Level by Emoo

Walkthrough by CC

Turn around and use your laser sight to shoot the box high up on E wall of this square. (This opens a door you won't see yet.) Turn right and before you open the door there, look West, there is an opening in the floor there. Open the coffin for some Flares and get out fast to avoid the 'beetles'. Run around a bit to shake off the ones following you out of the hole.
Open the door in the SE corner, but have weapons ready, as you go in two hounds attack. Have a look at these guys, they're gone beyond the starvation stage! Get the Flares in the SW corner and your first Door Key (small key) off the desk. As you can see there are more keys needed for this room alone, but you can flip the switch there as that will turn on the light.

Go outside again and straight across (N) to the other door to open. Turn right and go up the stairs. At the top use your First Door Key and roll immediately to shoot another dog coming up the stairs. Go into this office and get the pickups SECRET #1, Medipack, Revolver ammo, and another Key (also pretty small).

Back down the stairs, you can run ahead into another office and get rid of another hound, you have to turn on the lights, the switch will also open a trapdoor in a room for later. There is nothing there to do, yet. The other door in that small hallway is still closed, that is the way to the kitchen.
Back outside and use the Second Door Key to open the R hand door on the West wall. Immediately turn or backflip and kill another hound.

Go in and around to the left is another light switch. On the West wall to the right is a door right under an opening in the ceiling. Push the switch on the wall and the door opens. In the small room downstairs is the Revolver and use that light switch down there.(screenshot of a crawlspace) Now go back up the stairs and into that opening in the ceiling. Standing to the wall North jump up. There isnít anything to the right so go straight (E) and around the corner there is an electric switch, the camera shows the room where you picked up the Revolver Roll and walk East again and you will find the Shotgun there. Go back to the opening in the floor and now go North and left. Next you'll see a switch to turn the light on, around the corner from this kill a hound. At the end is another electric switch but that closes the trapdoor, you need to use it as it also opens a gate with a Key behind it. So back to the hole in the floor and on the West is indeed the Key (small golden key). Pick it up and now go back to that electric switch to open the trapdoor again. So go North, flip that switch way back and return here again and drop to the floor.

Use Key in the NE corner, near a door. On the right behind the shelves find some Shotgun ammo, the switch there will open a door nearby. On the left is a shower room. Have weapons ready, run in and turn right to kill another hound. Find the Door key (blue coloured) in the shower, and a second Door key (reddish coloured) in the crawlspace.

Go outside again and over to the office (S) where you killed the two hounds and use the key in the first keyhole on the left. Go into this room and find Uzi, SECRET #2 and find the almost impossible to see Door key (also reddish coloured) on the floor opposite the Uzi. Go outside again and over to the West. Use the key on the black column beside the long gate in the wall. Go inside and use the switch on the left (see the keyhole further on). Go forward and use the key on the door on the right. This goes into the room where you found the revolver. Go up the stairs and press the switch at the top of the stairs. This closed the door beside up but opens up the kitchen door. The switch next to the shelves downstairs gives a camera view of a crawlspace just be sure NOT to use that again, as that will turn on the electricity of the water.

Get out of this area and into the hallway on the right, open the door; this is the room with the crawl space, and at the end of the room you can pick up some Flares and behind the box another keyhole. Get into that crawlspace and find in the water another Key (pink key). If the water has electricity that means you have to go back and use that switch to turn it off.
Back out this crawlspace and use this Key (pink) on the lock behind the crate and enter the gate that is open now. Use the switch to turn on the lights and a hound will attack. In the room is a map on the wall, remember this as you need this later and also pick yet another Key (pink) from the floor.

Go back out to the square and go to the far left door (NE) and straight into the kitchen. Get the laser sight, R on the stove. Pull out the crate and get behind it, into the crawlspace and find yet another Key (small silver).

Back outside again and straight across to the office (S) to the keyhole on the East wall. Use the key and the door to the basement opens near you. But before going there open the door beside this key. It goes into a toilet, shoot the hound and get the Medipack.

Weapons ready as you go out to kill a hound.
Now go back to the door down to the basement. Use the key at the bottom of the stairs and turn to shoot another hound (sheesh, these guys show up as the most awkward places).

You can push the crate on the right and get some Shotgun ammo but a gate is still closed so for now go into the basement. When the flyby stops step back into the corridor as something is eating away at Lara's health and I couldn't figure out what it was. It happens again but I can't explain it. (Theyíre invisible maggots I think -D)
Get the Revolver and Shotgun ammo from the crates. Pick up the Key (silver) off the floor, and shoot the fuse box on the South East wall.

Pull down the middle three switches and the centre gate opens. Go in and get the Torch. Go to the end of the stairs and leave the torch there for a minute. Go up the stairs and kill another hound. The gate behind the pushable crate is open now and on top of that box is also a Key (small one). Pick up the torch and light it on one of the fires outside.

Bring the torch back to the basement and down the stairs, and light the two torches either side of the entrance door.

First turn all the switches up and the two right ones down. In the next room are some crates and a gate that is closed. On the boxes is yet another Key (silver one). As long as you are in this room use one key at the lock there. Enter and pick up some Flares, turn around and there is another lock. When you use that the staircase in the other room is filled with water. Time to get out as there isnít anything more to do here just now. Turn all levers up and the last two on the left down. You need to go outside again as there is nothing to be done in the basement yet.

Go to the opening on the West wall of the square there is still a gate closed and use your last Key. You see a camera flash showing you some pillars. Immediately climb up L and push the block. It hides a diagram of the pillar room, so take notice. The switch turns on the light. Pick up some Arrows and in the next room is another hound waiting for you. Get the last SECRET #3, a Medipack, some Flares and the Crossbow. Now go back to the basement and pick up the torch. Enter the opening on the left. (You probably are being attacked again; just run out and re-enter.) Light the two wall torches and throw away the torch; you donít need it anymore, and enter that corridor. I would save here.

Here is a room with burning columns. Remember that diagram? So start jumping. A running jump to the column left, another one to SW wall. Standing jump to NW. Jump and grab the next (it will start burning, shimmy around and get up in a corner) and a standing jump to the wall where the electric switch is. Switch, you get a camera shot of the other room. South is a small Medipack, get that with a running jump. Back to the switch and standing jump plus grab to the column in front of you, running jump to SE, another one SE and one to the entrance.
In the room where you left the torch is in the corner a Medipack. Again you will loose some health here and leave this room. Outside turn the switches up and the last two on the left down. Now jump into the water and before you swim in that crawlspace the ledge on the right has some Uzi ammo. Swim through and in the next room get into that crawlspace and once again you are outside, walk down into the ghostly forest and back into the theatre.