Level by Anton Scharton (L.Croft)

Walkthrough by Yoav

The level starts with a flyby showing you the whole cemetery around. Shoot the monster and a bat attacks, in front of you is a black gate with star receptacles on both sides. Turn and follow the path, dead man comes in front of you, avoid him, shoot the dogs and skeletons fly. You see another black gate, go to small structure, climb onto the roof and jump to the ground.

Run between those graves, pick up Ammo, flares and Crowbar (left from the golden grave between the small stone), use crowbar and take the first Golden Star. Move the movable golden grave, jump into hole and get into the water, swim to left and pull underwater lever, gate opens somewhere. Turn and swim to other side, get out of the water, find yourself in the second cemetery.

Pull the jumpswitch on wall structure, the black gate opens and two dogs come to attack Lara. Don't wait for them, climb onto structure roof, pick up flares and jump toward path, shoot those dogs, proceed to the open gate.

Follow the path into funeral house, light a flare, move the two movable graves inside, it raises a block, climb onto it and from there to ledge above. Pull lever in right side, go to left, use the crowbar and pick up the second Golden Star. Get out of the funeral house, turn left between the wall and fence, go behind corner and pick up the Star. Now go to the orher side of the funeral house, move the golden grave, it's a secret place, pick up small medipack. Proceed toward the black gate and place the Golden Star.

Follow to the end path, climb the brown tree and do backflip over the fence, pick up another Star, get into The howling Mansion. Run around the mansion, pick up flares, place the Stars, two gates open.

Climb up onto the big block, run and jump over the fence, go through the open gate, follow corridor, get into the water, swim to end of the cave, pull underwater lever. Swim back, get out of water, proceed to second open gate, follow corridor. Get into the water, swim and pull the underwater lever to raise a block. Return to big block, climb wall and then climb onto the block you raised, light a flare, jump forward to big room.

Big boss skeletons fly waiting for you, pull jumpswitch behind those four columns, it will open a way in the dark corner room, pick up medipack and uzis, follow through the open way and stop before the deep hole. You can't climb down, there is an invisible pole at the center of that hole, use it to slide down. Get out to new cemetery, shoot a few dogs, follow the path and look for a climbing ladder on one of those structures. Climb up to roof, jump to next structure, run and jump forward to front wall. Take another jump over the fence, pull lever, climb to roof, pull another lever, trapdoor opens. Jump to path, follow through the opening in fence, fall down to hole, proceed in the corridor. You see GEM in center room, picking up the gem will finish the level.