Level by TimJ

Walkthrough by Jenni (with assistance from the author for that last secret)

Items: 34 (including 2X cartouche pieces, hypostle key, crossbow, lasersight and crowbar)
Kills: 19
Secrets: 3

Objective: to locate the dagger so Lara can awaken from her dream



The level begins with Lara sliding down a coloured chute into dreamland. Be ready to jump and grab the latticed climbable wall and climb down to the bottom to emerge in to a game room (as indicated by the giant chessboard and walls made from deck cards). Pick up the shotgun in the NW corner.

Head to the W passage (note the black and white coloured tile next to the W passage, this is where the cartouche will be placed when you have both pieces) and enter Floating Islands simulation. Jump to the island in front of you (W) (ignore the stone warriors, they donít awaken) and jump and grab to the next large island, climb to the top then run-jump to land on the small island to the S. From there, jump to the large stone hallway. Run to the end to pick up the first cartouche piece in SW corner of brown dais to be teleported back to the game room.


Head to the E passage this time. As you enter, Lara comes up behind you and shoots you in the back (itís a dream remember? You are your own worst enemy). So kill her quickly and continue advancing in to a black and white room. Youíll hear a piano playing and a cutscene will show the piano on top of the hill in the middle of the room. In this room, collect: small medipack from the W side and shotgun shells on white block on the E side. Head up toward the piano and flick the switch on the block in the SW corner of the piano area. This opens a door in the NE corner letting 3 more Laras out, so kill them and head in to the open door.

Make your way to the other side of the room using the ledges and pillar (donít drop down to the floor as the floor is lethal) and collect the second cartouche piece. Make your way back to the game room, combine the pieces and use it in the opening next to the W passage I mentioned earlier.


Youíll be teleported to a new area. Collect in this area: shotgun shells in NE corner (near plants), revolver ammo in water in SE corner, shotgun shells in SE corner and small medipack on south side of central island.

Head N down the passage (note the gate in front of you with the key lock) and turn left in to W passage, pick up flares and small medipack in NE corner and uzi clips and flick switch to open trapdoor beside you, climb up there and flick the lever in the SE corner to open trapdoor in E room.

Locate hole in ceiling in SW corner and jump up there to crawl to SECRET 1: revolver and revolver ammo. Drop back down to the ground and head over to E passage this time, shoot scorpion and get shotgun shells in SW corner. Drop down trapdoor in NW corner and run forward shooting a scorpion, then roll to shoot another scorpion that snuck up behind you. Head to the SW corner behind the crates and crawl through the crawlspace. Immediately draw guns when you get through to the sewers to shoot another Lara who appears from your left, pick up the uzi clips she leaves behind.

The sewer branches into four directions (youíre in the W branch). Head E (toward the intersection) and shoot a Lara who comes out of a passage from the other side and collect her uzi clips. Get more uzi clips from the SE corner of the E gate of the sewers. Flick the switch at the S gate of the sewers to open a gate in a passage on the right side of the W branch. Head to the W branch and turn in to the first passage on your right of that branch. When you get to the T intersection, kill the guard who appears on your right (E). Get the shotgun shells he leaves behind, more shotgun shells on a low block in the same area and more shotgun shells in the SW corner.

Flick the switch in the NE corner to open a trapdoor back at the main sewer. So head back there and go to the passage opposite you on the S side of the W branch. Climb the ladder and flick the switch to open the trapdoor back at the T intersection where the guard was. Head back there, ready to kill another Lara on the way, and turn left when you get to the T intersection this time, climb the ladder and draw guns to shoot another Lara when you get to the top. Take the uzis she leaves behind. Collect the hypostyle key from on top of the box (note the laser sight on the alcove through the window).

Climb back down the ladder and make your way back to the large gate with the key lock (head back through the crawlspace at end of the W branch), use the key to emerge in to another open area with four paths leading off from it in different directions.


Head W to collect crossbow ammo from coloured square. A cutscene will show you the padlock above which needs to be shot to open a door below it, but we donít have the crossbow or laser sight yet (if you got secret 1, you can use the revolver instead so may want to skip the next part if youíre not interested in collecting the crossbow). Enter the room opposite the lock (S side) to find a flaming floor below a trapdoor in the SE corner.

Flick the switch on the E wall to open the trapdoor and run over the black tile to the left of Lara to turn off the flames, run and jump up to the next level through the trapdoor, but be quick because itís timed! Collect the crossbow from the block in the middle of the room and a small medipack on the S side. Flick the lever to drop the trapdoor beside Lara and drop down to the room below again.

Head to the N side now, and jump in to the pool you pass on the way to collect goodies: uzi clips, crossbow ammo and shotgun shells. Continue down the passage to emerge in to an area with a palm tree, kill the 2 scorpions that attack then quickly turn to shoot the scorpion that snuck up from behind. Get the lasersight from the alcove and large medipack from the NE corner.

Head down the S passage to see another floating island area with some goodies you canít get just yet (this is secret 2). Now make your way back to the padlock killing a guard on the way. Combine crossbow (or revolver) with lasersight and shoot the lock, enter the door which opens in front of you and go in. As you enter a cutscene of the new floating island area shows the gate is now open so head back there to collect the goodies (SECRET 2) from the first island: (flares and revolver ammo). Now make your way back to the door you opened before.


Slide down ramp in to psychedelic colourful room with a block in the middle and locate the lit up part on the W side of the room, run through that part of the wall to get SECRET 3: the grenade launcher (note this was intended for use with part two ďThe NightmareĒ, but a bug prevents the continuation from The Dream to The Nightmare so both levels can only be played separately, hence, the grenade launcher is useless in this level as you donít collect any grenades but do collect them in The Nightmare) and head in to the next room. Locate the pole in the SE corner in the middle of the lethal metal floor and run-jump to it to climb to the top. Backflip off the pole and climb up to the colourful ledge. Run-jump to the rope and swing to the pillar on the other side. Pick up the crowbar and the pillar Lara is standing on will expand in to a wide ledge so you can swing back to the other side. So head back to the other side, slide down the pole and backflip off the pole to the safe coloured floor.


Head over to the SW corner and climb your way up around the room to your right. When you get to the NE corner, jump up to the shimmy ledge and shimmy right and pull up in to the crawlspace. Pick up the flares and use the crowbar on the black door at the end. Slide down the ramp to be teleported to a new area.

Head past sleeping skeletons in to the next room with the dagger on a pedestal surrounded by stone warriors.

Take the dagger and the door to the E opens, 3 skeletons also emerge so run to the E door lighting a flare on the way. Slide down the dark ramp jumping over 3 blades on the way down and stop at the bottom. Move slowly towards the hole in front of you until a boulder rolls down in to it. Jump over the hole and turn right in to S passage and flick the switch there to be teleported back to the game room.

Climb up the colourful ladder which Lara came down at the very beginning of the level, and make your way to the top (the ramp has now become steps) to find Lara asleep, approach the bed for Lara to wake up and the level to end.