Level by Emoo (Szymon Cupryn)
Released March 2001

Unauthorised Walkthrough by Kris, and first posted at Lara's Home.

There are two secrets to find.

You enter the game by dropping into a metal corridor. Right next to you is the LASERSIGHT, so pick it up and proceed down the corridor on the right hand side. Look up and find the grey trapdoor, and facing north, jump up with grab to open it. Pull up into the air vent and run past the steam jets, taking as little damage as possible. At the end jump up with grab to catch the ladder on the west wall and climb up to the top. Pull up. Just before the hole at the end of the walkway, turn to face right (north) and pull up into the ventilation system - a labyrinth of silver coloured passages.

Crawl to your right (east), turning left at the end. Pick up a medipack from the first alcove on your left. Back to the corridor and straight ahead to the lighter end of the passage (north), drop down and pick up a medipack. Climb out, turn to your right and crawl to the junction where you can stand up. To your left is the entrance to the labyrinth, so turn right (north), crawl to the junction and turn right to pick up shells. Return to the junction and go through the crawlspace (west), drop down and pick up a medipack, return to the junction and turn right (south). Stand up and run to the next crawlspace on your right(west) turning right at the junction (north) and drop down to pick up another medipack.

Turn to face west and drop down to the lower level and run over the grate (camera shot here). At the end of the passage, drop, hang and shimmy right, pull up and run to the gate at the end to get a camera shot of a huge metal pit. Thereís nothing to do here yet, so return back the way you came, so drop down (north) to a lower passage. Follow the path around, till you can turn to the first passage on your left (west). Continue down to a crawlspace and crawl straight ahead to the end, turning to your right to pick up crossbow ammo. Return and turn left (north), then left again(west), and right at the end , go through the crawlspace (north) and pick up shells. Continue forward and turn first right and go through the crawlspace (east). At the junction turn to your left (north) through the crawlspace and then take first left and pick up the UZIS. Roll and pick up a medipack from the other end of the passage (east).

Continue through the crawlspace ahead, turning right at the end. Run forward and pick up the CROWBAR. Roll and take the first left(west) to the junction. Straight ahead to the crawlspace (west). Turn left (south), through another crawlspace and pick up shells, then turning first left again (east). Run forward to the end (east). Turn right (south) and run all the way to the end ignoring the passage to your right. Turn left at the end to the junction. The path to your right will give show you shots of the library, but you can't access it from here, so instead, turn to your left and follow the path round (south) and pull up.

Run over the grate and climb up two ladders, turning right and climb up south. Pick up a medipack. Go forward to the end and turn left till you reach an opening on your right (south). Drop back to where you first entered the labyrinth. Stand at the west edge, turn around and climb down the ladder. Drop into the water and follow the tunnel. Wade under the overhead grating, then swim through the open gate. Keep to the left wall or the current will pull you over to the right, and fight the current to the end and pick up the REVOLVER and a medipack. Surface for air and climb out onto the ledge to your right. (Feels great to be out of those crawlspaces, doesnít it?)

Follow the hallway to a computer room, pick up a medipack and shoot the guard. Return to the water. Keep to the right wall, and swim to the first turning on your right, fight the current to the end of the passageway, and right at the very end, turn left and swim down the passageway on the other side of the metal partition. (If you try and turn before the end of the passageway youíll get stuck.) Climb out at the end. Shoot the guard and pick up clips, also flares from further along the hallway, then return to where you shot the guard and push the floor lever. You get very few camera shots in this game, but the switch actually opens a door in the very first room where you started the game. As you wade back under the grating, youíll be able to see that door above on the west wall. So thatís where to go next.

Return to the water, keep to your right, and swim back under the grating to the opening to your right on the north wall, return to the ledge where you first jumped into the water. Climb back up the ladder and go forward (east), and drop down through the trapdoor, and the next trapdoor ahead of you to the room where you started the level. The gate on the west wall is now open, so go through it, shoot the guard and pick up clips. There is a dark coloured block to your left (north), which will open later. So walk ahead to the deep pit with the ladder. As you running jump with grab to catch it, the camera angle changes. Thereís no point climbing Ďupí the ladder yet. At the top is a sentry gun and a closed door, so climb down, drop off on the ledge to your left to get an idea of just how huge this pit is, then drop off to the floor below and enter a new area.

Go to the south wall and use the crowbar to open the blue gate. As you run forward youíll hear the *secret* sound. Run forward onto the raised red platform and pick up SECRET # 1 - flares from the window ledge (south), and get a camera shot of the exterior of this huge building. Go back to the raised red platform, and jump with grab to the bookcase to your right (east) Pick up a medipack and crossbow ammo. Drop back to the floor. Climb up the bookcases on the north wall and pick up the CROSSBOW. (Note the closed door to your right.)

Go back to the red platform and climb up the bookcase on the west wall and pick up a medipack. Drop off the end of this bookcase facing north and pull the jumpswitch. Now return to the bookcase where you picked up the crossbow (north) and turn right to see that a door has opened east. Go down the corrugated corridor, and as you approach the end, youíll get a camera shot of the exterior of the building. Look for the alcove at the very top of the building.

Time to act like Spiderman. Turn around and hang and grab the edge, climb down and as soon as you can shimmy left climb up then shimmy right and climb all the way to the top of the building to that alcove, and pull up. Go down the dark passageway, and use the crowbar on the blue gate on the west wall, and enter another library. Shoot the guards. Climb up the bookcase nearest to the entrance and go the other end (south). Drop off and pick up a medipack, three sets of shells and crossbow ammo. I donít know whether this was supposed to be a secret, it didnít register as one, but Emoo said he couldnít remember whether he had placed two or three secrets in the game, he could recall that one of the secrets was in the tall building. However I have only listed two secrets in the level walkthrough.

Climb back onto the bookcase and go through the opening to the corridor (north) and turn right. Run past the blocks with fire and steam and find the crawlspace on the east wall. Crawl through, and climb down the huge ladder at the end. When you come to the end of the first ladder, drop hang and grab the second one, and climb down to the bottom.

Dispose of the four guards, then run down the north corridor to the second library on the west wall. Shoot three guards and pick up clips dropped by the third one, then go back to the entrance and find the alcove with the grated panel on the east wall. If you light one of your precious flares, there appears to be a Ďdropableí wall to your right( I never found out whether this was in fact a dropable wall or not) but for now climb up to the alcove and jump across to the bookcases, and pick up the SHOTGUN. Now jump to the bookcase in front (west) and pick up clips. Turn around and drop off the end of the bookcase and turn south to see the jumpswitch on the next bookcase to your left. Jump up to pull it to open a door to the small library area back in the corridor.

Exit the library picking up shells from the floor before you leave, and return to the corridor outside. Go through the glass corridor ahead of you and into the library.

Pick up shells and a medipack from the bookcase. Jump down and push the floor lever (this opens the door at the top of the long ladder in the area with the sentry gun), kill the guard as you exit this area and pick up the clips he drops. Kill the next guard and pick up more clips. Now return back through the corridors to the ladder area. Jump up with grab to the ledge, roll and walk forward to the edge, then standing jump with grab to the ladder and climb up. (There is an awkward overhead camera shot here, and it's dark, so if you can spare a flare before you climb that may help.)

Go past the inactive sentry gun at the top of the ladder, but as soon as you enter the radiation area, turn around and blast it to smithereens with the combined laser sight and revolver. Enter the radiation area and take out the second sentry gun at the entrance before it locks onto you. Now very slowly, walk to the corner and look ahead and take out the third sentry gun on the south wall. Walk up to that alcove then slowly sidestep to the sentry gun to the left of it. You can just manage to destroy it without being seen. Once all the guns have been disabled, go to the mutilated soldier on the floor and drag him back to pick up a medipack.

Now you can enter the green corridor to the end radiation room. As you do the central control panel will start to spark as the warning music starts to play. You need to get to the ledge to the right of the doorway to pull the jumpswitch, but this is TR, so thereís no easy way to go but around the entire outside wall jumping on the ledges, the floor in between the ledges is deadly. Be careful when lining up for jumps too, because you can walk off the edges and fry. (I found every time I landed on a ledge, take one step forwards then hop back before doing running jumps and youíll land safely.) Jump up with grab to pull the jumpswitch. (No camera shot again, but this opens the door where you first jumped to the ladder.) Go back the way you came to the entrance.

Start climbing down the ladder and go just over two thirds of the way down till you see a blue wall light to your left. Climb just below it, then backflip with twist and grab to the ledge. Go through the open door on the north wall to a corridor of pits and flames. Pick up the medipack. Do continuous running jumps from the left hand side over the flames to the other end. The flames donít go out altogether, but they do minimise. At the end of the corridor, drop down the deep well into the water. Surface, run up the slope and kill the guard and pick up clips. A swarm of locusts will attack, so watch your health. I ran back to the water and they seemed to disappear. Go forward to the switch, picking up a further two sets of clips, but donít push it, itís a booby trap and itíll set you on fire, instead go through the entrance on the east wall into the noxious looking water. Turn to the right and walk along the right side wall, turning right again at the opening. Now turn right again to face west and push the floor lever at the end of the tunnel.

Now turn around and make your way back to the north entrance and wade to the very far end of the room, turning right at the end to face east and take the left hand path to the end. Turn south under the blue light and take the second turning on your left through the door you just opened with the floor lever. Swim ahead and follow the path until you can turn right (east), down the slope and immediately turn right (south), now the first opening on your right and swim up the slope (south). Swim to the right, follow the wall around until you reach the descending slope on the west wall. Turn right (north), swim up to and over the crate and surface. You can do the swim with air to spare.

Climb out and climb up the corrugated walls to the floor lever, and push it. (No camera shot here either, but the switch opens two doors near the first switch in the entrance tunnel.) Return back the way you came (reverse the directions) and climb out in the noxious water. Wade ahead (west) and stay close to the right hand wall all the way round until you reach the entrance (west). Climb out and go to the now open door on the west wall. Standing jump over the slope. Kick open the door immediately to your right (north) and stand at the entrance of the dark underground mining cave. From the doorway, shoot the barriers on the opposite wall (north), and take out the sentry gun with the combined revolver and laser sight. (This will re-appear when you exit the door on the east wall next to it.)

Drop down the small slope and turn to face southeast. Do a side flip to the right to land on a flat ledge, jump forward (west), and pick up SECRET # 2 Ė GRENADE LAUNCHER AND SHELLS. Slide back down the slope and pick up shells, two sets of clips and another Uzi. There are also shells to pick up on the ledge near the sentry gun. Shoot all the bats and all the dynamite barrels. Pick up more shells near the wooden crates and climb on top of them. Pull the jumpswitch on the west wall near the double gates. This will open a gate on the platform where the sentry gun stood, donít shoot the dynamite barrel in the water, or the water will set on fire. Now go up the steps and to the open gate on the east wall. Make sure you shoot all the barriers before entering, youíll need to make a speedy exit to the water later.

Take the first turning on your left (north) and follow the path through the locusts and keeping to the left until you reach the floor lever. Push it. Shoot the two guards and return to the junction. Ahead at the junction (south), first left and to the floor lever in the east alcove and push it. Run back to the junction and this time turn right (east). There is a computer room to your left but nothing to do in there, and an empty area to your right, so run to the end through the open door to the climbable wall, and start climbing up. Run to the far end of the room (east) roll and look up high to the ceiling and use the revolver and laser sight to shoot the blue swinging ball. Notice the intermittent flames, too.

Run forward and round to your right and now find the climbable surface on the east pillar. There are intermittent flames as you reach the top, so time the right moment to pull up. Run along the top and turn right to the sloped wall in front of you. From the edge, do a standing jump with grab to catch it and shimmy right, avoiding the flame emitter, and onwards until you can pull up (west). On the ledge ahead is a sentry gun, and although it isnít active, take it out with the combined revolver and laser sight. (You can climb up to the sentry gun ledge to do this.) Drop down and line up with the rope. Walk to the edge and hop back, then standing jump with grab to catch it. Swing over to the other side and drop into a new room. you need to get to the other end of the room and avoid the flames at the same time. I found it easiest to run across the right hand slope stopping before the flames rather than wading through the middle.

At the end enter the new room and what appears to be a nightmare scenario of pits and flames, and at the end a floor lever. Itís not as bad as it looks, it's relatively easy to cross to the other side of the room by running over the diagonal corners of each pit, rather than trying to jump. Push the floor lever. This time you get a much needed flyby of the double gates opening back in the mining pit area, so time to retrace your steps back to the beginning of the mine.

Go back over the flame pits and wade through the next room to the entrance. The rope is too far away, so turn to face the room with the fire jets and angle yourself northeast, and one sidestep to the right away from the entrance. (Your back will be to the room with the rope.) Now sideflip to your left when the wall flame has gone out, and slide down the slope and grab the edge. Drop and grab the ledge underneath, then safety drop to the ground, hitting the roll button before you land on the floor to cushion your fall.

Now leave this room (west) and head for the exit. Miraculously, the sentry gun which you destroyed at the beginning in the cave has materialised again to the left of the door and will attack you as soon as you get to within a block's width of the door. I couldnít find any way not to catch fire here, so top up on the medipack, and keep topping up your health as you sprint to the outside water area whilst you are on fire. Kill the two guards as you climb out. Run through the double gates to the bike to finish the level.