Level by BlingBlingBrat
Released May 2004

Unauthorised walkthrough by Kris, and first posted at Lara's Home.
(This is a Young Lara level)

You start the level on a dais in the middle of four hieroglyph columns. Turn to face north and run to the wall tile with the hole in it. Press action so that you can get the CROWBAR. Now go to the slope on the east wall and run down the passage to the face tile and use the crowbar to open it. Go past the patterned blocks to left and right. The block on your right has a pathway of spikes behind it, you’ll come back here soon.

Proceed to the end room with Pharoah’s heads on the wall and turn around to locate the jumpswitch above the entrance door (south). Jump up with grab to pull it and retract the spikes behind the patterned block in the hall. Go to the path behind the blocks and pick up the HORSEMAN’S GEM. As you do a block will lower in the next room, so return there.

Drop down the hole at the north wall and follow the slope to a brightly lit pool room with a central pedestal. Jump in the water and pick up the SMALL WATERSKIN and press action to fill it while you are in the pool. Open the chest in the northeast corner of the pool for a medipack. Climb out and go to the opening on the west wall, safety drop/climb down to the lower level. Follow the path to a room with a closed door and a receptacle on the east wall.

Place the Horseman’s Gem and the door will open. Go through and do a running jump over to the water scales, and press action to empty the small waterskin. A flyby follows showing a clone of Young Lara on the underneath platform surrounded by light beams. Jump or climb down the ladder to the water and find the green underwater tile on the east wall. Press action to open it and swim up the slope.

As you swim into the new room, pick up the ORNATE HANDLE to the right of the entrance, then swim forward (east) and climb out at the end. Run down the passageway to a room with a raised pedestal and a scale with a sun emblem on it. Turn to face south and standing jump with grab over to the new entrance. Use the crowbar on the face tile on the south wall. Go through and stand at the edge to see the room below with four colourful monoliths, a jumpswitch high up on the first suspended column to your left, a ladder on the far wall, and the Hammer Man.

Climb down to the floor evading the Hammer Man as best as you can, and find a small dark green area low on the west wall and crawl through it. Pick up the HATHOR EFFIGY. Exit and run back to the stand near the ladder on the north wall. Combine the Ornate Handle and the Hathor Effigy and place the PORTAL GUARDIAN to raise the block on your right.

Quickly jump onto the block, line up with the jumpswitch and do a running jump with grab to pull it. Now head for the ladder on the south wall and climb up. Stop at the entrance to the room. The floor is covered in marked fire tiles, so walk forward five steps, and standing jump over to the golden chest, press action and pick up the PHAROS KNOT. Turn around and do a standing jump back to the entrance and climb down the ladder.

Cross to the other side of the room, sprint past the Hammer Man and climb back up the ladder (north) and return to the raised pedestal with the fire scales and go to the north wall. A standing jump with grab will take you safely into the new opening on the north wall. Run down the stairs to the end and pull up east. Place the Pharos Knot in the receptacle to your right, to open a door on the other side of the room.

Stand at the edge and do a running jump over to the red platform and pick up the JERRYCAN. As soon as you do you will be attacked by locusts (luckily they don’t stay around for long) so quickly jump over to the new entrance on the east wall. (standing jump without grab right from the edge) and pick up the TORCH.

Return to the red central platform with a running jump, and walk across to the other entrance on the west wall. From the very edge do a standing jump with grab to get back to the other side of the room. Head back up the stairs and do a running jump back to the platform with the fire scales, and walk to the west side of the room. Stand at the edge and hop back, then do a standing jump with grab to land in the passageway.

Go into the small room with the pool and use one of the wall sconces to light the torch. Return back to the fire scales platform (east). Carefully throw down the torch so that it doesn’t go over the edge of the platform. Now stand in front of the sun emblem on the scales, and empty the contents of the Jerrycan onto them. Pick up the Torch and stand at the scales, press action to ignite the petrol. The door in front of you (east) will open.

Throw the torch down somewhere safe, and standing jump from the edge into the new entrance (east) Look down the slope, you’ll see the blades. Top up your health, and slide down the slope jumping over the blades at the end and land in another room with the earth scale. Safety drop off the side to the floor beneath. Avoid the swinging blade and drop down into the pit on the south wall. Turn around (north) and use the crowbar to prise off the BLACK BEETLE # 1. Roll and continue up the slope, standing jump over to the new room and go past the scarab pyramid, standing jump to the next room.

Pass through the treasure room and enter the next room (east) taking care to avoid the overhead cutting blades. The puzzle room ahead has rising and falling blocks depending which face square you stand on. Immediately after the blades, jump to the face tile on your left, a block will lower on the east wall revealing another black beetle. Sideflip to the right to the next face tile, then jump to the beetle, avoiding the face block directly in front of you as this will raise the block.

Prise the BLACK BEETLE # 2 off the wall. Go to the opposite side of the room (west) and stand on the face tile to lower another block on the east wall. Jump to the face tile to the left of the entrance, then a further standing jump left to the face tile on the north wall. Run forward to prise off the beetle, avoiding the face tile in front of it.

Pick up BLACK BEETLE # 3. Roll and run forward to the opposite far end of the room west to lower the middle block on the east wall. Roll again, and run all the way back to the east wall by the right of all the beetle receptacles, turn right (south) and run in and collect BLACK BEETLE # 4. Exit this room.

Return back through the treasure room to the scarab pyramid and place the beetles. When all the side panels retract and the central column lifts, pick up the BAG OF SAND. Return with a standing jump to the room with the golden blocks and the swinging blade and climb up, turn around and climb up again (south) to the scales with the earth symbol. Face the triangular symbol on the side of the scale and empty the Bag Of Sand onto it. This will open the face tile on the east wall ahead of you. Go there next. From the edge standing jump with grab to the new entrance and pull up at the top of the slope. Go down the slope and run into the beam of light to be transported upwards to a room where Von Croy is waiting for you.

Go through the entrance (east) and climb up onto the wooden block ahead. Turn to face south and standing jump to the higher opening. Inside the room is another earth scale, so stand in front of the symbol and use the Bag of Sand again to lower a section of wall outside this room. Climb back up the ladder and jump to the wooden block. Turn to face southwest, and you’ll see the section of wall which has been lowered. A slightly diagonal standing jump will take you to the top of the wall. Safety drop into the new room which has a small water pool, a water scale, and a rope in the southwest corner of the pool. Fill the waterskin and use it on the water scales. Refill the waterskin before you jump with grab to the rope and swing to get back on the wall.

You’ll see that the flames have now been extinguished in the two high crawlspaces on the north wall. Jump back to the wooden box, then standing jump to the high opening on the north wall in front of you and drop down to the block in the new room. To your left is the fire scale and a torch on the block next to it. To your right, a medipack on the block on the far wall. Collect the medipack and return to the block underneath the entrance door. Jump to the higher block infront (west), then diagonal running jump to the block with the torch. Ignore the torch for now, go to the fire scale and pour the contents of the Jerrycan onto the scale, then standing jump with grab back to the previous block and pick up the TORCH.

Do a diagonal running jump southeast to the higher block, turn and standing jump with grab to the block beneath the entrance, a standing jump to the opening where you entered this room, and finally a standing jump from the entrance to the wooden block in the hall. Go down the south hallway and light the torch on the wall sconce. Standing jump back on the wooden block, then standing jump to the opening on the north wall. Turn to your left and do a curved running banana jump (with slight turn to the left) to land on the tall block to the left of the entrance. Now a diagonal running jump to the block on the north wall, turn to the block with the scales, and do a running jump to land in front of the scales. Press action to use the torch and light the petrol.

Now turn to face the ladder on the south wall, stand at the edge and throw the torch away, you wont need it again, then still at the edge, standing jump with grab to catch the ladder and climb up, jump down to the hallway. Turn to face east and enter the new doorway to the treasure room. At the doorway, turn to your left and find the moveable golden urn on the north wall, and pull it back once. Pick up the AMULET OF HORUS from underneath it. Go through the gate on the east wall, and run up the path to the junction in the new room. Climb up the central wooden block and pick up the MUSIC SCROLL. Follow Von Croy, north up the decorated blocks to a room with four pools and four fountains. Von Croy will kill the two dogs who attack you.

Climb up into the first opening on your left on the west wall. Go past the wooden block and turn south at the passageway. At the end is a jumpswitch on the south wall, and you need to negotiate the blades to reach it, and the poison darts in each alcove on both sides. When you reach the end, pick up a large medipack from the left side and a small one from the right. Stand underneath the jumpswitch and standing jump with grab to pull it. Double doors will open in one of the rooms off the pool room.

Now go to the opening with stairs on the east wall to face another gauntlet, but this time with swinging blades, and this time the jumpswitch is on the end right hand pillar. Negotiate the blades and at the end turn to face east at the pillar, and jump up with grab to pull the switch. Another set of double doors will open in the same room as shown by the camera shot after pulling the first jumpswitch.

Exit this area now and go back to the pool room. Enter the opening on the north wall where Von Croy is waiting for you. This is the area revealed by pulling the jumpswitches. Run straight across the room and through the greenery at the end. You’ll enter a brightly lit hallway, go through the first set of double doors and turn left, through the second set of double doors and turn right. The wall will rise behind you, trapping Von Croy on the other side.

By the side of the pit, turn left and run to the far end of the room (west), turning left into the passage at the end. (south) follow the path all the way round to the north wall and turn to your left, climbing up onto the west ledge. Jump down into the pool, picking up medipacks from all four corners and the ORNATE HANDLE from the centre. Exit the pool.

Return back to the main room and the deep pit. Seth is waiting for you in the pit (and he’s not happy). When you get into the pit there are four jumpswitches to pull. There are switches by the side of each ladder, a switch in the middle of the east wall, and the last switch to the left of the treasure on the west wall. So top up on your health, and get down into the pit, and run like crazy for those switches, because not only have you an angry Seth to contend with, but you’ll also have the company of two hungry dogs and a swarm of locusts, and you’ve got no weapons. When all the switches are pulled quickly climb out of the pit to find a demigod also on the prowl.

Evade the demigod and run through the open door on the west wall, and pick up the HATHOR EFFIGY then sprint to the south entrance and combine the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle and place the PORTAL GUARDIAN on its stand. The door high up to your right opens, so jump up and climb through. Go to the stand and place the Music Scroll. Go to the central platform with the light beam and pick up the Dagger to finish the game.

I never used the Amulet of Horus, so if anyone else did, please let me know so that I can amend the walkthrough.