Quest for the Golden Skull 1 - Dawn in London

Level by Geomancer (Mr. Feng Shui)

Walkthrough by Yoav: "I'm writing this walkthrough just for fun; I really don't think you're going to use it."

Yoav doesn't know how desperate we are for walkthroughs around here! This is his first submission, and we certainly do welcome him to the club!

The level starts with a short flyby; ok, run to the left side near the car, pick up the small medipack and proceed to the square. kill two wild boars. Go behind the statue, light a flare and jump to the hole, pick up the crowbar and go back to square. Go to the side where you can clmib up and look for a black gate to open with the crowbar. Run to the far block, climb and jump to high block forward, from there jump to next block and one more jump to the metal bridge. Run to the end and last jump to next metal bridge, jump and get in to the high crawlspace, Lara finds herself on the roof. Shimmy to the left side and open the black gate with the crowbar, and proceed to balcony and pool. Jump to pool and swim through hole until you get out in a room with four flowerpots. Look for the crawlspace; when you get out on the other side you're in some office, kill two soldiers, pick up the big medipack and slide down. A short flyby shows two statues and a golden skull. Be ready, three soldiers attack; kill them, run and jump next to the stage, jump again to the golden skull, but oops: the level then ends.