All Hallows 2

Author: Szymon Cupryn (Emoo)

Jump to the ledge on the right and bound round from there. Fall down from the last. There's the Uzis among the slopes. Go to the clock, there you'll find Uzi ammo. Shoot the grid in the wall, go in and jump into the water. Swim to the end, where you'll find Shotgun and a lever, pull it and swim back. On the other side of the underwater channel there's Uzi ammo.

Climb up by the opened trapdoor, kill the dog, and pick up the items from the blocks. Go on and you arrive to the cathedral's bottom. Jump into the water, swim to the lever in the front corner on the left. There's a little medipack behind the slope. Go back, the door is opened now, go up to the stairs and kill the bats. Go along the corridor; avoid the rats. Slide down the slope, jump and catch the lever. Jump to the ladder from the block, climb up, go along the corridor and shoot the soldier; go in the smaller corridor, kill the dog and go on. Jump into the water, pull the lever; swim back to the little pool, shoot the dog, swim in the underwater door and get out in the end.

Fall into the new pool, get out and shoot the dogs. Jump to the rope from the back column on the right, pick up all of the items and the lever. Go in the door, pull the lever and sprint along the corridor. Go in the maze and face left. Pull the second block on the left minimum twice; pick up the Shotgun from behind it, that's the first Secret. Go out and push twice the third block from the corridor's head then pull the left and right block. Go back to the maze; go in the corridor on the left, pull out the block from its end absolutely.

Go back to the main corridor and push the right block to clash, pull out the middle block; go back to the maze and pull away the block. Face right, get the key and go out. Use the key in the keyhole, hang over the spikes, go in the new room and shoot the dog. Hang over there too, go in the hall. On the altar turn the book on the right and go in the hide door. Go along by the right wall then go to the left where turn the book behind a bookshelf. Go out from there where you entered, go on and turn to the new room.

Kill the dog, pull the lever and jump to the edge. Climb down the bookshelf to the key and use it in the keyhole after you got on the other side. Go in the door and crawl along under the poisoned pins. Pull the lever and pick up the crossbow; go in the opened door and shoot the bats. Go back, pick up the torch, bounce over the columns with it and fire it by the candle. Bounce back then fire the candles, go in the door and kill the dog.

Go into the little room across the dark corridor where you'll find the second Secret. Go back, jump into the water, find the lever and pull it; swim to the big pool through the duct. Crawl out on the right, shoot the soldier, climb up the shaft and go out to the salient and kill the soldier on the other side from there. Jump to the middle platform then the rope; jump to the lever on the wall from there.

After you pull it you'll fall into the water; get back to the middle platform. Jump to the rope and swing to the opened door; go in, kill the dog and side down at the end. Jump to the small block and to the breach from there, hang over then jump to the slope, jump to the gallery at the end. Do the same on the other side then you will arrive to the other gallery. Go up to the corner, jump to the lever and pull it. Kill the dog; go to where the dog came out, fall down at the end, go on, jump over the spikes and climb up. Pull the lever, bounce over the spikes and go out from the room.

Jump to the opposite platform, then the next opposite one; jump to the left, pick up the grenades, jump to the left again and to the opposite platform, but avoid blunder into the shafts of light. Pick up the key and fall down. Use the key in the keyhole in the middle of the stage.

The door has opened on the right, so slide down and go along and up the slope. Climb up in the corner and sprint over the spikes. Jump to the slope at the end and catch the edge with turning jump. Crawl up and jump back. Bounce through the slopes, fall down and kill everybody. When you're ready, climb up in the corner and bounce to the lever below the hide door. Go to the hole without spikes and fall down. Fall down again, jump over the spikes.

That's the end.

Walkthrough by: Clau