Lara's Awakening

Level by Daniel Stocker (austriawing)
Walkthrough written by Treeble

This walkthrough has been completely overhauled on June 24th, 2017. Thanks to DJ Full's help, all secrets are now covered, even when they cannot be legitimately obtained, and bug notes now reflect the ready-to-play version currently available on the server.

You can download a savegame, supplied by the author himself, at the start of level 8. More info below.



As the level begins, Lara drops into a river and is sucked in by the undertow. Swim through the underwater passage and climb out of the water, where a few bats will greet you. Collect the shotgun shells on your way up the ramp and at the top, head towards the blue passage to the left.

Retrieve the supplies scattered on the floor and throw the lever to open a door on the opposite side of the room. Slide down and jump over the spike traps to reach a dark room with a bridge. Deal with the pesky wolves and then dive into the water pit to retrieve SECRET #1 (flares). Exit through the air pocket on the opposite end, step on the three metal plates on the floor to open the door and climb up the ladder to return to a previous area.

Go through the blue pathway and down to the bridge again, and this time cross it. In the dark corridor, collect the medipack and climb up the wall ladder. At the top, jump over the gap to throw a lever and open the door. Before diving into the underground river, collect the supplies and then step on two metal plates: the one right in front of the door, a bit to the right, and the one behind the open door. All other tiles are deadly and naturally should be avoided.

Both plates will open the underwater double doors, so just dive and go with the flow. Climb out of the water on the opposite side and cross the hide curtain. Collect the flares at the top and throw the lever, then return. Before heading into the open door, notice a hidden passage underwater is now open, containing the second secret of this level, but sadly you cannot swim into it because of the door bug created by the double doors. Alas, let's move on.

In the narrow hallway, slide and jump over the deadly skulls to locate another lever. This, in turn, reveals a new pathway to yet another lever that will take you to the next level.



Retrace your steps and follow the safe pathway. Kill three wolves in their nest and throw the lever to open an exit door near the entry point. You'll reach the river pool at the end of the previous level, and if you head past the hide curtain again, you can retrieve SECRET #2 (flares). A door is open, go through it and face a bear and, past it, a plough trap.

To your immediate left is a sidewalk with uzi ammo. You'll also notice a small platform with a large medipack. That's SECRET #3, you must immediately jump or backflip out of the way of a rolling boulder (a side flip will not be quick enough to save you). A little further than that is a lever to open the exit doors.

Past the doors, you'll run into a second plough trap. Locate the lever in a corner to the right side and then slide down into the next area. Collect the shotgun ammo and zoom by the dart trap corridor to reach a third and final plough trap. From the entrance, you can jump over the ramps on either side. One side hosts a lever, and the other, a pack of flares. Throw the lever to open the double doors where another lever awaits you.

After watching the flyby, retrace your steps back and walk past the open doors. Space your jumps over the spike pits, carefully not to overshoot, and then run into the blinding darkness to finish this level.



A rather buggy cutscene reveals the rise of the last king of Kayan. Quickly retrieve the Shotgun near the entrance and shoot him down with it (despite being a skeleton, you don't need to do anything special to dispose of him). There are ammo pickups spread throughout the chamber, should you need. When you're done, collect the Trident of Kayan to curse Lara with the sleep of death...



After the slide, push the block once to reveal another area. Notice a different floor tile just to your left, so move the block around so that it rests on top of said tile. There are another two blocks that have to be moved over the tiles in the opposite niches. When all three blocks are in place, the door on the left will open.

Ignore the red room to your right for now and use the zipline to cross over the spikes, and then head to the left and into a water pool. Swim through the passage and climb out on the other side, where again you'll find two blocks and two tiles. After pulling them into position, a door near the ramp will open. Go down and locate a Sapphire Key at the end, then return.

Now go up the ramp and zipline across the gap. To land inside the red room you ignored earlier, jump and hold down action so you don't bump into the wall above. Climb the blocks to the right to find an open door leading to the starting area.

Use the key to open the door on the right and you'll reach a downward catwalk. Nearly halfway, take notice of the lower platforms on the right side and locate a safe spot to drop onto. Before climbing all the way down, jump to the hole on the catwalk structure, turn around and grab the ledge on the other side. Shimmy all the way to the left, then let go and grab the ledge just below. Now shimmy all the way to the right, where you'll find a crawlspace housing SECRET #4 (a large medipack).

Climb down to the ground level and notice four narrow corridors. Counting from the left, ignore the first and enter the other three corridors to pull back a block at the end of each. Just once is enough, this creates a passage behind all the blocks you can access from the previously ignored first opening. Climb the ladder at the end and zipline to the next room.

Around the pond, there are two blocks and two special tiles. You know the drill. This opens an underwater door where you'll retrieve a second Sapphire Key. Return and use it to open the double doors on the bottom of the room with the downward catwalk. This summons a giant crocodile right behind you, so hastily run inside and climb up the ladder to locate a zipline that goes over the catwalk.

Run past the plough trap and slide down. Don't waste time, as the sand is rising and deadly spikes await you at the top: the door on the opposite end opens upon approach. Follow the path until you eventually reach another zipline. There isn't anything of interest in the pit, so just head into the next room with a wide slanted bridge.

From the flat point on the left side, you can climb down to the bottom. There are two levers to throw. The one close to the ladder will open a small room from where two crocodiles will come and make your life miserable, but also inside this same room is SECRET #5 (a small medipack). The other, opens a door up top.

When you're done, climb back up — it might take a few tries, as these crocodiles are rather speedy and you have no way of dealing with them — and run towards the red corridor. The final door opens as you approach it.



This is a very symmetrical level, meaning most of your actions will have to be done twice. On an unrelated note, you'll notice a small opening high up on the central column of the very first room. If you use the corner bug you can get up there and collect a small medipack, a secret otherwise unreachable.

Go to the opening on the left side. You have to activate two levers, one on either side of the room, and quickly hop through the door before the sand rises to the spikes. Inside, then monkey swing across the pit and sprint down to avoid the buggy boulder. The underwater lever opens a passage right above, at the end of which you can throw a lever before heading back into the initial room.

Now go the opening on the right side and repeat the process. This time, after getting inside, just use the zipline to reach the second lever and finally open the bigger door in the initial room, leading to a sandstone bridge.

Take notice of the slopes on both sides of the room and drop onto them to slide to a pinkish bridge just below. Ignore the side rooms for now and drop down to ground level. Operate the two levers on the opposite ends to raise some blocks and then go through the passage in the pit. By climbing the wall ladder, you'll get back to the top bridge.

Again use the slopes to slide down to the lower bridge. With the blocks raised in both side rooms, you can now throw the two levers to open a door at the end of the top bridge. To get back up there, you need to climb down to the bottom and then through the passage in the pit again...

There are several buggy boulders in this new area, so be careful. On a corner in the far left side you'll notice a small medipack: rush in to snatch it, that's SECRET #6. To get back out, crawl under the floating boulder. What you must do now is pull out all the blocks on both sides to reveal two levers that will open the exit door. (WARNING: don't stop pulling any blocks near the floating boulders as this will make it impossible for Lara to move them further and you'll have to revert to an earlier savegame.)

Once the door is open, go inside, mindful of the lava pits, and retrieve The Lost Scroll Of Names. This opens a side door through which you can exit. Dodge the crocodile (although you can just as easily kill it with witchcraft) and throw the underwater lever. Climb out of the water on the other end and, as you approach the golden door, you'll return to the previous level for a quick detour.

In the room with the two levers, activate the one on the right side. The left one is booby-trapped. Run down the next hallway and a cutscene of Still Dreaming Lara Croft will play.



WARNING: Save often! The quadbike has no Reverse gear and might get stuck on corners or tight spaces.

Hop on the quadbike and ride to the area with the bridge. On the rightmost side, near the fence, is the lever that will open the double doors, so activate it and then ride in. About halfway inside the fenced area, stop and locate a small crawlspace on the wall to the left: crawl in and collect SECRET #7 (a large medipack).

Drop back and ride to the end, where a lever operates a second set of double doors near the bridge entrance. Ride through this new passage but instead of going down the opening on the ground, use the quad to go over the slopes on the right corner and into a small hole. With the quadbike, you'll reach the top of a structure where SECRET #8 (a small medipack) lies.

Still on top of the quadbike, use the slopes on the left side to get back down to ground level, then hop off for a second. Near the lava pit is a lower block with a zipline you can climb onto. Use the zipline to reach the other side of the area, then go up the stairs to locate three blocks and three marked tiles. This opens one of the doors, take notice of the golden door if you like.

Going through the open passage, hop over the narrow gap and step on the five different tiles without stepping anywhere else. Doing so will activate a fire trap, you can reset it by jumping back the gap to the entrance. Once you clear the trap, go through the room and you'll locate another block with a special tile.

Just so you know, moving this block on the marked tile actually opens two doors. The one you see right now and also the golden door in the room with the three blocks. You can go back there and collect a small medipack, if you're inclined to. Technically it's a secret, but for some reason it doesn't trigger. Oh, bother.

Proceed through the path opened by the block and locate a lever. You should spot your quadbike just outside: hop onto it and ride through the now open doors. At the end of the course, leave the quadbike and use the scroll near the golden door to finish the level.



Jump through the opening to the right and head on. You'll notice a torch on the ground, but feel free to ignore it has no purpose whatsoever in the level. Before dropping through the opening on the other side, take a running jump towards the fire and head to the right. Jump over the sandy slopes and locate a niche with SECRET #9 (a large medipack). Slide down to a lever on the ground level.

As you run past the dart hallway, you'll eventually find another lever which will trigger a camera flyby showing four Death Artifacts ready to be collected. Return to the initial room and climb up the obelisk to locate a passage on the upper floor.

You now have to solve four trap rooms to collect a Death Artifact in each. They're all pretty simple and straightforward, but from the entrance:

Right, right: hop across by stepping only on the marked tiles. Slide down to the beginning and climb back up.
Right, left: a simple jump sequence. After the block rises, jump over the lava pits to return to where a chair first was.
Left, right: just run between the gap in the raising blocks. Again, jump over the lava pits.
Left, left: avoid the dark tiles. Slide down to the beginning.

With the four of them in your backpack, use them on the walls around the obelisk and enter the newly opened door. Don't slide down just yet: go to the rightmost side of the room and slide from there so you land on a higher ledge, then crawl into the opening and collect SECRET #10 (a small medipack). This immediately releases a giant crocodile on you, but it shouldn't be a problem as Lara's witchcraft has gone up a notch (your inventory still doesn't show any weapons though).

Slide and jump to the rock formation on the lava pit and approach the golden door for a cutscene.



NOTE: You are very likely to get a crash to desktop as level 8 fails to load for some reason. Please download this savegame, courtesy of the author, to resume playing, but please be aware that your statistics and inventory from previous levels will be lost.

You might want to kill off the gorilla from a safe distance. When it's safe, charge ahead and a small cutscene of Larson and Pierre outside a gate will play. Before crossing the second tightrope, turn around and climb down the wall ladder to retrieve SECRET #11 (harpoons and a large medipack). Climb back up.

After the tightrope, kill the lion and throw the lever to reach an area with four flaming blocks. Between two of them you can find a pack of flares. Throw the lever in the central column to raise some blocks, then use them to climb the central column itself. From here, you can climb up to a small exterior area where you'll locate SECRET #12 (harpoons and a small medipack). Drop back down.

From the column, jump to the crack and shimmy all the way to the right, where you'll be able to climb up and into a crawlspace with a lever. As you throw it, spikes come up in the previous room and a crocodile and some gorillas come out to play.

When you're done, return through the way in and ignore the first door on the stairs, sliding through the second one instead. Lara stops sliding right on top of the Harpoon Gun, but you might want to deal with a crocodile first. Locate the pushblock near three flaming pillars and push it towards a tile near the gate to open it.

Head inside and throw a lever to raise some blocks, then return and use said blocks to hop into an opening on the wall you couldn't reach before to find the Crowbar. Climb back down and locate, on the opposite end of the entrance, a gate you can pry open with your new tool.

As you work your way upwards, jump to the platforms on the left to throw a lever and retract spikes, then hop around the platforms across the walls to reach the ladder on the other side. Climb up and to your immediate left is a niche with the Metal Key. Perform running jumps all the way to the opposite side of the room to locate another niche with the Bronze Key, then jump back to the opening between both niches and you're back through the door you previously ignored.

Use both keys on the gate near where you saw Larson and Pierre early on and then pry open another gate with the crowbar to reach the outside. There are a few pickups and animals lurking around, explore a bit (ignoring the ocean entirely for now) if you like, then head right, past a set of double doors.

Walk the tightrope to reach the Silver Key, but before you can make your way back, Pierre will set the tightrope ablaze, so your only way out is diving into the water. Before swimming through the opening on the floor, activate the underwater lever on one of the pillars to deactivate the flames above for a secret later.

Swim through the tunnels and climb out in the first air pocket you see. Use the crowbar on the gate and then throw the lever to open the underwater gate, letting a few crocodiles in. To swim outside, you have to squeeze between the open gate and the mound of sand, which is rather annoying, but keep pushing and you'll eventually make it out into the ocean.

It might be a good time to save, as you can't quite tell how far along you can swim before reaching death sectors. At any rate, from where you are, swim to the pillar straight ahead, with a sole flame, and climb out. Turn around and you'll notice two underwater slopes, one with an opening in the center.

Before swimming through said opening, however, look farther away to locate some smaller pillars standing tall. On top of the very first pillar you see from here is SECRET #13 (uzi clips and a large medipack); they appear to be floating, so you have to stand on the higher end of the pillar and crouch to pick them up.

Now swim through the opening on the floor you spotted earlier to reach an area with a lion and four pushblocks. The proper way to solve this area is to drag each of the pushblocks across to the opposite side of the room, within the lines drawn on the floor, but you can just as well slide each of them 3 tiles across, without ever getting them away from the wall. Either way, when it's done, blocks on the corners will raise so you can climb up to the top of the room and monkey swing to the Gold Key.

Drop into the water and swim out into the ocean again, then towards the shore and you're back where you first got here. Don't use the two keys on the double door just yet, but instead return to the area where Pierre set the tightrope on fire and do a running jump to reach the pillar in the lake. Walk this second tightrope to the end and collect uzi clips, then jump to the flat spot on the greenery for SECRET #14 (the Uzis). Dive and swim through the tunnels, again throwing the lever and squeezing beneath the gate to make your way back.

Use the two keys on the double doors and watch a new cutscene, in which Lara's witchcraft goes up another notch and she downs Larson without laying a single finger on him.



Dodge the swinging axes and use the catwalk to the left to cross two tightropes. You'll reach a room with three burning pillars, they seem to turn off as you approach the first one. From the third one, spot an opening on the far left wall housing SECRET #15 (a large medipack), then jump back and head up the ramp.

As you throw the lever, the gate opens and a buggy boulder rolls down. Immediately run up to a small niche on the right side, retrieve the small medipack and follow the ramp all the way up. Slide down to a trap room and carefully make your way past the lions, spike pits and swinging axes.

In the next room, you'll have a showdown with both Larson and Pierre. (WARNING: Larson might cause the game to glitch, generating random pixels and flattening Lara. Use F5 to make a quick save, then quit the game and reload the most recent save to continue.)

Once both are defeated, use the crowbar on the gate to the left and monkey swing above the flames to collect SECRET #16 (a small medipack). Return and drag both pushblocks across the room, to the marked tiles on the opposite end, to open the exit.

Cross the tightrope and throw the lever to raise some platforms in the initial room, then drop down to the ramp you were just moments ago and push the block all the way in. This will reveal a second block, which you should push only as far as necessary so you can go around it and monkey swing over a spike pit.

You'll find yourself in a room with two blocks: just push them all the way forward so they rest on either side of the exit gate. Throw the lever to open a side door in the initial room, from which you should look left and get to the lowest of the platforms to pry open a gate. Dodge the swinging axes and run through the lower path when offered a choice.

Dive into the water and swim through the opening to locate Thor's altar. He drops a Gold Key when defeated: swim back and use it on the room you were just in. This opens a door up top and activates spike traps all around, but it also removes a block underwater, so swim back down to locate a small crevice where SECRET #17 (a large medipack) awaits.

Back on the room above, monkey swing past all the spikes to reach the open door. There's a Metal Key right in front of you, but beware of a buggy boulder in the corridor straight ahead. In the next area, again use the monkey bars to overcome the flame traps. You can collect a second Metal Key in the small room ahead, then return and climb onto the catwalk and throw the two levers on the wall niches to open the gate to the Bronze Key.

With both keys in your inventory, drop down to the floor below and cross the now open door. Slide down and just before you touch the flame traps, jump and grab monkey bars you cannot see just yet due to the camera angle. Swing all the way to the end, drop down and then head forward to return to the initial area.

Climb back up and use the suspended platforms to reach the partially open double doors on the other side. Use the two keys (notice how one has gone awol?) and head inside. Two crocodiles guard the Star Of Zeus, ready to be pried off the wall.



Immediately roll to avoid falling down with the collapsing floor. Retrieve the supplies on the room for SECRET #18, and only then slide down the ramp beneath the collapsing tiles. On your way down, save often as you might get fatal surprises from falling debris.

At the bottom, you can proceed via either side. I'd recommend crawling through the passage on the right side as not only you get some harpoons, but also an advantage point to shoot down two crocodiles. Drop down and then move the four blocks onto the four gray tiles to open a door and reveal a lever. Throw it to raise a few floating platforms, granting you access to a higher area.

In the next room, you need to walk across both tightropes to open the three doors. Each door holds a trial and a lever, and you need to go through all three to open the doors inside the hole in the corner.

Start by going through the reddish door, to the right of the entrance. Pry open the gate with the crowbar, collect the harpoons on the corners of the room and then move both blocks on the center pit to their marked spots to open the gate. Throw the lever and return.

Now go through the second door, opposite from the entrance. As you enter, jump to the right and crawl through the opening to locate SECRET #19 (ammo and a large medipack). Climb back up and cross the tightrope, the lever rests just behind a pair of swinging axes. Again, make your way back after throwing it.

As you walk into the final door, don't slide down as this will likely kill you. Instead, jump to either side of the room and slide down into the water pit. Quickly locate the underwater lever and swim through the opening. Climb out of the ladder, run up the ramp and move the pushblock to the other side of the hole to open the door.

Pry open the gate with your crowbar and you're back in the room with the crossed tightropes. Drop into the hole in the corner and throw the lever at the end. After dodging the boulder, throw the lever behind the transparent wall and quickly run into the open door to reach the next area.

Right now, all you can do is take a dive and swim towards the left, where you can climb out of the water to throw a lever. Then head back underwater and swim across to the opposite end. Climb out, dodge the flame emitters and falling debris to enter the open door and throw another lever.

The last lever has raised some platforms over the water pit, so swim back and work your way up. At the top, first hop over the columns all the way to the opposite end and look for the see-through decoration on the wall: take a running jump and hold down the Action button so you won't bump into the wall and instead will land right inside this hidden niche, where you can collect SECRET #20 (harpoons).

Drop back into the water and work your way to the top again. Near the top you certainly have noticed a lever: throw it and hastily hop across the columns to the exit door while it remains open. Use the crowbar to open the gate, watch out for the random flame inside the floor just before the bridge, and head straight towards the door to reach the end of this section.



WARNING: Ignore the floating object above you, for now (don't jump).

You start the level inside a shack with no apparent ceiling (wrong opacity setting). There isn't anything of interest hidden under the crates, so just retrieve the ammo among them and the Fuse near one of the doors. It doesn't work on the receptacle close to it, so hop over the crates to the other receptacle to use it to retrieve a second Fuse which will open that previous door.

Outside, use the mounds on either side of the shack to get onto the roof and retrieve the first Gate Key. Climb back down and head to the wooden dock. As with previous levels, don't try swimming too far. Look for an underwater opening to the left, close to the shore, and swim into it to find a centaur that holds the second Gate Key.

With both keys in your inventory, return to the shack area and locate a manhole you can climb down into. Use both keys, on either side of the room, and then throw the lever inside the hole. The double doors just below the wooden dock are open for a brief period, so quickly make your way inside.

Throw the underwater lever to open the second set of double doors (you'll notice a regular lever in this room as well, were this room to be drained you could throw it to open the door near the second Gate Key, where you'd retrieve a secret. Things don't usually go our way, however).

Kill the crocodile and ignore the underwater lever for now. First, climb into the opening and trigger the buggy boulder, immediately jumping back into the water in an angle to avoid being crushed by bizarro gravity. Climb back up and after disarming the second boulder trap, throw the lever at the top to open an underwater door.

Return to the area below and now throw the underwater lever, quickly swimming inside the open door before it closes. Retrieve the medipack along the way and climb out on the other end. Climb the unmarked wall but don't hoist yourself up, instead, from the topmost rung, backflip with roll and grab the opposite edge.

Don't be so hasty as the red tiles will instantly burn Lara to death. As the ceiling is rather low, you'll have to perform a running jump to get to the second safe spot. From there, simple jumps over the death tiles should get you through. You'll be faced with two centaurs and a lot of flame emitters, so carefully deal with them and retrieve the two Gold Keys they drop to open the exit doors.

An ominous boulder hangs over the pool, so jump over its trajectory to trigger it and, when it's safe, swim into the opening it is trying to block. Throw the two levers and return, but don't go through the main doors just yet: locate an open door high up on the wall and get in to find SECRET #21 (a large medipack).

Carefully slide and jump past the lava pits and, in the end, make your way all the way to the bottom of the room, where you'll find a lever to open the exit up top. In the next room, use the slopes in the center to reach the two opposite levers which open the door straight ahead. Then, head left to throw a lever to open a door in the crawlspace to the right.

On the long bridge, run to the other end and jump to the supplies you've certainly spotted to your left - that's SECRET #22. Slide down towards the reddish area with three boulders, and dispatch the two rats. Minding the buggy boulders, stick close to the wall and throw the lever in the corner, quickly backing away from it to avoid being crushed.

Now run towards the lava pool, hopping on the safe tiles to make your way to a ladder that'll bring you back onto the bridge. The door on the far end is now open, so go through it. Take notice of a door, but make your way up the ramp, collecting the items along the way, where you'll find a lever for said door.

Inside, as you throw the first lever, the little room gets flooded and you can throw the underwater lever. Swim through the opening on the ceiling and throw another underwater lever to drain the area and activate yet another lever to open the door. Slide into the water and swim inside the yellow area to locate another underwater lever, quickly swim through the open door and climb out of the water.

As you did before, climb the wall to a certain height so you can backflip and grab the opposite ledge, then ignore the side passage and go throw the lever in the far end corridor. Return to the side passage and save your game, as this will get somewhat infuriating.

You'll be pierced to death if you come any close to the tiles without the golden borders. As the ceiling is rather low between the first two safe tiles, it will take a few tries to locate the exact spot from where you can jump safely. Hop along to the lever on the end and enter the door.

Slide into the next room and begin a series of block pushing. Basically, just push a block all the way until another block is revealed, rinse and repeat. After the fourth block, you'll find a lever which ends the level.



Safely hop over the deadly lava pits to reach an initial hub. Your goal is to collect the two pieces necessary to activate the unearthly blue object in the far end. The rocky formation to your right takes you to the next level, but before going there, let's do what we can here...

Heading through the doors to the left, first enter the opening on the right side and throw the three levers on the bridge to open a sidedoor. Inside, defeat the centaur to retrieve the first Gate Key, then jump past the plough trap and push the block on the right side to reveal SECRET #23 (a small medipack and ammo). Now return to the area with the gate key receptacles and enter the opposite opening.

Before heading inside, it might be a good idea to defeat the centaur on the central bridge. When he's done for, drop in and step on the four yellow tiles in the shallow pond. Be careful, however, with the deadly red tiles. Stepping on all four tiles will open a door on the bridge, but before getting up using the entrance to this room, notice a hidden room beneath the bridge.

You can't just climb into it from the water because of deadly tiles, but from beneath the entrance you can take a running jump at an angle, holding down the action button so you don't bump into the wall, to land right inside and collect SECRET #24 (the Magnum). Use the way in to jump to the bridge and into the new room where you'll find the second Gate Key.

Use both gate keys you have to open the double doors and dive into the water. Use the underwater lever to open a timed door and quickly swim to climb out the other side. Here's another of those block pushing series. On both sides of the door you'll find blocks which in turn will reveal more blocks, simply push all of them all the way in and the door will open.

Run up the ramp and climb to the upper floor where a centaur kindly awaits with the next Gate Key. As you open the door, feel free to ignore the lever for now as it opens the timed underwater door, which we'll get to soon enough.

On this floor, there are two open doors and two gate key receptacles. By going through the door to the right, jump over the lava pits, collect the first Gate Key and throw the lever to the left (the other one is booby-trapped) to open the door in the crawlspace and return.

The door on the left side works in a similar fashion. Jump over the lava pits to reach the second Gate Key, then climb up and move the blocks on the side room beneath the marked tiles on the ceiling. Through the open door, grab the ledge and shimmy beneath the ceiling to find a lever and return to the previous area.

Now use both gate keys to unleash the Torso boss. After it's dead, run inside the room it was trapped in to retrieve the First Soul Of Atlantis, then head back up the ramp. Now is the time to activate the lever by the door (might need to throw it twice), and hastily run back down and swim past the door before it closes.

With the first half of the blue artifact in our possession, it's time to return to the initial hub and head through the rocky caves to the next level.



As soon as the level loads, draw your weapons and roll to kill a velociraptor right behind you. When that's done, don't head outside but rather through a small side opening and climb up. Carefully jump over the deadly fiery tile on the floor and throw the lever. Again, avoid the fire tiles and climb the ladder to reach the rooftops where you can collect the first Iron Wheel.

Slide down so that you land on the mounds to the leftmost side of the valley and run towards a small hole in the end. Drop in to find SECRET #25 (ammo and flares). Climb out and use the central yellow structure to reach the mound on the opposite side, then drop into that hole.

Move the four blocks so they're on top of the yellow tiles to open the door to the second Iron Wheel. Retrace your steps back to the valley and deal with the dinosaurs that have spawned here.

In the valley, go to the small pyramid-like structure beyond the cog machinery and jump to the mound on the right corner to collect SECRET #26 (the Grenade Launcher). Turn around and make your way to the opposite side, and before climbing down into the pit, make your way to the top and run around the yellow pillar for SECRET #27 (a large medipack).

Climb down inside the pit, kill the crocodile on the water and swim to the other side where you can get out of water and find the third and last Iron Wheel. Return to the valley and use them on the cogworks to open a door just behind the small pyramid-thingie.

As you face off a few dinosaurs, two boulders will roll down. When you're in the clear, you have several choices to cross the swamp. You can do it the proper way, by hopping on the plant tiles, or you can just fall into it and climb on the other side, or you can even use the stepping stone in the yellow structure to reach the end of the world and cross the swamp via the high ground.

At any rate, on the other side you'll come across a T-Rex. A single well-placed Magnum shot on its underbelly should be enough to drop it. Retrieve the Second Soul Of Atlantis (and a small medipack in the corner, if you care that much) and then make your way back to the previous level, past the swamp and through the rocky cavern.

Combine both artifact pieces into the Two Souls Of Atlantis and use it on the blue pedestal to finally wrap up this level set.