By EssGee & MiniGee

Walkthrough written by Elvis t. aka eTux (with additional help from the author(s))

This walkthrough may not contain all pickups and enemies, yet serves its purpose and gets you through the levels.

Designations: Level’s name, Specific area, Enemy, Pickup, Secret, Cardinal points, solutions, reference points – actions and specific guide-marks.

Prelude – traveling in style.

Go to the left and hop on your bike – drive over the ramp. Drive through this small desert area to the ramp leading into the temple. Hop down from the bike and go to the west cliffs of the desert by the temple – drop into a hole here and crawl to the end of this small cave and pickup secret #1shotgun wideshot ammo (1) and a small medipack (2). Get to your bike and drive into the temple - stop and hop down from your bike mid way through – before driving to the top and safety drop into the shallow water in the east. Note that there are ladders that lead you out of both of these shallow water areas – in case you fall in without planning that. Anyway – go into the hallway here and activate the lever – this opens the door above – but look at the picture on the wall and keep the X spots in mind to get past the next puzzle successfully. Climb back up and hop on your bike – drive as far as possible and end up in a room with a gold door and 4 pillars. This is where you put the before given scheme to good use and push the pillars to the X spots. In case the puzzle is too mind boggling below is the solution:

Left furthest (closest to door) pillar – pull one tile away from the wall.
Right furthest pillar – pull two tiles away from the wall.
Left and Right closest ones – pull them off their tiles and push them back on them again, the triggers must’ve been rusty, so this will make them open the door.

Admire the rather interesting hieroglyphs (;)), get on your bike and leave through the now open door. Ride up the ramp and over the small water gaps into the next cave – stop there and return to the water – swim to the NW corner and look for a tunnel there – at the end will be an underwater switch that’ll open a door a bit further on – if you hurried with the bike you’d bumped into it. Get back on the bike and drive further – past the now open door is another lake – get off your bike and dive into it – locate a small cleft near the bottom and swim to the end of the caves to find the 2nd secret of this level – a large medipack (3) and some flares (4). Get back to the bike and carry on – after a while you’ll come to some sort of a hideout – run over the gunman (1) waiting for you and get off your bike once more. Go downstairs west and shoot another gunman (2) and get his uzi clips (5). Shoot the box in the corner to get the normal shotgun ammo (6) and return back to the first room. Go into the southern room and look for a crawlspace behind the boxes in a corner. You may also shoot or run over the tables, but they hold nothing of interest. After the crawlspace – climb up to shoot more empty boxes and then activate a lever to open a trapdoor back at the first room of the hideout. Climb up there and shoot a gunman (3) to get his uzi clips (7). Go to the east of this room and look for a small cleft on the rock pillar here – crawl in. Climb up to a higher level. Find and activate a lever here – it opens a door, and you hear that so go back to the first room of the hideout. Get on your bike and drive into the east opening – that’s where the door opened now. At the end will be a small slope and a gap to jump over – drive backwards to have more space. Drive as fast as possible over the gap on the next slope and stop there – climb off again. In the south is an opening where you have to go now – you may shoot the box here, but it yields nothing – activate the lever and back to your bike – drive further now. You’re back in the desert – there are 2 gunmen (4, 5) now – one you can drive over, for the other one you have to get off the bike and simply shoot him – but you can as well ignore bother and simply drive over the wooden ramp. This pit is the end for your bike ride so simply get off it once again and leave it here, once over the slope. Climb up on the rock facing the pyramid and this small introduction level ends.

Level’s Summary:
Enemies: 5
Pickups: 7
Secrets: 2 of 2

Secret Temple Path.

As Lara slides down the slope she is introduced with the whole starting area with a fly-by. When the fly-by ends draw your guns to shoot a thug (1) and 2 small scorpions (2, 3). Go to the NW corner of this area to get some flares (2). Shoot the wooden barriers before the pyramid and slide down into the hole that they guarded. In the corner on the east is a crawlspace - keep it in mind, even though it has no purpose right now. As you move on to the next room another small scorpion (4) comes to Lara. In this new room, in the SW corner is a different tile – step on it to free your way in the crawlspace – return to it now. In the crawlspace activate the lever to open the door you saw before – go there now. As you enter another blue thug (5) approaches – when close he’s very dangerous so get yourself in a safer place and finish him off. In the next room 2 more thugs (6, 7) will attack, but you have more place for battling them here. Collect the large medipack (3) from the SE corner and use the steps to get to yet another lever, that’ll open the door below. Here to your right is a hallway with darts and ahead of you a skeleton on what looks like spike holes. As you approach them spikes pop out, so time your jump over them. In the next room comes an interesting puzzle – if you don’t want to figure it out for yourself read on:

The whole ceiling looks monkey-swingable and some parts of the floor look safe – yet in fact all of it is lethal and it serves another purpose – it shows you the actual track of the monkey-swing ceiling – so swing only where you see those tiles below to get over safely.

Anyway – activate the lever to open the door in the dart hallway, and return to it the same way you got here. Crawl under the darts and climb up where the door is. In here go straight ahead – pick up the large medipack (4) and activate the lever – doing so opens the door in the north, yet I recommend to go south first. In the hallways go to left, jump over the table and duck to successfully pick up some wideshot shotgun ammo (5) – go to the other hallway in here and pick up a small medipack (6) from the ground. Light a flare and locate a crawlspace in the NE corner – get used to such crawlspaces – there’s plenty of them here, he he. Anyway – pick up the ruby gem (7) and return to the north gate that opened earlier now. Go to the end avoiding the spike pit and place the just acquired gem to get a short fly-by. It shows that the hieroglyph with Lara has disappeared and opened a new way for Lara to explore. Here, step on the tile with the cat to open the door beyond the spikes – activate the lever behind that to open the door by the ruby – and go there. Here comes a timed run – step on the first gold tile and slide down the slope by the wall, grab the next tile so as you climb on you can straightly run/grab the next edge – from there on it’s a matter of speed – can’t give any better advice. This might not be the most efficient way to do this, but at least I got through this way. 6 small scorpions (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) and another thug (14) await you in here so end their lives and go to the SE corner to pick up the flares (8) from the crawlspace and thus get secret #1. Go into the next room and pick up the shotgun wideshot ammo (9). Go up the ramp till the boulders start falling – as the one on the right passes you by jump on the right and wait for the other 2 to roll by. Go into the next room – there’s a pool here. As you walk around the edge of the pool another thug (15) appears. Use the ladder on the north wall to climb up to the 2nd level of this area. Go to the end of the ledge and jump on the 2 small ledges to get some shotgun normal ammo (10) here comes another sneaky thing, if you wish to figure out for yourself do so – if not, below’s the solution:

See the raised tiles in the pool – they hint you for an invisible bridge you can use to get the thing you see on the pedestal in the distance. From the ledge you picked up the shotgun ammo you can get to the bridge with a simple running jump.

Get on the ledge and pick up the Seal piece (11) and a door in the pool will open and let 2 crocs (16, 17) in it. After getting rid of the crocs get into the pool and swim into the new area. Pick up some normal grenades (12) into the hallway to the left and swim further. The next room has a lot of spikes involved so be wary – as you approach the tile spikes pop out, time your jumps over them – ignore the first skeleton hallway on the left. When you come to a bit where you can choose left or right and on the left is a new area, go right first – time your way to the skeleton to get the shotgun (13) and a large medipack (14). The getting back maybe is dependent on how you triggered the other spikes, but here’s how I did it – approached the spike tile as close as possible – waited for the closest spikes to pop out, and when they did – walked through them and jumped over the other tile before the other spikes had popped out.

Back to where we have to go now – in the next decently looking room go to the SE corner – look down a holes and jump in where you see water. At the ‘other end’ a blue thug (18) will already await you – kill him and get the shotgun normal ammo (15) he leaves you. Another small pushable object puzzle here – push the object to the tile, above which you can see a crack – that’ll open the vital door in the corner. Now there will be some simple jump sequences – jump the first ones till you get in a safe one – jump to the right and climb up the slope to do this sequence too – when you get to the flat ones get as high as possible, and climb down into a hole. Crawl in a small cleft for secret #2super grenades (16). Climb back up and do another jump sequence from the slopes to get to the middle flat tile – from here – yup, another jump sequence to do. And so on (won’t elaborate as there are no tricks and they’re pretty simple) till you get to a purplish room with a lever – activate it and see the door opening back in the previous room. Drop on the ground floor and find an opening in the east of this room for another lever to activate. A wall is cleared and you can use that passage to escape here (don’t do that before you’ve activated the purple lever, unless you’re keen on redoing things). Pick up the Seal piece (17) and spikes will pop out of the walls. I do hope you have at least 1 large medipack as you’ll have to sacrifice one no matter if you want to or not. Go through the spikes ahead of you (the ones standing still) and using a medipack climb up here. The loss is compensated with another large medipack (18) though. Before dropping down pick up the shotgun normal ammo (19). As you drop on the platform – it turns out to be a trapdoor and drops you in a familiar area. A thug (19) has managed to find his way here – but simply jump on the separate columns and finish him off from there. Drop into the water again and return to the room you’ve been to before. Go through the newly opened door. About as the music starts another thug (20) will attack Lara from behind, but more essentially – look to your right to spot a crawlspace in the wall – crawl in to find the emerald gem (20). Do kill the thug as he leaves some shotgun normal ammo (21) but be wary as entering the next room causes 2 boulders to fall and roll down. After this room comes a big one with pillars and a demigod statue – don’t worry about it right now – go west and climb on the side-battlements of the steps. Jump south on the 2nd floor of the structure first and explore to find a small medipack (22), the north is more important for progression though. On the furthest structure on one of the pillars is a climbable wall you can use to get even higher in this room. Make a running jump and grab over to the other structure and a thug (21) together with a gunman (22) will appear this time. Either ignore them for now or get rid of them from here. Use the crack in the wall of the other structure to get in and grab the ruby gem (23) from the pedestal. A fly-by will show the falcon demigod (23) become alive down below. It’s possible to shoot him from the ledges up here if you want to, as he’ll be as a splinter on the way in a waterslide if you’ll try to get the last secret of the level, which is nearby. Anyway go north through the ledge and use the crack in the wall of the next structure to shimmy around on the right. Climb up, when the platform is flat enough and pick up the large medipack (24), look up in the dark to see a suspicious crawlspace. Climb the broken pillar and up into the crawlspace for secret #3 – the grenade launcher (25). Get down on the ground floor and go to the till now completely ignored pool. Swim into the tunnels and up and into the first right first – at the end will be a small medipack (26). Swim back to where you dived in this pool for some air before exploring other tunnels. There’s not actually that much to explore so you eventually will find the room where the gems have to be placed. After placing them you’ll hear an explosion – so return to the main room to see what’s happened. Go west and you’ll see that a wall has broken in and a new part of the temple is now accessible. If you haven’t already, combine the 2 seal pieces in your inventory to get the Temple Seal and place it here to open this door.

Enter the next room with the red sand and 2 scorpions (24, 25) will approach you. It seems you still need something else to get into the temple so let’s start looking. You can actually choose whatever route you wish first yourself, but I’ll start with the north one.

North Route:

The door ahead is closed so go down – climb up and crawl. Pick up the small medipack (27) and climb out of the pit. Go to the end – jump over the pit and activate the lever to open the door and return to it. Slide down the slope – jump into the alcove on the right and climb higher to get a large medipack (28). Slide onto the stone tile for it to open and throw Lara into water below. In the water, pick up the small medipack (29) from the corner. Get some air and dive in for quite some swim – swim through the cleft near where you got the medipack and swim to the left as swiftly, yet carefully as possible – at the end activate the underwater switch and get back. Use the ladder to climb up where the door opened. At the end is a lever, and a camera shows you to which door you should concentrate to – after flipping the switch a very tight timed run starts – here’s how I did it – rolled after activating sprinted, slowed down in hallway sprinted – cut the corners carefully, and sprinted when the hallway was a bit longer again – in the end – jumped and grabbed so Lara wouldn’t bump her head into the wall before the pit down to water and sprinted past the door. Be careful so you wouldn’t bump Lara into the wall – if you do you might as well reload as it costs you worth full nanoseconds and you can’t make it anymore. If you want to bother to return back to the switch – then simply set it back in it’s original state and activate once more to attempt this again, but I prefer simple reloading. Anyway – once past the door go right and activate this switch – it’ll open the next door. Then go left – activate the switch twice for a short, but much easier timed run for the timed door to get outta here. Go to the next room – turn right grab the edge and shimmy left to get your triangle piece. Stop and time along the way for the fires. Pick up the Tablet piece 1 (30) and return back to the main red sand area.

South Route.

Enter this bit through a hole in the sand and a small scorpion (26) will fall upon you. Go more in the SW direction and safety drop down where the skeleton is – the drop will take you about 40 – 50% of the health bar. Pick up the skellies’ flares (31) and shoot the hairy labyrinth monster (27) lurking on your from the ledge. There’s nothing of interest on his level, so you might as well ignore him as he won’t bother you much. From the skeleton platform safety drop down to a lower one – this will take a minimum of health. Jump on the other ledge and pick up the wideshot shotgun ammo (32) from the corner. Anyway drop down on one of the rocks coming out from the boiling oil and go to the SE corner into the opening. Go down this hallway but be prepared for a hairy labyrinth monster (28) to appear. Explosives (grenades) don’t harm them, but maybe it’s a good idea to prepare a stronger weapon than the pistols as there’s more where this guy’s coming from. Go further and jump over the pit. At the end jump in and shoot yet another hairy labyrinth monster (29) as a boulder falls in the pit behind you. Once he’s down pick up a small medipack (33), uzi ammo (34) from the chamber on the right. Then go to only hallway you can back where the boulders fell and crawl into the next area. As you go deeper you’ll be greeted by 2 more hairy labyrinth monsters (30, 31). Pick up some shotgun normal ammo (35) behind a pillar and drop into any of the 4 pits around here – as they lead to the same place. Look into the south wall for a crawlspace – in there’s a large medipack (36). After that, look in the middle for an opening into a green room. Nothing complicated here either – 2 statues that have to be pushed to the according tiles – and they’re easy to spot so won’t elaborate this task. Pushing both on the correct tiles causes some little shaking and you can now access the room with the tablet piece 2 (37). Also activate the lever behind it and return to the boiling oil room, as the door opened there now. Jump over the rocks climb the 2 poles and a ladder and find yourself at the top again.

After both puzzles.

Combine your 2 pieces to get the Temple tablet and use it on the triangular receptacle to finally enter the temple, and thus end this level….

Level’s summary:

Enemies: 31
Pickups: 37
Secrets: 3 of 3

Temple of the Scorpion.

Note: The next 3 levels are interlinked – so I didn’t separate the secret/pickup/enemy count and the summary is for all 3 of them.

As you take your first steps you’re attacked by 2 mutant pterodemon flies (1, 2). After finishing them off – go to the right into the NE corner and climb into this opening. In this room pick up the flares (1) and the small medipack (2) from the alcoves. In the alcove with the medipack – you can climb up in a crawlspace to get secret #1 – shotgun normal ammo (3) and shotgun wideshot ammo (4). Return to the main temple area now. Go in the SE corner, climb in and pick up the small medipack (5) after some running through this tunnel. Return to the main area and carry on. Go as far as the tunnel takes you till you get in a huge arena – here shoot the brown translucent boxes. After all 4 are shot the vases will light up and a wall lowers by the 2 golden scorpions. Return to the hallways and go into the southern one. Press the button here on the balcony and see a block rise in the northern hallway – also 2 more mutant pterodemon flies (3, 4) appear. Go to where you saw the block and activate the button you can reach now – it shows you a rope in the main area. Going up this hallway will cause yet another mutant pterodemon fly (5) to appear. Go up this hallway and by the door look for a crawlspace in the south wall – climb in and pick up the lasersight (6) from here. Go back to the balcony with the button and swing on the rope you see ahead of you. Here it may seem like a dead end – but not quite – go on the other side and hang down to spot a wall-switch, drop and activate it to trigger another slope – return and swing on both ropes again now. Activate the lever at the destination to open the doors below. In here go up the stairs and shoot another mutant fly (6) and go to the NE corner over the railings, shoot the vase and activate the button. Safety drop down and go to the SE corner where the door just opened. In here are sort of 6 yellow cages with skeletons conserved in them – go to the SW corner for some steps that lead you to the 2nd floor. Be prepared for another mutant fly (7) and go to east – one of the 2 differently looking blocks is movable – so you’ll have to pull and push it under the broken pillar in the middle of the room. Cross to the other side and repeat the same procedure here with the movable block. After succeeding 2 of the conserved skeletons (8, 9) will rise from their resting place and rush towards Lara – dispose of them either with the grenade gun or the shotgun. Safety drop down and go to west where the door has opened now as well.

In this next area climb in one of the northern crawlspaces for a small medipack (7), also be wary as a skeleton (10) could attack. Safety drop to the ground floor and approach the middle structure – shoot the stone panel and enter the next room. Don’t rush too far ahead – you might get squished by a boulder. Climb up the ladder here and backflip when a ledge is behind you – from here climb in a crack to pick up the revolver (8) – after that climb up to the top of this structure. Another skeleton (11) will await you here. Shoot the vases (some might not shatter – so don’t panic!) to find some revolver ammo (9). Continue further and go left first to eventually get some shotgun normal ammo (10) from a crawlspace. Go left now and you’ll be greeted by a scorpion (12) along the way. Where the slope is – combine your revolver and lasersight and shoot a vase atop the slope to open the nearby door. Further – at the bottom here – pull out the middle block, and so free yourself the way. Go along this hallway to eventually enter the next level….

Scorpion's Spirit.

As you start – go straight ahead and shoot the vase to get the revolver ammo (11) it yields. As you go further you’ll hear a skeleton (13) rising on the other side of the slope – even though it is possible to kill him, you may as well ignore him as he poses no threat at all. In the next room pick some flares (12) from one of the corners of this room. Further on you’re not left with many choice possibilities so go north where the hall is. Get down here and into the pool as fast as possible as you’ll be chased by 4 boulders down the slope. Draw your revolver with the lasersight here and shoot the yellow half broken statues ahead of you (not the ones on the side!) to open the door in the water. Swim there – maneuver through the tunnels – where there seems to be no way further swim down into a tunnel that’ll lead you to the other side where there should be the water surface – where you must climb out now. Go up the stairs here and atop a skeleton (14) will come out from between 2 dark pillars- go to the opposite part of where he came out to climb into a crawlspace, where you’ll get a small medipack (13). As you approach the next puzzle a fly-by will already show you what this will achieve – open the 2 doors back in the water. SAVE before you start this and keep a savegame!!! The next puzzle has to be done in one go – no way back if you screw up so it’s safer if you already have a backup save that’ll allow you to restart.

Basically – this is a timed run with many traps and boulders involved so be swift, but keep a cool head to do this successfully. Let’s start with jumping straight ahead into the middle opening. There climb in the cleft on the left to get the shotgun normal ammo (14). From here, when facing the way back, jump to the left and activate the lever – you’ll hear a boulder falling – but that’s only to scare you, so ignore it, as the real threat here is a single spike that’ll kill Lara if you don’t activate the switch fast enough. After being done here – jump over to the other lever, but this time take the boulder threat seriously – wait for the boulder to roll over and then activate the lever – be swift, yet wary – and watch the spike at the start – time your jump and you’re practically back from where you started – wasn’t that bad now was it?

Now return to the main room, where you shot the 2 statues – open the 2 doors in the water manually – after completing the puzzle 2 gates beyond them should’ve opened. So that means you have 2 more ways to choose – play as you like I’ll start explaining the east route.

East route.

Swim into this room and climb out on the ‘isle’ with the 4 pillars. In the NW corner of this isle light a flare to spot a crack above you – grab it and shimmy to the left till you can climb up. You might have noticed some bars above you here – grab them and shimmy to the end – get yourself in the crawlspace for secret #2 (the only one in this particular level) – normal grenades (15) and normal shotgun ammo (16). Return to from where you ‘swinged’ here. Go left to get to the next puzzle. Keep a savegame – just to be safe! Some blocks are movable here – so push them out from the walls and then onto the glass tiles. Only leave one in the west wall untouched as you’ll need it later on. After placing the 4 blocks on the glass tiles they’ll break the glass, fall below – the whole room will turn red and 2 more tiles will rise in the adjacent rooms. Go to the west block I told you to leave – push it deeper in the adjacent room and then onto the risen tile – then off it and to the other tile nearby the door. The door should open. If a bug occurs and it doesn’t – simply reload and redo this bit. Go in the now open door – crawl in the next room. Go straight ahead to the end and save before picking up the crowbar (17), as that’ll trigger a boulder sequence that you’ll have to evade – the best way to do this is to simply run as you pick it up, jumping over the pit and jumping at the end out of this pit. After you’re done with that shoot 3 scorpions (15, 16, 17) that’ll approach you. In the west is an opening where you have to go now – the pre-last step leads you in a small room with a button and a scorpion (18). The button opens another door – opposite the block puzzle, so let’s go there. As you come through there in the next room you already see the next crawlspace ahead of you – get some uzi ammo (18) from it. Now go deeper in this sphinx room where the slanted blocks with the 2 openings above are. Try getting in the northern one – where the lever is. I made it with a running jump and grab towards it with on the slanted block – oh and of course the wall is climbable to ease this for you. Anyway, the lever inside triggers a rope, so go back out, and use either of the blocks with the vases on them to get on the 2nd floor of this room. Swing to the top of the sphinx and activate a button behind one of its ears to open a door back at the start of the level. Return to the main water room now.

West route.

Swim to the end of the tunnels and climb out of the water. In the SW corner is a crawlspace where in you’ll find a small medipack (19). Go down the steps to activate a lever, that’ll lower a marble wall back up – so return there and go through the now open hallway. Go here to the end carefully jumping over the pits and deadly tiles and ignoring the water pit for now. Explore the next big room and shoot the vases to get a small medipack (20). In the NW corner behind a pillar is a high crawlspace, which leads you further now. At the end is a block – push it twice, then climb up on it to go further. In the next room press only the left and middle one, as the right one will disable you from pressing any other buttons. Note the colours that the button tiles change to – red, green and yellow. This is a subtle clue to your next test. Return to the previous room and you’ll now be able to get to the middle where there are 4 jars. Pick up only the jar (21) from the blue pedestal (the colour that was not indicated in the previous button room), what’ll trigger a fire-wraith (19) – so now you have to run to the nearest pool as water destroys these wraiths, yet that’s pretty far away so step on it! You can of course get through relatively unharmed if you’re wary enough. That’s about all here – return to the main water room now.

After the puzzles.

No matter how you finished the puzzles go back up the hallway and west, where the door opened previously if you still remember. As you enter the door closes behind you – first go to the NW corner and light a flare to spot a ladder above you – climb it up. 2 scorpions (20, 21) will approach you here, climb up in one of the corners. Go further and jump in the alcove above the skeleton (22), activate a jump-switch here to open a door for later on. Return to the hallway again, as there’s not much of interest here anyway. Go to the next big area.

Cross the room and approach the shrine in the south – you’ll hear a guardian (23) roaring so dispose of it. Return to the shrine and go to the left of it – there’s a ladder that leads to a room above this one. In here it might seem like there’s nothing to do – wrong, press the 4 pillars within the middle one to make some tiles translucent – take note and memorize the differently looking tiles as they’re hints on how you should move the movable blocks below. As you return down another guardian (24) will have appeared. Move the blocks as the hints suggested – if it still is too confusing, look at the solution below:

Note: All directions are taken from watching the blocks and walls from nearby the middle cage.
Push the
SE block to the middle of the east wall, so it would align with the middle cage and opening you can see in the distance.
Pull the
SW block one tile back to it would sort of be next to the corner, almost at the end of the south wall – so when looking from above it would align with the differently looking tile.
Pull the
NW block as far as you can, so it would be almost at the end of the west wall, just like for the previous block – so it would align with the differently looking tile when looking from above.
Pull the
NE block as far as you can, almost where the NW block was before, as for the previous ones – so it would align with the differently looking tile from above.

If done correctly the cage will raise and you’ll be able to pick up the emerald serpent (22) from it. Now the doors on the east will open. So go there – inside is a spinning diamond, and as you approach it you’re attacked by 3 jackals (25, 26, 27). There are 2 blocks in here that you have to push on 2 different tiles (I noticed that by pushing one, a jackal (28) attacked Lara) – the ones with the yellowish corner to melt the ice below, and release a fire sprite (29), which will die in contact with the water below the diamond. In the water pick up the Anubis bracelet (23). Climb out and go to the door in north that opened – 2 more jackals (30, 31) will have appeared. Go up the stairs and you’ll find yourself back at the start of this level – as the fly-by indicates you have to go back to the temple of the scorpion, so let’s end this level and do so…

Temple of the Scorpion.

Without sinking into much detail – return to the main area with the huge pit and all the scorpion statues. Go to the NE corner where there’s a skull tile. If you haven’t already stepped on the tile earlier do so now to see what you have to shoot with your revolver and lasersight. (If you don't get a cut scene, there's a shootable door on a balcony high up in the NW corner of this room.) As you shoot it 2 ropes appear, but don’t rush to the balcony yet, as if you still remember the door to it is closed. When leaving this hall – look to the right and you’ll notice that the marble block will have risen, and thus will allow you to get into the crawlspace above it. Get out on the other end and push and pull the block you see till you get it in the NW corner – then you can climb on it. Activate the jump-switch from here and the desired door will open, as a cut-scene shall confirm. Climb back up on the block - monkey-swing to the crawlspace and get out on the other end. Go to where the door has now opened. Swing the 2 ropes – by the 2nd one another mutant-fly (32) will appear. Dispose of it and enter the hall by the key-hole to get to the next level…

Temple Shrine.

Open the door ahead of you with the crowbar. Approaching the next door will open it – pass it and come into the next area. Explore the alcoves on your right for 2 jump-switches – one is deep in the east – you have to look behind you as you enter it, and for another one you have to climb higher in an alcove and then from there jump to the high jump-switch. Some are also exits, so don’t wonder why you can’t enter those. The jump-switches lower a trapdoor above the ladder and a door nearby it – so climb the ladder up now and go to the right through the now open door. A gravedigger (33) as I call him because of the double-bladed shovel will attack – he can either be blasted down a high place with your shotgun or simply blown-up with your grenade gun – but you can simply ignore him the best you can too. Climb into the south crawlspace and at the west end pick up some flares (24). Go east and into the last opening to your left. From here, climb up in a higher opening. Activate a lever here to get glimpse of a block near the start of this level. Leave the crawlspaces now back to the gravedigger’s room. In the NW corner is a small medipack (25) to find, in case you didn’t pick it up earlier already. Now climb into the northern crawlspaces and go east to find some revolver ammo (26) in the last opening. Go west to find some normal shotgun ammo (27) at the end and now leave back to the start room.

In the start room look for the hallway with the block you saw before in the SW direction – get to the block and push it further once, to free the next hallway. Go here and slide down the slope a bit, then jump to grab the bars above – swing to safety and drop down. You won’t find anything of interest in west, so go into the darker tunnels now. Atop here blast the grave-digger (34) down into the pit. Drop down there now yourself and shoot the brown glass box – another grave-digger (35) will rise – you can blast him in a water pit at a corner of this room. Time your moves and get over the fire stream into the crawlspace – crawl to the end and activate a button to raise a slanted block from the lava pit. Return to the room with the water pit – opposite it is a switch - activate it to open one of the doors needed to end this level. Climb back on the higher level and a wall will have fallen in, at where the grave-digger here first appeared, so go there. In here is another switch – BEWARE – it s timed! Save, so you can reload if you don’t succeed. Activate it, immediately back flip with shifting in the direction of either upwards leading steps, a camera will show another wall lowering at the start of the level, so run, jumping and dashing along the way – save in another slot if you think you’re doing good – by the slanted block – jump more to the left side of it, bounce from it and grab the flat edge of the platform – now simply run through the corridors as fast as you can to the wall that lowered and pry loose the Pit floor key (28). This key is for much later, so now – simply be glad that you have it.

Now climb up the ladder you did earlier again, and with a running jump and grab get to the other side, where there’s a hallway too, as you might have noticed. Over here – going to the right is optional, as that is for much, much later (also where you opened one of the doors with the switch), so go left first. Go through a cage/bridge and shoot a scorpion (36) on the other side of it. In the next room are 3 switches – activate the one on the left, as the others are just traps. Lara will slide down and fall on a rock platform. Hang down the edge from it – drop and grab the crack beneath it – shimmy to the right as far as possible and drop on the steps. Drop into the cave below with the jackals. Shoot a jackal (37) here and go further into the cave for another one (38), to the right is the escape route from here and a small scorpion (39), but that’s for later. As you go up to the left another jackal (40) will attack. Go up and to the left to enter a remote part of the temple. Go left into the bigger room first – up you’ll find 2 buttons, press them to reveal a previously concealed lion’s head in the ceiling near the entrance, so go near the entrance and look for a hole – draw your revolver and shoot the lion’s head in it. Go into the opposite opening, where a trapdoor will have opened now. Shoot the small scorpion (41) too, as you enter this room. Drop into the now open treasury and go left to pick up some normal shotgun ammo (29), then explore the rest of the treasury. In one of the chambers behind all the junk is a high crawlspace – get in there to find Secret #3 – a large medipack (30) and shotgun (31). Return back to the cave now. Now go higher into the caves. Straight ahead you see some steps, yet go right, deeper in the cave now. As you go, you should meet 2 jackals (42, 43), finish them off, pick up some uzi ammo (32) from one short branch of the caves with one of the jackals and look for a hidden cave in the NE corner – at the end of it is a button – press it to open a door a little further on. Go up the steps now, activate the switch behind the door you just opened to open a nearby door.

Drop on a rock left to you down and get over the lava stream. Go north – from where the stream is coming first, you must get on the highest flat rock spot here in order to achieve that stand on the lower one next to it, jump to the rock slope that faces the higher platform, roll in the air and grab it. From there, get on the other platform above the slope and where the cave is leading to. Enter the cave to find secret #4 – shoot the glass cage and get some uzi ammo (33, 34) and the Uzis (34). Leave this cave and go south – where the stream is flowing to. As you’ll leave this secret another scorpion (44) will attack. Pick up the shotgun normal ammo (36) from one of the banks, from the same bank jump on a flat spot in the rocks among the steep ones, and with a running jump and grab get on the other side’s higher rock platform. Drop on the safe platform next to it and jump into the cave on the rocks. Get deeper into the cave and shoot a scorpion (45) by the switch. Activate it to open the door back up on the bridge. Enter the new area. With a running jump and grab get over the pit – and a spike-ball behind you will roll into the pit. As soon as you climb up get on any of the sides, out of this trench as a roller will roll upon Lara, as another grave digger (46) rises by it. Approach the middle door and it’ll open and another grave-digger (47) rise. To the right, by a skeleton pick up a note (37) it’s left for you. It warns you to SAVE before getting the bracelet, as this may be your resting place to, if you don’t do it in time. In this huge shrine go to the NW corner and look for a hole in the ceiling – where a lion-head is. Shoot it and prepare to fight 2 monster-mummies (48, 49) as they run out from their tombs. Enter the northern tomb, and go by the vase – above it is a jump-switch you have to activate. It shows a cleft in the NE corner of the vault earlier, go there and activate the lever to open a trapdoor above the bracelet. Return to the shrine and turn left to see a floor tile raised. Jump there and grab the ceiling to get a fly-by. It shows you the bracelet and how to escape this place. Now swing around on all 4 grey tiles to ignite the fires and open the only closed door now. Once done, drop down and go there. A short timed run will come now as an appetizer of things to come. It is not overly difficult – activate switch, sprint up, climb higher and sprint till you’re above the bracelet. Activate the switch here to open the 2nd door for the ending – not bad so far, drop by the bracelet, and now SAVE in a different slot, and keep this savegame. The following is seemingly the easiest way to do it, am not saying there are no other ways to do it, though:

Face Lara on angle towards the Raising block, pick up the Scorpion bracelet (38), and run off edge with slight bend, hit lower slope, jump and run/sprint up stairs. Sprint, but release the sprint button by the edge – pass it and run like hell past the shutting door. If you don’t succeed – this is your tomb then – reload and try again – if you did – let’s carry on, now shall we?

Return all the way back to the caves – you’ll meet another monster mummy (50) along the way. Now use the escape route I mentioned earlier, shoot anything if you didn’t already, and use the crawlspace to get out on the other side of the shimmy crack and drop on the safe platform. From here, first jump and grab the climbable wall and climb around it on the other side in a small cave. In there pick up the revolver ammo (39) and activate the switch to open a door a bit further on. In the next room, climb up the broken pillar on the right for some normal shotgun ammo (40). A warning music will play and a grave-digger (51) appear. Dispose of him, and go into the crawlspace from the direction he came. In this crawlspace go to right as soon as a way allows and drop down into a room with a small scorpion (52) and pick up the East wing key (41) and large medipack (42), that are lying around here. Return back to the crawlspace and go to the end of it for some revolver ammo (43). Now leave this place and go further into the cave, past the 4 pillars. Now you’ll come to a room, you’ll recognize from one of the cameras again – go through the now open door, yet be wary as spikes will pop out in front of you! Pass the spikes and go into the crawlspace on the left, and drop down in a small pit for a large medipack (44). Return and go further, another grave-digger (53) will appear – dispose of him and go up the steps where he came from – drop down in the following room and activate a switch in the crawlspace to open yet another one of the doors. Climb back up, go where the digger first attacked you and turn south. To the right should be a pit with a crawlspace where some shotgun wideshot ammo (45) will lay. To the left is nothing so go further and end up in a room with sand and 2 scorpions (54, 55). Use the rock platforms to climb up. Get under the cage, through which you went before, and now monkey swing on the bottom of it to the other end. Before getting into the obvious crawlspace – align Lara to the left rock, drop, grab and climb. Jump higher for secret #5revolver ammo (46). Slide down the rock face, do the monkey-swing again and in the crawlspace go to the right to get out to the start of the level from one of the exits I was talking about earlier.

Here, climb up the ladder and jump over to other side again – go right, where all the doors should be open – in the next room activate the lever to open the nearby door – return and enter this room. In here, shoot the vase by the steps and pick up the shrine key (47) from it. Now return to the start of the level and use it to unlock the door. Destroy the Von Croy zombie (56) if you wish along the way, and after using the key, escape this level…

Temple of the Scorpion.

Use the east wing key in the nearby keyhole to open the doors below. In here go to the NE corner and push the block here deeper to reveal a button. Activate it to open some doors above, also another mutant fly (57) will appear. Enter the long hallway and pick up some normal shotgun ammo (48) from the SW corner. Go to the and to the right should be another crawlspace. In the hallway on the other side kill the scorpion (58) and activate the jump-switch in the middle alcove. Return on the other side of the crawlspace and the door will have opened. In here go left first and step on a pressure pad to make a passage on the other side of the hallway – go there and drop down. The route here is linear so just go as far as the hallway takes you, and look for an opening above you at the end. Pass the bird-blades and step on the pressure pad at the end here. You probably will be attacked by a skeleton (59). Drop into the newly open hole and pass the bird-blades here as well – step on a pressure pad, go forward and climb higher in another passage. Go left and step on another pressure pad, while being attacked by a skeleton (60). Blast him in the hole and drop there yourself. Another skelly (61) should be waiting here. Go in the only direction that leads somewhere and climb out by a jar and many blocks. Pick up the canopic jar 2 (49) from the pedestal. Draw a flare to spot a movable block and pull it out and by side. IN the dark there’ll be a crawlspace, where you can get in for secret #62 revolver ammo (50, 51). Further on – if you go down you’ll meet a small scorpion (62), but that’s not a necessity as you don’t find anything there anyway. So go up, crawl through and go through the red room, passing the 2 skeletons (63, 64) – shoot the panel at the end and go to the end of this tunnel. Shoot a panel here and use the slope to get out of here – if you wonder why you’re stuck shoot the other 2 panels blocking your way too ;). Now exit to the previous room and go left to place the 2 jars. Placing both will lower 2 blocks in the huge central arena and summon 2 more skeletons (65, 66). Go where the blocks lowered and enter the passage they guarded. The door’ll open as you approach it. You now see a receptacle for the pit floor key – but this one is a red herring – as placing your key here will kill Lara. So go on the other side of the pillar and drop down to find the real receptacle. SAVE and now place the key here. Press the down arrow once for Lara to jump back, jump up an climb – run right and into the hallway – sprint back to the arena. The pit floor will rise and eventually release 3 golden scorpions (67, 68, 69) – now it would be a good time to put your grenade launcher to good use, as they’re tough foes. After done with them go down the NE chamber and look for a jump-switch in the NE corner. Exit here and go to the NW chamber for a large medipack (52). The SW chamber still has another golden scorpion (70) hiding, so get rid of him. There’s also a crawlspace here, so go there and shoot the 2 small scorpions (71, 72) at the end of it. In the next room to the right in a cleft is a large medipack (53), but above you another jump-switch. Now go to the SE chamber and in a corner will be a hole, caused by your previous actions. Go here and activate a lever at the end – it lowers a block by the exit, but also has trapped you here, so climb into the wall crawlspace. While still in the distance shoot the 2 yellow statues to make the next crawlspace useful, and now jump on the slopes perpetually with going in one direction till you get there. In the crawlspace go right and climb up as high as you can. Now here, go a bit to the right run and jump to the slope and keep the jump button pressed and prepare the action button to grab the ladder, after bouncing from the 2 slopes. Don’t be fooled now – it’s not as obvious as it looks, as this particular statue cannot be shot – but there’s one hiding on the right waiting for Lara. Jump on the left slope and from there shoot the statue while jumping, and get back the same way as before. Get into the high alcove now and swing to where the door freed you a way now. Get out and find yourself in a familiar place – run back to the arena and where you saw the block lowering before. Place your emerald serpent there and enter the glowing tunnel to end the Egyptian part of this adventure…

Level’s Summary:
Enemies: 72
Pickups: 53
Secrets: 6 of 6


Step further in this spooky Atlantean environment and explore the right room for some shotgun normal ammo (1). Now safety drop down and shoot the 6 poisonous, fast beetles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that’ll be running after you. Either take the route left or right but go further and shoot 3 more beetles (7, 8, 9) in the next room. Pick up a small medipack (2) from the southern pool. Jump into the northern pool, and find an opening that connects it to the underwater canal system below. In here swim east and find a crawlspace-like opening in the central structure. Be wary of the 2 mutants (I didn’t find a way how to kill them, so didn’t add to the summary) and swim to the end there to activate an underwater switch – it’ll open a revolving door, so return to the mainland now and go through the door.

The Arena.

You’ll hear Lara actually commenting on the upcoming sequence, so go right (north) here and activate the sword-lever and get on with it. Within the arena you’ll be attacked by 3 powerful centaurs (10, 11, 12), and I found the super-grenades a powerful weapon against them. Once dead, pick up the 3 hearts (3, 4, 5) they leave and activate the 4 sword levers to open a trapdoor above one of them. Climb out on top of the cage. Go south first and enter the room to place 3 centaur hearts here. This’ll give you a glimpse of a door opening, so re-open the arena and get on top of it again. Get to the cave in the west – where the door opened. Crawl here as far as it goes and eventually end up in the next area…

Hell cave.

As you enter you’ll already be greeted by the blue bolts of the Hellraiser Demon (immortal enemy, won’t count it as a kill). Just around the corner lies a large medipack (6), and another one (7) is nearby where the demon first appeared. Jump over the lava and use the black rock near the NW corner to climb on the higher hell level. To your left should be some steps go up them, yet drop in the first pit for Secret #1 of this level, yet the last one for the whole game – a large medipack (8), flares (9) and shotgun wideshot ammo (10), climb back out and continued going up the steps. IN the chamber at the end you’ll find a large medipack (11) and some shotgun wideshot ammo (12). Go back and now in the direction of the hellraiser demon. Monkey swing there on the other side and equip your revolver + laser-sight. Look in the NE direction with it and locate a skull – shatter it and the trapdoor above you will lower. Climb higher, cross the metal bridge and before going anywhere go to the corner and looking in the NW direction shatter another skull to lower a second trapdoor just a bit ahead. Won’t explain the jumps in details, as they’re fairly simple. After climbing up where the 2nd trapdoor lowered, drop below on the ledge and pick up the revolver ammo (13) from where the skull was. Climb back up and with a jump get on the other side. You will now get a glimpse of your route now as a fire-spirit (13) is released. The jumps again are pretty simple, so won’t go in details – simply go where the fly-by showed you to, and stop in the small northern cave for a large medipack (14) if you wish. Go further through the cave and ignore the medipack for now, as a simple touch of the wraith ignites Lara, and you’ll return after it anyway. Also ignore the mutant-croc, and simply head for the water. In the water endure the attacks of the mutant-croc (14) till the sprite dies, but get out and kill it, when possible. Swim into the guys den for some uzi ammo (15) and return to finish off the other croc (15). Climb back up the ladder and pick up the medipack (16) I told to ignore previously. Jump on the distant platform you see and from there to the opposite slope. Shimmy as far as you can to the right , climb on it backflip and grab the shimmy crack. Time your getting past the fires and at the end climb up in the crawlspace and pick up the uzi ammo (17) here. Shimmy further and drop on the safe platform below. Go here and then to the right – here you’ll be attacked by some beetles (I counted 5, so – 16, 17, 18, 19, 20). In the SE corner draw a flare to spot a movable rock and push it as far as possible. Another beetle (21) will attack so dispose of it and activate the sword-lever. Now continue going through the Atlantean bone caves. At the end will be a slope – go one step down and immediately get back from where you came as a boulder will fall down – repeat the same for the slope that goes up to release a 2nd boulder. Now go up, from where the boulders came from. Pick up a small medipack (18) and go down, but not yet on the next slope. Jump on the safe spot and immediately backwards to avoid a 3rd boulder, and go where it came from. To the right is an opening that leads to the upper caves. Go there and to the left to face another mutant croc (22) and get some shotgun normal ammo (19) and revolver ammo (20). Now go to the other continuation of the cave – swing over the ceiling to the left to press a button that creates a bridge a bit back, so let’s go there. Before going to the bridge there are 2 more slopes in the sides – go in the lower one, escape a boulder and return for an extra small medipack (21) you could need a little further on. I found nothing in the upper cave, so let’s carry on. Hang on the side of the bridge and shimmy past the 2 fires, then climb up. Go on, ignoring all side passages and shoot some 5 beetles (23, 24, 25, 26, 27) or so you’ll meet along the way to the final challenge…

The final challenge.

As you approach the final rooms 2 statues rise on the sides and so do 2 huge anubis-scorpio-dragons – the bosses of this unearthly realm. What you have to do here is find and activate 4 buttons to escape. Here’s a little guide on where to look for them:

Button #1 – Go north and in this sector in the middle is a pit where you’ll find the vital button.
Button #2 – In the same sector
NE corner – a dark block above which is a ladder that leads to the 2nd button.
Button #3 – On the other side of the room by the
eastern wall is another block above which is a ladder that leads to the pre-last of the buttons.
Button #4 – In the
SW corner of the same area – the button is behind the block.

Now comes the probably nastiest bit of it all through the whole series – as you’ll see a block will have raised in front of the 2 dragons – and above it… *gasp* … is a jump-switch AND you have to activate it! There’s no trick to do this – you just have to. After that the dragons will fall to the bottom of the pit and boil in their wrath! You can pick up a large medipack (22) on the rock side, where the dragons were, but there’s not much use for that right now anyway, so you may as well ignore it and go ahead, where the wall rose. In the small room pick up a tiny GOLDEN SCORPION (23) and go to the left up for the final cut-scene and end of this magnificent series…

Level’s Summary:
Enemies (mortal): 27
Pickups: 23
Secrets: 1 of 1

Whole series summary:
Enemies: 135
Pickups: 120
Secrets: 12 of 12