Level by: Steve

Walkthrough: Anurag

The level starts with a cut-scene, which shows that an assassin has killed Lady Columbia in her room & has escaped. After the cut-scene, go into the next room & step on the steel tile on your left, this extinguishes the fire on the key in the next room. Now enter the next room; as you enter a door will close. Pick up the REVOLVER on the ground & also pick up KEY 1. Now grab the climbable wall just ahead of the key, to find SECRET #1, a SHOTGUN, WIDEWSHOT SHELLS & some FLARES. Drop down, go to the keyhole near the bed & use KEY 1 there.
Go through the open door, shoot the vase there & pull out a movable block. Go inside & get KEY 2. Now return into the room from where you started the game & use KEY 2 there.

Go through the door into a room with some blocks; climb up in the crawlspace in the Northwest. Drop down at the other side & climb the ladder on your left, from here drop onto another ledge with SPIKE TRAPS. The first 2 SPIKE traps are on the Grey textured tiles & attack upwards. At the turn there are 3 more SPIKE traps: 2 from the ceiling & another from the ground. Continue through 3 more SPIKES to reach a key; as you will approach it you can see 2 SPIKES covering it up & this triggers a cut-scene that shows an office-like room, pick up KEY 3. Go to the bedroom via the ladder & the crawlspace.

Go in the Northwest corner & push the switch there, this opens the nearby door. Continue through it, the first room at left is quite empty except for some FLAME TRAPS. Now the first door on your right is SECRET #2, pick up the REVOLVER AMMO & shoot the vase to get some FLARES. The door opposite to this one is a trap. The second blue door on the left leads to an empty room with 2 vases, while the one opposite to it is another trap. The third blue door at the left is a joke; it opens into a wall. Use KEY 3 in the keyhole opposite to this door, which opens the grated door besides it. Go down the stairs & use the SWITCH there, go up the stairs & then right to find another grated door open. Use the SWITCH here to lower a block near to the previous switch.

Go all the way down to the lowered block. Enter & kill the BAD GUY there. Now look at the ceiling; the black shadowy part has a Boulder in it, so avoid going under it. And the area in the middle of the ground which is dark has a SPIKE TRAP. Jump over it to the right & use the SWITCH over there & back flip quickly; otherwise a boulder will fall down on you. Jump to the opposite side & then through the crawlspace. Crawl to the opposite side into an open area. This area has some FLAME TRAPS, so watch out for them. Shoot the barricades & make your way to the ladder on the opposite side. Climb the ladder & then Backflip on the boxes. From here monkeyswing to the opposite side. Release & then repress ACTION to grab the shimmy crack below. Shimmy to the right & then into the opening. Pick up KEY 4 from here & SAFETY-DROP to the ground.

Use the key in the keyhole on the opposite wall, this opens a grated gate on your left, go through it & activate 3 SWITCHES there & watch three doors open in different cut-scenes. Go through the opening near the keyhole & jump to grab the opening above from the last step, avoid the fire here. Crawl in & drop down into a dark passage. Shoot the barricades & climb the steps & enter the opening at your left. This triggers a cut-scene that shows that the area is getting infested with SPIDERS. Kill all the SPIDERS & also a BAD GUY that joins the party. The first opening at left leads to an empty cage. The 2nd opening leads to 2 cages the right one is empty, while the left one has a ladder, just on the other side of the door.

Climb the ladder & find a ledge with KEY5 at the top. Approach KEY5 & kill the GIANT SPIDER that kills you & pick up KEY5. Climb down the ladder & into the main hall, use KEY5 in the keyhole there, this opens a door on the opposite side. Go through it, jump in the pool & pick up LARGE-MEDPACK & REVOLVER AMMO from there, now climb to the opposite side. Pick up SHOTGUN SHELLS (NORMAL) from top of the block. Now go North, pick up a SMALL-MEDPACK at the end & REVOLVER AMMO from the right side. Climb on the middle box & pick up the SHOTGUN. Now jump up to grab the shimmy crack above. Shimmy to the left & at the end climb up. Use the SWITCH here 2 times; this makes an underwater gate open. Dive down in the pool & then through the now open gate. The current is fast so it that it will carry you almost all the way, then swim upwards.

Climb out & go west, this triggers a cut-scene which gives a panoramic view of the area, you can control Lara during this scene. Kill the MURDERER along with 2 GIANT SPIDERS which arrive as soon as you approach the MURDERER. Going near to the car at the opposite side also attracts another GIANT SPIDER, also taking the middle path also invites a GIANT SPIDER so please don't explore them. Now go along the opening near the MURDERER'S previous position. Use the SWITCH there, this opens a gate in the open area. Go through the door & climb on the BIKE. Ride the BIKE to end the level.