Ghost Library
by Oxy

In an ancient castle near London a hidden passage was found. It leads to the hidden library. There may be some interesting informations for the archaeologists. Lara immediately goes searching through the books. Of course, again she is looking for some lost artefacts, but this time... things are going to be different...

She heard about a book of secret maps. Those, who read this book, were sent to a ghost library. Before she finds it and destroys it, she meets some friendly ghosts, who show her the way and gratitude to release them. They teach her how to travel through her own dreams.

Number of secrets: 5

Quick walkthrough by Oxy:

Go behind the curtain, where one door is.
Push the switch. Go through the opened door and pick up a THANKFUL GIFT.
The Double door opens, go through the curtain.
Climb up on the wall near books and pick up MAGIC SOUP SCROLL.
Go upstairs and climb through hole out.
You're welcomed in ghost library.
Prepare guns and go straight and kill the poisonous ladybug.
Go right and pick up the LOST APPLE near dried apple tree. "I'm lost apple," it says. "Help me to grow with my friends."
Left of second Welcome Home are two secrets. First one is beneath the grass near golden lock.
Second is behind the coffin.
Go upstairs and crawl into hole.
Go up and push the chandelier. Door opens and after you enter hallway, closes.
Pick up the MAGIC SOUP.
In second arch is SWITCH to open door upstairs.
Shoot the fence and pull the chandelier away to enter the stairs.
First climb down through hole.
Go left and push door. Enter the room, where two coffins are. Pick up BLUE DIAMOND.
Door opens. First go back, climb down and crawl into the crawlspace. There is BLUE DIAMOND Receptacle. Insert BLUE DIAMOND.
Door into the tomb is now opened.
Go back and you notice the FRIENDLY GHOST, you released. It is turned into the right direction, where you must go.
New released ghost shows you the way.
Enter tomb. Door closes. Push the button and swim down.

Pick up BRONZE COINS, door opens. Push button again and follow three new ghosts, you released.
Climb up and go upstairs. On the left is MEDI PACK.
Climb up through hole and enter the attic.
PUSH THE BOOK and enter wine "cellar".
Pick up the SECOND SOUP and pull chandelier away from closed door.
Crawl through hole on the left and push the button.
Kill the ladybug; door behind chandelier is now opened.
Pick up the KEY and go downstairs where you fall into the library.
Ghost is looking to the curtain. Go through the door and pick up THANKFULL GIFT.
Door into the chapel opens.
Push the door into the store and push the button.
Two ladybugs approach.
Go out and on the left into the chapel.
Pick up the KEY WITH EYES on the altar.

Go back, now push the other door. There are three chairs.
You can rest here awhile and maybe some ghosts will approach, to chat.
Behind the curtains is switch for the door near.
Go straight; turn and you'll see the golden feather is released from bowl of an angel. You can climb up to the feather and use soup on it. It looks very funny, but won't do anything. :-)))))
Climb into the hole on the right in front of double doors.
Down in front of the stone fruit vase are SILVER COINS.
Climb up and enter the room with big fireplace.
Now you can sit on the sofa and warm your hands near the fire.
Go through the right entrance into the next room, where the clock without time is.
You can rest now, if you're tired and read a book. :-)))) Next day you can unlock the door. :-))))
Go out, two ladybugs will come.
Go right upstairs and crawl to pick up the KEY.
If you look up, you'll se hole. There is SECRET.
Go back and right of the fireplace you'll see the released ghost is pointing into hole. Climb into hole and look up.
Climb up and unlock the double doors.
Find the switch on the roofs. It is right from the opened doors. Push the switch and two doors will open.
First one leads to the RED lost DIAMOND. Jump on the roofs and pick it up.
You can see the THIRD SOUP on the balcony. Now you can reach the soup on two ways: jump on roofs and shimmy left or you can go back where you came from and go through now opened doors to the balcony.
Go back and try to pick up the medi pack. You'll fall into hole down, where the red diamond receptacle is. Insert RED DIAMOND and swim out.
Unlock the door into gazebo and pick up GOLDEN COINS. Now you have all the coins you need to release all the lost souls, captured here.
Go back into the bridge tunnel and go upstairs.
Turn the book on the left behind the curtain.
Behind the curtain on the right is SECRET, FRUIT PLATE.
Kill the poisonous ladybugs and push chandelier. Below are SWEETS AND CHOCOLATES. If you pick them up, the door to next secret near the pool are now opened.
Go downstairs. Released ghost is pointing into the hallway bridge. Pick up the KEY with two butterflies on the left.
Another ghost is released; follow his direction on the left into the dinning room.
Here you see your own frozen reflection. You can't leave this ghost library until you release yourself.

Pick up the last FOURTH SOUP on the end of the dinning room.
Step in front of your reflection and from inventory choose MAGIC SOUP and use it on the table.
Watch out! YOU'RE NOW RELEASED! :-)))))))
Follow the angel and pick up the KEY to the second Welcome Home.
Go out from dinning room.
Now you can go first on the left to pick up the secret beside the pool or right straight to the second Welcome Home.
Unlock the door and crawl on the right. Beware of the ladybug, which is watching the hole.
Use butterfly KEY into the lock, go back and enter the room. Pick up the SCROLL with drawn apples on it. Read the scroll.
Behind the curtain is switch to open the door.
Place SILVER COINS and BRONZE COINS on pedestal.
Enter the spooky bedroom and push chandelier onto the centre of the room. It is marked on the floor, where chandelier should be.
Fire is turned off. Enter it.
Push the switch and the door.
You're almost done now. :-)))))))
Place the golden coins and watch out again of poisonous ladybugs.
Find the switch in the corridor and enter the THIRD WELCOME HOME.
Here is growing magic APPLE TREE. :-)))))
Apples on it are welcoming two long lost apples. :-))))
Climb up and you'll find the other LOST APPLE. I don't know who put it there. Must be the dark angel, I guess.
Pick it up with running jump.
Place two lost apples on the apple tree and energy of magic tree is now set.

Now it is your own free will, will you stay here or leave. Maybe you want to take a look around one more time before you leave. Maybe you missed something here? But you can always return here, right? :-))) This is place without time, far away but on the other hand - so close .......
Go upstairs; the angel will leave, because you'll destroy the book.
Pick up the book.

You'll figure out this was only a Lara's dream. Or was it? MAYBE IT WAS REAL .............. AND THE WHOLE LIFE IS A DREAM. :-)))))
Kiss. :-)))))

Thank you for playing.