The Curse of the Scorpion

Level by Andreas Markus (May, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

After a short flyby, turn and go north for the shotgun and red shotgun shells. Then go south and pass the door. The door opens and a big scorpion emerges from it. Your friend will kill the scorpion but if he fails, you have to finish the job. Go south and stay near the wall to find revolver ammo. Go back near the door and climb the rocks to the west. At the back wall and behind a column is a hole with secret #1 and a revolver. Get down and enter the door to kill another big scorpion. Pick up a small medipack and get into an opening in the south wall. On the other side run around to get the big scorpion all excited and then go back into the opening and wait for your friend to kill it. Kill the scorpion if your friend fails. Go into the first open doorway in the south wall and pick up a small medipack and red shotgun shells.

Exit and open the first north door and enter the room. Pick up flares and exit. You will be back here later for the other door. Follow the north wall to the east to pick up grenade normal ammo. Go east to open a door. Enter the room to pick up crossbow normal ammo and keys. Light a flare and go to the north wall. Walk through the dark wall section for secret #2 and a crossbow. Go south to open the door and wait for a friend and a big scorpion to fight. Pick up the Uzi's from the corner. Now go back to the north-west room and open the door that you ignored earlier. Run down the stairs with guns blazing to kill a big scorpion.

At the bottom use the keys to open the door. Pick up flares and follow the corridor. At the T-junction, go south to find revolver ammo. Then return and go north to follow the corridor. At the next T-junction go west and enter a room with stairs. Go to the back of the room and get a cut scene of a door opening. Exit this room and go east to find the open door. Enter to face a hole filled with water. Dive in and follow the short water tunnel to pull up into a corridor. Go forward and turn to the right. Then stop before a deep pit. Monkey swing to the other side of the pit. Continue down the corridor and go past a closed door. You reach a lava room and a rope. First swing into the left opening to pick up crossbow explosive ammo. Then return and swing into the right opening. Go to the end and jump to the platform. There is nothing in the water. Go to a special marked tile at the far side of the platform and get a cut scene of the door opening. Turn around and notice that the platform is gone and that you are surrounded by lava. Jump the platforms over the lava, down the corridor and swing into the other corridor to enter the open door.

In the next room climb the east wall steps for blue shotgun shells. Then climb the west wall steps and pull down a trap door. Pull up into an outside area and go west. Kill the big scorpion if your fiend fails. At the end of the west trench open the door. Slide down the slope and the level ends.