Level by Psiko

Walkthrough by Dutchy

In the Woods.

Shoot a Scorp and get the 2 Ammo pickups, get out through the E hole in the wall and go L, jmp to the lower R hand ledge in the pool to get the Ammo, dive in to get a Pickup under the ledge and swim up to the W side of the ledge to get out, shoot the Croc and climb back up to the higher W ridge, from here you can see the ladders in the NW corner, runjmp to the lower ledge under the ladder and climb up and R to the pillar with the MS, follow to the pillar with the plant and run off grabbing the crack in the E wall, go R and climb through the crack to the other side, drop and go L to the end, get the MP and hop on the block with the tree at the corner. Climb the sloped wall R of the tree and pull up over, slide to the grassy island, the lever will open an UW gate under the floor where you got the MP. Dive into the pool and get the Ammo under the lever island.

Swim to the next area through the tunnel along E wall and climb out just over the gate, follow the bank to the W and get some Ammo, up the ladder to a crack in the wall, release Ctrl for a moment to hang and shimmy R around the corner to a hole in the wall, overlooking a wooded area. Shoot the Scorp while you’re up here and look R to spot the ˝ MP below, get that first and explore the woods for Pickups and end up at the hole in the wall N, go through to a canyon with a pool down below, follow the L hand ledges along the canyon to a ladder on a pink pillar, to the L and up is a gate, to the R are 3 Skeletons taking a nap and beyond them a big set of doors. Climb down the pillar and from the ledge there you can shoot yourself some Croc-meat jmp/grab the opening in the centre rock, go in and use the switch to lower a block at a lever. Drop back out of the room and swim to the lever E, this will open the big doors and wake the Skeletons up.

Explore the water for Ammo and Flares and go up in the SW corner, jmp up to a higher ledge and from the tree there a runjmp to a pointy ledge sticking out of the centre rock, then to the ladder and up to go for those doors R, team the Skellies up together so you can shoot all 3 with one arrow and walk out onto this beautiful beach, out in the water is an island ( with a big tree) with some Ammo on it, L of you behind the dark Rock W is a path with a switch in the end. Dive into the Crystal clear water and swim to the island and approach the V shaped point sticking out to the shore in a straight line, you can climb up that point (the bottom of the V), get the Secret. (Thanks, eTux.) Swim back and get into the path behind the rock, the switch opens the gate at the pink ladder.

Return there and go through to the next area, shoot the Scorp, get a ˝ MP on your way S, don’t run off the cliff, but jmp onto the sloped rock going down into the deep, slide forward and jmp to a ridge ahead, get the Secret Revolver and proceed down. Go through the passage S, shooting the Pirate and in the next cave go up the SE ladder, backflip to the rock way up and jmp to the N rock, then to N wall and go into the deeper part, there’s a Boulder alley here, go up to find the exact spot that triggers the Boulder and stand in the centre of the alley, facing down, take a step back to trigger the Boulder and runjmp, then one more runjmp/grab to get to a rope that appeared over the central (Spiked) pillar, swing over to the S passage with the crowbar and get it, hop back fast and grab the edge, drop to a lower ledge when the Boulder passed and drop to the floor, shoot the Pirate and go to the N wall where a block lowered so you can get the Touch of a Star Quality. A gate opens in the W, go in.

Follow the cave up to a Lagoon, go L and down to a lower beach, inside the rocks here is the receptacle for the star, a gate opens. Go L of the star and R into the water, in the purple rock is a tunnel where you can get Cartouche Part 1, swim out, sharp L and R into the tunnel in the green rock, Part 2 is in there. Out and back up to the rock with the big tree at the entrance to the lagoon, runjmp/grab to the open gate W and up the rocks R, to a lever that will open another gate with a Pirate behind it, go back down to the gate and jmp around the R to the lower beach, up to the ledge W, next to the gate and follow around to the W, shoot the Scorp and jmp up to the open gate there, shoot the Pirate in the passage to the receptacle for the Cartouche, glue both parts back together, place them and the gate to the Treasure Cave opens.

The Treasure Cave.

Go R and be ready to shoot Skeletons, or just ignore them, there’s a ladder on the E wall, go up and backflip to the block to open a first gate with the lever, a Pirate storms out, shoot him and the Crocs from the block down from the block, go W and use the switch for the next gate, go N and just opposite the entrance is a pillar with a Jmpswitch, that will open the final gate, shoot the pirate and go in, jmp up and turn, jmp to the pedestal over the entrance and grab that Golden Star. The level ends.