In the Underground of Louvre

Level by Maurice Maddee aka Momo

Walkthrough by Yoav

NOTE #1: I will not be listing all the pickups in this walkthrough, only the important ones and the Objects; sorry, there are tuo many of them to list.

NOTE #2: In this level you shoot many ninjas; some of them drop Objects, I'll let know in which room, so open your eyes.

Start in room, shoot ninja but not so close to vase, when you kill him he will drop Guardian Key, don't use it yet, look for crawlspace behind the flower pot, crawl inside to secret room. Now you can use key, go through open door in the big room, shoot a few ninjas, notice one of them will drop the Golden Vraeus, return to beginning room and use it go to end corridor. Do the jumps up, you are in room with closed gate, remember it? Ok press on switch, flyby shows the cage down, get back again to beginnig room and press on the switch, door above opens.

Run to end corridor, climb to next one, press on switch, shoot small scorpion in the corridor, pick up Golden Vraeus, light a flare and look for high crawlspace. it's a secret. Place back to corridor and use the Vraeus, press switch, shoot scorpion and crawl to room with 12 switches. Every switch you press Lara to be attacked by scorpion or ninjas, but all not really needed, you can press on switch 7 (counting from right side) and open the door, press on switch and look at the flyby showing the gate opening in room where you've already been.

You are in place with statue horse, press on switch, gate opens other side, jump to water, pull anderwater door, swim to room and pull one more. Oops, closed door behind, swim back to left side, look for hole, get out the water, run to end of corridor, press on switch and notice for Guardian Key hole. Back to water, do savegame, take deep breath, swim into crawlspace, take the right side, pull anderwater door, again closed door, immediately roll and swim back to other side corridor and look for hole. Get out of the water, on the block pick up shotgun, notice there are two open doors, one in this room and door in end corridor where you come from just now. Swim there and pick up Guardian Key. Do you remember where you saw hole to this key? Well, swim to there, open gate to secret place, get back to water and swim to room where you already picked up shotgun.

Enter to room and go around, you see gate closed, light a flare and climb on block, jump in and pick up Amulet of Hours, shoot a few ninjas, the gate is open now. Pick up Canopic Jar, proceed and get in to secret room, climb on block and start doing monkeyswing, door is timed, open the door, pass the slope by jumps and enter the maze.

Note from Kristina: In the room with the slopes before the maze are two more secrets,one up on a ledge that has uzi clips and the second is under the ledge with the opening and has blue shotgun shells.

Shoot many ninjas, solve the maze and find yourself in room with two statues. Put the Canopic Jar one cage down pick up Guardian Key and use it, enter the next room, shoot ninjas, notice one of them will drop Golden Vraeus. Get gack and use it, the second gate down, pick up Canopic Jar and use it, the door opens, get in to big room, you see jeep, shoot ninjas and notice one of them will drop the jeep key.

Take place in jeep, drive to find the slope and the level ends.