Armageddon's Temple 2

Author: eTux (Elvis)

Secrets: 16

Walkthrough written by CC

Note from CC: This walkthrough is the way I played it, not necessarily how Elvis intended, but at least it will get you through the levels. I haven't mentioned all ammo pickups and the like that are easy enough to find. I'd like to thank Monika for using the walkthrough while playing and making suggestions to improve it. Also Elvis himself has kindly taken it and made changes where appropriate.

It's possible to go in any direction you like and you will eventually cover all areas; but to save endless backtracking, especially through the different levels, I think this walkthrough will help.

I would advise you to conserve as much shotgun ammo as you can because it's the best weapon to use, especially towards the end. It is possible to kill most enemies with pistols.

Outer Temple

We're standing in front of two scrolls. Left and right of these scrolls are what look like carpets on the wall. The one on the left is run-through, so go in and get Secret #1. Back out, run and dive into water, and come out where a skeleton and shotgun ammo are on one side of this cave. You come to a lava pit. Jump to the left and shimmy across to the other side. A colourful ninja charges towards you, kill him.

Just for now, have a look around this area; in one grassy place you'll see a fire in the centre, in this fire is a skull key that you'll get later. Another area has steps going down to a double door with two monkey statues on either side; these will need to be lit by a torch. And just where you shimmied across the lava pit is another single statue to be lit.

Run to the area opposite the steps, turn around and find the ladder. Climb up, backflip and crawl under the snow to a dark, almost maze-type area. Have a look around this area too; you'll see gates, a cage with a chain, a trigger block, a room full of torches, steps down to two keyholes and a hand keyhole (remember this place), and a ladder going up to an outside area. Forget all about this outside area for now, because there're a lot of things to do and levels to go through before you can do anything up there.

So, get yourself one of the torches, go to the block that changes the camera; this shows you the block that will give off a fire to light the torch on. It's timed, so the best way is to sprint to the block and light the torch quickly before it goes out. Throw this torch into the crawlspace under the snow (where you climbed up into this area), pick it up again in the crawl position (if you havenıt thrown it far enough) and throw it again. In front of the ladder throw the torch down and climb down the ladder.

Alternatively, Monika suggests bringing the unlit torch down the ladder to the fire below and lighting it there.

To save having to get another torch, run down the steps and light the two statues on either side of the double doors. Don't bother going in yet, and bring the torch to the single statue beside the lava pit and light it. This opens a door (with bars) beside the pit into a cave, and you get a camera shot of the fire going out where the Source Guard/skull key is. Go get it now to save time, and come back here to the door you just opened.

In and to the left you'll find a crate door that needs a crowbar, this for later. Run in and climb up to a blue switch, a gate rises nearby in the cave. Drop, go through this gate and jump down in a fast flowing waterfall. You're in a room with four entrances. When you stand on the threshold of each the other entrance block up. You can go into any one of these, but for convenience's sake I started with the one on the right.

When you go in you are actually trapped in here now, but not to worry. You see a block with a blue switch on the right, and if you look up you see columns and bridges. Each column that's stood upon will open up the next column, and Elvis designed this to let you jump from one to the other. But for me it just didn't work. I found a quicker way to do this room. So here goes:

Push the blue switch and the column behind you opens up, climb up onto it. I hopped down at this point and went to the second column ahead. I stood, facing the third block, but behind the second one, almost in the corner. The purple beams are the deadly ones. So I jumped up and hung from the second block. When the purple beams stopped (there is a pause when both beams stop, so maybe you'd like to wait for that). When it's clear, but only for a second or two, pull up and do a running jump to the left corner of the third block, but don't stop, do a second running jump from here to the safe ledge in front of the next blue switch. Push it.

Turn around and look at the next column with beams of electricity. This requires another running jump to the safe ledge ahead. Turn around again and see a ladder on the column youıve just run through. Jump and grab it, climb up and around to the bridge. There's a grassy bank beside you. Go up and have a look if you like, but the way for now is to get across the two bridges into the opening.

Ahead is a statue on fire and a strange corner switch. Pull the switch. Go back outside again and across to the grassy bank. A gate has risen in a hole to let you claim the torch. Bring this back to the statue on fire. Now this is a bit tricky. You've got to get up on that statue with torch in hand. I was able to jump up on the right hand side, almost up against the wall with one jump, so there's no need to do any magic tricks. Light the torch and bring it back to the grassy bank and light the statue beside the gate. Climb up and slide down into . . .

The Source

Have a look around here. There are three white balls (eggs!) in a pond, a chain to climb, and a water hole on the far side of the pond. Dive into the water hole, through circular blade traps and pull the underwater lever, and back out again. Climb the chain and backflip to the green ledge behind. Climb up to the ledge above this and turn around to see another ledge with a blue switch. Jump across and push it. Climb up onto the bridge and jump down to the other blue switch, push it. All these show three red squares in the pond. This is not difficult, just push a white ball onto the nearest red square. This makes a shaft of light appear up there on the bridge, so climb the chain again, do what you did before and run into the shaft of light, you are transported back to . . .

Elvis says: Mention at the end of the first The Source bit (the 3 balls and the shaft of light) that some PC players with older graphic/sound cards have experienced crashes during these leveljump points. If they do send their savegames to the author, or ask for help in forums.

Outer Temple

Fall through the centre of the floor, slide down, and get a little message "Dead Plants Burn Well." You see plants ahead of you and rock walls. Go to the block on the left, stand between the block and the slope behind, backflip onto the slope and forward jump to grab the block. Jump up to the next one. Angle a jump to the next ledge and use the rope to swing to the other side. Climb the left ladder and pull the switch (this closes the gate on top of the right ladder). Drop back down and climb the right ladder (you can now climb the closed gate) and backflip onto the bridge. A ninja is above but I found he didn't do me any harm so I ignored him.

Walk a little bit forward onto the bridge and an explosion occurs and blows up the bridge. (For a long time to come, every time you open a savegame you'll get this explosion, but it didn't affect my game so try to ignore it. It will eventually stop.) You can go across if you like to see another ninja but what the explosion did was blow an entrance at the top of the right ladder, so you'll have to climb down, run over and climb up the left ladder again, pull the switch again to open the gate at the top of the right ladder and get into that entrance. This brings you into where the second ninja is. I found it easier to not climb up the block and just using pistols, kept jumping up to shoot him until he dies. Then climb up. In the corridor is another switch, a torch and a hand keyhole. (This hand you'll never come back to, so it must only be the ninja who uses it to explode the bridge).

The switch opens the gate/door out onto the bridge. Go out there and light the torch on the fire. Come back to the gate and do a running jump down to the block in the corner, another one to the first block you climbed and down to the ground where the plants are. Throw the torch onto the plants and this burns a hole in the floor. Jump down and kill a ninja, pull the switch, and climb a ladder nearby.

Fall through the centre of the floor again and you are in an area with a sign "quiet: avalanche zone." Climb the ladder here, but be careful now, this is a bit tricky. There's a boulder outside an entrance. Stand Lara facing into the entrance. Don't walk in until you feel ready to start a frantic run. As soon as you step in the boulder starts rolling. Pull the first switch to open the first gate, use the sprint key on the straight runs, and pull the switch at the end to open that gate. As soon as the gate is open sideflip left, out of the corridor, and forward jump to get out of the way of the boulder. The boulder has broken through the floor, but before you jump down climb the ladder again and get the health bottle.

Jump into the hole, run along and climb again to the top. Run into the trigger that brings you back to the waterfall and a switch, the trapdoor drops and Lara lands in water looking at the Crowbar, aka The Mighty Rod of Gold. Pick it up and climb out of the water. Climb the ladder again and up the waterfall. This brings you back to the cave beside the lava pit near the start of the level. Before you leave this cave run around to the right and use the crowbar to open the crate and get the Snowmobile. I drove the snowmobile outside and left it in front of the double gates to the snow slopes.

I went back to the double doors down the steps (remember we opened them earlier with the torch). Run in past the dead monk to the end and drop down to what looks like water, but Lara lands standing up (very unusual action here, Iıve never seen it done before).

Run forward and take the left cave corridor up the stairs to the top and into a room with fast flowing waterfalls. The camera changes at one point and you see a way into a room with an ugli key (or ugly key as Elvis calls it :-D). This triggers a scene to appear outside on the other side of the waterfalls. DON'T pick up the key, itıs a trap.

Before you leave, look down at the lava on either side of the steps. It's safe, so find a place to swim into, and you'll come out to an impressive room to get ammo pickups. This is Secret #2. Be careful of the burning floor. Go back outside.

Go over to the other side into a corridor and the level changes to a colourful monkeyswing maze. Employ the old "going in one direction" theory to find switches in the corridors of the maze (three of them). Also you'll find a room with the proper ugli key aka The Mountain Gate Key, and another room, which is Secret #3 where you'll get pickups and pull a switch. Look beside this switch and see a torch, you'll get this later. If you don't pull this switch a door will prevent you from getting that torch from the other side. So once again, pull that switch.

Back out of the maze again. Back across the waterfalls where the dangerous ugli key is, down the stairs, straight across the hall into a short corridor and dive into a small waterhole. Here's a long swim through atlantean textured tunnels which will eventually let Lara "break through" from swimming to a standing position in the room near the double doors you came down earlier.
Run again to the opposite side, climb up the ladder (near to where all the torches are), and down to where you saw the two keyholes and the hand keyhole. Use the ugli key in one of the keyholes here you'll see those double gates open where you left the snowmobile. Go back and get on the snowmobile.

Drive the snowmobile over all the slopes and the level changes. Keep driving until you come to a huge snow cavern. You'll see a castle type structure off in the distance, and a breakable ice wall across the way. Back the snowmobile as far as you can and jump across, break the ice wall, and keep going forward and around to the right. Here is a huge slope down and up. Stop the snowmobile, get off and look around this area.

Above is a bridge, ahead is a deep canyon. Look over the edge of this canyon. There's a ladder down. You see a tiny waterhole way down below. And across you see a long snow slope. On the left, in the corner, is a peculiar little angle of a ledge. That, my dear, is where you hope to land the snowmobile when you jump across this canyon later on.

Now this is entirely up to yourself, the idea is to climb down the ladder to that waterhole, swim in and pull the underwater switch. Don't swim any further in because the level will change if you do. This gate you've just opened it to allow you get back IF you missed the thistle secret, which you're not going to do if you follow this walkthrough. So it's up to you if you want to do this.

So for now, look around near where the ladder is and find a shimmy crack. Grab it and shimmy left onto a bridge, which should be just overhead of the snowmobile. Don't do what I did and go into the right and down the steps. Go to the other side first, into a huge room with ledges in mid-air.

It's fairly obvious and easy to get up these ledges with jumps and climbs, up onto what looks like a castle wall, and across to the entrance in the wall. You'll know youıre on the right track when you see a health bottle ahead of you. As you go in, leave the bottle for now, because an unusual ice-ape (well, that is what I called them, they look like the yetis weıve seen before, but have long claws for hands) is bounding down the stairs towards you. There is enough time to kill it with pistols if you have weapons ready immediately. Now get the bottle. Go up the stairs and you are looking out onto to top of a frozen fountain with ice hathor head aka Blossom of Ice on top. Jump across and get it. Climb back down the way you came, this time you can drop to a ledge below to save time, and back to the bridge. NOW you can go to the other side and down the steps.

At the bottom you'll see an odd looking object under a black plant. Have the shotgun ready before going further into that entrance. Inside immediately turn left and start shooting another ice-ape before he gets to you. Be aware that these guys are lethal, if they touch you they will poison you, and consequently lose a lot of health packs, and as these are a premium we want to save as many as we can. It could be possible to shoot the ice-ape with pistols but I imagine it involves a lot of jumping around. That done go and get the Icicle from the ceiling, and the torch (which you saw earlier but couldnıt get). There's a pedestal on fire in here to light the torch on (if you had done this area first the pedestal wouldnıt be on fire).

Take the burning torch outside and burn the black plant. The ground collapses and she falls into water. What's happened is the fire has melted that frozen fountain into a lake. The whole area has changed but you'll know where you are. Be careful not to touch the monk underwater.

Go back to the bridge and over to the other side. This time just dive into the water below. Find the entrance in the rocks and pull up into it, into a beautiful grassy area with waterfall and burning pillars. It's quite easy to get around these pillars to the centre one. The camera changes to show the thistle Secret #4, and the escaped ice-apes. I shot these from the pillar with pistols. When they're dead I collected a shotgun and healing potions (medpacks) from their caves, and the Thistle of course, and made my way back through the lake to the snowmobile (there's an underwater tunnel to do this).

You have to get across the canyon - remember that peculiar ledge on the left. Get on the snowmobile, go as far back as possible to get a good run up. This took a few goes, so save before you do it. I drove up the left side, beside the wall and kept the left button pressed as the snowmobile was jumping across. It lands at an odd angle, but keep the engine going because you've got to get it along that slope into the snow cave ahead.

Now we have another hard drive ahead, so save. You're trying to get through that sharp crack in the snow to the outside, keep on the left side, and keep the engine going, to get along the ledge and into the next awkward crack. Keep driving, and the level changes again. Keep going up with ladders on the walls and fall through the breakable floor to stop at the end of a bridge with a blue switch beside you, and double doors ahead of you. This is where you'll end up at the end of all these levels, but for now you'll have to leave the snowmobile here.

Pull the blue switch and it shows the trapdoor in the water way down below. Drop down into this trapdoor. Wait a second and I'll explain. Into the left is a health bottle, go get it. If you continue left you'll come to the waterhole you opened earlier, but now you don't have to go there because youıve already got the thistle secret. So swim into the right, and keep going through the rocky waterway until you come to an underwater lever, pull it, and get out of the water.

Run left into a small waterhole (you've been this way before), and swim through the water barrier again back to the start of the level. Climb up again and crawl through the snow (near where the torches room is), and this time use the skull key in the other atlantean door. A gate opens nearby, go there and down to see a monkeyswing across lava. Use the monkeyswing and when you land kill a ninja and take his Scroll which says:

"Learn by heart and never forget!,
Aurum = Gold,
Argentum = Silver,
Cuprum + Stannum = Bronze.
This shall help you in The Source then. . ."

Write this down unless you've printed this walkthrough out, but write it anyway because you'll need to do a bit of calculating later on.

Push the blue switch nearby and the column has lowered to reveal a chain switch (this chain is directly under the chain you saw earlier). Pull it ONCE, and see the cage above lowering. Monkeyswing back, and run to that chain, pull it, to show a gate nearby opening. Run to that gate and down to . . .

The Source

You are treated to a brilliant flyby, so pay attention to what it shows you, in other words the gates. Run ahead and pick up another shotgun. Jump ahead to the steps.

Look to the left and see an entrance in the corner. Beside this you'll see a red waterfall flowing down from battlements high above. This is a secret. To get it, go over to the big tree. Do one jump to an awkward little ledge on the right side of the red waterfall. Jump over the slope, hop off the other side and jump immediately to the next ledge. You are right beside the red waterfall. Stand on the highest point of this ledge facing the water and jump forward to grab the entrance in the waterfall (I couldn't see this entrance, so it was a blind jump for me). Pull up and go in for a medpack Secret #5. Continue around and come out to the entrance you did see from the steps earlier. Jump back to the two ledges in front of the waterfall and back to the tree towards the steps. Face towards all the "carpets" going off into the mist, keep jumping forward to the carpets until you reach the platform with the three great looking metal buttons, gold silver and bronze.

Run into the blue diamond (old fashioned save crystal), and the screen shows you the words "Aurum, Argentum, Cuprum+S = gold, silver, bronze." Hop back to get control of Lara again.

Now starts the button pushing: Push gold silver bronze which opens the gate on right.

It's awkward but eventually you'll get to jump and grab the monkeyswing, across to a room with three crystals. Running into each shows the following messages:
Left crystal: "Bottom aurum cuprum+s argentum" (gold, bronze, silver);
Centre crystal: "Middle argentum cuprum+s aurum" (silver, bronze, gold);
Right crystal: "Top cuprum+s aurum argentum" (bronze, gold, silver).

In here there are two more gates, the one the left is a secret (we'll get that later), and the one on the right shows a blue button. This is pushed only to reset the buttons outside if you've made a mistake. If the gate is open, push the button anyway to reset the puzzle. Back outside to the platform and we start the main button pushing.

BOTTOM: press gold, bronze, silver. This opens the gate very near the platform here. Jump to the green ledges and in through the gate.

Climb up into a room with a white ball, and five gates. (BTW, if you shoot this white ball it will explode and kill Lara, at least that's what happened to me, so donıt shoot it).

Elvis says: I actually don't remember that shooting had any effect on it - jumping ON it maybe (it's possible to sneak past the ball, so I had to make it an explosive one) but if you say it happened to you leave it like that.

Jump up on top of the left gate and came to a room with a bull and switch ahead. First of all have a look around this area. Then go back and pull the switch (the bull wonıt move until you shoot him). You see another area has now opened on the left, go in and have a look. There's a green tile between the stairs, thatıs one of the targets you want the bull to hit. Go up the stairs and get the health bottle in one of the leafy openings. Back down again and straight ahead, youıll see a gate that will open later. Inside is a giant Midas hand (yes, we all know what that can do). And here too is another gate and a little corridor to another green tile. Opposite this corridor, you canıt see it right now, two entrances open up, and the only use I found for them is to take a break from the bull by jumping up to them. I did however see a fire running across the floor, more or less from the sitting bull, through the walls into the area behind these two openings and disappear into the back wall. A little diversion while watching this.

Now to business: Shoot the bull and get him to follow you to the switch between the stairs. The best way to deal with the bull is stand facing the tile and keep jumping up and down, as soon as the bull hits the tile, backflip, roll or turn around and run. He has difficulty turning around after you and this gives you time to get to the next tile. Into the little corridor and stand again in front of the tile until the bull hits it. This time you have more time as it's difficult for the bull to get out of the corridor fast. Go up the stairs, where the first tile was, and through the now open gate and find the pull-down switch up there, go behind this switch and find the final green tile. The bull will come up here and do the same again against this tile.

You have a little time now to get back down the stairs and into the room with the Midas hand. The idea here is to get the bull to stand on the hand. I had a bit of difficulty getting the brute to follow me and had to go back to the stairs a few times to catch his attention. Don't stand on the hand yourself as the bull gets on it or youıll kill Lara, rather try standing behind it, or hop around behind it. Eventually the idiot will stand on the hand and an explosion will occur which turns him into gold and opens a way below him to a crawlspace. Go in there and pull the chain. Have a look around and see if I've missed anything.

Elvis says: Make the bull hit the first 2 buttons - then wait for the little fire to get into the hidden room and cause an explosion - that lowers some pannels in the wall in which Lara can jump in and from them unto the bridge (the cage is still blocking the path for the bull - the pull down switch lowers it) - where the rest goes on pretty much as described, with the exception of the explosion - which took place earlier, as I don't remember adding any to the bulls moment of death.

Back to the main room with white ball. Take the second gate on the left this time. Through circular blade traps, to a blue switch and trapdoor that keeps rising and falling. Jump across the trapdoor into the opening but stand still for a minute. Ahead is a rolling blade, but it's quite simple to negotiate. There's an alcove on the right to run into first and then onto the blue switch. Do the same coming back, but this time an entrance has opened near the trapdoor, but still in this room.

Climb down the ladder and run immediately to the left, this shields you from the demigod's fire and you can kill him easily with the pistols. He leaves the Sourcestone Splinter. Use it on the guardian stand further in to open the gate. Haven't seen that done before either. Go down to the end of the steps and into a room with cog wheels turning and fire behind that I tried for ages to get through and didn't succeed. Go back out to the steps and see the pulldown switch. At the end of the steps that column has changed into a pushable block. Push it onto the electric square beside the cog wheel.

The cogs stop turning and the fires are out. Go in and climb the ladder up to the top. As you get to the top the tree explodes and there's another demigod to deal with, but it was easy to kill him again with pistols. He leaves another Sourcestone Splinter.

Climb back down and out past the cog. Have a look where you found the pushable block. There's another pulldown switch there. This opens a trapdoor under the cog wheel. Go there and drop down to Secret #6. Press action for Lara to pull down the pickups and health bottle. Climb back out and up the stairs.

Use the splinter on the other gate and go in and pull the chain. Climb back up to the main room with white ball.

Through the next gate and into a room with a pulsing red ball on the ceiling. Shoot it and a blade wheel falls through the floor. Drop down the waterfall, and swim into a room with huge bell. Actually I'd recommend saving just before you swim in, this could take a few goes. Swim forward over the giant bell, and into the passage ahead past the demigod in the water to pull the underwater lever. Turn around and swim back just a little and up into a water room, keep swimming up to get some air. Get all the pickups you can and pull the chain. Swim back out to the bell, and into one of the other two passages.

One of them has rolling blades in the water to swim past and pull the chain. I did this a lot of times just to see, and found that there is a point where all the blades will miss Lara and she can swim through in one go, but it was a case of trial and error.
The other passage has a sink action and spikes to swim past. When you enter this room keep the right key pressed to get Lara to the right and ahead into the tunnel. Swim through the spikes as fast as you can and get out to pull another chain.

Swim outside again avoiding the sink and when you reach the bell room the water has lowered, the bell has crashed through the floor and hangs higher up in the room. Push the blue button and dive into the hole the bell made and back to the main room with the white ball.

Go through the gate under the white ball. Climb onto the gate ledge, turn around, walk back to the white ball and push a blue switch, pull the white ball onto the walkway. Climb over the blocks on the walkway until you reach the end. Turn around and climb up above to a switch (you'll do this a few times). Back down again and you see the blocks have changed. Move the white ball along the walkway past the places blocks used to be. You do this a few times until the white ball reaches the end and stands on a pattern square. Getting back to the white ball each time involves Lara doing an angled jump to the sloped side of the room and keep jump pressed so she lands on the walkway. Back out again to the main room and there is now a shaft of light, jump into it.

You land on a ledge in a whole lot of nothingness underneath the islands in space. Youıre objective is to jump and make your way to the ledge with the stand on it. Some of these jumps are awkward because the ledges are triangular rather than square. To do these run the length of the side of the triangular ledge and turn slightly when Lara jumps to either grab or land on the next ledge. When you pick up the stand the ledge rises and you can now use those carpets to get back to the platform with the three buttons. So we push again . . .

MIDDLE: press silver, bronze, gold. Make your way back over the carpets to where you entered this area, where you triggered the flyby. From the top of the steps, do an angled jump to the carpet on the left and with more jumps into the cave. You'll see a closed gate (remember this) and a blue crystal. Run into the crystal and see a camera shot of two towers with fires on top. Go outside and make your way along the ledges on the left towards the castle battlements. There's a demigod up there but I found he wasnıt much of a threat. Climb over and down onto the grass. Just look into the centre of the structure where the red water is flowing out of. That's the gate that will open when you press the TOP buttons on the platform. For now it's still closed.

Run along the battlements and climb up onto the wall and drop down outside just beside the huge tree. Make your way around the branches and climb the ladder on the tree. Run along the branch towards the general direction of the cave youıve been in. Turn around and shoot the demigod from here with pistols. This could take some time.

Continue on to the green ledges and through the two towers on fire. Go forward along the road and just have a look at the room in there, two switches and blocks and fires. Elvis did have a theory about doing this, but this is the way I did it. Go back outside onto the road, be careful around this area for fire square, and jump over the rocky bank on the side. You can go right around to the end but I couldn't find anything to do there. Just where you came over the rock is a drop through some greenery, and a ladder down. Into a room with electric beams and a pushable crate. This is where you'll have to trust me as I donıt know the logic of the puzzle.

Push the crate to the right side as far as it will go under the laser. Climb back up and go to the room with the blue switches. Push the one on the right (on the right if youıre looking out at the road). Back down again to the crate and push it back where it was. Back up to the room and push the left switch. See a view of the gates in the previous cave opening, where the blue crystal is.

Alternatively, Monika suggests: push the right blue button. Go down and push the crate to the right electric beam and push it back where it was before. Back up and push the left button. This sounds a lot easier to me.

Go to the cave and through the now-opened gates and emerge out into a yellow explosion light, and a demigod on a branch ahead of you above. I was able to kill him from here with pistols. Use the rope to swing across to the branch ahead under the huge branch. Climb up and collect the Sourcestone Splinter the demigod leaves behind.

Run along this branch and jump down to the red entrance on the left. Use the splinter on the stand and a red ghost appears. He is a retextured "guide." What a sight, brilliant. Follow him as far as he will go and then remember the route he takes. If youıre quick enough you can outrun him along the branches and see a switch on the side of a tree with a gate into the centre of the tree. Open the gate with the switch and run through to watch him making his way to a skull on a pole at the end of a branch. It's worth it to open this gate beforehand just to watch him. He activates it and raises a cage nearby.

Don't follow him into the temple type room, but climb the cage and jump into the entrance. Pull the switch and see the ghost getting squashed by the blocks and change into a red "layer" piece. Jump back outside and run carefully through the spikes. Get the Red Layer and see a hole opening near what looks like a waterskin in the ground.

Back to the skull on the pole and see a rope, use it to get onto the next tree. Make your way along the left branch that's beside the wall of this area. Where the light beams in the wall are there's an entrance. This is an awkward jump, save before you do it. I did it with action pressed to land in the entrance. This takes you to an area with a windmill and a river. Jump into the water just to see what happens, it's scary. So you know the water is deadly. Turn around and find the switch below the entrance you came from. This raises black blocks to jump across the river. You will be swarmed by bees for a while so just rund around on the grass to get rid of them. Get the Small Waterskin in the hole, and go down in front of the windmill, crawl in and get the Fertilizer (sandbag). Back across the river and into the colourful room. One of the squares on the floor is a trapdoor. This is Secret #7. Now it's an awkward angled jump back to the branch of the tree from this entrance.

You saw a camera shot of what looks like a shower cage on a tree, that's where you're going. So run along to the end of the branch and drop down near the skull and pole. Retrace your steps that the red ghost used to the green steps and use that other entrance at the top to get around to the shower cage. Fill the waterskin.

You have to go back to the skull and pole, use the rope back to the branch and go to the right side (the side where the cage is). What youıre trying to do is make your way down and around that waterfall. You come into a room with two flower urns. Place the waterskin and sandbag on these. As soon as youıve place the second object backflip onto the rising floor. One player had difficulty with this when the floor wouldn't rise, he backflipped after placing both objects and then it worked.

You are now up in the room behind the bars where you used those blue switches earlier and you can now claim the hathor head aka Butterfly Amulet. Locusts attack as you go it, run around the room a bit to get rid of them. Go out this way and make your way back to the tree. You can use the ladder at the back of the tree, slide down and grab the edge, shimmy to the right, pull up and use the carpets again back to the platform and push buttons.

TOP: press bronze, gold, silver. Go back the way you did the last time to the castle wall and battlements where the demigod was. Now that door into that structure is open, so run along the safe lava river into it. Get the health bottle on a ledge near the gates. This is an extremely tight timed run to open both gates. Pull the switches to see which one opens the outer and inner gate. I used the sprint between the two switches and just about made it as the gate was closing. There is a switch between the gates, but I've no idea what it does.

Elvis says: This is taken from the double timed run bit. What this button does is opens the outer door for a while so Lara can escape in case trapped between the doors.

Careful going into the next room. It's a big room with spikes ahead and two rolling blades. Have a look up and see two pulldown switches. Where the floor rises as the blades roll are two different texture squares. Try to stand on both of these squares when the blade has left it, and then get out of the way. A cage rises. You'll have to jump from the slope to this cage because just standing beside is not quick enough and the blade kills Lara.

The idea here is to jump to the pulldown switches and sideflip out of the way of the blades. When both are pulled the cage rises higher. Jump and grab the cage again and climb to the top. You are now in what I think is a lovely garden area at the top of the battlements.

Run forward onto the battlements and you see the camera changing. Climb onto the last higher block on the left (or near the camera side) and do a blind running jump forward from the left corner to a green ledge in midair (without using grab).

Jump across and finally get the HAND (remember the hand keyholes?). As you do this you hear a raptor screeching vulture and the camera changes. Do yourself a favour and jump back to the previous green ledge to get a good look at where it's coming from.

Jump back to the top of the slope in front of the structure down to the river, slide down this slope to the grass below.

Look on the ground, there are "stone" textures in the grass. There are three on the ground, one on a slight rise, and one on a steep slope. Five in all. The ones on the ground are easy to stand on, naturally, but the only way I could "stand" on the one on the slope was to do a running jump from the wall (the one you used earlier to get over to the tree). You don't actually stand on it, you jump and land on it before sliding down.

Monika suggests jumping from the top of the slope, just after leaving the green ledge in midair and aiming a jump across to this stone texture from there. Good idea, why didn't I think of that!

This opens the gate you can see from the battlements above where the camera changes. Climb the newly appeared ladder on the side of the battlements, and do a running jump across to the open gate. In there youıll find the next thistle for Secret #8.

Go back to the wall and drop back to the tree branch. Go around the branch and have a look at the wall, just beside where you've dropped. There's a well hidden greenery entrance. Climb in there and use the Hand, go forward and climb up to another lovely garden.

Have a look at the tree, there's a red ball to shoot, but leave that for later. Dive into the pool and pull the underwater lever. A shaft of light has appeared beside the tree. Go into the light and be transported to a floating islands level.

Dark Side of the Source

Don't go forward yet. Turn around and do a running jump to grab the column behind, climb around the left side, and climb up to the top for Secret #9, a large medpack. Go forward towards the island ahead, turn around, drop and land on the green island.

Go forward to see a hathor head burning and two shafts of light. The one on the right does nothing for now, so go into the one one the left.

You could do what I did and run forward and around to the right and see what happens, but I'm not that cruel. So stand beside the blue crystal and look what's happened to the floor. Yikes!!

Go around the left side and stand beside the next crystal to see your way across. This is fairly obvious. On the other side it's extremely dark, a flare is needed. Continue into the next room and stand at the crystal to see a lot more choices here. I took the centre to right side route to the other side. (MP: 2 running jumps, standing jump and a running jump and grab). You'll see a corridor with green slime shapes on the floor. Just to see what happens to Lara if she steps on them, save and go ahead, she dies spectacularly on these tiles. Climb up nearby with backflips and forward jumps up and up until you land at the top. You do this with a fixed camera looking down at Lara.

You are high above the disappearing floors and looking at three bridges ahead of you. There's a fire on the left and another blue crystal. Go over and stand beside it. What do you see? Those green shapes again. Now don't for heaven's sake do what I did and spend hours trying to do running jumps onto what I thought were the "safe" tiles, I actually made it to crystal, and got totally stuck, not surprisingly, because that's not the way to do it.

Here's how it works. You'll love this. Go to the bridge on the right, step carefully onto the first tile, then continue stepping one step forward each time until you see three smoke clouds rise on the bridge on the left. The camera angle changes to let you see this. What happens then is those three squares explode and become safe. Back off the right bridge and go to those safe squares and go forward step by step until you see smoke clouds rise on one of the other bridges. They explode and you go there to the newly safe squares. You do this all the way across, that's what I referred to in my review as exploding my way across. Some people might think this is a pain in the neck, but I thought it was ingenious and I loved the camera angles. And don't try to jump and grab across the various sections of bridge; simply run back the other way across the tiles that are now safe, and go to the next segment of bridge until the last "safe" segment on the right bridge (as you enter) brings you to the other side. So now you're on the other side, so what to do? Apart from shooting two vultures, that is. There are two statues that need to be lit, but where's the torch?

Look on the ground in this area, there's the same type of square that you found a secret under in the windmill area. It's a trapdoor and the torch is in there. Take it and back flip out of the hole; and now that all the bridges are safe, run back to the fire (using the central segment, where the camera angle makes it easier to run without falling over the side) and light the torch. Run back again and light the statues.

Run inside towards the blue switch, but Lara looks at something on the way! Push the switch anyway (this makes the first exploding corridor safe). Get the torch again and light the fountain where Lara looked (lighting a fountain, what a tease, no wonder I couldn't get all the secrets first time round), a gate has opened in the water. Itıs a swim-through wall, and in here are flares for Secret #10.

Leave the torch behind, go back to the first exploding corridor and follow it around. Kill a vulture that comes in at you. There's another one out there in the sky, but in my game it was frozen, and easy to kill.

Jump across to the first green rock thing, Elvis calls these nests, no doubt vulture nests, so perhaps it would be easier if I just referred to these rocks as nests.

Keep jumping across these nests. You'll get to a blue crystal, and youıll see a red ball ahead. Save here because this is a little hard. Do you see way over on the right side, a large medpack on the wall. Even if the blue crystal shows the safe tiles, a few of them are missing. Facing the red ball do a jump to the first red tile. Turn to the right, towards the medpack, and you need to do a running jump to the next safe tile. A running jump to the next. A single jump slightly to the right to the next tile, and a running jump to the medpack for Secret #11. Now go back exactly the same way. to the first red tile and turn to face the red ball again. Shoot it, and kill the vulture.

Get over there. A tip from Monika if you have difficulty here: stand on the right side of the red tile, a running jump and tip lightly the right direction key. Another way that works is to stand at the right front corner and hop back as if you're going to make a running jump. But angle Lara slightly forward and sidestep to the left, bringing her a little closer to the front edge. Then square her up again and take that running jump forward. There's a very precise point, where you neither fall short and slide back, nor simply run off the edge, where you'll be able to complete the jump and land safely on the flat nesting surface.

Climb up higher. Shoot two more vultures. Make your way over to, and go into the light shaft to transport back. (Take a long running jump from the obvious point that seems to be the closest to the nest with the light shaft, but curve to the left in midair to land on the safe surface.) The fire is out now so you can get the hathor head aka the Ash of The Dead. Back again and jump to the light shaft at the beginning of this level, and transport back to the garden in the . . .

The Source

Use the shotgun and aim it to shoot that red ball in the tree and a chain appears. (You need to use the look key to elevate Lara's line of sight, then hop back until you're properly aligned. Jumping up and firing at the red ball while in mid-air also helps.) Climb it and backflip to the wall behind. Run along the top until you are level with the huge branch below. Hang, drop and slide down to the branch which is Secret #12.

You have a grand view from up here, so take a look around. While you're up here, have a look down at what will be the "exit" below on the left, a wall and a receptacle with two gates on either side. But we're not going there yet.

Get all the pickups on the branch. Run towards the "carpets" again and drop from the end of the branch and make your way back to the steps again at the beginning of this level, and back up to . . .

Outer Temple

Now we can go up to that huge outside area above, remember, past where all the torches were, and climb the ladder up. Kill a ninja coming for you. Use the hand to open all available gates. I think there's another ninja inside. Explore this area if you wish, I tried all sorts of jumps and climbs here, but found nothing. You can even see down a hole to the beginning of the level.

Go back outside to where you came into this area before you opened the gates, along the wall and snow slopes, one of them, with a little jump, will let you climb up on the outer wall. To find the right spot look up and around. You'll see one extremely tall column-like support to the very high bridge up above. The slope is just to the left of this support. It is a little difficult to get onto the wall because of a sharp point again the wall, but you will get up with a couple of tries.

Note from Elvis: This actually sounds like an illegal shorcut to me - what you do after climbing up into the outer area is go to the 2nd hand keyhole and use it to get on the other side of the wall to the 2nd bridge - here you meet a ninja that opens the 2 double doors and attacks Lara. She has to climb on the battlements and with a jump to a climbable part of the white bridge you mention later on. You go here and step on the timed pad the rises the cage that allows you to get on the other side where the secret and the ice-ape is and also the way to the alien spaceship. I guess this doesn't really spoil the game anyhow but still not exactly what I had in mind...

When you are on the wall drop back and shimmy left to the back of the support, there's a ladder there, and climb up this high ladder to the top. You are now on top of the world, have a good look around, you won't be back here again. Ahead of you in the middle of this "bridge" you see the guardian piece. You are treated to the X-Files music when you pick up the Sunbeam, hey what's happening, Lara is abducted up into an alien ship. WOW.

Dark Side of the Source

Run forward into the blue texture and Lara starts swimming. A lot of what looks like flipmapping goes on here for a second, but what you need to do is swim up. Wait a moment before climbing out and save.

Pull up and get the shotgun ready immediately, as four to six brilliant alien raptors attack. I found the shotgun the best weapon here, and with jumping and rolling was able to shoot all of them quite easily.

Have a look around. Those crystals are lethal so don't go near them, unless of course you want to see what happens. There are four alien nests here, and for a long time it looks like there's absolutely nothing to do. Having pressed action against walls, and looking for more trapdoors that didn't exist, the only thing left to do was look up. Over the centre of each nest is a pink block. Jump up and grab it, Lara hangs on, and the ship shakes a little. Do all four.

Now you can see that a climbable surface has appeared over the waterhole. Climb up and out of the ship. You can clearly see your route to the light shaft, so go into it. And this brings you back to ground level.

Outer Temple

You are on the other side of the wall. The camera angle changes, run forward and see a block with a different texture on top. This is timed, so for now, all you explorers out there can jump onto the snow bridge and run along it. There's nothing really up there but a nice view of the area. Ok, enough of that, back to the block. Stand on it and a cage rises beside the wall ahead. Run to it and climb onto the wall before the cage lowers again.

Don't drop down just yet, even though thereıs a ladder there, because another ice-ape is coming for you. You don't actually need to kill him or even get down there at all, but you certainly need to do a jump from here to get a secret. Look towards the arch and do a jump to it. Here is Secret #13. From here too you can jump to the wall ahead near the tall ladder and jump back down to ground level and inside where all the torches are.

Pick up a torch and light it here the same way you did before with the timed fire block. Go to where that hand keyhole is and use your hand, remember where you used the two keys before down the steps, it's just around the corner from the torches room. The wall drops, take the lighted torch with you and the level changes again.

You are looking at a deep cave with a shaft of light ahead, three grid ledges and three entrances. It makes no difference which one you choose to go into first. By now you should have all the guardian parts to make up three guardian stands.

Let's go into the one on the left first. It's obvious you can't use the guardian stand because the plant is in the way. There's a ladder behind the plant but you can't climb it. So I remember burning plants before, but this one won't burn, so what to do? Jump down to the floor and see a grate and what looks like an icicle. I only discovered this because I got fed up trying to figure out what happens here, and while I was thinking the torch burned the icicle, what a surprise I got. So that's how to do it!

When you melt each icicle, the plant above turns yellow. However, you still can't burn the yellow plants with the torch, so after the third icicle has been melted you can just ditch the torch. Then combine each handle you've been carrying with its corresponding effigy, and use them on the three poles. You need to be on level surface where the pole is, not the slight slope in front of the pole. Otherwise, Lara will keep telling you "no." The way that works best is to slide around between the plant and the pole, facing the doorway, and then pressing action. After placing the last portal guardian we get a flyby of a skeleton rising in the shaft of light, like his soul has been freed. Use the ladder in this last room and go out to the bridge where you saw the skeleton rising. He has left behind the Dark Spell (Scroll), pick it up. The trapdoor drops and Lara falls, and lands standing again in a cave. Go towards the exit, and pick up the almost impossible to see Blue Layer. Continue out and slide back into . . .

The Source

You are looking out towards the push button platform and ledges. Jump across to the platform, this is just a straight forward jump, don't press action.

Push bronze, silver, gold and the gate to the 'secret' room where the three crystals are will open. Monkeyswing again in there to collect some pickups for Secret #14. Remember the door on the right with the blue switch inside is just for resetting the push buttons if you make a mistake.

From the platform now use the ledges to get to the "exit." Combine the red and blue layers to make the Heart's Seal and climb into either of the gates there. The level changes again to the . . .

The Dark Side of the Source

Immediately shoot two vultures. Jump across to the green nest and from there to the shimmy crack. It may happen that one of the vultures doesn't appear until now, so hurry up as it will attack you while you're shimmying, as well as a swarm of locusts.

Be aware that from now on at regular intervals you will be swarmed with locusts, so there's no time to loiter, and save at each action.

You'll see a huge pinkish alien head and a walkway around it. Run towards it and to the left. Find the trapdoor and pull the switch. Save. I hope you have enough medpacks to get through this. Get up and run towards the other side, there's nothing to see. You must drop back to a ladder (ignore another vulture for now because he won't bother you while youıre on the ladder). Climb down to an entrance and another switch. Pulling this opens the gates to the "temple." Climb up and deal with the vulture if he's still there.

You see transparent ledges ahead of you that go up and around to the top of the huge alien head. Use a flare if you can't see them. The first one is between the head and the temple looking towards where the trapdoor was. Climb up to the top and get the Thistle, Secret #15. Back down again and run into the temple, and place the scroll. All hell breaks loose, the head explodes and an earthquake starts.

It's not as bad as it looks, run and jump towards what's left of the alien textured platform and drop down into the hole in the centre. Lara lands standing again in an atlantean room with statues. Run and fall down a waterfall. Pick up the Voyager's Diary, and fall down another waterfall. Climb out into a spooky looking cave. Find another shotgun here.

There's a slope up out of the cave. You should be able to see a barrel at the top. Stand with Lara's back to the central structure and aim to shoot this barrel with the shotgun. Normal shotgun shells can be used, but I was only able to do it with wideshot shell. The slope changes to steps. Use them to get up to the top. You see a fast flowing river ahead and a ninja coming towards you, shoot him.

Go to the left along the river and as you approach the doors open. You can now see where you left the snowmobile. A ninja is over there. I was able to kill him with pistols and jumps. Jump over and get on the snowmobile. Back it up to get a good run off the bridge and into the doors you've just opened and onto the river.

This is where the two different ends are:

First ending (if you donıt have all three thistles). Drive around to the left and into ice caves. Run over an ice-ape along the way, and fall through the breakable floor. Pull the chain, and go back to where the fast flowing river is, on foot, and find the "exit" textured pillars. You can choose two different small endings by going into the left or the right gaudy coloured rooms. These short ending show a limousine waiting for Lara, and left me wondering how on earth they got up there!

Second ending (if you have three thistles). Drive up the fast flowing river and get the snowmobile up the rocks. Start getting it up on the right side. And go through a glass door, Secret #16. Stop immediately. You are looking at a monkey swing, a lava pit, and a gate across the way. Monkeyswing over and pick up the energy bottle. Did you get a quick flash of the thistle? Yes, that's because (and this took a while for me to figure out) that the thistles are attached to the greenery wall here. If in doubt, just press action on the green wall in three places and the gate opens. Monkeyswing back to the snowmobile and back it up as far as you can, drive forward and it should jump over the lava easily and through this newly opened gate. Drive over iceapes as you go, until you can dive into water and come out to a nice little house/courtyard. Get ready with the shotgun again and shoot four to six raptors. Go inside and . . . ta-daaam . . . Elvis. We finally get to see Elvis, and have a conversation with him. I hope he has slowed down the conversation because I couldn't keep up with it when I first saw it. What he does is give Lara the code to the bonus level. The bonus level is a script file, and explained in Elvis's readme. I'm not sure if it's right just now to give the code, so I'll leave it up to Elvis to do that in the future.

And so ends an excellent level which I thoroughly enjoyed.