Christmas in the Trenches

Level by Alessandro Licata (November, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

This seems to be a modified Lara's mansion level. Get on the snowmobile and drive up the slope. Get off and go the south-east. Shoot out a grate and crawl inside. Drop into the sewer. Be careful of the scissors trap and pick up a key. Return and drive the snowmobile through the opening in the west wall. Open the gate with the key. Drive in with the snowmobile and run over three dogs. If you go to the horse statue, you can shoot a dog.

Take the snowmobile and go south through the gate. Go left into an enclosed area and run over three dogs. Go west and get two dogs. Stop just before the opening and get off the snowmobile. Go to the south-west corner and press a pushbutton. A cage rises beside you. The animation looks a little different from the normal animation for pressing a pushbuton. Climb up and jump on the roof. Go towards the house and get a cut scene of a key in the water near the horse statue. First go west and north to run over three dogs. Then return the way you came back to the horse statue. Pick up the key from the water. Drive back and climb the wall where you got the cut scene. Jump to the balcony and shoot out the far north-east window. Enter and press the pushbutton on the wall next to the bed. The door besides you opens. Go in for two Uzi ammo, flares, seven MP5 ammo, eight rockets, rocket launcher, three grenade shells, a small medipack, the MP5, a large medipack, the grenade launcher and a key. Go east to the far door and get a cut scene of a man shooting you in the back. When you get back control, kill the man and pick up a jewel (Pietra Filosofale).

Use the key on the door and exit to the balcony. Go to the right to a chapel. As you exit press the pushbutton on the left wall. Exit and go to the room on the opposite balcony. In the music room go left and use the key. The door opens so go inside for a cut scene. When done climb the book shelves. Kill the thug and pick up a book (Libro di Magia) that he drops. Also go around the ledge to pick up a small medipack, flares, two Uzi ammo and the Uzi's. Exit and go to the west balcony to press a pushbutton. The door opens so go up the stairs into the attic. Go around and pick up three small medipack, three large medipack, two Uzi ammo, flares, revolver, and two revolver ammo. Exit and go downstairs. Go to the north-east and use the key. The door opens so go inside for another cut scene. Kill the woman and she drops a Scion. Go to the north-west corner and pick up a key.

Exit and go south-west to the kitchen area. Kill two dogs and notices a key lock for the freezer. Return and go to the north-west into a dining room area. There is music and a cut scene of a huge Christmas tree. Pick up Uzi ammo as you enter the room. There seems nothing there so go back up stairs to the south balcony. Go through the bedroom and out the window you entered.  Drive back to the house statue and use the key to open the gate behind it. Pick up some flares and follow the well know maze. Kill two dogs, drop in a hole, travel in the underground tunnel and pull up to a ledge. Kill two dogs there as well. Press the pushbutton and go back to inside the house. It does not seem to be timed. Enter the basement door and go down the steps. You pass a woman who does not shoot. The floor is deadly. Kill the brown creature on the pedestal and pick up a multi-shaped star (Gemma dell Aldila). When you jump there, the floor becomes safe and there is more Christmas music. Exit and go back to the main hall. The woman is trying to get out the main door but it is closed. Shoot the woman and pick up a key. Go to the kitchen and use the key there. Open the door, run towards Winston and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.