Caribbean Disaster 7/8

Levels by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper)

First walkthrough by Yoav, second walkthrough by Sutekh

Caribbean Disaster 7

When the level starts, go straight to shallow water room. Hmm, horrifying hang cage, well.. pick up ammo, turn back and climb upper way, shoot the black clothing guy, pick up medipack on sand and get in water, climb behind the falls and turn the valve, take deep breath and do savegame, you're going to swim a long way, ok jump to water, swim to hole, keep swimming, you see multicoloured ceiling, ignore it and look for open way to corridor, swim there and you are in underwater maze. I'll try to explain you to find the right way, swim straight to end, turn right and keep straight, turn left and straight, left again and straight, then right and straight until you see the exit. Get in small field, shoot two dogs, and pick up revolver, open the gate.

Get in to big room with generator in middle, go to brown wall direction, you can't proceed there for the traps, so climb up hole and get down from other hole, behind those traps, get in the room and pick up Disc, shoot the black guy and back the same way, go to other big room side and place the Disc, when you get back to big room, look high left, gate is open, jump and hang the wooden ledge, go through the gate to some room that looks like deck, pick up medipack, jump to water, swim around and pick up Battery, get back to big room and place the Battery.

Wall show up, climb to place with many boxes, shoot those black guys and pick up around ammo, madipacks, uzi, revolver and key, open the gate, follow to wooden way, jump over the hole and finish level one.

Caribbean Disaster 8

Shoot the snake, run around, you see black clothing guy disappear, nice trick, now go behind the boxes, be careful from spike traps when you go there, open door near the bike and pull switch, go through open gate, don't go to right way yet, slide down to large area with boxes, shoot thoes commandos and proceed to shallow water, swim a little and pick up key, come back to the gate and go right way.

Jump to lake and pick up medipack and ammo, swim to crawlspace and pick up key, get out of the lake and use the two keys, after you open the second gate, look up for wooden legde, jump and pull Lara to there and pick up crank (could be bug in this place that will crashing the level to the desktop - Yoav), get down and use the crank to open gate.

You are in coast, shoot the commando, get in the sea and swim ander the wharf to hole, swim up and get out, pick up key, swim to coast and use the key.

Open the gate, shoot the commando and get down, climb again but from the right side the open gate and pull timed switch, the faraway gate is open, run faster... and finish the levels.


Caribbean Disaster 7-8

Levels by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper)

Walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

-- Level 7 --

Enemies: Black Dressed Men, Dogs, Mummies, Skull Head Men
Items of note: Disk, Battery, Key

After having escaped many terrorists in the previous episode, you find yourself in a place that can only be described as weird (to say the least). So looks like you're going to have to escape this one as well.

You're standing at the bottom of a steep slope. There's an opening to your L (S), a flooded room ahead (W) and you can already hear a guy working out somewhere. Let's make a short wet detour first for some goodies.

Go ahead to enter the room, noticing the dead thing with flippers in the cage. Turn L (N) after the entrance to pick up a 9mm clip (shotgun normal ammo) in the NE corner then walk to the opposite corner (SW) where you'll find a .357 Drum Fastloader (revolver ammo). Leave the room.

Turn R (S) after the short flooded passage and climb up in the corridor above. Immediately draw your Dual Glock (aka pistols) to dispatch the black dressed man at the other end. Once he's down, enter the flooded cave ahead and go R (W) to pick up a small medipack behind the rusty can then dive in the water.

There's a hole ahead (S) but it leads to a dead end at the moment so ignore it and swim SE to the leftmost cascade. There's an alcove behind so climb in and locate the wheel to your R (W). Turn it to open a way in the hole below, dive, surface to take a deep breath and swim down the hole.

Swim through the low UW tunnel until you reach a large, high, totally flooded room. You still got a long swim ahead so quickly swim up and 135° to the R to locate the opening at mid-height in the SE corner. Swim through it and the UW tunnel beyond to eventually find yourself in an underwater maze. Take a look at this map to find your way out: ahead (E) at the first junction, R (S) at the next then L (E) and eventually L (N) along the tunnel then the opening. Swim along the next tunnel until you can finally surface and breath.

Enter the new area and run R toward the SW corner to find the Colt Python (aka Revolver) there. Turn around (N), pick it up and immediately draw your weapon to shoot down 2 dogs running at you. When they're both dead, run to the SE corner to open the door there (hit Action) and enter the next room.

You're in the Chapel. A large, dark green lit, high-ceilinged room. Ahead of you (S) is a generator with an empty receptacle on its L side (E). On both sides of the room (E and W) are two brightly lit walls and behind you, you can spot a closed door high in the N wall.

Turn L (E), run to the brown wall and jump into the hole before it. Run ahead into the dark to pass a first opening then stop. Don't go to the lit passages ahead they're riddled with boulder and spikes traps. Light a flare, turn R (S) and look up to locate the opening in the ceiling. Turn R (W) again and grab the climbable wall. Climb and pull up in the room above.

Turn around (E), do a diagonal SJ over the hole and run through the corridor until you reach a hole in the dark to your L (W). Drop, grab and climb down the wall into the room below, landing at the other side of the traps.

Go L (E) through the lit opening to soon find yourself standing before an on/off fire trap. Stay on the left and wait for it to extinguish to run into the room ahead. Once there, go L (SE) and jump over the rusty can in the dark area. Light a flare to locate the Disk to the L (N), quickly get it then go jump over the can again to escape the mummy that's trying to catch you. Immediately draw your weapon and dispatch the black dressed man who has come to join the party. Once he's down for good, return to the Chapel via the room above.

Run ahead (W), cross the room to the blue lit wall and jump in the hole before it. Run past the crates at the other side of the room, turn L (S) and use the Disk on the computer to open the high door in the Chapel. A dart emitter activates behind you so turn around and stay R to run back to the Chapel, dodging the 3 newly arrived mummies on your way.

Once there, turn L (N) and notice a wooden bridge has appeared under the now opened high door granting access to it. Jump, grab and pull up then pass through the doorway. Run along the corridor to reach a ledge overlooking a pool with an emerged low ledge.

First, turn L (S) and jump over the rusty can to pick up a 9mm clip. Turn around (N - notice the ladder ahead) and run along the ledge to the other side of the room (W). Pick up the small medipack on the floor L of the door. The latter won't open, by the way, so ignore it as well as the mummy in the room beyond. Now go to the ladder and climb down to the ledge below.

Turn around (S), jump in the water and swim R (W) then R (N) to the NW corner. Turn R (E), locate the narrow hole ahead, surface for air and save. Swim through the hole to pick up the Battery, turn around and swim back into the pool. This isn't that easy as Lara will probably get stuck against the floor or the ceiling so keep swimming against the hole, changing angle until you eventually slip through.

Take a breath if needed then swim to the opposite corner (SE) to pick up the MP5A2 (Shotgun). Return to the ledge and pull up out of the water, immediately drawing your weapon to deal with the skull-head man who has just appeared (test your MP5A2 on him and enjoy). Pick up the .357 Drum Fastloader he left behind. There's nothing else to do here, so return to the Chapel via the ladder and the corridor.

Go L (E) to the generator and use the Battery on the receptacle on its L (E) side. Look up: the ceiling has disappeared and you can now spot 3 black dressed men on each side of the ledge above (W, N and E). Looking L (S), you can also see a ladder with some (harmless) steam. Go there and climb up in the room above. Draw your weapon to get rid of those sinister guys, probably noticing during the fight that the hole in the center is in fact an invisible floor. Once they're dead locate 2 MP5A2 they left behind. If they're on the invisible floor, walk to them to pick them up as there are holes toward the center.

Turn to the ladder and notice a skull-head man running around in the southern part of the room. Go there and shoot him down as well so you can quietly explore the huge room around and collect some goodies.

Climb on the crate in the middle of the S edge of the invisible floor. Turn S toward the crate and do a SJ+G to the higher crates ahead. Turn 45° R (SW) and do a SJ to the opening in the crates. Pass it and pick up the Key on the floor and the Colt Python and .357 Drum Fastloader on the crate to the R (SW). Climb on the S crate near the wall, and drop down from there to collect a small medipack.

Turn L (E), run to the wall ahead (jump over the tree if needed) then turn L (N) and run past the high crates to climb up on a lower, lighter one against the R (E) wall. Turn around (S) and do a RJ+G to pull up on the higher crates ahead and pick up a .45 ACP Clip (uzi ammo). Walk to the edge and do a SJ to the next crates to fetch the Ingram MAC10 (Uzis) and a large medipack. Now time to leave the room.

Turn R (W), run off the crates and run to the NW corner of the room (careful on that invisible floor). Once there, turn L (S) and climb on the crate ahead then drop down to find yourself next to a grey wrought-iron door (W) with a keyhole in the center. Use the Key on it to open the door and enter the room beyond. Nothing of interest here, so simply run across the room to the opposite corner (NW) and pass through the opening.

Run up the ramp there to the top where you find yourself facing a higher ramp ahead (E). Turn around and drop down, grabbing the edge, let go then hit Action to grab the edge of the low space below. Pull up in it and pick up the small medipack. Safety drop down to the lower part of the ramp then go to the top again and turn E to face the higher ledge. Do a RJ+G to pull up on it which will instantly teleport you to the next level.

-- Level 8 --

Enemies: Snakes, SAS
Items of note: Key 1, Key 2, Crank, Key 3
Traps - 1 Timed-Run

You're now in an outdoor area with many plants and some crates. You can spot a quiet black dressed man ahead in the distance, and there's a snake on your L trying to bite you. Don't try to kill it, it's totally invincible. It's not very dangerous, though, provided you don't get too close to it. Run ahead (S) toward the black dressed man to watch him disappear in a funny but puzzling way then turn around and run L to the long grass in the NW corner. Once there, look down to spot and pick up the 9mm clip, the MP5A2 then the small medipack hidden in the grass (the really hard to spot clip is one tile away from the W wall).

Run E to the other side of the room and through the opening behind the crates. Turn R (S) and run past the crate, staying on the wooden platform as the floor is riddled with spikes traps. Drop down in the hole there and run through the passage to climb up in a new dark room at the other end.

Turn L (E) and go open the door (hit Action) to enter a small office. Turn around after the entrance, locate the very hard to spot switch to the L of the doorway (SW corner) and activate it to open a door in the nearby room. Leave the office and turn L (S) then L again (E) to pass through the newly opened door in the SE corner.

You find yourself standing on a wooden platform at the entrance of a huge outdoor area. There are lots of crates ahead and an opening to the R (W). Ignore this one for now and go ahead (S) sliding down the wooden ramp toward the crates then past them. Draw your Colt Python and turn around (N) to shoot down 3 SAS: one on the crates to the R (NE) and two L and R on floor level.

Once they're all down, turn around again (S) and run to the shallow water at the end of the area. Once there, turn L (E) and go to the deeper water. Dive and swim ahead to pick up the 1st Key behind the algae to the L (NE). Swim back to the shallow water, turn R (N) and run across the area to the wooden ramp near the entrance to the R (NE).

There's a little glitch here that will prevent Lara from properly running up the ramp and reach the flat platform above. To solve this problem, run up the first ramp then walk to the edge of the first flat platform. Do a SJ to the steep ramp ahead. Lara will slide down and stop in the middle of the lower tile. Step forward once and do another SJ to land on the flat platform near the entrance.

Turn L (W) and run through the opening and along the corridor to reach a room with a large pool, a ramp in the middle and a closed door with a keyhole in a recess to your L (S). Jump in the water and swim ahead and to the L (SW) to pick up a 9mm clip and a small medipack. Turn around and swim through the opening to your R (S) where you'll find the 2nd Key. Pick it up and swim back to the pool. Pull up on the ramp to exit the water, turn L (S) and do a SJ+G to pull up on the higher ledge ahead.

Run to the Keyhole and use the 1st Key on it to open the nearby door. There's another closed door beyond so use the 2nd Key on the Keyhole on the R (W) to open it. Run through the doorway, go R (W) and immediately stop one tile away from the E wall. Turn around and look up to spot a ledge above. Jump, grab and pull up then go L (N) to pick up the Crank in the small alcove. Return to the ledge and drop down from it to the corridor below [Bug alert: if you jump directly from the alcove to the corridor, or even look down to it, the game will crash].

Run through the opening at the end of the corridor to the R (S) then across the sandy area to the Keyhole by the closed door. Use the Crank on it to open the door, draw your Colt and wait a moment for a SAS to come. Dispatch him with two clean shots then go through the newly opened door.

You're now on a large beach with a closed door to your R (W) and a structure (a boat?) emerging from the sea ahead (S). Run there but don't run up the gangway. Instead, go L of it into the water and swim under the boat to locate a hole in the hull. Swim through it, turn R (W) and pull up in the boat to pīck up a Key near the closed grate door ahead. Return to the beach via the hole.

Run to the door in the far L corner (NW) and use the Key on the Keyhole to open the door. Immediately draw your Colt to dispatch your very last enemy: a SAS. Once he's down, go through the doorway and locate the closed door in the distance. There's also a snake in the grass down there, but don't mind it. Don't go down yet. Drop down from the ledge you're on, grab the edge and shimmy to the R to pull up behind the opened door. There's a switch there on the E wall that will start the one and only timed-run of the whole adventure so go to it and save.

Activate the switch, roll to turn around and run off the ledge to the area below. Quickly sprint to the door ahead and go through it before it closes completely.

Once you've passed the door, you'll return to the title screen, meaning you've just completed the level as well as the adventure.