Lara's House in Paris

level by Daniel Stocker (austriawing)

Walkthrough by Yoav

This has two different levels with the same name!

Level One

Start in bedroom: you see a keyhole; remember it. Go left to bathroom, press on switch, flyby shows open door, go there in room, pull book on wall and press switch. Door opens nearby, go in corridor
straight to stairs, pick up flares, pull switch, the door opens. Pick up more flares, climb on wooden box, you're in a small place outside the house. Light a flare, look around, you see wooden box in wall. Pull it out, get into room, climb on boxes, pull the switch. A flyby shows you a door opening, get out of the room and climb on high box and jump to box where you got in to this place. Run down stairs through the door that you opened earlier, proceed down stairs and press on switch, double doors open, get in the kitchen, press switch, and inside cooling room press on switch. Flyby shows you a door opening. Go back to stairs and go to left side down the stairs where you see a switch. Open door and get in to training room, look for switch in the apparatus, press on switch. A flyby shows you a door opening; notice it's timed, do this run and you are outside. End of level one.

Level Two

The door opens, you are in a garden, don't go straight to exit or the level will crash to the desktop. Take the right side. Hmm, too much rain, wish we had an umbrella. Well, never mind, jump to hole and swim in canal, pick up flares, big and small medipack, get out in secret room, Nothing to do so press on switch. Proceed to run on grass, pick up uzi ammo, jump above small pool and stop. Near the spikes save the game, jump forward, two spiked boulders rolling, immediately do backflip to avoid. Now you can easily jump above boulders. On the block pick up key, go back to Level One to beginning and use key, it's secret number two. Pick up shotgun and lot of ammo. Actually at this point you can finish the level, but if you want to do it right go again to Level Two and get out by the exit there.