Level by Amber Lion

Walkthrough by Yoav

Level 1 - The First Note

Lara starts in a house. Look around, not much to do, press the button get out to garden, pick up Key and Admirer's Note, shoot the dog that wakes up from sleeping. Get back to house and use the key, get into room with many pedestals, pick up Ignition Key. Go back again to garden, get into the mini car and drive to end.

Level 2 - The Sapphire Rose

Lara slides to ice place, shoot the wooden barrier, run arond and pick up revolver ammo and small medipack. Go to left side gate, light flare and look for jumpswitch, pull it, climb ladder and proceed through the open gate, avoid the icicles, light flare and crawl into crawlspace, pick up Sword (crowbar). Jump to ledge, use sword to open the black gate, pick up smll medipack, proceed between ice bumps, pick up Guardian Key, put Lara's hand into the small hole, it opens the double black gate.

Shoot the white bear, enter the castle. Go to next room, you see two dogs sleeping, note lever in fireplace and closed gate. Turn to first room, go behind the red ornamental curtain, climb wall and pull Lara into crawlspace. Shoot jug and glass climb wall. Into the room pick up flares, revolver and ammo. Press the button, it puts out fire in the fireplace and wakes up dogs, get back there, shoot the dogs and pull the lever.

Proceed through the gate, you see another closed gate and in the top climb wall closed trapdoor, follow upstaris, two dogs sleeping. Push double door from left, into the room you see statue two head lions and some closed gate that needs a key. Proceed to other double door, push and get into bedroom, pick up from small crate Grenade Gun and ammo. Oops, what's that - the fairy attacks Lara. Proceed to next room, push the double door, move the movable statue, pull the trapdoor, climb down, pick up flares, pull the lever wall (the trapdoor is open), blow the skeleton. Go and climb wall where the trapdoor is open. Light flare, pull out the block and pick up Gate Key. Get down and use it.

Follow the slope and find yourself into large maze. Yoa need to find wall lever somewhere into the maze (sorry, can't much help you here), and shoot those horseman, pick up medipacks and ammo. When you pull the wall lever it will raise cage, climb onto it and from the cage you see the Key that you need. Get out of the maze, return back to the room with the statue and two head lions (lazy dogs still sleeping lol).

Use the key, follow into the corridor. Climb up to open ice place, faraway you see beautiful white angel horse. Hmm, fairy climbs onto the horse and they come attack Lara, shoot the fairy, she will drop Gem. Use it and enter the cave, pick up medipack, shoot the wooden barrier and the glass too. Get into big cave, shoot those ice men, pick up medipack, you see closed gate faraway. Look for high block, climb to top, slide and jump forward to next block. Do monkeyswing to other side and pick up Lasersight and ammo. Now look to ceiling, shoot on swinging blue ball, the gate opens, into the room pick up from small crate Ruby Cube. Look to left wall, there is crack, shimmy left and do monkeyswing into small place, pick up the Brass Key.

Do the way back to the room you came from. Use the Brass Key, follow to cave (avoiding icicles). You see closed gate, shoot those little creatures around the cave, then climb onto block and shoot the bones, the gate opens. Get into the big room with three pushing tiles, there's six closed gates (I managed to open five gates).

After you open each gate, climb wall and fall down to pedestal with rose, here is the way I do it:

left, middle, right. Shoot the horseman, pick up ammo.

right, middle, left. Shoot dog, pick up ammo.

middle, right, left. Shoot little creature, pick up flares.

middle, left, right. Shoot bear, pick up ammo.

right, left, middle. Pick up from the small crate Ruby Cube and Golden Star from wall.

Get back to room, shoot the fairy (aha, the dogs wake up, shoot them) and use the Star. Follow through the double open gates, climb dwon and jump to floor, use the first Ruby Cube to open gate. Enter to room, pick up from pedestal The Sapphire Rose, light flare, use the second Ruby Cube to open gate. Follow into corridor, jump over those moving blades, pick up medipack, use the guardian key to open the gate.

You are in open area, in front of you is an angry dragon. Jump into the pool, you see closed gate, pick up ammo and medipack, swim and get out the pool left side of the dragon. Look for lion head high on wall, shoot the head, the gate opens. Swim into corridor, get out of the water, run a few steps and the level is ENDED.

Thanks for reading and using my walkthrough.