The Jumps 'n' Runs of Sara Droft (Demo)

Level by Dancing Dead

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note from Yoav: This is kind of a platform level with moving forward/backward and camera views in front of you. There is no compass, so my walkthrough will be phrased accordingly. Thanks.

You begin in a place called High Hill with Lara dressed as an cowgirl. Go forward and slide down a slope, fall directly into a water hole. Climb out and pick up the crossbow gun, then take a jump over the spike trap and collect crossbow expolsive ammo, jump back and climb up the ladder back to the platform. Kill a tiger and get the Gem itl drops. Then carefully go over the tree and stand back to the edge. Safety drop down while losing half health. At the bottom pick up the Gem and enter the opening for blind climbing a few seconds, but eventually you get back to the platform again. From the edge take a jump over the wooden ledge and run/jump to the next ledge and grab it. Pull up and take a running/jump forward for as much as you can to land onto a lower wooden ledge. (You must be at full health to survive this jump.) Enter an alcove, but actually you find a Secret (nothing to collect) and drop into a hidden hole and map is loaded, you have to wait for the map cease and level will load again.

Kill the vulture and then climb up to the next platform. Go forward until the slope and slide down, but you have to take a jump to the side; otherwise, you fall into a deadly hole. Go backward and collect the flares, then go forward and jump over a timed raising block and climb up the next platform. Watch for the shooting demon and take a running/jump over the gap to reach a block with a receptacle for the gem you're carrying. Place the gem and climb onto the block, then drop onto a ledge with a tree. Jump the next two ledges and take one more tricky blind jump forward to land on a ledge with a Gem. Pick up the gem and make your way back to the block. There is a hidden ladder on the wall; you might see part of it. Anyway, climb up the ladder to a new platform with a closed door. Go and stand in the left corner and take a tricky blind jump forward to land on a ledge with a receptacle. Place the gem, then cross the wooden ledge and follow the next ledge to the end and jump forward, grab the sloped climbable column and climb down. Run/jump across the next two gaps and climb again the block and later the ladder. Go through the door you opened and pick up a large medipack. Keep following the platform and shortly you will end the level.