Night School

Level by Atsushi Yamakawa (Blacksheep)

The walkthrough by Ron Bate

You start this adventure in a classroom on the 2nd floor, right wing of the school (when looking in from the front door).

From now on:-

1F=Ground Floor, 2F=Second Floor, 3F=Third Floor, RW=Right Wing, LW=Left Wing

Turn around and note the brazier on the desk - this will need to be lit (once you have the means). For now, make your way to the exit; the door opens automatically. Go downstairs to the foyer and enter the 1FRW corridor. You will see two buttons on the wall here. Press the first (right hand as you look at them) one only (this lowers a block behind the adjacent pushable block). Now go to the pushable block at the end of the corridor and push it as far as it will go, do NOT push the button here. Enter the room, drop into the small pit and press the button there for the first secret. Hop out of the pit and go around the bookcase to find the yellow battery. Exit the room and cross the corridor to the canteen and through to the kitchen. Above the cookers is a crawl space - enter it and notice the crowbar on the opposite side of the mesh (only accessible from the other side).

Crawl around to the left and drop down into the boiler room. The oily water is safe for the moment; notice that you will also need a blue battery. Place the yellow battery in its receptacle and a flame appears next to you (a good place to light a torch!). Also the grid where you landed must be lit when you return to light the torch later. Wander over to the exit, kick the blue door open and approach another self opening door which returns you to the 1FRW corridor.

Head back to the foyer and make your way to the main door. Press the buttons to either side of the door and it will open. Go outside. Make your way all the way round to the left of the main building, passing the outdoor swimming pool on your way. Look for a jump switch on the wall, secret number two. Turn around and climb onto the opposite ledge. Note the graffiti painted on the wall here - "cyberspace" - referred to in a clue for the lever room. As you return to the front of the school notice a button high up above the entrance, to be pressed later.

Go the left hand side of the theatre and look for the shimmy crack. Before shimmying, note a button behind the large vase inside. Jump up, shimmy right and crawl through the curtain to enter the balcony of the theatre. As you stand you will see a jump switch high up on the opposite wall above the stage; this opens the front doors to the theatre - the final way out!

For now, head down either set of stairs to the floor and make your way over to and press the button on the far left. Enter the door that opens, follow the passage to two ladders. Climb the blue one, kick in a door at the top and press the button there. Return to the other ladder, climb it, cross the stage and climb the block opposite. Kick another door open and press the button behind it. Go back to the stage but don’t drop down onto it, instead climb up onto the steel work above the stage to find and press yet another button. If you turn and look down you will see that a block has lowered on the stage below. Go there next.

If you look through the gate you will see a skeleton – good for smashing vases! For now crawl under the stage and get the silver (outdoor swimming pool) key. Leave the theatre the same way you entered (the door to the skeleton will be opened shortly) and make your way over to the outdoor pool. Use the silver key and enter. Pass through the changing rooms to the showers and pick up the gold key there.

Go back into the school to 1FLW and unlock the door, enter the headmaster’s office. Note the torch in a cage and a gold skull behind some glass. Go around the desk and crawl underneath to find a clue sheet, triggering the lever room door, 3FRW, to open. Read the clue and then go to the lever room. Remember the graffiti outside? Pull the levers in the order of the letters to spell “cyberspace”. This lowers the cage, making the torch accessible. Go back to the headmaster’s office and get it.

Go back the boiler room, 1FRW and light the torch. Light the grid to the right of the flame. Go back to the starting classroom, 2FRW, and light the brazier on the table. Go to the kitchen, 1FRW. At the far end kick in the blue door and go round to a rusty rubbish container. Leave the torch while you jump on top and open the trap door near the left hand end of the container. Fetch the torch, jump up and throw it into the rubbish. When the fire goes out jump in, spotting the blue battery. As you pick up the battery an army of beetles attacks, so get out quickly.

Back to the boiler room and place the blue battery getting a cut scene showing a door opening and a lever behind it. The oily water is now on fire, so exit the room carefully!

Head back into the theatre via the shimmy. The right hand door in front of the stage is now open. Enter and wake up the skeleton. Sprint back to the two vases and persuade the skeleton to smash both of them, there is a large medi-pack behind one and a button, secret number three behind the other. Sprint back to the skeleton’s room and press the button there, lowering a rope in front of the stage. Sprint back up to the balcony and line up a jump over the railing to grab the rope. Swing to the jump switch and grab it, opening the front doors (a block has blocked the original entrance/exit through the curtain).

Return to the main school building, up the stairs to the top right hand side, kick the blue door in and enter. Push the lever made available by the second battery, filling the indoor pool with water. Kick the blue door in and drop into the pool, swim through the passage to another pool. Swim to the shallow end and look up, a blue key is up there. Make your way to the corner with 3 slopes, back flip onto the middle one and jump, grab and pull up onto the platform. Turn right 90 degrees and jump to the dark triangle. Now the tricky bit, jump along the wall with right curve to land in the alcove. From here back flip onto the next slope, slide down and grab the edge, back flip to the next safe area.

Line up a jump to the next slope, time it to avoid the flame. Whilst in mid-air perform a roll to land facing down the slope. Slide, jump and grab the ladder. Climb up a bit and back flip and roll to grab the ladder behind. Climb up and over (timed to avoid the flame) slide down and jump to the last safe area. From here hop up to the platform and get the first gate key. Drop back in to the water, swim through the tunnel and climb out of the pool. Enter the crawl space in the north wall.

Pick up the scroll in the next room and exit into 1FLW. Up the stairs to the music room, 3FLW. Place the scroll and the roof door opens. Go through it and grab the second gate key. Go out onto the sloped roof and slide down to the small platform and press the button spotted from below at the start (secret 4). Drop to the ground and enter the school, going to 2FLW. Press the button and enter the room. Climb through the window and follow the path around to come out above the indoor pool. Jump to the small alcove containing the wall switch. Save your game here.

Have a look at the next bit, which is on a tight timer. When you pull the switch jump back, turn run and jump to the platform, keep running and jump and grab the crawl space. Phew! Pull up and enter to get the crow bar. Return to the pool and exit through the crawl space in the north wall to the library. Press the button here for the fifth secret. Go outside and head round to the right of the main school building. The gate here is now open so enter. Stand Lara on the slightly raised area, with her back to the west slope at about 45 degrees. The idea is to back flip onto the slope and then jump with a curve to the right to land on the ledge above with the button.

Press the button. Save. Line up a long running jump to the slope on the tall pillar. Slide back and grab the edge. Pull up and do a back flip with roll to grab the now open window ledge. Pull up and get the final secret: the golden skull.

Drop down to the ground and head towards the gate. Use one of the gate keys in the keyhole to the right of the gate. Enter the outdoor swimming pool and drop down into the now empty pool. Use the crow bar on the switch which opens the door back in the changing room. Go there and find the keyhole for the other gate key. Exit the swimming pool and go through the gate to end the level with all 6 secrets.