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"Take your time for listening the music, if you like it. Riddler, the one who knows everything, is a magician. Can be man, woman, ghost, everything and nothing. With love and brain, Oxy."

Walkthrough written by RelicHunter and authorized by Oxy


A flyby of some familiar movie music begins the level. After the flyby, shoot the grate in the window to open the door at the bottom of the tower. Now shoot the table and claim the Revolver Ammo (1). Now go downstairs and into the garden, picking up the two boxes of Revolver Ammo (2, 3).


Go left towards the pond. In the middle of the pond, is the revolver surrounded by balustrades. You can’t get over the balustrades with a running jump, so use the slope that faces the balustrades, and Lara will jump over them. Claim the Revolver (4). and some cheerful music plays. A giant knight appears where you’re standing. We’ll refer to him as the defender. He’s friendly, so he won’t do you any harm. Jump into the pond and pick up the Moonlight (4). After picking up the moonlight, you’ll notice that someone is shooting at you, and some dramatic music starts. Climb out of the pond and discover that you’re under attack by four Trees (1, 2, 3, 4)! Dispose of them quickly with your revolver. Run over to the South side and in the crawlspace, shoot out the gratings. Crawl to the other side. Run forward and a flyby accompanied by some rock music shows you the area. Take note of the key in the cactus patch. Dive into the water hole to your right. Swim through the East passage, then find the Lasersight (5). Go back the way you came and climb out from the water.

Equip your revolver with the lasersight and shoot the blue rock on the South, and flowers will appear in its place. Go into the cave, picking up the Large Medipack (6) as you go by. When you approach the box of revolver ammo, a giant Bee (5) sneaks up from behind you. Quickly dispose of it with the revolver, and pick up the box of Revolver Ammo (6). Approach the box of revolver ammo nearby the yellow transparent wall, and another giant Bee (6) attacks. Dispose of it and claim the box of Revolver Ammo (7). On the other side of the transparent wall is a man in a yellow suit. We’ll refer to him as the fighter, and he is also friendly. Now go back outside, and run straight all the way to the wall, then turn left, run past the sign, and climb up the ladder. When the camera view changes, have Lara turn right to the wall. She can climb up the wall, so do that. Turn around and jump to the castle roof. Take the Compass (8), which is Secret # 1.

Climb back down and have Lara’s back fave the hole with cactuses popping out. Grab the edge of the ledge, and a second before the you hear the sound of the cactuses popping out, activate the jumpswitch, and fall down.

"Here you can pick up the key from cactus with one medipack. There is no need to turn off the switch above the cactus, only if you want to."

The cactuses will be neutralized, and you‘ll hear applause. Return to the garden, and dispose of the three Trees (6, 7, 8) The cactuses that have surrounded the key have been neutralized, so claim the Gate Key (8) Crawl back through the crawlspace. Near the stairs to the castle, is a keyhole, so insert your key in there. The door to the castle opens, so cross the cactuses and enter the castle.


"When trident wraith is chasing you, run to the defender."

In the foyer, take the Sword (9) from beneath the floating old woman. An explosion will occur and some electricity will surround this area. Go West and turn left to the white chair, then left again to a door. Use your sword to open the door and push the button inside. Turn around and go up the stairs. A flyby and some music shows you the area. After the flyby, take the box of Revolver Ammo (10) from the glass floor. Equip the revolver and lasersight and shoot the bell. A giant parrot will start playing the piano and some water flows into a hole with fire. We’ll refer to the parrot as the entertainer, and he is also friendly. Jump into the space below, onto the extinguished tile. Pick up the Gate Key (11). Crawl to the East. The flames will extinguish as you approach them. You will find two Friends Forever (12, 13) scrolls. Go back the other way, and return to the foyer. Near the entrance place one of your scrolls to open the nearby door.

As you enter a bathing room with an entertainer taking a bath and singing, and there are also three floating women.

"If you jump direct in water, you can turn the switch and defender will appear before wraiths attack. Then just walk around the pool and run back to defender."

Several Trident Ghosts (9, 10, 11, 12, 13) attack. On one of the walls near the tile in the middle is a button. Push it and a defender will appear on the tile. The trident ghosts will be attracted to him and the ghosts will vanish. In the water, pick up the Large Medipack (14) and climb out. When you get close to one of the floating women, she will chase you. To exterminate the Floating Woman (14) jump into the water. Climb out again and go to the East. The other two Floating Women (15, 16) will chase you, so jump into the water once more to exterminate them. Once again climb out and go West. Take the Large Medipack (14) from the small space on the white object, and you‘ll hear a chicken. Return to the room with the entertainer playing the piano, and take the other three Friends Forever (15, 16, 17)scrolls. Three more Trident Ghosts (17, 18, 19) attack, so return to the bathing room and go by the defender to exterminate the ghosts. Go to the East and step onto the foot tile. A timed run begins, and some suspenseful music plays. Sprint back to the foyer and quickly climb up the chain into the bedroom before the trapdoor closes.

In this room, get up to the small space on the red closet and claim the Large Medipack (18) and you’ll hear the chicken again. Climb out and pick up the Revolver Ammo (19) near the bed, and then search the coffin for the Dragon’s Heart (20). Another Floating Woman (20) appears. Go to the closed door with the lock, and shoot the lock to open the door, and enter the second garden.


Go left and jump into the pool of water to exterminate the floating woman, killing the three Trees (21, 22, 23) on the way. A Fire Wraith (24) will also appear, but it doesn’t pose as a threat since you’re near the pool of water. Climb out and listen to the merry music. Remember to pick up the Large Medipack (21) near the rock. You’ll see that an entertainer is trapped in a cell that needs two keys to open it. You already have one of the keys to open the door, but we’ll ignore that for now. Find a corridor with cactuses blocking the entrance. Remember this, as you will be back there soon. Find the corridor with cactuses popping out, and time a run over the cactuses, and quickly sprint through the passage. You’ll hear more applause. On the left is a jumpswitch surrounded by cactuses, and on the left is a foot tile and a statue. You have to squeeze in between the statue and the broken column. When successfully done, you’ll hear the chicken once more. Push the statue onto the foot tile, and dramatic music plays as a flyby shows you to go to the room that prevented you from accessing because of the cactuses in the corridor.

Go past the cactuses, and enter the pool room with another singing entertainer. Go right, and a few steps before you approach the foot tile, have Lara face the burner. When the flame is down, step onto the foot tile and pick up the Small Medipack (22). A timed run also starts, as suspenseful music plays. Quickly get to the other side and run past the burner and through the door, then grab the chain and quickly slide down to the foyer of the castle before the trapdoor closes.

"Here you can just jump down, if your health is full, you will not die."


Go to the bath room and to the hall to the right. Place your dragon’s heart near the white object to open the nearby door to the next room. If the Trident Ghost (24) goes after you get back to the foyer, go to the defender in the bathing room to exterminate it. After placing your dragon’s heart, go into the new room. Place your four remaining ‘Friends Forever’ scrolls here. Another explosion will occur, and another Dragon’s Heart (23) appears between the two rugs. Take it, and a woman appears in front of you, who is the riddler. She is only a decoration, so you don’t have to worry. Also, a Floating Woman (25) chases you, so jump into the pool in the bathing room. Climb out, and return to the room where you placed your scrolls. With your revolver and lasersight, shoot the smaller trident (Shoot the bottom part to have it shatter) to have some cactuses beneath the trident retract. ‘What cactuses?’ You wonder, but where the trident was is a hole, and the cactuses were there. This is Secret # 2. Take the Key to Dragon’s Heart (24) and climb out. Climb up to the ledge on the North and push the statue, to reveal a Large Medipack, so pick it up. Now place your dragon’s heart in its receptable on the East wall. A flyby with music will show you where to go, and that one of the baby dragons has been rescued. The dragon won’t do you any harm.


Go where the flyby ended and pick up the Sunlight (25) from under the dragon’s throat. Go into the cave by going to the left of the dragon. Kill the four giant Bees (26, 27, 28, 29). It seems that one of the bees also drops a box of Revolver Ammo. Pick it up, and then go place your sunlight and moonlight in their proper places. Four more giant Bees (30, 31, 32, 33) attack, so dispose of them. Go into the next room, which has a defender, an entertainer, and the other baby dragon. To the right, is a pack of Flares, so pick it up. There’s a torch in front of the dragon, but leave it alone for now. Go behind the dragon and light a flare. Locate monkey bars to the left, and monkey swing to the other side and take the Magic Wand (26), which is Secret # 3. A Trident Ghost (34) and a Floating Woman (35) will attack. You need to take your torch to the bathing room in the castle, so exit the cave, passing a new medipack as you go by, and then jump over the two tiles to the tower. Ignore the medipack for now, and go to the bathing room. Light your torch, then throw it somewhere safe, and jump into the water to get rid of the woman.

Take your lit torch and return to the cave with the three characters, picking up the two Large Medipacks (27, 28) as you go by. On the right, light the wall torch to open the door. Ditch the torch now, as you won’t need it anymore, and walk past the snail into a new room. In the middle of the rug, is the Gate Key (29) that you need for the cell with the entertainer. A woman also appears, but she’s friendly.

"If you save here and reload, woman becomes magic woman and she starts to meditate."

"Here is your own free will if you will help locked entertainer. You can leave place without doing that. If you unlock the door with two keyholes, the fight in house will be stopped and land will live in peace."

A crawlspace above a bookshelf lets you go back to the area with the locked entertainer, so go there and place your two keys. Enter the cell, and go into the hole behind the entertainer to find Secret # 4, some Grapes (30). Now return to the room with the woman by doing the timed run back to the foyer, and get onto the snail, which is actually a new motorcycle. Drive through the yellow transparent wall, and once through, get off the snail. Go towards the upwards slope, and Lara will fall into a small ditch, where you can find Secret # 5, the Binoculars (31). Get back on the snail, then drive over the ditch, and up the slope to finish the level.

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