Level by Leroy Perkins

Walkthrough by Michael Motley

Note from Michael Motley: The ONLY site with permission to post this walkthrough is Michael Prager's trle.net walkthroughs section. Please don't post this on other sites. However, if you want to provide a link to it, feel free to do so.


After the flyby opening, flip throw the lever in the car to open up the exit. Go to the exit and jump to the next car.

Open the door and proceed through the car and open the first door on the left. Open it and go inside to pick up a small medpack. Exit and go to the next door and shoot the bad guy that approaches. Open the door and throw the switch to open the entrance to the next car. Exit the car and jump into the next one. If you hold action when jumping, you will arc your jump enough to get into the car.

Make your way around the cages and climbing over and proceed until you crawl under the next box. On the box you climb over is shotgun ammo. A bad guy approaches and he drops more shotgun ammo when dead. Proceed to the exit and open the door with the lever. Jump onto the flatbed car.

When you land, a couple of bad guys approach riding on jeeps. They will either fall off and die or jump onto the car you're on and try to push you off, so move forward and kill them. Now turn around and jump and grab the edge of the roof of the car you just came from.

Ok, now for the fun part of the level. It's either random or when you're on the end of the car a girder comes along to try to knock you off the cars. So when you jump from one car to the next duck as soon as you land until it passes. Go along the cars, back to the car you started on, and you will see a door open on the side of it. Hang off the edge and drop and grab the box below. Enter the doorway and get the crowbar and medpack off the boxes. One of the crates has a door to open with the crowbar and another one to exit the boxes. The exit door blocks access to the switch with no lever. Ignore it for now and return to the flatbed car from earlier. Inside the second car is a bad guy to shoot again.

Cross the flatbed to the car carrier and hang off the north side of the car and swing by the cars. On the other side of the car is a wooden box. Take a running jump from the box to grab the edge of the roof of the next car.

Run along the roof across the first window to break it and stand on the second to fall into the car. Kill the bad guy and flip the switch to open the door in the side of the car. Inside the box is a shotgun to make things easier. Exit the way you came in and jump to the next car.

In the first window is a bad guy, a switch to open a door in the side of the car and a box with shotgun ammo. Inside the next window is a box you can open with the crowbar, which has a box with a control room disk. There's also a switch to open a door in the side of the car. Exit the way you came in and jump to the flatbed.

When you crawl onto the blue block a bad guy approaches to kill. Make your way to the next car.

This car has 2 doors and a bad guy when you approach the second. Inside the first room is shotgun ammo. In the second room is more shotgun ammo. Exit the car and go to the next one. On the left side is a ladder you can climb up to the roof.

Watch out for girders and go to the other end of the car. Drop from the roof to the door below and pull up and shoot the bad guy. Jump across to the ledge ahead of you on the left. On the wall is a climbable wall. Make your way all the way to the right side and jump with a roll to land on the platform behind you. Use your crowbar to flip the switch. Jump to the ledge behind you and pick up Key bit 1. Return to the platform with the switch and jump across to the climbable wall and make your way back to the platform. Jump to the exit and climb back onto the roof using the ladder. Watch out for girders. Make your way back to the start, but you've got to return through the cars you started with.

When you get to the starting car a gunman has the other half of key bit. Climb onto the box and jump over the door you opened with the crowbar. Use the crowbar on the lever and make your way to the engine car.

Combine the key bits and enter the engine car. Kill the bad guy and use the disk on the panel. Watch the camera go further into the tunnel, return and circle the train and go back to the tunnel to end the level.