with 4th Wheel

First go to the lower level of central structure & find a flare in an alcove (You can those 3 wheels released by you previously around). Then leave here & go up the ramp. Find a safe floor (the floor without the circle pattern) to pull up 2nd level of this central structure. Pick up a techoegyptian health nearby. Follow the safe floors until you come to a small mound floor. Turn right & notice the dangerous 4th wheel on your left. Run jump toward the center the climbable wall so as to make Lara maintain a higher pose on the wall to avoid being hurt by the activated 4th wheel. Move right around one corner & twist backflip to a safe ledge behind Lara (This safe ledge is raised when you released 3 wheels earlier).

Get into a High Opening

Turn right & jump to grab 2nd climbable wall & pull up at the top & also activate 2 stumps on both side. Move as near as left side & try looking the far wall behind the left sump, you'll see a jumpswitch.Now take good timing & run pass the left sump, slide down from the center & jump at last moment to grab & pull that jumpswitch (better save game before this whole task). This will raise a block on 2nd level. Use same trick to get back to the stump place. This time turn to left stump & get good timing to pass the stump to a-bit-lower ledge on its left. Go to the newly raised block & use it to jump up & grab 3rd climbable wall. Climb up to top & jump up the ramp to rooftop of this structure. Look around & you'll see an alcove with a techoegyptian health. Run jump to another long blue platform on its left. If you go the opposite edge & turn left, you'll an extruding ledge & a far opening block by bars. We need to release those bar, so use this platform to run jump to that health stuff first & pick it up. Go left & keep about 4 steps from those surrounding green slope wall. Turn Lara's back to them. Save game here. Now jump backward & slide down & grab the edge. Shimmy right to a jumpswitch on wall. Drop & pull the jumpswitch to release the bars you saw just now & drop down at a lower ledge. Jump to left platform & go to the far edge. See the long slope down there. Jump to it & slide down to 2nd level. Go all the way back to the rooftop. However, run jump forward to semi-transparent ledge in front of you. Crawl forward under the wall & pick up a master gun ammo on the other side. Jump from right side to the blue platform & from there you can jump directly into the high opening. Slide down will bring you to next level.

*** Rhatech, 2004, Cathedral of New Rha (i.e. Center of the World) - 1st Time ***

Name Important Buildings around the Environment

Run to the other end & slide down into a big area. Use your weapon to kill the warrior. Go back where the slide down & run jump to far flat area of the platform on the left side of the sliding slope. Go forward to a green area & go left to climb up trapezoid platform & pick up a health pack in a wide alcove beyond it. Go back out & go down right & pick up 2 more health pack in 2 similar alcove. notice the highway leading down some dark space on the middle way. I'll call it 'Beginning Highway'.

Take a look around this big area. There're several buildings. Some are very big which I'll call them sanctuary and some are small which I'll call them just room. So let's do some naming work first cause this is really a huge area:

(1) Yellow-wing Sanctuary: first, there's a sanctuary nearby with several yellow wing-shape objects extruding out. I think it's a cathedral but I'll name it as 'Yellow-wing Sanctuary' so it's easier to identify it.

You are now on left side (in the direction when Lara faces main gate) of yellow-wing sanctuary. Go to its main gate (which is blocked by giant shield-shape object) & turn Lara's back to the main gate. You'll sear long glass-cover floor in the near front side & on both side of this long floor are 2 smaller glass-cover floors. Look further, there're 2 smaller room blocked by pink/red bars currently. There're buggy car rooms.

(2) Buggy-car-#1 Room: I'll name the left one as 'Buggy-car-#1 Room'.
(3) Buggy-car-#2 Room: the right one will be named as 'Buggy-car-#2 Room'.

There's another barred room near buggy-car-#2 room on the right side.

(4) Blue Front-Floor Room: I'll name this room as 'Blue Front-Floor Room' since the floor in front of the barred entrance is blue color.

Go to right side (in the direction when Lara faces main gate) of yellow-wing sanctuary. There's another big area. First, there's a floating island with 2 videos play 2 same face on the screen.

(5) Floating Island: I just name it as 'Floating Island'.

Behind the floating island & on its left side is a tower-like building connecting with yellow-wing sanctuary.

(6) Blue-Yellow Tower: I name it as 'Blue-Yellow Tower' since the 2nd floor is blue & the high vertical part is yellow. If you go check this carefully, you'll find there's a flare on 2nd floor. We'll go get it later.

Just on the right side of the tower is another big building with 2 extruding wing structures.

(7) High-Trapdoor Sanctuary: you'll go up here to climb into a high trap door so I name it as 'High-Trapdoor Sanctuary'.

Between the tower & this new sanctuary & high on the wall, you can see an opening blocked by magenta bars. Remember this. Now go to the center this new sanctuary & turn your back to it, you see a shining structure in the far front area. Beyond it, you'll find a barred room with a gap in front it.

(8) Front-Gap Room: so I'll just name it as 'Front-Gap Room'.

On left side this new room is a small barred room. Go check this room.

(9) Receptacle Room: You can there's some thing on a receptacle. I name this room as 'Receptacle Room'. If you check from the side window, you can see 2 health packs on ground. This seems a secret room.

Lastly, between the receptacle room & deep-gap room, you can find a barred opening. This will be a shortcut in the future.

(10) Ground-level Shortcut Opening: so I'll name it directly as 'Shortcut Opening'.

Oh, one final thing I need you to notice. Go to right side of high-trapdoor sanctuary. You'll see a climbable wall with a slope ledge at the bottom, you will have a visit of this wall very late.

Ok, I guess you get more familiar with the environment now. Let's get back to adventure.

Open the High Trapdoor

Wow, what a huge area. where to start? Most of the bars cost you some tasks to release them except those of the front-gap room's, they will release automatically when you go near them. You know where you should go first now. So go there, Jump over the gap & enter the room. On your right is a safe pool room with very high central pillar. In front of you are grate floors with a deadly pool below them. Remember one thing, never step on circled pattern. it's always deadly.

Go to the area behind safe pool room. Find a block to climb up higher platform. Run jump into the safe pool room. Jump into the pool & swim into the path without bars & pick up an ammo (you'll find later why you must do this first). Swim back out & pull out a corner of central island which is nearest to the burner. Use short-jump skill to run jump to the mound on its right side & shimmy left until you can pull up safely. Go up right to the higher mound, then turn around & stand jump to grab the highest pillar. Shimmy left 2 corners & drop directly to the deadly pool area.

Go right & slide a short way then jump to the long ledge. Several stumps are activated. Pass them easily until you come to a safe ledge near the corner burner. Save game first. When 1st stump's up, go close to right corner of burner tile & once 2nd stump starts to go up, pass diagonally quickly to next safe ledge & finally pass the last stump. Climb up higher ledge. Save game again. Run jump to the wall jumpswitch & do a backflip immediately while a cut scene shows some high trapdoor is opened. Turn right & jump over the deadly slope ledge to the other side. Jump into the pool & swim into the alcove, then pull out water. Push the lever to open the bar in this pool. Jump back into water. When you are near the new opening, you see a cut scene shows a block is raised & blocks the way to get the previous ammo you just got (That's why you must pick that ammo first. I thought this is a secret but it's not=.=). Do same work to get back the burner. You can stand on corner of the burner tile & when the burner is not lit, run jump directly back to grate floor.

Open a Shortcut to Ground level

Once you leave this room, climb up right a high ledge. Run jump without grab to top of the shining structure & pick up an ammo there. Jump down the other side & go straight to the high trapdoor sanctuary. Climb up right side. Go forward a short distance & turn right to pull up upper ledge. Go straight to the triangle ledge. Turn around & stand at the edge. Save game here. Aim the right side of the upper triangle platform & stand jump (or short run jump skill even better) up forward. If you aim right, you can get up the flat part easily (the normal way I think is: When you pull the upper ledge. Turn around & run jump to grab the pink ledge. Shimmy left a bit & pull up. Jump & grab the left slope ledge, then shimmy a bit & backflip to the flat ledge). Either way, Turn around & run jump to grab the grey wall. Move down 2 steps & twist backflip to grab another wall behind you. Climb up to top & pull up to upper floor.

Turn around & Go forward. When you reach the nearest place to the floating island. Run jump to the right side of the island. Push the lever to see a cut scene shows the bars of a high opening are released. Go to right edge & run jump to the 2nd level of blue-yellow tower. Go forward & jump around the slope ledge to pick up a flare. Turn around & do another run jump to grab the extruding wing part of high trapdoor sanctuary. Shimmy left until you can pull up, then walk around to the other side. Use same trick to get back to upper floor. Run the long path to the other end & stop before the yellow pillar. Look left & you'll see the opening. Run jump & enter the the opening. Follow the path. When you are near a floor hole. A cut scenes show the bars of ground-level shortcut opening are released. This opens a shortcut from this hole to ground level.b Remember this hole cause you will use it later.

Raise a block Beside the Pole

Ignore left path for now. Go to the opening. Run jump without grab to opposite side. Climb a ledge to upper level. You now face another highway (You are actually on upper area of front-gap room). Go left along the highway left to the end & also notice the long pole on right side & an opening on left wall. Turn Lara toward the blue wall on your font left side. Aim a bit left of that long pillar on right side of blue wall. Save game here & then do a curve run jump right to grab the blue wall. Pull up the small triangle ledge & get into the opening to push a lever. A cut scene shows the bars of an opening in the previous left path are released.

Go back where you first jump to the highway area. From there, run jump toward the opening you come & slide down & grab edge. Drop & slide down back to front gap room. Leave this room & go right to enter ground-level shortcut opening. Climb the wall to top & follow right path to enter the opening in the cut scene. Prepare your weapon & shoot 3 orbs to lower a block in the wall. Each broken orb will release a flying beast. Finish them. Go into the opening to the end. Turn around & jump up to grab the wall. Move up 4 steps & do twist backflip to pull the jumpswitch. A cut scene shows a block in high place near previous long pole is raised.

Lower a block in middle of Very High Pillar

Leave this room & prepare your weapon. Kill a warrior on the way. Do same trick to go back the highway with the pole. Here I'll train your some skill: Run along the inner higher side platform of the highway & when you are near the pole. Run jump with a twist toward the pole & pass it to the other side. Immediately jump forward to grab the pole. Climb up until you can see a purple part of far opposite wall. Align Lara a bit right to it & then keep climbing up until Lara's head is about 1/2 height of that purple part. Do a backflip to land on the ledge on right side of the raise block. Remember this sequence of actions well cause you gonna need it later for a time run. Climb up the block & jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkeyswing to the other end. Drop & pull the jumpswitch. A cut scene shows a block in the middle of that very high central pillar of the safe pool area in this room is lowered. a circular-blade device is also activated.

Floating-Breakable-Ledge Challenge

Go left to the grate floor & face the very high pillar. A run jump will bring you safely onto the lowered block part. Time the blade & get the health pack. Turn right to the climbable wall. Take few steps back & save game. time the blade to make a run jump to grab the wall. Climb up & move 1 corner left to drop at blue platform. Turn around & look right below carefully. You can see a small flat triangle ledge beside the wall. Run jump & avoid the ceiling to it. Turn right to a far floating ledge & save game cause you gonna do a series of floating-ledge challenge next. Use short-jump skill or circular run jump to jump on 1st floating breakable ledge (Once you are successfully, I suggest you save game here). Side jump twice to 3rd floating breakable ledge. Stand jump forward to grab 4th breakable ledge. Do pull up & run jump & grab twice will bring you to last breakable ledge. Now pull up & run jump to grab the far slope, then drop down on the top of blue front-floor room. This will release the bars of this room. If you drop down into the room you can pick up a buggy car key but leave it for now since the bars are already released. We can get it anytime.

Open another High Trapdoor

Jump & grab the grey wall on left. Climb up to the crevice. Drop & grab quickly & shimmy right around the corner (If you look right you'll see a health pack on a pillar. We'll get in later). The final purpose in this area is to open a trapdoor on top of another climbable wall. Shimmy right until you can pull up. drop out to the highway. Go along the highway until you see another opening on right wall. Climb up the opening. Drop to the slope ledge near you & slide down. In the middle way, jump right to the middle slope ledge on right & slide down backward. Save game immediately. Slide for a short distance, then do a twist backflip to grab a crevice on the wall. Move upper left around the wall to find a jumpswitch. Save game again then drop & pull the jumpswitch. Immediately do a twist backflip with grab to avoid a pillar & drop into the red water. The jumpswitch opens a high trapdoor. Swim to the only ledge & pull up. Jump & grab the wall. The trapdoor you open is on top but let's get that health pack first. Climb up (Lara seems can't put her legs on this lower part?) until Lara's feet is just over the top of left ledge. Move Lara to leftmost position, then drop & slide & grab the edge. Shimmy left around 2 corners & pull up. Face the health pack on the pillar. Use short-jump skill or circular run jump to grab that pillar. Shimmy around 1 corner & pull up. Get your reward, then do a run jump back to previous ledge. Manage your way to grab the wall again.

Let's Drive Buggy Car #1

Climb up to the top but don't pull up cause it's a burner tile on top. Move to leftmost position. Drop & do a simple jump with grab at once to grab the crevice on wall. Shimmy right until you drop at the grate floor. Turn around & go across the red platform to the other side. Go right to the end & go down to lower ledge. Jump up & get into the lower path. Follow it to the other end. Pull up left & go pull the jumpswitch. This will release the bars of buggy-car-#1 room. Now Follow back the path & pull up left. Go to the flat ledge & drop from there. Climb all the way & at last drop back ground. You need the car key so go to nearby blue front-floor room first to get the buggycar key & then go back buggy-car-#1 room. Drive the car to beginning highway & all the way into the dark space.

*** Rhatech, 2004, Access to the Steel Tower - 2nd Time ***

Drive to the end & exit the car (I won't repeat 'exit the car' thereafter). Pick up the health pack & pull the wall switch. This will lower a wide block to open up a detour highway. Drive back & turn right into that detour highway. Drive up & at last fall down into a familiar highway. U-turn & drive along the highway. When you see some white floor, park the car beside it. Get the flare & keep driving down to the rotate-wheel room. Run into the warrior.

Get LaserSight & SECRET #1

[Attention]: If you already used unofficial way to get the lasersight & secret #1, skip next paragraph....

Drive into the shortcut way to go back the waterway area. Drive the car along the path & pass the covered receptacle & at last go up the slope beside the pillar with lasersight. Get the LaserSight & Jump & pull that jumpswitch. You'll fall down on a slope & slide jump in the middle to avoid falling into the water. A block is raised behind, so turn around & jump onto the block. Shimmy right as near as possible to the burner tile on right side. Jump & grab the higher ledge & pull up. Drive the car down to the uncovered receptacle & pick up SECRET #1 - Master Gun. Now drive back to rotate-wheel room.

Drive back the highway you came to end. Now you need to drive car along the red floor path. This might be a bit difficult task. The 2 suggestions I can give you is: "(1) When you come to a steep summit point, you can press ALT to stop the car at once. Save game here cause next left-turn is the only difficult part of this whole task. However, you can always do this when you think you just pass some hard part. (2) When pass the point in (1), you need speed up to drive up next slope to pass a small gap.". Ok, when you manage your way to drive the car near the burner, drive carefully along the red floor & get to a new area. Drive up the slope (notice a white floor on your right) & when you get to the flat part, that white floor is raised & leave you a way to go down & up without the car (don't know the purpose?).

Open a Passable Way for Buggy Car

Leave the car & climb up right platform & drop down to ground. Go along left side to the end & you'll face a burner area. Unfortunately, we need finish some task here. Go up left ledge & climb up the wall to the top. Pull up & do a twist backflip to land on a safe part of the slope & grab at end. Move left around the corner & do a backflip to land on a safe ledge. Climb another wall & move right around 2 corners, then pull up & Jump up & grab the ceiling. Monkeyswing to the end while a warrior attacks & turn right to face burner. Drop & grab the ledge. Move to left & pull up. Slide down the short slope & use your weapon to kill the warrior. Go back up the flat part of the short slope & jump up to grab another ceiling. Monkeyswing to the jumpswitch, then drop & pull the jumpswitch & Lara will drop into the water below. A cut scenes show a wide white block is raised & this opens a passable way for the car. Leave the water & notice a barred opening. Go left & use those extending platforms & short platforms with orb to jump over acid pool & get back the other side (notice another barred opening to your left on the way). Go to right side & climb up a white ledge. Manage your way to go back the car. Drive you car forward & up the right white slope. Turn right quickly around the gap & up another slope & then drive down to white floor below (this will raise 2 blocks near the previous raised white block) & finally drop down to ground. Drive forward & turn right to break the yellow glass window into the room. You no long need the car, so get out the car. This is the first barred room I want you to notice & the bars are release now.

Release the Bars of the Room beside Acid Pool

You have to push 3 statues right before 3 bug-picture panels & the statue must right face the panel. When you face the opening, number 1 to 3 of those statues from left to right. Let's do it: Push statue #2 east to the end, then push it south to the bug-picture panel (Each time you put a statue to a panel correctly, there will be a cut scene shows the barred opening beside acid pool). Go back to push statue #1 east once. Pull statue #3 south once & then push it east to the bug-picture panel. Now pull statue #1 north once & push it east to the last panel. The last cut scene shows the bars are released.

Release Reptiles From Cage

Go enter that room & jump up high platform at end. Go forward & pull your weapon to kill a warrior. Go down & face a line of bars. There's a isolated center bar which you can pass into a room with 4 switches. On 2 ends of the bar line are 2 barred room with 2 levers on each side.. Let's number the left end room as room #1 & the other as room #2. On each side between the center bar & the end room, there're 3 isolated bars, respectively. Go into the switch room. Number 1 to 4 of those switches from left to right. Switch #1 & #2 flip (for 90 degree) innest bar to room #1 & #2, respectively. The other 2 switches have same function which flip center bar & its 2 neighboring bars. Now go pull switch #1 & go to room #1 to push 2 levers. Each push has a cut scene shows a reptile's released from cage. Go out to pull switches #2 & #3. Go to room #2 to push 2 other levels to release 2 more reptiles. Go back to pull switch #4 & leave here.

Get 4 Scions

We now need to go finish those reptiles. The fastest way is: "Go back the way to where you drive car up. When you come to a big gap with several bridge platforms & this should be way top of the waterway room where you pick up the lasersight. Stand between leftmost 2 bridge platforms & face west. Use safe-drop bug to drop down to the slope below & slide down to the very early 3-orb-thing area. Go up the left slope to allure 1st reptile & jump back down. It won't come down so kill him with safe. Use this trick to 2nd reptile. Go into 2 cage rooms & pull 2 switches to uncover 2 receptacles & get 2 Scions. You can stand at a far distance (don't go too close cause they will hide from you) to kill 2 other reptiles from this side but I won't bother them now. Remember the opening behind 3 statues you push-pull above the rotate-wheel room? Go there & enter it. Jump up the ramp & jump & pull up left white pillar. Kill reptile from here with safe. Pull up & go pull switch & get 3rd Scion. Repeat similar actions to the other side & get 4th Scion.

Stand on left side of the circled dangerous tile & align Lara diagonally to the far right corner of white slope. Jump to it & immediately jump up & grab the ceiling. Monkeyswing to end, then drop & grab the gap. Pull up & crawl through to end. Drop down the hole & slide to bottom. Climb through the crawlspace & drop down the other side to go back 'Center of the World' level again.

*** Rhatech, 2004, Cathedral of New Rha - 2nd Time ***

First a long cut scene: "Lara slides into a room of a strange device with virtual screens. Then the scene turns to a new warrior appears beside the yellow-wing sanctuary. The scene turns again to a new area with something seems a star-shape receptacle. Another scene comes in & shows a new warrior passes by the camera view & then some burners & a earth core wall pictures with a 3rd new warrior on bottom left side of the view & at last the camera leads us into a dark opening & fades".

Open Buggy-Car-#2 Room

Lara is back to this level again. Push the lever to see the shield-shape main gate of yellow-wing sanctuary is opened. The bars to your left are also released. Prepare the weapon (remember the long cut scene?) & slide down to ground. Kill the warrior & go into yellow-wing sanctuary. Follow along right wall until you come to red wall area. Jump up 2 grey blocks & pull up upper yellow platform. Go left & pull up an alcove. Turn around & run jump to blue floor. Go right to pick up a flare in the corner. Go back & run jump to the high ledge on the alcove's right side. We are on top of blue-yellow tower now, go right to end (If you didn't get the flare in one of its upper floor before, you can go to the left grey floor in the midway, stand at edge & use safe-drop bug to drop backward down or drop down between 2 high pillar to lower level, to lower level to get that flare. But you need go all the way back here again). Go right to top of the slope. Jump to extruding ledge of yellow-wing sanctuary on your left. Go along the side roof to end & jump up a triangle flat part on your right. Jump right into the lower floor. Go pick up an ammo in the corner & pull up right side. Pull up to top roof with red floor. Go around the central object to left edge of opposite side. Look down & you'll see 2 blue slope ledges: one long & one short. You goal is to reach the left flat ledge on right side (you can't see it from there) of the gap between these 2 slope ledges. You can try a long way or a short way I found.

(The long way): "Turn around & go down right to lower side roof. Go right & jump to last extruding ledge. & go around to the long slope ledge you saw from the roof just now. The camera view changes & you can see the target flat ledge now. From the mound part of the center before long slope, you can jump straight over this slope ledge & grab the short slope ledge behind it, shimmy right & pull up the flat ledge, or you just do a curve right run jump over long slope ledge directly land on the flat ledge".

(The faster short way): " When look down from the red roof, stand back against the base of central object & align Lara to the gap between 2 very far red pillars. Stand jump forward with twist to land backward on the short slope ledge below & grab at end. Shimmy right & pull up target flat ledge".

Stand at center of flat ledge, move right a bit & side jump left to higher grey slope block, then jump up to grab ceiling. Monkeyswing all the way (A warrior will attack from below when you reach latter part of ceiling) to end & turn left, then drop at last on the roof below. Push the lever to see a cut scene shows bars of Buggy-car-#2 room are released.

Drop through the hole with grab to lower side platform. Pick up the flare & run jump to 2 wide alcoves of transparent walls from lower part of the side platforms on 2 sides to pick up 2 ammos. Drop down to ground & go kill the warrior & then go to the buggy-car-#2 room to drive the car out to beginning highway (The health pack in the 3 alcoves on left side above the highway reappear again, you can go get them first if you want them again but I'll just pass). Drive into the dark space to go back last level again.

*** Rhatech, 2004, Access to the Steel Tower - 3rd Time ***

You won't stay here long. Drive through the red floor path again & pass burner. Drive up the slope to the top. This time just drive straight & up the dark slope to get back to a high area of the other level again. Kinda short, isn't it.

*** Rhatech, 2004, Cathedral of New Rha - 3rd Time ***

Activate 1st Lens Device & Get Technorganic Breath

Drive pass between the 2 blue pillars to the end (A trapdoor is opened when you pass it. The climbable wall beside the trapdoor is the wall on right side of high-trapdoor sanctuary I want you to notice before). Pull the jumpswitch to see a cut scene shows a lens device turns 90 degree. Climb up wall on your right & drop down ledge on the other side of the opening. Drop down left side & grab. Shimmy all the way left until you can pull up safely. Go up & jump across the gap. Go to left side of the pillar. Climb up the pillar a bit higher & twist backflip to grab the wall above a slope block. Move right around 1 corner & drop. Slide down & grab at end. Shimmy right 1 corner to pull up the opening. Get the powerful Technorganic Breath weapon (actually the crossbow). Run jump from the opening back to the 1st climbable wall area.

Another Floating-Breakable-Ledge Challenge

Go left along the platform. See those familiar floating ledges in the air. Ya!, we have another challenge now. Face 1st ledge & run jump to it. Another run jump to grab 2nd ledge. Shimmy Lara to right margin. Pull up & turn right & stand jump to grab 3rd ledge. Shimmy left around 1 corner & stop at next left margin. Pill up & turn left & stand jump to grab 4th ledge. Repeat previous actions again to left margin but this time do a run jump when you pull up to the last ledge & grab it. Pull up & run jump to grab the grey wall, then climb up & pull up at top. A cut scene shows a nearby block in the gap is lowered. This opens a way for you to get the techorganic breath in case you forget to get it before you do the breakable-ledge challenge.

Go down the gap to pick a flare on that block. Turn around & go to end & climb up a wall to top but save game first. Pull up & slide a bit, then jump up to grab ceiling. Monkeyswing to end & drop to pull a jumpswitch but keep holding CTRL so you can grab slope below with safe. A cut scenes show bars behind where you get the technorganic breath are release. Further of it another barred opening is release, too. That opening is near the high area of the long pole on highway you visited very early. Shimmy right to end & do a twist backflip to upper floor behind you (In case you shimmy left to drop down at lower floor, just go right & jump up & forward to grab grey wall. Climb up high & move left to be above the slope. Drop down & do jump at once to land on upper floor). Go back your car.

Do the Time Run Challenge to Activate 2nd Lends Device

Drive it to the lower floor where you pull the jumpswitch. Drive along the left wall of hall way to avoid fire & pass the automatically lowered wall at end to reach the highway. Park the car beside the pole. Climb up the pole to top & manage you way into a familiar room with a lever. Go to lever & stand before it. You now need to do a time run, so save game first. Remember the early training I taught you earlier when you climb up the pole 1st time? (If you don't remember, just go back 'Lower a block in middle of Very High Pillar' paragraph in 'Rhatech, 2004, Cathedral of New Rha (i.e. Center of the World) - 1st Time' part for review). Now it's time to see how well you are trained. Push the lever to see a cut scene & remember the route it shows (The released opening in the beginning is your target). Reload the game. Now push the lever & press CTRL to kill the cut scene. Go straight & drop left hole to get back to highway. Do the training I taught you with good but do a savegame in the midair when you backflip from the slope to land on left side of the raised block. jump back once & do a curve left run jump at last moment to either grab & pull up the long platform or land directly on it. Once you succeed, pull weapon & go forward to kill a flying beast. Pull 2 jumpswitches to see a cut scenes 2nd lens device turns 90 degree. Go back your car & Drive the highway to very end (you'll see a break on right wall & a long trapdoor on the way) to see a block in wall is lowered. U-turn & drive back the highway to turn left when you see a break in wall. Stick to right side & drive all the way up red slope over the gap to land into a shallow hole on top of a tower. The weight of the car pressed the floor down. Some part in the yellow-wing sanctuary are pool now.

Get 2 New RHA Embryo Activators

You need go to the pool. The fastest way is flip jump back to top platform. Drop down north side. Go forward to right side in the midway. Drop & grab the edge. Look down & make sure you're on top of pool. Drop pretty long way down into the pool. Swim south to the end & turn right into the opening to pick up 1st New RHA Embryo Activator. Swim back pool & surface for air. Follow same route back & turn into left opening to pick up 2nd New RHA Embryo Activator & swim back pool. You can pick up 2 health packs near the wall opening on the way.

Burner-Tile Challenge

Swim into the opening on the other end & pull up right side. Follow to the end & you'll see a path of burner tiles. Time each burner & take your time to use the safe corner of each tile to avoid the burner to get pass the path (I found it's easier to pass with save & reload game). Pull the jumpswitch at end wall. Go back the burner path & also notice a white block on left corner. Go back through pool to the other side. Do same task there to pull another jumpswitch. Another door is opened in the pool. Go back pool & swim into new opening to go back 1st level.

*** Rhatech, 2004, Access to the Steel Tower - 4th Time ***

Let the current brings you to end. Pull out water on rightmost tile with safe. Turn to the slope ledge & prepare your powerful weapon. Jump the slope & slide into next room. Kill 2 flying beasts. Run jump to 2nd left tiles & then turn right to run jump to diagonal tile. Then jump to nearest tile & at last jump into the opening. Climb down the end crawlspace to get to 2nd level once more.

*** Rhatech, 2004, Cathedral of New Rha - 4th Time ***

Activate 3 Beams

Go to end of opening (bars closed behind you) & Climb down through trapdoor & all the way down to ground. You're now on right side of high trapdoor sanctuary. Go back into the yellow-wing sanctuary. Go the very far end. On the corner of each side has a receptacle, put activators on the receptacles to see a cut scene shows 3rd lens device turns 90 degree & 3 beams emitted from the lens to open the long trapdoor you see in the midway when you drive along the highway. Pull weapon & turn around quickly to kill a warrior. Before we leave here, let's get a stuff first. Go along right wall until you pass last window which has a pole inside it. Go up the grey block & go right & drop down the grate floor gap. The whiter block near the burner path I want you to notice earlier is lowered now. This reveals a health pack on your right side. Crawl down to pick it up & climb back (I though this is a secret but too bad it's not). Now face the pole in the last window & run jump to grab it. Climb up & backflip at last on the roof. Go to grey wall & climb up to top. Pull up & go right to the long trapdoor to go back 1st level last time.

*** Rhatech, 2004, Access to the Steel Tower - Last Time ***

You are beside 3 beams. Prepare your weapon & go forward. A cut scene shows a sky cover somewhere is split open to reveal a lever. This is near the switch room you visited very early. Also 2 giant scorpions come to attack you. Right after cut scene ends, Fire weapon & backflip in the mean time to kill these annoying scorpions. Go straight & turn right when you meet the crossroad. Climb up white platform on your right. Stand jump to the far ledge & pick up a health pack. Go back crossroad & turn right to follow the beam to the end. This area is the very beginning area with 2 drilling vehicles & grating floor. The beam has change a lot of things here. The grating floor has raised vertically to allow the originally underwater dome structure raised up to form a high tower in the central area. 2 drilling vehicles connect to 2 side of this tower.

Run jump to left grey platform. Go straight to end & drop down right side. You are back 4-switch-room area, There was a burner on the ledge you step on now). Go down the long platform & follow the way to vertical grating floor. You can see that uncovered lever in the cut scene in front you but you can't access it from here. Find the circle-pattern part to climb down to ground. Turn around & go to left vehicle to find a pole in it. Climb up to top & flip to upper level. Go to the tower & find another pole inside. Climb up it to reach top level. Push the lever to see a cut scene shows a trapdoor beside a climbable wall is opened.

Remember this final destination of this game I told you earlier? The trapdoor is on upper level of it. So Slide the pole to bottom & go back ground. Go to the staircase before final destination entrance. Climb up a high pillar on our left. Run jump to grab the circle-pattern part of vertical grating floor. Climb up an enough height & twist backflip with curve right to upper floor. Climb up to the top but don't pull up. Backflip to a safe ledge & you'll see you are on the platform with that uncovered lever. Go push that lever to see a cut scenes shows a block beside a floor with 3 levers is raised (actually there are 4 switches on the floor). Turn around & you'll see the floor is on your far right.

Manage your way to left back area of this floor. Do a run jump with curve left from the safe floor to a white patterned platform adjacent to the wall. From there jump to the raised block. Push nearby lever to activate strange device on ceiling to move & emit a laser to the floor. push the other 3 levers in turn. A final cut scene shows the bars of the final destination entrance are released now.

Jump over dangerous tiles & use vertical grating floor to get to ground. Enter the final destination entrance & jump into pool. Pull up the only ledge & slide down to a new room. Go forward & a cut scene shows a bird's eye view of this room & the camera goes back to Lara & at last you see 'To Be Continued' on a long floor.

Well, that means you should go to play Psiko's complete game - "Tomb Raider A - The Techno Egyptians...". Beside, the Receptacle Room that you are never able to open in this level can be opened when you play Tombraider A. So go download it now & have more fun with it.