The Secret of the Tower

Level by Michele Flena (Mikki) (Jaunary, 2004)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] I would like to thank Phil Lambeth and Val Sheridan (moonpooka) for creating the playable tr4 file and posting it and convincing me that the file could be created correctly. [End note]

Slide down, turn left and hop back and grab the ledge of the bridge as two rocks roll pass you. Stand up and draw pistols to kill a tiger. Jump over the spikes and drop to grab a ledge. Shimmy past the rocks to the other side and pick up shotgun shells and a shotgun at the end of the bridge. If you look north you see a rock and a switch floating in the air. This illusion really confused me and I thought the level was created badly. Go to the west wall and go left for shotgun shells. Pull up to the slope in front of you. Slide and jump with a left curve to land on a ledge. Get to the ledge on the north-west and safety drop. Slide jump over some spikes and eventually get safely to the ground. Kill two natives and then go the south wall. Climb the wall to the left of the door. Shimmy left to get on the hut roof for shotgun shells. Slide down and go north. Notice that the rock and the switch are in the proper places and no longer floating in mid-air. Go to the north hut and pull up. Back flip, roll, and grab the roof of the other hut. Shimmy until you can pull up. Go south for a large medipack. Turn and jump north to a flat part of the roof on the north hut. Jump and grab the jump switch and get a cut scene of the rock rolling through the south door. Turn around and climb up out of the hut. Enter the open north door and kill a poisonous creature. Enter the room, pick up a large medipack and pull the switch to open the gate beside you.

Dive into the water and swim left. Swim left again to see a ledge with a closed gate. Return and swim in the other direction to find an opening in the tunnel ceiling. Pull up into a room with a switch behind a closed gate. Notice the symbol over the gate. Go north-east to the middle of the room and step on the same symbol. Jump south and then east. Jump to the symbol in front of the gate. Jump to the symbol beside the gate and the gate opens. Jump back to the previous symbol. Then stand jump with grab into the open gate. Pull the switch and get a cut scene of the other gate you saw opening. Go back into the water to the other gate. Pull the switch and get a cut scene of a door opening. Back into the water and take the first right branch. Swim through a room and into a tunnel in the south-west corner. Swim to the end and pull up into the open door. Enter a room and the door closes. Look at the floor designs. There are three of them that look bigger than the others and do not fit the pattern. The first example tile is in the south-west corner. Move the movable blocks to those tiles and a gate opens in the west wall. Enter the room and pull a switch on the wall. You get a cut scene of the first rolling rock falling into a hole and a hallway appears. Get out of the room and jump over the flames. Swim back into the underwater room and look for a hole in the north-east ceiling. Pull up to the east side and back flip. Turn around and run south to find the hallway.

Jump the rock pit and go forward to a junction. Go south and climb the blocks and save at the top. Climb the last block, slide and jump up to grab a jump switch. Drop and continue sliding to the bottom. Kill another poisonous creature and pick up a large medipack. Climb the ladder back to the junction and go west up the stairs to an open gate. Slide down and the gate closes. You enter a large area with many huts. Go to the right and enter the first hut and pick up the Hand of Sirius (Mano di Sirio). Exit and go west to the next hut. Enter and pick up the Hand of Orion (Mano di Orione). Kill a tiger that attacks from the rear. Exit and go south. Enter the west hut and jump over the fire for a second Hand of Orion. The east hut has just an empty pedestal. Ecit and climb the ladder on the side of the south-west hut. Jump east to the roof of a hut to pick up a second Hand of Sirius. Then enter the exit doorway to the south-west. Follow the tunnel and at the end use the four items to open the gate. Jump down and get over the spikes. In the next room are rocks and a roller. Jump to the left and slide down. At the bottom go the right after the first two rocks have passed. Then run back to the left to avoid the rocks on the roll back. Run up the hill and climb into the opening to the left. Ahead you can see deadly blades. Go to the south wall and stand about the middle of the first square with the skulls. Slide flip and the blades come down but with a little luck you should land between them. If not, adjust the starting jump position a little. Then walk east to the doorway and into the water swamp and save. Do not save in the blade room because the blades are reset after a reload and you die.

The swamp is full of underwater spikes. Go to the east wall and follow it to the other doorway. Get into the crawl space. At the other end the door opens and after you get inside it closes again. Turn right and use the switch. Turn around and jump into an alcove in the wall until the spike wall passes. Jump down and into the gate. In the next room, notice the switch, and a closed gate in the east wall, and a closed gate at the end. Pull the switch and sprint down to the end of the corridor. Pick up the Yellow Key, turn around and sprint back to the open gate in the east wall. After the spike wall passes, you can go back for the small medipack. Go back to the east wall opening and enter to race a rolling rock down the slope. At the end of the corridor use the key to open the door and enter to face another corridor. Walk forward towards the end and get a flyby of the future traps. Put yourself at full health and climb the wall through the spikes. At the top, pick up a large medipack. A rock rolls down on the right side and sets the floor on fire. Either sprint or jump through the fire and at the end turn left to dive into some water. It took me two large medipacks to survive the trip.

Go west to where the rock is laying. Climb the wall beside it and get behind it. Go up the ramp the rock came from and at the end drop down into a hole. Pick up the Blue Key and exit back to the rock. Go south-east to the gate you saw in the flyby. Go south and pick up a large medipack. Go east to find shotgun shells. Go south and turn west. I found nothing in the block area with the bubbles to the south. Go north and enter the block area to the west. In the middle of the back west wall is a movable block. Pull it out and move it aside. Pull out a second movable block and move it aside. Get into the tunnel and drop down at the end. Pick up the Yellow Key from the pedestal and exit. Go to the door and use the keys to open the door. Get inside and get a flyby of the next route. Look to the right inside the door to see a safe tile. Get there and climb the alcove behind it. Jump and grab the sloped block in the middle of the lava. Slide and grab and shimmy to the left. Jump to a block in the south-east corner. Pull the switch and a rope drops in the room. Jump back to the central column and back to the safe alcove. Jump and grab the rope and use it to swing into the north-west corner. Do few simple jumps to the south and pull up onto a platform.

Go the north-west corner to use a floor lever. A gate opens in the west wall. Jump the gap and pull up into a room with colored squares on the floor. Step on the bird and insect pictures and three wall lights start to burn on the west wall. Stepping on an eye picture resets the fires. Go into the hole in the south west corner. This requires a lot of monkey swinging. First go east and drop onto the columns with the insect and the bird pictures. Monkey swing back and then go north and drop on the other column with an insect picture. Then the gate at the ground level opens up. If you land on a column with an eye picture, the sequence is reset and you start over. Monkey swing there and drop in front of the gate. Go in and pull the switch to get a cut scene of a gate opening. Get out and climb quickly as beetles attack. When you exit go east and jump the gap to the platform. Go east to the open gate.

Safety drop to the floor and go to the gate with a switch beside it. Pull the switch and go right to find a climbable wall that looks different. Climb and back flip to the upper level. You see that four tiles have fires on them. Take a good look and the fires are timed. When you know where they are, get to the lower level and step on the corresponding tiles there. When all four are done, the gate opens. Another other face tile resets the sequence. Enter the room and pull a switch to get a cut scene of another gate opening. Turn and kill a poison creature. Get back to the top level and jump to the platform. Go south to the new open gate. Pull up, roll, and jump back to avoid the rolling rocks. Go up the slope and climb down the other side. Go to south-west corner and dive into the water. Go east and look left to a hole in the floor. Swim down the hole and go south. Take the first right branch and then a left branch to swim up into a room. Shoot the vase and pick up the Hand of Orion. Dive in and swim back. Climb the wall and go down the slope. Jump to the platform and go to the north-east corner. Use the Hand of Orion and the gate opens. Go up the steps but watch out for the second step that is deadly. At the top pull up into a room. Part of the floor is deadly. Look at the ceiling for the safe path to follow to get to the other doorway.

Go down the corridor to a pole. Climb the pole and back flip into a room. There is a closed gate and four movable globes.  Move the four globes into the four corners of the picture in the middle of the floor. Place them on the tile with the man with the outstretched arms as shown in the pictures on the wall display. When all four are done, the gate in the north-west corner opens. Go up the ramp and pick up revolver ammo. Pull up into a room and go east for the revolver and see a wall switch. Go to the north-west corner and hop over the blocks to pick up the laser sight. You may have noticed a gate in the west wall on the way there. On the opposite side of the gate you can see four swinging targets. Go to the switch and pull it. Run to the timed gate and enter the hole. Shoot the two far end targets and then step back into the room. From inside the room you can shoot the two middle targets. The reason for this procedure is that the floor catches fire very quickly and the gate drops as well. Go back to the switch and see a rope by the east wall. Use the rope to swing north over the deadly floor to a column. Jump and grab east to pull up to a roof area. Go to the south-west to the book on the pedestal and the level ends.