The Ice Age

Level by: Elpasodude
Walkthrough by: Anurag

Lara stands in an alcove as a gate opens ahead of her. Go through the open gate, climb down the blocks into a pit with a lever & a Sphinx. Run to the other side avoiding the Sphinx & pull the lever. Get back out by climbing the blocks. Now from the topmost block take a jump to the ledge on right of the pit (Jump & in midair press right). Go forwards to the pillar from here jump & by pressing right land on another ledge. Go through the now open door. Continue forwards & jump into the water.

There is an opening in North pick up the LARGE-MEDPACK there. Swim through & then surface up into a walkway. There is a Blade-whee ahead, walk up to it & when the blades open swan dive (Up + Alt + Shift) through it. Walk up to an ice path, a cut-scene gives a view of the next area. Take a jump & grab the ledge to your left. From here take a running jump to grab the sloped block ahead. Climb up & slide down a little then jump & grab the ladder ahead. Descend the ladder half-way, & then backflip into an area with 2 Sphinxes (one of them is deactivated until you get lose to him). Pick up the GOLDEN VRAEUS in the Northwest corner & then climb back the ladder, near the top shimmy to the right & then backflip onto another ice way.

Use the Golden Vraeus into the panel there; this opens a door down below. Now climb all the way down the ladder. Go to the open door in east wall. Climb down the ladder, to enter a sandy area, kill the Bat there. Continue forwards climb another ladder & activate a jump switch there. Climb down the ladder; find some blocks to the right of the first ladder. Now climb out of the sandy area using the first ladder. A door has opened in this area, go through it. Pick up UZIS, UZI AMMO & a SMALL-MEDPACK from this area. Activate the lever here; this triggers a cut-scene that shows that a door has opened in the room with the 2 Sphinxes.

Climb up the ladder & backflip to the area with the sphinxes (Now both of them will be active). Avoid the Sphinxes & go through the open door, to splash in the water below. Find an opening in the bottom, swim in & then swim up to the next area. Surface up on a catwalk; go to the other side & from here jump to the ladder. Climb down the ladder, & jump through one of the openings into the water below. Swim down all the way & pick up the GUARDIAN KEY from here.

Again swim towards east & surface up in another area. Use the Guardian Key in the slot here & this opens the door behind you. Go in to drop down into the next area. A cut-scene gives a view of the next area. Monkey Swing to the opening at the far end. 9-10 Bats attack you, finish them off. Pick up the LARGE-MEDPACK & UZI AMMO they drop. Use the LEVER in the Southeast corner, this opens a door behind you.

Enter the icy area & climb the ladder in the Northwest. Climb the ladder halfway to backflip on a ledge. Climb another ladder to the top, from here jump to the ledge in north & then another jump to the east ledge. Enter the area to your left & pick up another GUARDIAN KEY from the Northwest corner. Now climb up the slope & use the Lever there to open a door at the top of the slope. Go through the door & climb up another ladder. Follow the path & it will lead you to an open area.

Drop down into the water below. Swim towards the Northeast corner & then down through the opening, swim all the way to surface up in a mirror room. (Now here 2 floor textures are traps one is to the left of the receptacle & another one is just in front of it. If you get burnt then dive into the pool or reload an earlier savegame). Avoid the traps, which can be seen in the mirror & use the Guardian key in the receptacle.

Now swim back to the large pool. Swim down the opening in Southeast corner & through he now open door. (I recommend taking some air on the way though). Surface up in an area with huts. Voila you have found the lost civilization. Now if you go towards the backside of the huts a Ninja appears. Approach the huts to finish the level.

Note: The read me file which came along with the level, says that there are 4 Sphinxes that is 3 in the game & 1 in the prologue.