Level by eTux

Walkthrough by Dutchy

4 Secrets.

Seems we don’t have a Compass here, Bummer.

The Torch.

Climb out of the dripping cave with the dark grey block of you L, go forward to the dark wall with a hole in it. First walk R into the very corner of the slopes, as far as possible and turn, face the big tree at the hole in the ground and backflip onto the slope behind, then jmp with a sharp L turn to land on the hill side at the plant, follow the path to where you have to jmp around a small bush and get the Secret ½ MP, (Pic) go down the hill and now into that hole in the wall, into a dark place, go along the L side and see the wooden gate L, from the gate look R and see a fallen and broken Cart, between the rubble fallen out of the cart is a Torch (different shape, a broken twig).

Pick it up and return out to the Hole you came up from, go past it and follow the canyon to an old dead tree, leave the torch here and go on a bit, past a big tree and down a slope to get the ½ MP, go back to the Torch and jmp up the L side slopes to enter another hole in the wall, inside this area is a dead tree, struck by lightning, light the torch on it and go back to the 1st room with the wooden gate, light the wall torch L of it, to open the gate and go into the dark caves, follow taking the Torch with you and keep to the L side, you go around a pillar and there’s a green rock in the L corner, go into the triangular hole in that corner and follow the long tunnel down to the floor of a Canyon, shoot the Wolves and get the Secret MP’s, go back to the triangular hole and straight up the ridges in front, till you reach an area with big trees.

The 3 Hearts of the Unfortunate.

Notice the Swamp in the Cave L, go straight till you reach a small tree on a yellow hill, drop down into the hole L of it, with the Torch and light the roots of a dead tree.
Jmp up under them. Go back up and look for the hole in the wall. Inside you have to dig a hole later. Take the Torch with you (you don’t need it anymore, but it will give some light in the darkness) when you go back to the Swamp cave. Runjmp along the R hand wall, using the little dry spot to runjmp along and go R past the pillar in the end to reach the next area. Leave the Torch and go R to the cave in the end.

The Graveyard Cave - 1st Heart.

Through the Graveyard cave with The Undead walking around, go into the far R corner and L, onto a grey block next to a tree, face the hill R and shoot the Wolf on it. Stand on the highest point of the block and face the tree, jmp/grab up to grab the leaves and shimmy R to the corner, drop to the hill and go to the pillar, there’s a reach-in switch. When you use it the 1st Heart appears at your feet, take one step back to pick it up, climb the switch-block and turn L, jmp/grab the dark alcove and go into a Secret room, get the Goodies, get back out and return to the area with the Swamp cave, straight into a hole in the wall.

The Tight Rope.

Walk the rope to the corner ledge and then R to the small mushroom. In the hole behind it is the 2nd Reach-in switch, climb out and safety drop to the lower cave, into the open gate and reach the Mirror Swamp.

The Mirror Swamp - 2nd Heart.

Runjmp to the sandy corner R at the mirror, stand L and turn so you can spot the Secret Shotgun on this ledge. Jmp back to the entrance and runjmp to the ledge you can see in the mirror, along L wall (looking into the room) and at the lower part of the ceiling. Sidestep R and forward and standjmp to the next one, turn R and runjmp to the plant in the centre of the swamp, then a runjmp to the ledge at the mirror and next to the pillar, a standjmp to the one in front of the pillar, a runjmp across to the other side of the room and a standjmp in the direction of the Skull ledge, turn R and a runjmp across to the other side of the room and from this ledge you can reach the Skull ledge with a standjmp. Pull the corpse away and standjmp over it, grab the 2nd Heart under your feet. From this ledge you can do a runjmp to the ledge in the direction of the exit, saves you a couple of jmps. Make your way back out and into the cave under the 1st rope.

The Shovel and the 3rd Heart.

Climb up the block in the end L and you’ll come out near the Graveyard Cave, go in the direction of the ropes again and find a spot to jmp up the R hand hill and follow it to the other end, where you can make your way down to an area with the Blair Witch Sign and receptacles for the Hearts. One is still missing, find a hole in the ground in the L corner coming from the hill and get the Old Shovel. Return up the hill and go straight, through the Swamp cave and L to the hole in the wall where you burnt that old tree, go dig a hole in the blood stained earth and you will drop onto a slope, slide down to the Skull cave.

The Skull Cave.

Look L to spot the CS where you have to exit later, for now just follow the cave to an opening overlooking a cave with a centre rock and a deadly pool below. From the opening, you can do a runjmp straight forward to a ledge halfway down the centre rock, follow it around the R side to where you can runjmp to the corner ledge with the pink plant. Go through the tunnel to the next cave, don’t stand too close to the edge looking around. Runjmp/grab to a plant covered rope spanning the cave and swing around to jmp off to a ledge in front and below.

Rope swings.

Walk up to the white Skull wall and do a standjmp up and forward, Lara has to land just on the slope behind it, slide and jmp/grabbing to the next rope, you will be launched to a ledge below. Climb the wall and go around the L corner as the flame goes down, go L and up to the blue Skulls, Backflip/roll/grab the wall behind and go L around the corner, drop to the grey floor and walk around the R corner, climb the wall there and go L again, from halfway up the 2nd wall part, backflip/roll/grab the wall behind and climb up R to the top. Jmp to the top of the rock, spot the blue pyramid with the burner and reach-in switch. When looking in the direction of the entrance to the Skull cave, you’ll see a MP on a ledge with a pink plant, from the lower part of the floor you can do a runjmp onto that ledge and get it.

The 3rd Heart.

Jmp back and climb the block, wait for the burner to go off and runjmp onto the L side of the blue pyramid, stand L of the burner, against the wall and don’t move till the burner is off, sidestep and use it quick, sidejmp off the pyramid before you burn and go to the side where you jmped to the MP, look down to spot a ledge on the wall, drop onto it and go into the heart of the rock, down to a block with the 3rd Heart. Walk out to the pool which is quite safe now and go to the climb wall under the cave entrance.

Go up and to the CS you spotted before, climb up the waterfalls to end up in the Swamp cave, go R and just straight, up the hill and down the other side to the Witch Sign area.

There are 2 Beams of light already activated, go over to them and look around to spot a wooden gate R of them, this will be very important later. Be sure to find it in an instant. I personally threw the Torch in front of it. Place the 2 Hearts closest to them and then the one opposite the 2 that were already activated, step off the ledge to the R facing the sign and stand between the ledge and the small mushroom, walk down to the sign and you’ll end up just R of the red curl when a cutscene takes over, the Sign is activated and you’ll drop into the hole, hold “Ctrl” while falling and you should grab the edge of a pit, so you can do a safety drop into the nerve wrecking cave below.

The Wraith Cave.

In this cave is the biggest Wraith I ever saw and the task at hand is not simple, there’s a Boulder in one of the corners that has to be released in order to break a trapdoor which will be the way out of here. In front of the Boulder is a dark plant covered block on the ceiling, you’ll have to grab up to the MS on that block and at the exact spot, so you will not be killed by the Boulder.

Here’s what I did:
Run into the corner L of the Boulder and roll, runjmp out aiming for the centre of the room and do a running jmp/grab to the most far L side of the MS. Find out what spot will work for you, it will take a few tries. As soon as you did it, SAVE!, and run into the trapdoor opened by that Boulder. (Sometimes you have to turn back a bit or wait a second to get the wraith out of the way a bit.) Drop down and take the R hand passage, run to the end where you will have to climb the blocks, no jmping here, better save after each one and when you reach the Sign area find that open gate and sprint in, dive into the water and swim into the tunnel in the lower UW room.
Climb out and walk up to the body in the wall (the one with the ripped out heart) and you’ll see a block where there used to be a slope. Go back up to the Sign area and R out of the gate, climb up to the new area and the level ends…

(Added by eTux: position to get onto that MS at the Boulder: Pic, it is different than my method, but he’s the author, so who am I to question this?)

(Added by Scottchu: Actually, I found if Lara stands closely beside the boulder's right, and aim at the right side of the ceiling block (with covered plants), with several try-out, we can find a safe grab.)