Level by Barbara Giesecke (BaGi)

Walkthrough Written by Bill Harned (VoodooChild97 aka Vudu)

Beginning Notes: This level was designed as a speed challenge for More info can be found on that site, as well as the competition thread in the "Level Editor Levels" section of the Lara's Level Base forum. This walkthrough was written to walk the player through the level step by step in order to achieve the best possible time. Following this walkthrough, you should be able to get a time of at least 5:10 or better depending on how accurately you perform certain tasks.

Keep in mind the clock is still ticking while you are in inventory, so try to spend as little time in there as possible. For a quicker way to save your game, press "F5" on your keyboard. Itís also wise to do this while Lara is in the action of doing something (for example, in the middle of pulling a block, getting in the jeep, etc.). This way you donít lose any time. I also recommend saving in different slots so you can always go back to perfect your moves if need be. Nor is time counted when paused; to pause press "P" on your keyboard. This is also where youíll get your statistics at the end of the level.

No need to go exploring in the water, thereís nothing there.

There is no ending trigger; itís over when you pick up the gold.

Good luck. ;-)


You might want to look around a bit at first to get your bearings, but itís doubtful youíll get too good a time on the first try anyway.

Get ready, as youíll want to start moving as soon as the level starts. You should be holding down the back arrow and jump buttons while the level is loading so as soon as it starts, do a back flip and twist. Make sure to hold down the forward key before you hit the ground to keep running one step ahead, bringing you face to face with a pushable block. Immediately grab hold and pull it out two spaces. Run around it as sharply as possible and sprint into the hall. If you stop running and turn sharply at just the right time you should be standing center with another pushable block. Grab hold immediately and push it until the next pushable block is clear. Then quickly turn left and run to face another block, push this one back far enough to uncover another passage, and SAVE YOUR GAME in the middle of the final push. Now turn right and sprint down the passage, try stay to the right, youíll see why in the next few sentences. Up ahead youíll see a room with pots of fire spread across the floor. You will catch on fire coming into contact with these, so try to steer clear. There are switches on either side of the room (opposite the cages) but itís quicker to skip these. Release sprint just before coming into the room and do a running jump across the room through the space in between the pots of fire, shown in the screenshot below.

As soon as you land in the clearing run to the center of the wall and jump up to grab the switch. Save your game while Lara is holding onto the switch. As soon as she hits the ground, do a side flip to the right and pick up the crowbar. Then side flip to the left twice and pick up the jeep keys. Turn around and, staying close to the wall, do a standing jump to the little clearing in the opposite corner. Then jump again to the clearing where you came in and sprint back into the hall. Turn the corner sharply to the left and do a normal run around the next corner to the right. Sprint again around the next corner to the left and continue sprinting out of the hall and to the right of the starting room, towards the room with the barricades. Slow down to a normal run about two and half spaces before you get to the first barricade, and do a running jump to land in between the first and second barricades. Still running, jump past the third barricade, then turn right and still running, jump over the two barricades and land centered with the blue star. Pry it off the wall (by pressing action) and roll. Do a running jump over the two barricades, and two more running jumps to get you over the remaining barricades. Sprint across the room to another set of barricades. This time clear the first two barricades, then time the next jump carefully to land soon enough to turn and jump over the remaining two barricades. Land centered with the yellow star and pry it off the wall, roll, run and jump over the two barricades and two more running jumps to get you over the remaining three. Sprint towards the Jeep and, stopping just before you run into it (do this every time to save time), get in. SAVE YOUR GAME while Lara is opening the door.

Remember that itís very important not to touch any walls in the jeep for the best possible time. Continue straight ahead, down the hall and (full speed all the way) turn the corner, drive down the ramp. Youíll come into a room on a narrow walkway extending over a large pool of water to each of the four walls of the room. Stop the jeep almost in the center of the room, but leaving enough room to sprint across past the front of the jeep going left to right. Get out of the jeep, turn around quickly (donít roll) and do a sprint-dive-roll-crouch (press the crouch button while sprinting) into the crawl space. Start crawling right away and as soon as youíre in the open, stand up, run forward and pry the Red Star off the wall, and roll. There is an unfortunate bug here. Lara wonít be able to crawl again until you take out the binoculars and press spacebar to take them off again. Do this, then run forward and duck just before running into the wall, this should place Lara already inside the crawl space, thus saving a little more time, when you come out, dash across the room and do that same you did with the first crawl space with the second. Collect the Green Star, this time after youíre back out of the crawlspace sprint back to the jeep and hop in. SAVE YOUR GAME.

Drive full speed into the next room, another water filled room with a narrow winding ledge leading from one corner of the room to the other. Notice the jumpswitch in one corner of the room. This will open the door in the corner opposite the one you entered in. Youíll have to turn at just the right time to avoid having to slow down when turning the next two corners. When coming to the next turn try to stop the jeep (youíll have to kind of swerve here) in the position shown in the screenshot below.

Get out, jump over to the jeep and do a running jump to the ledge in the corner (donít try to grab as it will only slow you down more, if she hits the ledge and falls in the water try again). As soon as you land, do a standing jump and grab the switch on the wall. Hold down roll and Lara will roll as soon as you hit the ground do a running jump and try to land as close to the jeep as possible. Get in, SAVE YOUR GAME, and full speed all the way, without running into ANY walls (very hard at times but ever little fraction of a second counts), continue through the door you just opened, up the center ramp, turn right and drive off, over the water, and land on the ledge down below. Drive around the corner, through the door, and continue straight ahead through the next room, still at full speed (this would be a good place to save while driving) until you come to the final room. The screenshot below shows where to park the jeep to get the best time, you will place the stars going counterclockwise from the receptacle nearest where the jeep is parked in the picture.

As soon as you get out of the jeep (SAVE YOUR GAME while sheís getting out), do a back flip and twist and, if youíre lucky, you should land in the exact spot where Lara will place the Star (she shouldnít have to adjust herself at all). I would recommend saving during the placement of each star (in different slots) if you got a perfect run on the way to that receptacle. Place the star then sprint to the next receptacle and again stopping exactly where she should place it, do so, then back flip and twist. Running when you hit the ground, jump over the broken pillar and sprint across the room to the next receptacle. Lara will automatically slow to a normal run when stepping up, continue at a normal run two steps ahead after that and stop directly center with the receptacle. Place the Star, the sprint to the fourth and final receptacle, just like you did between the first two. Place the star (SAVE while sheís putting it in), then get ready for the final maneuver. After placing the star, do a back flip and twist and running as soon as you touch the ground, turn and jump up onto the block when coming to the now open gate. If you do this correctly, you should be able to pick up the gold without hassle. As soon as you hear Laras voice, quickly pause and go to statistics to get youíre time and distance.

Congratulations! Youíve just completed the level. ;-) Now give yourself a pat on the back, and you can even share your time with others if you want. ;-)

Ending notes: Below is a list of the winners from the official competition. Congratulations to the winners and all who competed. And thanks to Bagi for the great level.

1st Place Ė VoodooChild97
2nd Place Ė L.Croft
3rd Place Ė MichaelP

To take a screenshot of your stats in game use the (Ď) key on your keyboard ((š) key on a German Keyboard): this will save the pic in your TRLE directory. Itís usually best to convert it to jpg file before uploading to the Internet. You can also use the printscreen key to paste a picture in a paint file or other image program.