Planet of the Ancients II: Escape from Sirius V

Level and walkthrough by Richard Szydelko

In this walkthrough I have purposely left out locations to medipacks, ammo etc. So Explore! Important items are indicated here, though.

Thank you for playing this level. Hope you enjoy it.


Clear Lake area

As you emerge from the railway tunnel the huge ship Lucky Lucy rumbles overhead. Keep walking towards the railway bridge in front of you. Notice the locked gate to your left. Keep making your way across the bridge notice two tie fighters fly by overhead, keep walking. Oh no! the tie fighters have bombed the railway tunnel, blocking your way. You will have to find another route. Look to your left at the end of the bridge and you will se a section of the fence missing. Climb down to the shores of 'Clear Lake'. Make your way across to the waterfall area and notice that part of the waterfall looks different (darker blue) make your way to this area and walk through the water, you have found Secret No 1.

Pick up your shotgun and ammo quickly and immediately arm yourself with it. A strange mutated lizard beast will attack you. A couple of shots should see him off. Now enter the water and swim around to investigate. Notice about half way along the lake to the left you will find a small hole hidden by a water plant. Enter to find Secret No. 2.

Enter the lake area again but be careful, you have woken a mutant fish. Get to the bank and kill the bugger. On entering the water again you will see a large underwater cave opening. Swim down there and you will see two large moving propellers. I wouldn't advise swimming through them, you need to turn off the props first. To do this swim back to the columns supporting the railway bridge. You will notice that some have platforms attached but you can climb out onto only one of them. Now follows a tricky sequence to get to the other end where you will see a switch which deactivates the propellers. Climb onto the first platform attached to the bridge support, climb up and work way around so you are facing with your back to the support and backflip and twist/cling. This is tricky and you have to be on the correct rung for it to work. Work your way along the supports (the route is fairly obvious). PICK UP the fuse object on your way. Finally, press the switch to switch off the underwater fans.

When you have switched the props off swim back to the propellers and carefully swim over the top of them. You will enter a metallic chamber with stairs leading up. Follow the stairs.

Chambers of the Ancients

On reaching the opening be careful, there is a long drop down. You need to make your way up the ladder to the left of the opening. Continue along the platform towards the locked door. Insert the FUSE into the holder on the wall to activate power to the door and power up and old friend. A short flyby sequence follows where you are introduced to everybody's friend R2D2. Don't shoot him, he is a friend. I recommend SAVING here. You are in the Chamber of the Ancients which is heavily booby trapped. You must follow the droids path exactly and more importantly you must REMEMBER the path it takes. Be patient and slowly follow the droid as he scans for traps and plots a safe course. When you have reached the top level R2D2 will disappear into a door... his job done. Do not follow him through the door, you will not be able to get out again. Instead pick up the CROWBAR and move back along the walkway to the locked door on the far wall. Open it using the Crowbar and make your way down the ladder. Press the switch in the room at the bottom to open the remaining door in the top room. Make your way out of the room via the other door. Oh no, you are at the bottom again. You have to make your way back up to the now opened door at the top. Did you remember the safe path?

On reaching the top door again press the switch to open the first door we saw by the railway tunnel. PICK UP the LS KEY. Drop down into the water and follow the tunnel. You will have entered the Clear Lake again. Careful of the mutant fish. Make your way back to the now opened door near the railway tunnel and despatch the mutant. Notice that there is another door below, but it is locked. Do you remember the little island at the center of the Lake? We need now to get on that via a ZIPLINE. Go to the corner of the area you are in (to the right as you walk in the gate). You can jump up here and when at the top jump over the ridge and slide down the other side.

Make your way towards the Zip line. SAVE before using the ZIP line as it does not reset if you bugger it up. Jump off the zipline when you are above the island and jump into the little hole in the centre. Press the switch which opens the locked door seen earlier. Jump over the smaller fence back into the water and make your back to the now open door. Drop into the hole and crawl into the cave.

Green Waterfall Cave

Beware ahead the noxious green effluent water which will kill you on contact. Jump across the water to the little outcrop and make your way towards the crawlspace which leads to the waterfall and open cave area. Beware the mutant. Now climb onto the block in the center of the room. Face back the way you came and do a running jump/cling to the block. Then back again to the block on the left.

When at the top you may notice that at the opposite side of the cave there is a door high up. This is locked. Notice also the monkey swing going high up across the waterfall. Don't go there yet instead turn around and head towards the corner. You will have to crawl some of the way. You can find an opening here. Crawl into it and into the room. There is flowing water to the left and right. It looks as if you can get behind the water and into openings. The tricky bit now. Notice the monkey swing going across the centre of the room. You need to make your way across until you are opposite one of the openings. Face towards the opening. Now drop, slide and jump when at the bottom of the slope and cling to the opening ledge.

This is a tricky jump so save is recommended here. Press the button. If you fall to the ground you can make your way up the ladder. You did kill the mutant didn't you? Repeat the manouever into the other opening and press the button. Secret no 3 can be accessed by jumping from the second waterfall room (to the right as you enter room) and over the wall. Keep as far right as possible to avoid damage.

Pressing these two buttons opens the previously locked door. Make your way back out of this room and towards the monkey swing which passes over the waterfall. You will need to jump back and forth across the facing sloped surfaces. Don't go across the monkey swing yet. Go to the other corner of the cave to find Secret No. 4.

Beware the lurking Mutant on entering. Now back to the monkeyswing and monkeyswing across - make your way to the now open door. In the passage you enter take care of the crushing blocks which move left to right. It's a matter of timing. The tricky one is the double one. You will need to carefully time a running jump to get past these. Follow your nose and be careful of the collapsing floor which you will cross. You will now enter a water area.

Mirrored Water Room]

This is a mirrored room area. The reflection of the room shows the exits. The room you are in doesn't! You have to pull two levers to open the hidden trapdoor above.As you enter the room you will notice in the reflection there is an exit to your right. Go to it and pull the lever. There is an airhole here so use it! Now swim out and back towards the direction you came in and you will find another exit. Pull the lever here and get more air in the first opening. Pick up the SG KEY towards the front near the 'mirror'. Now swim up and through the hidden opening. The trapdoor is now open. Get out of the water and proceed down the passageways.

Laser Gun Room

You will eventually reach a large chamber. The Laser Room. You will notice several doors. But one in particular has an emblem with a crystal in it. You need to fire the laser gun at the crystal to open the door, positioning the mirrors in the correct places. But first you have to make the blocks retract so you can push the Mirrors and Laser gun. It is not a good idea to get close to the crystal as it has a self defence mechanism which will blow you up!

First thing to do is to climb the ladder (you found it right). Make your way across the platforms and you will notice a switch. Press the switch and you will see blocks appear out of the wall. The blocks will retract after a time so you need to be quick! The purpose is to get across to the Jump switch on the opposite wall. After pulling it you will drop to the floor (so make sure you have enough health). Enter the now open door and press the switch. A block raises on the first floor allowing you to progress to the second floor. Make your way up to the second floor. You have to pull two more Jump switches using similar techniques to the first. Press the switch then make your way across to the jump switches before they retract. Notice on one of the sequences you will see a small space high on the wall. This gives you access to Secret No 5.

When all Jump switches have been activated all the doors will have opened downstairs allowing you access to the switches therein which lower the blocks on the floor allowing you to move the laser gun and mirrors.

See picture for correct position of movable items.

If your items are positioned correctly you will get confirmation by a short flyby. When the crystal explodes and opens the door, walk through. A teleport lies behind it.

Stargate room

You will be teleported to a different secret location. Investigate and find the door which will automatically open. Make your way through it and use the SG KEY on the object on the wall. This will give you a nice surprise and the Stargate will be revealed. Make your way down to the stargate, notice the step 'track' to your left. Carefully jump through the centre of the stargate.

The Hot Planet

You will be transported to a hot planet in a galaxy far far away! Make your way through the gates and to the building on the left. Notice the LANDSPEEDER. You have got the LS Keys right? Notice the switch on the wall. First move the vehicle near to the switch then get out and press the switch. Quickly get back in the vehicle and make your way out of the door and drive to the left and follow your nose as fast as you can to get through the gates at the end of the track on time. Once through the gates avoid the falling blocks and avoid driving over them they cause damage. Get out of the vehicle.

Notice the trapdoors. Notice the switch on the wall. This reopens the timed gates. (you may have to press it twice). Press it and make your back along the track (either on foot or use the vehicle if you wish). About half way along to the right climb the wall and find the switch and press it to open the trapdoors. Make your way back and get in your vehicle. Drive through the tunnel and stop when you get outside. You will see a large lake area. The object of this area is to find three switches to raise the platforms so the vehicle can cross safely to the other side.

Walk forward across the 'sandbank' run and jump/cling across the gap. and look to your right, you will see the first switch. Press it the first platform rises. Okay now get your feet wet and swim to the far corner to your left as you came in. Get out and make your way round to the centre avoiding the steam (hot hot hot). In the centre bit notice the switch on the far wall. Jump across and make your way to the switch. After pressing it make your way to the smaller of the two piers. Jump across to the block and further jump to the land ahead near the exit. Jump into the exit and you will find a switch just inside the door. Press that and all three platforms should have risen. Make your way back to the vehicle and head back towards the exit. Build up speed for the jumps and you should be ok.

Now go through the tunnel network running over the BORG troopers RESISTANCE ISN'T FUTILE. Continue up the track but DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE AT OR NEAR A STEEP SLOPE. If you slide down the slope you will not be able to get back to your vehicle and you are buggered, the vehicle can get up the slope but you can't! You will eventually come to a 'roadblock' consisting of two raising blocks which need to be lowered. The switch is on the wall you have just passed SAVE BEFORE PRESSING. Press this and hurry back to your vehicle and drive onto the raising platform beyond. This will take you up but beware the BORG. Try and get off the platform as quickly as possible and run him over. Just follow your nose and run over all Borg you come across. When you see the final roadblock ahead keep going it will lower as you approach it. Keep on going. You are back at the stargate. Stay in your vehicle and jump back through it.

Stargate room II

Back in the stargate room you can now go up the steep track and head on out. Be careful you do not get stuck, keep to the centre of the track. You can leave the vehicle at any point to explore if you wish. Keep going to the end of the track and get out of your vehicle. You will leave it behind here. Climb the ladder and drop down into the tunnel. This is the tunnel which the Tie fighters blocked up right at the beginning. Luckily they have also blown a hole in the side wall. Exit through this side wall. Beware more mutants.

Level Jump

Keep going down the path and you will come to the Ancient Temple.

You will notice that the level loads. Instead of proceeding further, go back towards the railway tunnel and you will find Secret No 6.

Ancient Temple

Now go back towards the temple.On entering the temple proceed past the pool and notice the Laser gun. Proceed towards the double gates and notice the jumpswitch. Climb the ladder and do a backflip/twist and grab the switch. This will lower the blocks giving you access to push the laser gun until it is opposite the crystal on the wall. It opens the door behind you. Notice the locked door in the pool. Proceed through the just opened door and up the ladder make your way round the building until you reach another Laser gun. Notice you cannot push the laser gun, a block is in the way. There is a raising platform and a jumpswitch, but you need a key to trigger the raising platform. Make your way back the way you came and a Borg will appear. You need to kill the Borg to get the Key off him.

The trick is to get as close to the Borg as possible and fire as many shotgun shells as possible at him. The Borg is stupid and can't hit you when you are near enough to him. Now back to the Lasergun room and insert the key into the device which raises the platform, pull the jumpswitch. Now Move the Lasergun to the other end which lines up with the crystal on the opposite wall. This opens the door in the pool. Go back downstairs and through the now opened door. When you emerge from the water you are confronted by a Borg. This Borg will do you a lot of damage. Head towards the block in the centre and push the first switch. Avoid the Borg. They are bit stupid so you can play ring a roses around the block. When you have a clear point sprint to the opened door. Get the GRENADE GUN. Start blasting the Borg. If you get in close you are harder to hit. Press other switches to open the other doors and get more grenade gun ammo and medipack. Note there is grenade type II ammo which is far more powerful. When you have killed the Borg he will drop a key item. Get this and proceed back out of the pool.

Go towards the door you came in and you will see a slot for your key. Put it in and the block will raise allowing access to the first floor. Make your way around but beware the second Borg. You must kill him. He will drop the second 'Raising Key'. Use this to gain access to the second floor. Again kill the Borg (it may be easier to go anticlockwise around the balcony!) and jump into the 'grotto' . Pick up the AUDIO DISK. The large gates below will open. Make your way down and out the doors. As you round the corner a flyby will play. A statue of Lara...Chosen? Whats that about? Push the statue one way and the gate opens. Push it another way to reveal Secret No 7. when the raising block rises - climb over the wall and there it is. Proceed through the gate and you will go through a small cave and emerge into the Volcanic Valley.

Volcanic Valley

The flyby shows your objectives. Notice the broken walkbridge. Proceed towards that. Careful it will collapse as you are walking on it. When on the block do a runningjump and cling. Press the switch. This borg is a bit more difficult to kill. Requires tactics of tempting him towards you so you can grenade him. Then seeking cover. When you have killed him. Proceed along the ledge you then need to jump into the little 'indent' just below. Now you should be opposite the little island. You now need to slide down the cliff facing backwards and do a backflip before you enter the lava to land on the island. Proceed Anticlockwise to the switch. Press it and climb onto the top of the block and jump across to the second 'island'. Make your way to the top and slide down the slope. Make your way across and towards the third switch. Watch your footing all the time it is treacherous underfoot. After pressing the third switch notice the ammo etc. Make your way back and towards the final switch and door along the ledge. Another borg needs to be despatched first. Avoid the Lava stream. The best way to kill the borg is to get as close to him as fast as possible. Beware it is treacherous underfoot though. Destroy the AutoDroid and jump to the centre block. Further jump across and continue to make your way around to the switch. Press the final switch and proceed through the door.

Volcanic caves

Follow the cave around until you reach a clearing. Do not go the obvious route and slide and jump, you can not make it. Instead you need to keep to the right and jump carefully. On the first 'block' do a jump to the next. Then move as far back on the block as possible and jump again (a leap of faith this one). Drop onto the next one down and you should then be able to make the standing jump across to the exit block.

Proceed through the cave, shoot the rocks to reveal ammo. Crawl through the revealed space and you will enter a large area.

Large volcanic cave

To your right you will notice a switch. Suggest saving here. This is a timed switch. In order to get Secret No 8. you have to press the switch, notice the platform starts to raise. Make your way back to the opposite wall around the back of the block near the entrance. Drop down and shimmy along until you get to the opposite wall and get up and do an immediate backflip onto the platform in front of the raising platform. Now do a running jump onto the platform. This will raise up to the top where you will find the secret. If you don't make it in time you can continue the level without getting the secret by going down to the blocks below and taking the more difficult route. Or try again! Either way you need to get to the centre section. Note as you arrive on the centre section the second platform begins to rise. Make Haste! you must make it in time, there is no alternative route here! Once the platform has risen to the top do a running jump and cling to the block opposite adjacent to the exit. Jump towards the door. Now slide backwards down the slope and cling to the wall. Notice the Jump switch beneath you. Pull the switch and drop to the platform below. Make our way across the platforms, then move up the steps and jump back towards the door, it should now be open.

Plasma Tunnels

Make your way through the 'plasma' tunnels. You will encounter a Borg, be ready. Continue through the tunnels until you reach the Teleporter Room. You may like to Pause and go and vomit at this point as the plasma tunnels are a bit disorientating. Notice the pickup in the corner of the room on a raised section. This is a vital clue as to the location of the 'Scrolls of Time'. Examine this item. Now press the button and climb up on to the teleporter.

Devils Tower revisited

The teleporter will transport you to an area you have visited before (if you have played Planet of the Ancients I). Despatch the Autodroid. Don't let it get close or it will inject you with narcotics. Proceed towards the Devils Tower and despatch the Droid. You can climb the 'steps' to your right and over into the area beyond. You will notice equipment on the wall. Insert the AUDIO DISK. You will hear the 'pop tones', this summons the giant UFO and your means of escaping the planet and going to Mars. The UFO will respond. Now make your way back to the Devils Tower. Despatch the final Borg (they really do not want you to proceed). And climb up now accessible wall to the top of Devils Tower. Now walk into the light to be teleported into the ship. This ends the second thrilling episode of Planet of the Ancients II. The third installment, now in production will take place on Mars and will be the final installment in this series.

Thanks for playing. Hope you enjoyed playing it as much as I enjoyed building it.

Richard Szydelko (uvavoo)