Level by Debbie Overstreet

Walkthrough by Dutchy and CC

(Turn off your Volumetric FX in the TR4 setup.)

The Garage.

Go to the door to the Garage R and shoot the padlock, inside is some Ammo to the R, nothing to do here for now, as all doors are closed and the Bike is not starting up.

The Ravine.

Go out and down the hill, shoot the fences L and jmp/grab the sloped pillar L when looking into the ravine, go R and down to the end of the ladder, where you can backflip to a platform, go jmp/grab around the platforms to pick up all the Goodies on them and jmp/grab back to the ladder, go down all the way this time, collect some more Goodies on the ground and pull out a crate under the ladder, push it aside and enter.

The Caves.

Shoot some Bats and at the pit you can runjmp/grab the pole. Go up and backflip into the R hand alcove, pick up the first pack of Ammo and throw a flare to the back of the alcove, run into one of the corners and turn around to shoot the Spider that came down, when you are back in the corner it canít harm you, pick up the other Ammo and go down the pole to a platform you can backflip to, throw the lever to open a door below, go further down the pole and the ladder besides the next platform, drop at the alcove and get the Goodies inside, then follow the passage to the and runjmp onto the ledge at the open door. Turn and shoot the Spider now if you like, but donít get off the ledge, cause the water in the next room is deadly.

Look for the ledges you can jmp to get to the lever in the back of the room, which will open the door in the Garage. Go back to the ladder, climb to the pole and backflip to the wooden platform at the lever, runjmp/grab past the pole to the passage to the ravine, use the platforms where you collected the Goodies to go back up to the last one, climb the sloped pillar L, slide and jmp back to where the fences were.

The Bike Ride.

Go to the Garage and go into the door in the back, there is another Bike there in an elevator, this one isnít broken, take it out to the street and R when you reach the Ravine. The Bumpy road will take you to over a hill, the next slope has to be taken with some speed, thereís a pit behind it, next a break wall/into the tunnel/2 fences/R up the slope/2 fences/break wall with a breakledge behind it, to be taken with speed/then the road goes up steep, on top you can drive into a R hand cave, through the wall and go behind a ridge to get a Secret, a pile of Goodies. Back on the Bike and over the top of the steep hill, through the next set of fences and with some speed through the L side of the next break wall keep steering L and this will break the fall onto the lower road. Go on, up L and over a couple of hills, over a straight part of road (over a water filled pit, thereís an UW door in the pool) and a jmp over a pillar to finally arrive at Bates Motel.

Bates Motel.

Park the Bike and open the L most door, inside R is a crate to pull out, throw the lever behind it and the centre room of the Motel opens. Go into the room and open the door to the bathroom, remember the curtain scene? Go into the shower and Norman Bates shows up with the Bread knife. Stand outside of the room and shoot him. Notice the trapdoor in the room and get a Ĺ MP from the shower. Head out and R, past the Motel to a storage area, thereís a MP on one of the top crates. Go to the N side of the room and find the 4 crates you can move onto the Tiled floor, do the one on the dark spot last or the rest will not move anymore. The crates raised 2 block in the back S room, go up to use the Jmpswitch, which will open an UW door.

The Blade Piece.

Head over to the back of the Motel and dive into the famous lake there where the car rests on the bottom, more victims lying around here, swim into the open door N and follow the cave, down into the bottom hole and up a bit further, chased by Spirits. When you reach the hole up, pull the UW lever (the trapdoor opens in the bathroom) and go up into a basement, haunted by Spirits, at one try I hade several, at an other go at it I didnít see one. Get rid of them in the water and head into the R passage of 3, R again and follow to a room where you have to shoot a white vase in an alcove. This will put out the flames under the Blade Piece you have to pick up in another room. Go through the W passage and in the next room you can get a Ĺ MP in the alcove, Donít shoot the vase, go back to the water hole and take the centre passage to come to the room with the Blade Piece. Climb the alcoves behind it for Flares and MP and swim back to the lake.

Go to the Motel and into the bathroom, drop into the trapdoor and get a Ĺ MP, go on and be sure to drop near the corner when you go down the next part, stand back in the corner and shoot the Spider that cannot harm you this way. Follow the tunnel to a slide, go off backwards and grab, shimmy R and backflip over the pit, hop back into the corner one more time to kill a Spider, Look up here to use a Jmpswitch (which will open the Bates House) and follow to the water, swim through the tunnel to an UW lever at a trapdoor, climb out near the House.

The Bates House.

Go around the L side to the back alley and push/pull 2 crates onto the Tiled squares in the corners of the alley. Blocks will raise on the veranda. Go into the house at the front and notice the trapdoor to the basement in the floor to the L, the stairs with a door on the 1st landing, go on into the room and on the L wall is a broken/flashing lamp, use the switch in it to open the door to the veranda (donít shoot the vase on the table), go up the blocks and use the MS to grab the Jmpswitch in the end. The door on the landing opens, go into that bedroom. Another flashing lamp with a hidden Jmpswitch, Norman Bates storms in again, hop back in front of him and take him out. Thereís some Ammo in the vase here. Go to the top of the stairs, where a block raised, first open the ceiling hatch next to it and runjmp/grab from the block into the opening to the roof, go R and shoot a vase for a MP.

Go to the rope hanging from a tree and swing in the direction of the Jmpswitch on the other tree, grab the ladder and go drop/grab the switch, runjmp back to the roof where a door opened. Enter Motherís Bedroom, the imprint of the body still on the bed, open the door to the outside veranda and go straight, jmp over the fence, go onto the first branches L and to some Ammo there, return and go L, shoot some Bats and get the Flares, turn L and standjmp onto the sloped trunk, slide and grab the edge, drop on the Jmpswitch, which will open that trapdoor to the basement L of the house entrance.

The Basement/ Head Piece.

So go back inside and climb down, find the other hole down and go down the first set of stairs, look R at the 1st landing and do a runjmp/grab over the railing to the alcove with the lever. Drop out and follow the stairs down to the open door, run straight into the R hand corner at the door and turn to shoot one more of those lovely Spiders, go in and pull the L hand lantern onto the centre tile to open the next door, go in and push in the R hand crate, but not to the end, go in for a Secret, Ĺ MP and Ammo.

Now run over the moulded floor to the ledge with the corpse, shoot the Skeleton into the pool and open the R hand Timed door with the switch in the lamp. Runjmp /grab into the room and grab the Head Piece quick (never mind the MP, it is trapped), roll and jmp back. Now do the same on the other side and grab the Murder Weapon, thereís another trapped MP, just pull the lamp switch and roll, runjmp back runjmp to the 1st raised pillar in the deadly pool and standjmp to the next, take a step back and runjmp/grab into the exit.

The Way Out.

Go back up to the roof of the house and into the bedroom, L this time and around to the front of the house, when the music starts, Norman will show up again, shoot him and combine Blade and Head Piece to place them on the stand, Gates open and 5 Crows take off, turn L and look around L corner, on a small balcony is a Secret, a Ĺ MP. You can reach it by doing a runjmp sharp around the corner, probably the Crows will attack now, stand in a corner and shoot them with the pistols. Jmp grab up to the roof over the window here and lure them all to you so they wonít bother you anymore. Grab the edge of the high roof, go L as far as possible, pull up/backflip/roll and steer R in mid-air, to land exactly at the stand on the veranda. Head back to the Motel.

Final Bike Rides.

Time for your last Secret, take the Bike and drive back where you came from, park it on the side at the pit and dive in on W side, thereís an UW lever on the pillar, it will open an UW door E, get some air and swim in, no need to look around, the MP is just in sight a bit further on you way down the tunnel. Throw the UW lever in the end to open the trapdoor which will lead you back to the Garage area. Get some Ammo near the hole and follow the passage, shoot the Padlock and go to the passage where you got the first Bike, L is another door open where the 2nd Bike is waiting for you. Take it to the Motel and up the ramp to the Store room, L into the open gates and follow the route through a gate, fences, break-wall and floor and stop there, as you will have to go through the Flames one by one, time the run and follow the tunnel, you will encounter Norman the lest time, so enjoy, run over the Spiders too and at the dead end is a Jmpswitch R to raise the block under the CS, go through and into the blue rays, pry the Walk of Fame Star from the wall and the door opens.