Level by Debbie Overstreet

Author's notes: Here is a walkthrough for Sand Castle Sequel. It is not a difficult level, but there are places one can get stuck. It may have few mistakes, so please point out any errors in a reply post so the appropriate correction can be made.

Lara begins the level where she left off in Sand Castle. After the slide stop, turn and hang from the edge and drop. Lara will slide more, so make sure to grab the edge or Lara will fall to her death. Hang and wait for two roller balls to go by. When safe, pull up, do a back flip with a turn in midair to grab the edge behind. Pull up onto the ledge. Turn and look into the pit where the roller balls went. There is an opening in the wall, down from the left corner. Take a standing jump into that (after first backing up two steps) and you have found Secret #1, ammo, flares, medipak.

Now from the back of this small room run, leap and grab the ladder and climb out. In the room with the sand flowing there are two crawl spaces to both your right and left. Check them out to find a couple of needed items (revolver, laser sight) after shooting the items at the end.

After you have the items and are back where the sand falls are, look for the opening to a large cavern nearby. Carefully go out onto the ledge and to the handle. Hold on and slide to the ledge at the end of the cavern. Grab any ammo and pull up into the small room. There is a puzzle piece on a pedestal. Grab that and continue into the next room. Shoot the green vase if you dare. Shoot the small shatter boxes on the pedestal to gain a medipak. Run to the end of the room and jump or pullup into the next area. Two dogs await. Jump into the water to kill the wraith (assuming you dared) and to get a medipak. Kill the dogs. Turn and there is another green vase to shoot (if you want to see what's inside). ;o) Run and stop on the collapsing tile to the left. Shoot the shatter box on the pedestal to turn off the fire ahead.

Continue on, but be sure to shoot the little shatter boxes on the pedestal nearby. It looks empty, but there is something nice to get in a moment if you shoot the boxes. Also, pull the wall switch to lower a block in the next area.

Next, turn and crawl backwards on the little slanted hill, be quick. Drop into the small pit. The sand will raise and Lara can go out. Run and jump to the ledge on the right. Pick up the goodie (crossbow) and place the puzzle piece into the slot nearby. The double doors behind you open. Go inside. If you are quick you can run and jump through the next opening where the fire shoots out. If not, carefully grab and pull up just as the fire dies down and go through the opening.

Pull the switch on the left wall and crawl into the crawl space on the right. Turn right when you can and grab the mechanical beetle key. Then crawl out of that space and pull the lever switch. Leave the crawlspace. Go towards the golden mask and turn left. Just follow the path and wade through the sand and water to the other side. Continue on until you come to a ladder. Climb up and at the top get 1/2 of the eye puzzle piece.
Go back the way you came through the water and back to where the fire is shooting out. Carefully get through the opening and back into the room with the sand falls. The door oppsosite the cavern is now open. Go through there.

Look around for an opening in the floor. Drop in there and find some ammo nearby and then go out into the large sandy area. Look for more ammo there. Now look on the walls for an opening to another room. Go inside. Look carefully at the scorpion images to find where to move the pushable puzzle pieces. Once you have solved this puzzle and the door opens, grab the 1/2 cartouche puzzle piece. Go back out into the large sandy area and up through the floor you dropped into. You should be in the room with golden faces and lots of sand flowing.

Find a ladder in one of the corners and climb up onto the ledge. Jump to the middle ledge. Turn and jump across onto a middle ledge and jump to your right to grab the edge ahead and pull up. You should be standing looking over the large sandy area below. Run and leap to the bridge and run to the end and jump over to the last bridge. Turn as quickly as possible and jump up to grab the edge. Lara will slide so jump again to land on the slope ahead. Turn to the wall behind and pull up into another room. Go into the room and watch out for the large blades at the end. When safe, jump through the blade and grab the crossbow ammo. Now go back out and onto the slope again. Once there face the slope to your left and run to land on it. Slide and jump quickly to grab the ladder ahead. Shimmy around until Lara's back is to the opening. Flip with a twist to land inside the room.

Go next into the hallway and a fire will ignite to block your path. Load the revolver and laser sight and shoot the shatter box behind the grate in the small room. Step back to do this. Too close and you won't be able to break the shatter box to put out the flame. Once safe go into the room and grab some ammo. Get back onto the block to jump up and grab the ladder. Push the switch to open the next door.

Leave this room and go across into the next room. Run and jump to the edge across to get some ammo. Then drop onto the ledge below with the switch. Pull that and also don't forget to grab the goodies nearby. When finished step as far back onto the ledge and run, leap and grab the ladder. The ground is deadly, so avoid going down the ladder. Get back onto the ledge where the golden mask is and run, leap and grab the edge to get out of the room. The center door is now open. Time to go into the next area.

Watch the camera sequence and notice the fires burning in a hallway. We need to put the fires out. This is a very ancient and overgrown area. First, jump into the fountain pool and find an opening. Swim and follow the path that leads to the body part of the mechanical beetle and another puzzle piece. Grab both of those and watch for crocs here.

Now swim back out. You can get out of the pool by the fountains or at the opposite end of the pool. Once out, look for pushables that will raise blocks and release ropes to climb. Find all four pushables in the corners and push them forward onto the overgrown blue and green colored stones. When pushing all four pieces climb one of the blocks and swing from the rope to reach the upper ledge. Look for 5 identical shatter objects that will extinguish the fires in the hallway you need to go into. Go to the hallway with the fires to find a hidden shatter there.

Once the fires are out in the hallway go there, but before going down the hallway you must use the mechanical beetle to trigger the spikes. Once that is done continue down the hallway. Look sharp to the right near the end of the hall. There is an opening in the green: a crawlspace. It's near the torch. Go inside and find the puzzle. Combine the two broken cartouche pieces and place them into the puzzle. The little door opens. Go inside. There is a room nearby for Secret #2.

Go into the reflected room and look at the ceiling for clues as to where the puzzle pieces go. Remember the colored stones where you pushed the objects onto out in the large water room? The colors of the stones are blue and green. These are the "safe" colors in the level. The other colors in the puzzles will be deadly traps. If you want to see the traps, then go ahead and push the objects over the wrong colors. ;o)

Once you complete the puzzle you have lowered a block to gain access to the next hallway. Return to find an open doorway outside. Stay on the same side you are on and walk to the end and go inside. The hallway will lead you into a smaller room. Complete the puzzle there and leave to find the next open doorway where a block has lowered. It is nearby on the same side. Go into the hallway and climb up at the end. Jump down into the shallow water and run forward to the end. Swim and climb out and continue into the next room. Fall into the water and swim to your right to find an opening and Secret #3.

Return and continue to swim towards the back and find an underwater switch on the right near the end. Pull that and return the way you came. The wraiths will die when you jump into the first area. Go back out into the large water room. Now you have opened a door on the opposite side. Run down the hill and climb the block and swing to the other side. Find the next open doorway on the left. Go down the hallway and kill any skeletons that rise to meet you. Continue to the end of the room and turn right. Shoot the shatters with pistols or revolver. Do not use explosives here. Turn to look for a torch on a wall. Look closely; it is a pushable block. Push it and find the last shatter. Go back outside and find the next open doorway on the same side at the other end. Go into the hallway and jump down into the pit and kill the large enemies there.

There are two switches to pull here. Pull them both and kill any enemies. Leave through the small side door and climb the ladder at the end of the hall. Go to the end and pull the switch to lower the block ahead. Now find another open doorway on the same side. Shoot the shatter at the end on the pedestal and push the block to find another shatter to shoot. That will open the next door. Go back outside and across to the other side. Find the open room with plants hanging down and a blue-green ladder at the end. Climb up and then drop down at the end onto a slope. Climb and when you can, jump to the right quickly. Go to the lever and slide down to the ledge across from you.

Pull up and go the end of the hallway and climb up again. Turn to your left down a short hall to pull a switch, then return and continue down the hall to the green statue. Place the puzzle piece and leave the way you came. Drop down and then jump across to the ledge. Pull up and swim out. Go back out to the water area and across to the other side. Go back into the room where you fought the skeletons. Go to the end and back into the room where you shot the large shatter objects.

Go into the now open door. This puzzle can be deadly. Remember blue and green are safe colors. ;o) The sacred sand holder is at the end of the hallway to the right. Watch out for the swinging chains. Get the artifact and go down the other hallway and push the block at the end. You need to complete the puzzle to open the door. Once that is done, go into the room amd get the last 1/2 of the eye puzzle piece on the pedestal. Blast the skellys. Now go back out to the water area and to the large door. Combine the two puzzle pieces and leave. Watch for enemies and continue to the outside area. Go to the door between the sand falls.

Congratulations, you have finished the level!

Author's note: If you forget something and you need to get back to the beginning of the level, go out the small doorway where you first entered the large water area. Make sure Lara has full life. Then go to the outside edge, facing the ladder over the large sandy area. Jump and grab the ladder, shimmy around to the other side and do a back flip with turn to slide down the small slope. Hang on and then fall to the sandy floor below. To return again to the large water area, go the way you did originally. but this time you will have to use the rope to swing across. You can swing to the ladder or to the ledge across (the one with the large blade and lava).