Level by Sternenfeuer

Walkthrough by RelicHunter and posted here with permission

From the start, go to the NE corner to find some wideshot shotgun ammo. There is a push block in the NW corner. Go pull it once to reveal a door, open the door, then open the next door on your right. Go forward a little and open another door on the right. Kill the guard inside, and leave.

Open the door in front of you, and kill the guard inside. Walk to the end of the hall, and pick up a small medipack on the right. Leave and walk upstairs to kill a dog. Move the block in the N wall, to reveal SECRET #1, revolver ammo. Go into the bedroom and kill another guard. Pull the end table on the left and pick up the Silver Key. Now pick up the normal shotgun shells from the end table and go back downstairs.

Return to the start of the level and look for a push block in the west wall, pull it and move it out of the way to reveal an underground passageway. Go down to a room with water and wall burners. Save your game here. Pull the switch and quickly turn around. Run to the corridor in front of you, and turn left to pull the switch. Dash out of the corridor, and turn right upon the exit, and another right to a similar corridor. Pull the switch and dash out of the room.

The two switches you pulled will open a trapdoor in the room with water. If the burners get you, just keep dashing and you will fall into a pool of water. Swim through the tunnel to a larger sunken area. Turn left, and left again to pick up some flares. Roll and look for some normal shotgun shells on the floor, and look in the ceiling for a switch. Pull it, and then roll. Swim left, then right, and through the tunnel for some much needed air.

Climb out of the water, and pick up some more flares. Turn around and jump to the other side, grab the ledge and pull up to an area with more wall burners. Investigate to the left of the area to find a switch. This is another timed run. Pull the switch, then roll and run until you can safely climb up, then sprint to the other side, and to the hallway before the door closes.

Run forward to another room with burners. Climb up on the ledge in front of you, roll, and take an angled jump towards the slope above the second burner. Backflip onto a ledge, and take another angled jump towards the slope above the fourth burner. Backflip once more to land on another ledge. Climb into the crawlspace, and climb out the other side to fall into a pool of water.

Swim through the tunnel, and investigate the floor by the grating to find the Golden Key that you were looking for. Go back to the air hole from where you dropped into the pool to grab some air. Save your game and swim back down. Swim left, and left again, and take the small medipack that is in the hole. Swim right, right, left, left, and right into another tunnel.

Swim through the tunnel, ignoring the holes as you go by, and keep swimming through the small openings until you find another air hole. Climb out and kill a few bats. Now locate the pillar. Pull and push it into the brown tile in the E corner. This will turn off the fire in the W entryway. Go inside.

Turn right, then left, and when you reach the pipe, roll and look up in the ceiling to locate a jump switch. Pull it to open a trapdoor in this room. Turn right, and right again. Roll, and climb up the ladder. On the right, move the blocks out of the way, to find a large medipack, now move the block in the N wall out of the way to reveal a switch. Pull it to open the grated door. Now turn left, left again, and sprint out of the room before the door closes.

Go back to the hall you discovered in the NW corner, and use the key by the locked door. Go into the room, and be prepared to kill a dog coming from your left. After disposing of him, climb up onto the crate, and take a running jump to the higher ledge. Pull out the block from the left, and take the shotgun. Now go to the room from where the dog came out and get the snowmobile. Park it by the gate, and use the Silver key to open the gate.

Get on the snowmobile and drive out of the room youíre in. Run over the dog and turn right. Run over the next dog, and get off the snowmobile. Go back to where you ran over the first dog, climb up onto the crates, and shoot out the metal grating. Jump inside to claim some shotgun ammo. Go into the tunnel and locate the crawlspace on the left. Crawl all the way in, and then grab the ledge and shimmy to the other side. Dispose of the bat and keep crawling. Kill the next bat, and grab the ledge and drop into the cave. Climb into the opening on the right and kill the bat inside. Pick up the revolver.

Come out from the chamber and go straight to find another opening on the right. Climb in and grab the normal shotgun ammo. Climb out, and return to the snowmobile. But first, go deeper into the tunnel and grab the ledge at the end to pull the jump switch. Kill the bat that comes to bother you. Jump into the pool and pull the switch there. This will open a gate in the upper part of the chasm. Climb out of the water, and investigate the area on the right of the ledge with the jump switch. Jump over the hill and return to the snowmobile.

Get on the snowmobile, and drive all the way through the tunnel, jumping over the chasm, and park the snowmobile there. Get on top of the slope you are on, and jump toward the left of the opened gate. When you get over there, pull the switch to open the second gate in the area. Drop down into the chasm, and jump over the hill to the tunnel from which you came from. Do a running jump to the other ledge and get back to your snowmobile.

Get on the snowmobile, and drive it up the slope of the newly opened passageway. At the top of the slope. Get off the snowmobile, and locate the jump switch in the NE corner. Pull it to open the nearby door. Prepare a strong weapon, such as the shotgun or revolver, and walk inside and kill the two guards and the dog that attack you. Look in the NE corner to find the lasersight. Go back to the entrance of the room, and push both columns into the tiles where the ceiling touches the columnsí top. The door will open.

Go inside and kill the guard that comes to get you. Make sure that you donít kill him by the wall burner. Take his revolver ammo. Explore the perimeter of the room to reveal a few more guards. Kill them. Now go to the left of the entrance to the room, and combine the revolver with the lasersight. Carefully aim at the blue swinging ball in the opening. Shooting it opens a trapdoor in the metal grating on the floor. Swim down and look for an opening by the center of the underwater chamber. Once you find it, swim inside, then up, and pull the switch to raise a block on land. Grab some air, swim back down, and find the closed grate. There is a switch above it on the other side. Pull it to open the grate.

Grab another breath of air, and swim into the new area. Swim down and left upon the first hole, and discover SECRET#2 a large medipack. Swim to the end of the chamber, and left in to the last hole for some shotgun ammo.

Climb up onto the raised block and shimmy all the way to the opening where the swinging ball was. Crawl inside, and pull the switch that you will find. This will raise another block in the wall burner room. Once you find it, climb up on it, and jump and grab the ledge of the slope. Pull up, slide for a second, then jump and grab the ladder. Monkey-swing to the higher platform on the left, and drop down onto the platform.

Take a jump to the platform with the electricity and take the Golden Starfire. You will then see the burners turn off, and another block rise, which shows you the way to the helicopter. Get over there and run to the helicopter to finish the level.