Ebeny's Birthday Party

Level by Kookee

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start the level by standing in the parking area of Lara's mansion. Open the gate by approaching it and pass to a garden in front of the mansion. Head south-west and follow the path until you arrive at the training race and keep proceeding to the end. Crawl under the bridge and collect the Crossbow gun, crawl back out and find the Lasersight+crossbow normal ammo on a wooden board. Combine the crossbow gun with the lasersight and start shooting the targets ahead to open the west way and follow back to the mansion. Open the main door and enter inside. Go to the kitchen only for finding parked cars, then press the switch at the west wall to open a short-cut door to a dining room. Go the west wall and press another switch for a short-cut to the gem. Nothing interesting here, so head over to the swimming pool to find a switch at the diving board. Press the switch to open a door at the main hall and go back over there.

At the opening alcove throw a timed switch that opens a door at the west side. Roll and take a sprint, roll again when you are nearly at the door and find yourself inside the treasure room. Climb the west ledge and pick up the Gun cupboard Key, shooting the glasses at the north wall gives you nothing. Press the switch twice to open the door and follow out of the room. Climb up the stairs to the second floor and go left. Enter Lara's bedroom and find a key hole next to the bed. Use the key you have and enter a small room. Pick up Crossbow normal ammo, a Jeep Key and Shotgun+ammo. Follow out of the room and keep over the switch, open the door and follow up the stairs into the attic. Turn west over the movable box and push it forward twice.

Leave the attic and go back to the second floor, enter the next opened room and head over to the piano. Turn the book on the north wall, then go south and enter the next room. Don't touch the book at the west wall, it only turns on the fire at the fireplace. However, enter the fireplace and climb up the smokestack, then drop down and reach the other side of the attic. Pick up a medipack, crossbow poison ammo and flares nearby the half box. Then climb up the ledge and pull the movable box aside. Now throw the timed switch on the south wall and get a screenie of a door opening at the main hall. Take a short-cut through the attic and go back to the main hall. Find the opened door and run down the stairs into the basement and follow the passage to the aquarium. Grab the pole and pull up, do a backflip into the alcove and drop inside the water. Take a swim around the aquarium and look for a CD Player Key lying on a ground. Pick it up and swim back to the hole, climb out of the water and go back to the main room. Follow out of the mansion and head west over the closed gate. Use the key to open the gate and pass to a race track with a yellow Jeep. There's an extra Jeep Key nearby just in case you haven't got one. From here you can drive the Jeep as much as you want and quit any time. There is no trigger end.