Candy Mountain



Walkthrough by Moonpooka for

Essential Items

Health and Flares

Secrets ~ 3

Candy Mountain is a level for children between three and five years of age. There are no enemies or nasty traps to harm Lara as she searches for The Candy Mountain.

Lara begins the level in a beautiful room within a small cottage. To your left (north) there is a closed black gate and a gem receptacle. Head over to the SW corner for the Horseman's Gem, and then place it in the receptacle to open the north gate. Enter the new room and drop into the pool for The Laser Sight. In the SE corner of the room there is a LMP. These look like small receptacle rectangular colored boxes. Find the hang lever on the east wall (itís on the right blue pillar) and use it to open the door in the SW corner of the room. Head through the new door.

Head forwards into the passage and you will come to a T-junction. Go left and around to the end of the passage for the The Crossbow. Go back to the start of the passage and make your way straight ahead, and then left, then right. You will come to some stairs leading up. Ignore them, you canít get into the next room that way. Instead, go up the slope to the left of the stairs and find a crawl space up in the wall to your left. Pull up and go through. At the end of the crawl space, climb down and pick up a pack of Flares. Now pull up onto the north wall and drop down into the next room.  

The box to your left (west) is movable. Pull it out and use the wall lever behind it to open the north door. Head through the newly opened door and enter the outside area.

The jeep is over at the east wall, so head over there. Shoot the boxes for Normal Arrows ~ LMP, and then use the lever on the pillar nearby to open the east gate. Now jump up onto the south ledge and look right for The Jeep Keys.

Use the "action" key at the door of the jeep and Lara will climb in. Drive through the newly opened east gate and go up the slope. Drive left at the T-junction, and then take a right turn and stop. Get out of the jeep and look up in the south wall for a hole. Climb up for the 1st Secret ~ LMP, and then return to ground and get back in the jeep. Drive east up the slope, and then take a right turn at the end of the path. Drive up the following slope, and then take a left turn at the top. Lara will enter a new area with a pool.

Take a swim with the fishes in the pool and collect the 2nd Secret ~ Flares from the NE corner. Now get back to the jeep and drive up the slope at the east wall. Make your way along the path until you canít go any further. You will see a barricaded door up in the east wall. Get out of the jeep, shoot the barricade with your pistols, and then climb up into the new doorway.

You now have to travel by foot. Head over to the NE corner of the area. There is a closed gate in the east wall with a pad lock on it. Combine the crossbow with the laser sight and shoot the padlock to open the gate. Go inside the tiny room for the 3rd Secret ~ LMP ~ SMP, and then and then shoot the boxes for The Revolver.

Leave the room and head over to the middle of the south wall. Look for a barricade, shoot it out, and then enter the exposed passage. At the end of the passage, climb the ladder to an upper cave. Enter the right side passage in the south wall for some Flares, and then head into the left passage in the south wall. At the end you will come to another ladder. Climb up and pull out into a rocky room with a bridge.

Climb up into the south alcove and pick up The Crowbar from the east wall alcove. Now make your way to the top of the bridge and head to the west side. On the west wall you will see a blue star. Use the crowbar to prise The Blue Star from the wall, and then head back over the bridge to the east side. Drop down to the right and place the blue star in the receptacle to open the gate up in the east wall.

Climb up to the newly opened gate and find that a box is blocking your way. Shoot the box, and then continue on to finish the level.

The End