La Ville (The City)

Level by Rutabaga
Walkthrough by Anurag


Note: Special thanks to Kristina

The level starts with a cut-scene, which gives a panoramic view of the area; it shows Lara standing in an open place besides a place with barricades & dead snipers. Shoot the barricades & go inside, pull the sniper‚s body in the Northwest corner away from the trapdoor. Now return from where you started, now stand on the gray ledge in the Northwest corner, jump up & grab another ledge above, now perform a run jump to the opposite side. Continue forward & at the intersection go right & pick up the FLARES at the end. Return to the intersection; now go straight. You'll end up in an area with a pool.

Go right & open the door to enter a room, go straight & pick up a SMALL-MEDPACK, the next door leads to an empty kitchen. For now go upstairs, to your left is an empty balcony. Continue right, bypassing a room, in the next room & get some NORMAL SHOTGUN AMMO from behind the bed. Return downstairs & out the door to the area with small pool. Go in the area with tables & chairs, & inside the room, go past the piano & pick up REVOLVER AMMO in an alcove, come out. Now go in the alley left of the pool, kill the bad guy that enters. First go right & pick up SHOTGUN WIDESHOT AMMO from there. Now continue through the reddish-brown path, to the next level.

Now the next area is a maze, with lots of power ups, at the first intersection don‚t go right as there is only a SNIPER there, instead go left & turn left again. Now go straight bypassing an opening at right, turn left, bypassing 2 openings (including the one from which you entered this area) enter the third one at left which is in the dark, go straight & use the LEVER there this opens a grated door in some other room. Roll, & arrive at a four-way intersection, go left & bypass an opening on right & enter the second one & pick up the REVOLVER. Now go left from the 4 way intersection & take left, enter the next opening at right, then bypass the first opening at right instead go to the second one & pick up REVOLVER AMMO. Now go through the first opening. Go left, at another intersection go left & pick up a LARGE-MEDPACK. Roll & continue straight, turn right, left & again left to end up on a series of steps. Go through the now open door & kill a SNIPER in the first room & pick up the CHURCH KEY he just left for you. Continue inside another room & then in the lavatory & pick up the SMALL-MEDPACK there. Now return all the way back to the main room from where you took first right to enter this room with steps. Now take a left & go straight, turn right & bypass the first opening at left; instead go through the second one, take another left & then a right. You are now in an open area.

Now there isn’t much that you can do left, so go right. Turn left & go straight to the closed door, bypassing an area to the right. Open the door; the area on left is empty, so go straight & up the stairs. Now flip the BOOK LEVER on the bookcase here, & return to the door you just opened. You can observe that a door just opposite to you is now open. Go inside & pick up the CROWBAR from there. Now return through the door go left, left & then right. Observe the closed door; near the white textured ground, open it with the Crowbar. There is a SNIPER inside, kill him & get a SMALL-MEDPACK from him. Go left & climb the stairs, pick up WIDESHOT SHOTGUN AMMO & press a SWITCH. Now return to the door then go right, another right continue forward, turn right & find another door. Open it using the Crowbar; go inside turn left & activate the Jump Switch there. Now from the door go left, left & then right. Roll, you must be in front of a door, open it & climb the stairs. You can see an open door with an open trapdoor. Go inside the trapdoor to a room full of Goodies, this is SECRET #1, a LARGE-MEDPACK, NORMAL & WIDESHOT SHOTGUN AMMO, SHOTGUN & 2 sets of UZI CLIPS. Now return downstairs & out the door. Now go straight, bypassing an opening in left & go into another alley by turning left at the end, now go right & left again. Now you must be behind a house. Search for a brick-textured ladder (Thanks to Kristina, who figured that out for me) on the East wall of the house & climb to a triangular ledge on the roof. Jump over the slanting & land on the top of the roof. From here jump on the ledge on Northeast. Take a running diagonal jump to the opposite ledge pressing action & shimmy left or right to get on one of the corner ledges. Jump to the top of the roof & use the LEVER there. Turn left & do a running jump to the top of the brick wall. SAFETY-DROP to the ground facing west, roll, go straight & then right to the door you just opened.

First go right & use the SWITCH there, which opens a trapdoor upstairs. Go through the trapdoor. The first room is empty so continue to the third room; pull the box there backwards to reveal an opening. Go left & pick up the COMPASS there. Go straight, & shoot the jars, one of them contains SHOTGUN. Now the next part is a little bit tricky. Pull the middle box three times, & the left one once. Now pull the third block in the corner where the left block was, push the left block twice. Go to the corner & pick up the PORTAL KEY. Push the right block into its place & pull the middle block twice & exit this room & then drop through the trapdoor & Exit the room. From the door go left, and then right & then left, again left, bypass the first opening at right, instead go through the second one.

You can see a locked gate ahead; use the PORTAL KEY here. The grated door besides it gets open, continue through it climb some stairs. Now there are 2 keyholes, use the CHURCH KEY on any one of them & the large gates open up. Go through left or right opening and end up inside the church. Climb on anyone of the corner ledges & from there climb on to the higher platform. Pick up a LARGE-MEDPACK, 2 sets of WIDESHOT SHOTGUN AMMO, NORMAL SHOTGUN AMMO & REVOLVER AMMO. Drop down go to the middle structure a the far end. Pick up more REVOLVER AMMO. Climb the ladder, go inside the crawlspace & pick up OPEN TRAP from there. Drop down from the crawlspace & kill a NINJA. Now exit the church & three NINJAS will attack you, kill them now go into the maze area, back track the maze as told before & return into the 1st level.

Go to the very beginning of the level, & use the OPEN TRAP in a slot, a trapdoor from which you removed the dead body opens up. Drop down into a room full of goodies. Pick up EXPLOSIVE, NORMAL & POISON CROSSBOW AMMO, CROSSBOW, GRENADEGUN NORMAL & SUPER AMMO, NORMAL SHOTGUN AMMO also pick up a LARGE-MEDPACK & a SMALL-MEDPACK. Ride the bike, along the next bent is another SMALL-MEDPACK but I couldn’t take it. Ride the bike over the slope, get down the bike & go in the crawlspace in the right wall for SECRET #2, GRENADEGUN & UZIS. Drop down, & kill all the 3 NINJAS either by weapons or by the Bike. Ride the bike along another slope, then another. At the end you can see an opening at the right. Go through it, turn right, & climb another crawlspace there. At the end of the crawlspace watch a cut-scene that shows a room infested with NINJAS. Drop down; take out your grenade gun & kill 9 NINJAS & a DOG. Kill 2 more DOGS a SKELETON-BIRD; kill another BIRD & 2 more NINJAS. Now run towards the dead body to end this spectacular level.