Deserted Island

Level by Geomancer (Mr. Feng Shui)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a valley, short run and climb on a block; get into a passageway and a big door opens automatically. if you fall into the water, just climb up and pull the lever. Run down and on the way you see a sleeping skeleton; at this point jump into the water and swim through the crawlspace, turn left and swim up the slope, then swim right and get out of the water. Pull the lever and a gate opens somewhere. Swim back to the beginning and you see shallow water, climb on wall and return to skeleton. Run jump to small area, climb up and jump close to wall, shimmy to left side, go through open gate, slide down to big valley, do the long monkeyswing, proceed in passageway, go from left side house get into room and stop. spikes trap floor jump to next block and from there out to place with two pools, look for crawlspace from left side, get in and you are above pools. You need to junp from area to area using two ropes and pull the lever in other side to open big wheel. Jump into water and go to moved wheel to finish the level.