Levels by Ian Smith (Marksdad)

Walkthrough by Moonpooka

There are two secrets to find.


Watch the cut scene then arrive at your first destination. Drop down into the East passage and go though to the top of the long slope, stand on the right side before you slide down because a boulder will fall behind you and as you slide you need to take a right jump into the alcove half way down the slope to avoid the boulder. There are also two guards waiting here so gun them down and take 1st SECRET - SMP from the corner.

Jump to the North slope and then jump and catch the wall ladder at the end, climb to the bottom of the hole and collect the 1st CARTOUCHE PIECE then make your way back up the ladder and go through the crawl space at the top.

Crawl through to the courtyard and head under the arches to the North door, go up the steps and out onto the upper balcony of the room, then jump to the high central pillar. Jump to the next pillar and a guard will attack from behind, so knock him dead and then go search his body for the 2nd CARTOUCHE PIECE.

Return to the pillars and jump across to the South alcove where you can now place the combined halves of the cartouche and open a door at the South wall under the arches.
Enter the new door and jump past the coffins to get to the hole in the floor, then drop down and go down the steps to the pool room.

In here there are lethal tiles on the pool floor and the final step you are on is timed to a door over at the West wall. It’s pretty simple if you jump from the timed tile diagonally and miss most of the lethal grated floor tiles, then just swim round the safe path and through the door before it closes, then swim through and up to a new room.

Now this is a rather hard room to deal with and there are two ways I found to tackle it, so it's up to you which way you choose. But either way will cost you health, as guards and sentry guns are rife, so climb out of the hole and you’ll instantly be bombarded with bullets from behind the two Sirius water features. Go hide behind them and take a breath; then, if you wish, you can climb up into each water feature and take 2 x REVOLVER AMMO from one side and a LMP from the other. Then, if you wish, you can jump left and right, taking cover from the water features, and pick off the three guards shooting at you from behind. I preferred to get that lot out the way as soon as possible.

Ok, now head up the steps in through the North door and kill the guard at the top and go out to the edge of the passage. There’s a ladder underneath the bridge up to your right, so grab it and swing across to the South door, taking a lot of damage as you go from not only the remaining sentry guns but also a guard who’s waiting in the South passage. Drop off and kill the guard, then run round the passage and collect a SMP and LASER SIGHT from in front of the steam vents. With dwindling health continue on through this passage and you’ll arrive above a path running behind those sentry guns, so carefully hang drop down; then, keeping close to the wall, crawl past the guns and through the crawl space at the other end of the path.

Climb the ladder and pray you have enough health left to pass the steam vent on the way up, then go carefully out onto the upper balconies, avoiding taking any more damage if you can, because the next stint is really going to knock you for six…. You need to run to the end of the bridge to the East, and those guns are going to blast away at you as you dash to collect the REVOLVER at the end of the bridge, then you have to make it back to the ladder and go back down to the path where you can pick the sentry guns off one by one. Now if you didn’t kill those guards and take the goodies up on the water feature when you entered this room, you can do so now (the coast is clear) and then return to the crawl space and go back to the upper balconies.

On entering the first balcony you’ll see a sloped pillar ahead and a grey tile to your left. Go stand on the tile and watch a timed door open over at the South balcony, then run and jump onto the sloped pillar and slide to catch the wall, shimmy left across the wall, then line up at the final slope, back flip, slide and jump to the balcony and make it through the door before it closes. Go through the passage, killing the guard on the way, and go down to the next room.

There are three grey platforms in this room and they open the timed doors in the West wall passage, so first use the SW platform, then the platform at the East wall, run over to the North platform and just nip over the corner of it to save time then sprint through the three open doors and slow down at the end of the passage so that you don’t overrun and crash down to the streets below.

Do a safety drop down to the ground and you’re in the streets standing next to a church. Those jeeps up the street to the left spell trouble, but there’s no running away now and you have to get inside that church, so make your way South and at the end of the street take a left turn and go down to the bottom of the East alley. Look in the South wall for a crawl space, then go through and use the floor lever inside to open the door to the church. Now you can go back and enter the church and you’ll see an open door at the far West end which will take you to the upper balconies. So go through and up the stairs, then approach the East door which will open for you. Enter the tiny room and watch the cut scene as guards arrive to welcome you, show no mercy and blast them away before using the hang lever on the North wall in the tiny room to open a door out in the streets.

Ok, more guards have heard the firing and have turned up outside the church, so carefully make your way back to the streets, taking out the guards as they attack, then head around to the jeeps and take out the final guard before climbing up through the newly opened door in the West wall. Go through the passage and use the maze of ceiling ladders in the next room to get over to the North passage, then go through to your next room.

You’ll arrive high above a lethal water room with pillars ahead and a guard is waiting below. Try and stand on the edge of the first pillar and use the revolver and sight to pick him off, or he’ll really bug you later on.

Jump to the first pillar ahead, then to the NW pillar, jump and catch the gap in the West wall, then shimmy right and onto the North wall, keep going to the end until you can drop down and catch a lower gap, then shimmy back round to the West wall. Continue on left and you’ll come to a small gap below; but ignore that and keep going left until you come to another small gap below, drop and catch that gap and shimmy left until you have a sloped pillar on the wall below you. Drop to the slope, then back flip and land on the slope behind you, then slide and jump to the next three slopes. The final slope will take you to the slope on the East wall where the guard was lurking, and if you didn’t manage to pick him off from above you’ll need to move fast and shimmy left until you can drop and catch a gap below you, then shimmy left until you can drop to a safe ledge and wipe that guard out. Now jump to the North door and climb the ladder at the end of the passage which will take you to the upper alleyways. First, go to the East end of the alley and collect the LMP that you saw at the start of the level but couldn’t reach, then go back to the hole and jump over with guns ready as scorpions attack from the North passage. Make your way through the North passage, then go left and kill the two guards that are waiting in the final room. When that’s seen to, collect a SMP from the corner and slide down the central slope to exit the level.


You arrive in a small room, and through the glass petition you can see the inner main room with its guards lying in wait. First drop down into the water hole in front of you and swim into the West passage, take a right turn at the end and see a lit floor tile to swim over; doing this will open a timed door elsewhere in the water maze. Swim out and around into the East passage, go all the way to the end, then take a right turn so you are heading South. Keep going and take a left turn at the end of the passage, then take the first right turn and swim to the end, go right then right again and you’ll find you can swim up to a ladder. Jump and catch the ladder for speed, then get through the door at the top before it closes and you’ll break to a cut scene of the inner main room and what awaits you.

When ready, head into the main room and pick off the ground guards, you can also take out a few on the upper balconies before heading into the East room.

There’s a small box puzzle in here and also a secret to get. Go to the NW corner and pull the box towards the door, now go to the NE corner and pull the left East box out until you can push it from the other side, push it to the West wall and then pull the next left East wall box out to reveal an alcove, enter the alcove for 2nd SECRET – SMP then go take a look at the central boxes.

Just move the central boxes away from the East wall and reveal a lever to open a door outside, then get guns ready as a guard attacks.

Go back out to the main room and enter the newly opened East wall door to get to a room with slopes and ledges. Well, it’s an easy trip over to the crawl space in the East wall, so get over and crawl through to the next room.

This part is not so easy, and if you noticed the grated floor to your left you’ll know it's lethal. Above it is a monkey swing and you’ll have to use the slope at the East wall to slide and jump to catch the monkey swing; it's tricky and timing is essential, as you need to jump at the very last point at the bottom of the slope to ensure you grab the monkey swing. That done, you can swing across to the other side of the room, then drop down and enter the West passage.
Go through and kill the guard that shows up on the stairs, then enter the next room where another guard awaits you. Gun him down and take the LMP from nearby before heading to the slopes passage in the West wall. Now take care here, as a spike boulder will fall when you are a little way up, so go up backwards and be ready to sprint back down into the room below. Re-enter the sloped passage and at the top you’ll find a room with two closed doors and an alcove with a grey timed floor pad.

Stand on the grey pad and a door will open, but before you speed off around there a guard needs to be taken care of, so get rid of him, then use the floor pad again to open the far door in the South wall. Do running jumps for speed to get through the door before it closes and another timed grey pad is inside; this opens the central door and the same thing applies, so get through the timed door, then head into the new passage and arrive at a new room.

Stop before entering the room, as danger is ahead and three guards plus two sentry guns guard this room. You can pick the guards off from the safety of the passage by jumping with pistols to catch their heads sticking up above the partition, and once that’s done the rest is easy. Crawl around to the right of the partition, taking a slight pasting from the sentry gun nearest to you, then use the revolver and sight to blow the furthest sentry gun away. Now, without alerting the remaining sentry gun, crawl from here over to the East side of the room and take out the last sentry gun.

It's now safe to go into the centre of the room and take a LMP before using the hang lever on the North wall behind the computer screen, which will open a door in the passage at the SW corner of the room, so make your way through the passage and up into a new box puzzle room.

Push the right box forwards once, then push the left box forwards once, pull the central box towards you once, then push it to the West wall. Pull the first box you moved out again, then go round to its other side and push it three times into the passage of the entrance to this room. Go to the West wall box and pull the left one out once, then go around to its other side and push it against East wall, now push it into the passage with the 1st box. Move the next box at the West wall and place it against the South wall and you’ll now be able to pull out the final box in the West wall to reveal a passage. Go through and at the top shoot the waiting guards before jumping over to grab THE HAND OF SIRIUS from the helipad.

Jump back to the outer ledges and head through the door in the South wall and use both levers in the room, then slide down the slope through the door in the West wall and watch the cut scene of the radar exploding. I think it's time to get out of here, don’t you?...

At the bottom of the slope you can run through the passage to get back to the main room; but four guards are waiting for a mega shootout, so jump about and use your skills to slay the enemy once and for all, then head to the West side of the room and find the bike room is now open.

Choose a bike to ride out of here and drive up the slope in the North wall where more guards are waiting in the passage up top. Run them down and make for the end of the passage until you can’t go any further, then dismount the bike and jump the wall to the slope behind and slide down to exit the level.


A change of scenery now as Lara arrives in the sandy dunes of an Egyptian location. Ahead is the entrance to an underground tomb; but the doors are closed, so your first task is to get them doors open and let the action begin!

First, go left of the tomb and climb up the white structure to find a hole and climb down, then at the end of the passage you’ll find the floor lever to open the doors to the tomb.

Head back to the ladder (yes, there’s a closed door to your left, but ignore it for now; you’ll come back to that in a little while) and make your way to the newly opened doors of the tomb. Go through the passage and stop before the main room and take a good look at the floor. There three rows of gold floor tiles, but most of them are lethal and so is the floor in between, plus the first safe tile opens a timed door at the North wall (and it’s a nasty tight one, I can tell you now) so be prepared for several reloads.

Ok, let's start: first, face NW and do a running jump to the tile on the 1st row (the timed door will open but ignore it for now) and jump North to the next tile on the 2nd row. Now face East and do a standing jump so you drop down the hole in the floor and land in a passage below ground. Go through to the end of the passage and collect 3rd SECRET – SMP; then the gate to your left will open so you can get back to the ladder.
Go back to the tomb and jump to the timed tile again, then your time starts as soon as you leave this tile, so hurry and be precise where you land so as not to waste time. From the timed tile, stand jump to the tile to the North tile on the 2nd row and then jump to the NW tile on 3rd row, jump to the NE tile on the 4th row, then jump up into the timed door before it closes… he-he mean!

Ok, you’re through the door and into the next room. Go to the East room and stand at the doorway and look at the ceiling, you’ll see three ceiling squares which mark the places for invisible ledges, use the squares as a guide and jump the ledges to the South wall to collect the 1st CARTOUCHE PIECE, then return to the main room.

A door is now open at the West wall, so go through and use the rope in the new room to swing to the white slope out in the lethal water room. Slide and grab the wall ladder, then drop and grab the shimmy gap and make your way right until the safe water hole is beneath you. Drop into the hole and swim through, avoiding the crocodile as best you can, then climb out into the room above.

First pull up to the ledge on the wall, then turn and catch the sloped ledge behind you, pull up and back flip to a higher ledge and collect SMP – REVOLVER AMMO, then drop back to the ground.

Go to the blue face tile on the floor and a timed door will open up in the South wall. Well, you’ve just been up there, so you know the way and time begins as soon as you leave that face tile. So, stand on the left side facing West and jump onto the low floor platform, do a side flip to the right to land on the upper North ledge, then turn and jump to catch the sloped ledge as before, back flip to the ledge behind you, then jump back and take a running jump up into the South door before it closes.

Make your way through the passage and jump to the roof of the building in the main room to collect the 2nd CARTOUCHE PIECE, then drop to ground and kill the two waiting guards.

Combine The Two Cartouche Pieces and place it in the receptacle on the pot pillar at the SW area of the room to open the door into the building. Then head through, but stop at the end when the gate opens and take care in this next room, as all hell is going to break loose.

Enter the room and you lose control as a scorpion approaches, but that’s the least of your worries as a T-Rex is also on its way. Now you can either stand and fight or you can light a flare and run to use the lever at the dark East wall while being nipped at by old T-Rex. Then when you use the lever three Ninjas will also show up, so if you have enough health just run like mad through the newly opened door at the North wall and slide down into the new room, leaving that lot behind to throw a party!

You are now in a room filled with floating Sirius hands and closed double doors nearby. All you have to do is use the ledges around the walls to get to the highest white ledge, and that will trigger the opening of the doors.

Return to the ground and jump the hole behind the doors, and Lara will swim away through a beautiful coloured pool to safety, and here the levels end.

The End