Level by Masha Frenkel


Walkthrough by Yoav

The Mystery of the Northern Star

You start in the city, run forward a few steps and turn right onto the bridge, and a flyby shows you around the caged Poseidon statues place. Shoot a guard and a dog and follow to the open passage directly across the bridge, kick open the door to your left; after killing the dog you'll see a black trapdoor on the floor for later. Go back out toward the bridge, turn left and proceed to the next open passage, kick open the door to your right, open the cupboard in the corner and pick up the binoculars, get out and continue W through the passage, turn right and proceed to the next two kick-doors, nothing to do in those rooms yet other than kill a guard in one of them (we'll come back here later). Now go to the caged Poseidon statues place W, look around and pull a jumpswitch on the NW column (screenie of a kick-door room you visited just now), stay near and look for the middle N wall to climb (S face, with your back to the statues), climb up and run the red ledges around to the S side and pick up the power CD about halfway down.

Get back to where you climbed up, go through the small passage, turn around and hop back to pull down the jumpswitch (screenie of gate opening in pool), reverse roll and follow N between the buildings. You see two pentagonal openings, go to the left one, shoot the guard and then the high mesh NE, pull into the crawlspace and in the next room crawl over the crates and pull the switch in the corner (screenie of gate and block lifting somewhere outside). Get back outside, head E and climb onto the block you saw in the screenie, in the next room pull the book in the corner bookcase, get down to the room below (that you saw in another screenie) and pull another book in the revealed opening.

Now go outside and ignore the second raised block for the moment, enter the nearby kick-door room, get into the now-accessible room S, shoot the dog and pull the W switch.Return to the previous room, climb up onto the raised block and pull down the trapdoor. Pull Lara up into the higher room, shoot two crates, pick up a small medipack, the Revolver on the NE desk and some flares, then place the Power CD in the S receptacle (screenie of a cage lowering to expose a Poseidon statue).

Now go back to the bridge in the beginning area where you'll find an open gate NW, jump into the water and swim into the open gateway N, swim behind those boxes NE, pull the underwater timed lever. Swim out quickly to the S side of the pool, enter that open gateway and pick up the first Trident. Pull the lever around the corner E of the entrance to get back out, get some air and return to pull the underwater lever in the SE corner (screenie of an underwater cage rising).Pause for a small medipack on the W side of the room, swim out and use the raised cage to exit, go to the Poseidon statues and place the Trident on the staff of the exposed statue (screenie of that floor trapdoor lifting in the room near the bridge).

Now go to the room where the open trapdoor is and climb down, follow the corridor into a big room and move the four movable red boxes in the trench onto the adjacent red tiles. This will open the nearby NE gate, pull the wall switch there to lower the three E blocks. Now pull the three E switches (scrennie of an underwater gate opening after each one), get into the now-flooded trench (via the W opening) and pull the three underwater levers one by one (screenie of a block lowering after the third one). Pull out of the water at the same spot where you jumped in, pull the SW wall switch revealed by the lowered block (screenie of an underwater gate opening).Swim W down the S trench and through the open gate.Swim around the central structure and locate another underwater lever on the back wall.Pull it for a screenie showing another lowered block.Go back there and pull down the wall switch, and you can see the gate opening below and to your right.The water level is also raised, so swim back around the central structure and pull the higher underwater lever.A screenie shows the final block being lowered, so return and pull down the revealed wall switch.A screenie shows a trapdoor lifting open in the Poseidon statues area. Go there (after shooting a dog and a guard on the way), jump into the small pool and pick up the crowbar (umbrella) at the bottom. Get out, proceed NE toward the building with the raised block that you ignored earlier, climb up onto the block, shoot the mesh, jump up into the opening and use the crowbar to get into the room.

Shoot the NW coffin for a small medipack, move aside the bookshelf right next to it and go inside for the lasersight.Pull down the jumpswitch to your right (screenie of an outside gate opening), then go back out and follow around the building.On the south side is another crowbar door.OPen it and go inside, make a U-turn to the right, climb up into the window and pull the wall switch on your right behind the curtain (screenie of a gate opening). Get back to the pool E in the beginning area, stand on the cage in the water, combine the revolver and the lasersight and shoot the small wooden box S, then the larger brown box against the E wall.Swim down and pick up the second Power CD and a Golden Rose for Secret #1 (thanks to Josť for this information).

Get back out and now you follow through that S gate you just opened in the Poseidon statues area. Enter the room on your right and move those two red boxes near the entrance two steps forward and then against the wall on either side.This lowers the SW block, pull the switch there to lower the NW block. Save before you pull the timed switch there (as for some reason the door sometimes refuses to re-open if you should miss and go back to the switch to try again), roll and sprint around to run into the NE doorway.The green box just inside is empty, but shoot the smaller brown box on a crate in the next room, pull up and pull the E switch behind the pipe. Go back to the red block room and enter the open S doorway.Shoot the larger brown box, climb up and pull the switch, proceed through the open W doorway, enter the N hallway, get behind the first red curtain to your left and pull the switch. This opens a door in the NW corner of the hallway and also exposes an alcove across the hall from the red curtain.Shoot the box in the alcove, pick up the revolver ammo and follow up the NW stairs to a parlor.Go out and jump from the balcony to the next one SE, open the crowbar door, shoot a dog and a guard, then pull the switch at the end of the corridor. Proceed through the open door SE and take the Golden Rose from the cupboard SE for Secret #2, kick open the door W, shoot the dog, pause for the revolver ammo on your right, pull down the NW jumpswitch behind the pipe and go into the next room to place the Power CD in the NW receptacle (screenie of another cage lowering in the Poseidon statues area).

Get back to the parlor, jumping from one balcony to the next, and pick up the second Trident from the N alcove, get back to the Poseidon statues area and place the Trident (screenie of large iron gates opening).Go out NE and follow through to the open black gates (the pentagonal opening on the left) to reach the next level.


The Mystery of the Northern Star - Part 2

In a courtyard run around the central structure (surrounded by a number of closed gates), you see four globes and a cage in the SE corner, move those globes onto the adjacent red or blue tile, one of gold gates opens S. Now move those globes one by one into the structure and place them on the raised blocks (a new door opens and a new block rises each time you place one), after which the cage outside is lowered.Pull the revealed switch, climb the ladder around the corner, pull the switch in the alcove above (screenie of a gate lifting below), get down and enter the lodge N. Follow to the right side, behind the curtain in the SE window alcove pull down a jumpswitch.The two coffins at the foot of the stairs are empty, but the one in the NE corner contains a torch. Bring it upstairs, drop it briefly to shoot those two vases in the S windows from both sides.This opens two library doors N. Go to the NW one and pull the book in the far left corner (screenie shows a fire being lit in a fireplace). Go to the E wall of this room and push a bookcase aside, pick up the Golden Rose in the alcove for Secret #3. The coffins in this room are all empty. Now leave this room and take the torch into the room E to light it, then go around and light the four candlesticks in the corners of this room, which causes a block to rise in the other library next door. Abandon the torch now, as you're through with it.

Before you leave this room, vault up into the fireplace and walk between the flames into the phantom red curtain to the right.Go around the corner to the right and pick up the Golden Rose for Secret #4.Now proceed to the library next door, climb up onto the raised block and from there to the S bookcase, pull the timed switch, run and jump along the bookcases in a counterclockwise direction to the other side to catch the open gate. It's pretty tight and requires one running jump, grab and pull-up, but if you do everything else in a fluid movement without stopping you should be able to make it with time to spare. Once inside, run forward (passing a closed gate to your right) and pull the switch in the alcove to your left, reverse roll and run out to your left into the open gate back to the first library, make your way along the tops of the bookcases to the W side and pull the switch there (screenie of a gate lifting in the previous area), go back to the second library, repeat the timed run along the tops of the bookcases and get past the timed gate.This time take the first right and enter the room with the Silver Key on the pedestal (screenie of a gate lifting elsewhere).

Open the exit gate to the first library by pulling back up the switch in the S alcove.Safety drop to the floor, go downstairs (note the bronze keyhole to your right for later), leave the lodge and follow through the open E gate, run around those pools and look for the keyhole in the SE corner, use the Silver Key there and warp to the next level.



You are in a big room with a swinging pendulum in the center. Climb the W ladder to the second floor, pick up revolver ammo near the E wall. Turn around and look up toward the ceiling, use your combined revolver and lasership to shoot the swinging blue ball, this causes a cage to rise near the ladder. Move the globe onto the raised cage and the gate to your right lifts open.Go inside and pull the lever, the cage will be lowered and the globe will wind up on the stairs below. Another cage will also be raised. Jump back to the upper ledges and repeat with the globe in the NE corner, then the one in the SE corner, and finally the one in the SW corner.After the fourth one you get a screenie of the gate lifting in the upper N wall.Go there and pull the switch inside, this opens a golden gate on the stairs at the E wall, pull the switch in the alcove and release a slow-moving KGB Man from his cage.

Now go and stand close to the NE pillar, the KGB Man will hit Lara with his billy stick and break the pillar. The gate just beyond will also open, so go inside and pull the switch, this will raise a cage just behind you. Jump and grab to the cage, pull up and push the globe onto the cage. Jump down and push the switch back up to lower the cage and the globe to the floor. Do the same with the pillars at the NW, SW and SE corners (no particular order), and when all four globes have been lowered to the main floor, place them on the appropriate tile (red or blue) in the pendulum area (getting a static screenie after the first three). Of course, you'll need to avoid the KGB Man while all this is going on.When you finish, the gates on the second floor will open, so use the W ladder to get back up, go through the open S gateway, and take from the pedestals the Water Stone (screenie of a cage) and the Power CD. Go back down, exit SW (just approach the closed portal in the alcove) and return to The Mystery of the Northern Star - Part 2.


The Mystery of the Northern Star - Part 2 (continued)

Loop around to the right and pull the switch, jump to the pool, swim through the open gateway W and pull the underwater lever in the passage to your right (screenie of a cage rising in the pool).Swim back, pull Lara up onto the cage and place the Water Stone in the receptacle. Look at the flyby that takes you through the previous area, with wheels now turning and a gate opening.Swim back into the W canal through the open gateway and into the next pool.Look for an underwater lever on the N side of the central pillar, pull it to open the W alcove, swim inside and pick up the Golden Key. Pull Lara out of the water and use the Golden Key SW (the NE jumpswitch is for later) to open the gate to your right. Get ready for a nifty sequence involving a series of timed platforms.You may want to save several times along the way so you won't have to redo the entire thing when you slip up.

Run forward to the shortest block in the room and vault up onto it facing S.A platform at the end of the E ledge rises.Run and jump S to the next higher block (another platform rises to your left when you land on it) and without stopping take another running jump to the right side of the ornate central block.Turn left and take a running jump and grab to the right side of the raised platform.Pull up, turn left and take a running jump and grab N to the next raised platform.Pull up, step forward and throw the wall switch to raise a cage on the ornate central block, turn right and take a running jump and grab S back to the previous raised platform.Pull up, run forward so that you step on the blue tile (which raises a row of platforms W), swerve to your right and take a running jump and grab to the top of the raised cage.Pull up and take a running jump to the left edge of the leftmost raised platform W.Take two sideflips to your right off the second and third platforms.Turn to your right and take a running jump N to the fourth platform.Turn quickly to face SE, then take a back flip to the W slope, slide down a short distance and jump off to grab the monkey swing strip along the N edge of the ceiling.Monkey swing across the room, release when you reach the far wall and grab the crack, then shimmy to your right until you can pull up into an opening.

Run forward and jump into the alcove across the room for the Water Stone (screenie of a cage lowering to expose a wall switch). Go back to the opening, hop back and grab the edge, and shimmy to your left or right to drop down onto a ledge and from there to the floor.Leave this room and get back to the pool S, swim E through the canal and pull Lara out of the water in the next pool.Pull the second switch E (to the left of the one you pulled earlier) and see a screenie of an underwater gate opening. Jump into the NE pool behind you, swim W and take the first left, and pull the underwater lever (screenie of an underwater cage rising). Swim back, climb up onto the cage and place the Water Stone in its receptacle. Watch a flyby similar to the one you saw earlier, swim W through the canal to the next pool and pull the underwater lever on the far side of the central pillar. The N gate opens, so swim inside and wade up to a tunnel. Follow to a room where you'll find the Bronze Key on a pedestal.

Go back, pull out of the pool and go that SE jumpswitch you ignored earlier.Activate it to open the middle gate E, proceed again through the N gateway to the lodge, go up the left stairs and use the Bronze Key in the keyhole you noted earlier.The door to your right opens, so go inside and find two movable pillars (the darker ones nearest you).Move just the NE one around to the SW corner, and the two closed gates S will open. Enter and take the third Trident from the pedestal (screenie of a gate lifting elsewhere). Get back to the courtyard, go through the open SE gateway and up the stairs.In the next room pick up the Golden Key (screenie of double iron gates opening).Go back to the courtyard, take a left and enter the open SW gateway to warp back to the first level.


The Mystery of the Northern Star (continued)

Use the Golden Key in the S building ahead.Enter and loop around to the right to vault up into the window, pull the wall switch there, hop down and enter the control room E, shoot the guard and use the Power CD in the receptacle (screenie of another cage lowering to expose a Poseidon statue). Exit this building and proceed S through the narrow alley to the Poseidon statues area. Place the Trident on the newly exposed staff SW.The black iron gates W are open now, so enter and approach the closed wooden doors ahead to be taken to the next level.


The New Hermitage

After the level starts, run forward into the first hallway where you'll see a couple of paintings on the wall.Take a standing jump over the bench and grab the bottom of the painting of an elderly gent wearing a beret.Pull up through the phantom canvas and run forward to pick up the Golden Rose for Secret #5 (screenie of a gate lifting elsewhere). Exit back to the hallway, loop around to your right or left and run upstairs.You'll find the gateway you just now opened, but there's nothing else to do here at the moment.Go back down the stairs, turn right and follow up the S stairs to the second floor, shoot a couple of dogs, run around and follow the E wall N, and two of those doors will open automatically (both lead to the same room). Get into the room with four movable statues, look in the SE corner for a wall switch, pull it (screenie of a door opening), go outside to the next E room that you've opened, press the NW button (first of five) and pull the switch in the NE alcove to lower a block in the room next door. Get back there, pick up a torch next to the SW statue and drop it in a safe place.Now move the statues out to the corners (one push each), this lights one of the candlesticks (in the NE corner).Use it to ignite your torch, then light the other candlesticks in the corners of this room (screenie of another door opening outside).

Bring your torch and drop it on the floor in front of the closed NW door. Follow to the room SW that you've opened, pick up the flares and a medipack in the near corners, now look at those high light bulbs on the walls, in one of them (SE) pull a jumpswitch (screenie of another door opening outside), go to the new open door NW, pick up your torch and go inside to light the two candlesticks.Watch the flyby showing the block lowering in the far wall. Go there and shoot those small spiders you may have heard scuttling about (watch out, they're poisonous), follow around the corner and start down the stairs, press the button on the E wall (second of five).

Go left and pull the jumpswitch near the bottom of the stairs to open the gate further down in the W wall, splash through the partially flooded room and enter left. Pull another switch in the alcove inside to lift the S gate. Follow to an indoor pool, but before you jump into the water, climb up onto the tall block on your left (the N face is climbable), run and jump slightly NW to the smaller steep slope (and not to the longer one N, which is spike trapped), slide down and jump off to grab the climbable hanging column.Shift right or left around two corners to the other side (triggering some spikes along the way).Make sure Lara is centered on the column, one rung down from the top, then do a rolling backflip, jump off the slope and activate the jumpswitch on the N wall.

Swim through the S opening into a second pool and continue S into the passage, pull the underwater lever when you reach it (screenie of the jumpswitch room), pause for the nearby flares and return for air.Swim back to the first pool and into the N opening.Turn left at the closed black gate. A second gate will close as you approach it, so swim to your right toward the third gate (which opens as you approach it) and find a shaft leading upward.Follow to the higher passage leading N and swim until you reach a second underwater lever at the end.Pull it and watch the elaborate flyby that shows a block rising at a spiked square in the jumpswitch room, a nearby gate lifting, and a block lowering to reveal a wall switch.If you happen to enter the N passage and you're met with an open passage rather than a closed gate, simply follow the passage in a loop.Two gates will open automatically as you approach, and the second one brings you back out to where you entered.Wait until that second gate closes behind you, then flip turn and follow the path described in the main text.

Swim back there, pull out E and push the button in the S wall (third of five).Wait until the spikes retract, jump onto the slope and immediately swerve around to your left and jump SE to safety.Pull down the wall switch, and a boulder tumbles down to snap off the spikes.Follow through the open gate across the way in the W wall, go to your right and pull the switch N to open the next W gate.Beware of the dog lurking in the passage.Enter the next room and pick up the Golden Key from the bottom-lit pedestal, get back to the E entrance of the jumpswitch room, turn left and use the Golden Key.

Inside the next room pull the switch (screenie of the partially flooded room). Exit W and follow through the shallow water and pull the switch behind the SE pillar, go through the open E doorway, shoot the vase in the alcove and pull another revealed switch.Enter the E passage, shoot a dog, then several small spiders in the next room, proceed down the ramp to a crossing. Pull down the jumpswitch in the alcove to your left, then roll and jump quickly out of the hole as the camera angle changes, then side flip to avoid the boulder and the spikes.Go up the ramp where the boulder came down for a medipack. Continue down the ramp to the next crossing and repeat.There's nothing on this ramp, so continue down to the third crossing in front of the closed gate. Repeat to open the E gate.Don't enter yet, but hop down into the alcove where the third boulder fell and step forward to pick up the Golden Rose for Secret #6 (screenie of a second gate rising in a previous area).Walk through the spikes, taking unavoidable damage, pull out onto the ramp and enter the E room cautiously.††

When you step on the raised blue tile the torches on the wall are ignited.Don't step forward, as the floor ahead is spike trapped.Look on a ceiling for five similar blue tiles. Directly underneath those it's safe to step.I found that side flips were safest to get from one to the other.After stepping on all five safe tiles, the N gate opens. Follow down the spiral staircase and clear the area of poisonous spiders.Near the third wall torch, look for a high jumpswitch S, pull it and proceed through the open gate at the bottom of the stairs.Save your game in front of the breaktile gauntlet ahead. Here's a reliable way to do it safely.Ignore the first tile and take a slightly angled standing jump and grab to the next tile.The triggered spikes below won't hurt you the first time, so pull up quickly and take a running jump to the next breaktile, a running jump to the third one, and finally a standing jump to safety.

Hop backward, pull down the wall switch to lift the gate above, then use the climbable wall to get back up.Enter the next room and pick up Silver Key from the pedestal. Get down again to the space between the spikes and use the combined revolver and lasersight to shoot the grate in the crawlspace beyond the spikes.When the spikes nearest you spring up, jump forward and run (not sprint) to the other side.Without hesitating, duck at the end and crawl into the crawlspace, pick up the Golden Rose for Secret #7 (screenie of a third and final gate lifting) and continue forward to pull the switch and turn off the spikes just beyond the crawlspace. Exit, run back E past the spikes to the previous room (which I found much harder and will likely take you a number of tries, I ran without sprinting and took a running jump at the very end).Climb up, turn around and take a standing jump to grab the ceiling.Monkeyswing over the spikes and bear left at the end.Drop down in front of the gate, which opens automatically, and get back to the spike-trapped room.Use the safe tiles on either side of the room to exit S.Go up the ramp, shooting more spiders along the way,and return to the entrance of the partially flooded room.Use the Silver Key N, go inside and pull the switch (screenie of a gate lifting in the partially flooded room).

Go there, enter the next room N and take the Egg from the pedestal. Go around and find the button to press (fourth of five).Exit the flooded area, go up the S stairs and retrieve your light torch from wherever you left it before and light the two candles back in the main hall (SW and SE corners).The adjacent doors open, so go inside andshoot the four corner vases for a medipack and a couple of spiders.Press the NE button (fifth of five, the gate you've been seeing in the screenies finally lifts), shoot the glass containers on the pedestals and take revolver ammo from the central one. Place the Egg in the S alcove to open the exit door to your right.

Before leaving, however, go back down the stairs in the main hall, turn left at the bottom and go up the next stairs, loop around to the right and enter the small room E and pick up the Faberge Egg. Exit and go downstairs.Turn left into the N room and take the Water Stone from the pedestal. Now return to the room where you found that fifth button, follow through the SW gate to be taken to the next level.


The New Hermitage - Part 2

Follow down the corridor, past a closed gate, and place the Water Stone at the end. The previous gate opens, so go back there, down the stairs and pull the switch to your right (screenie of a gate lifiting).Step onto the threshold of the next room and enjoy the long flyby.Go up the steps to the opened gate in the S wall and turn right at the closed gate.Save your game in front of the breaktiles guarded by the fire blowers.Stand at the edge of the lighter tiles and hop back.When the nearest flame blower pauses, take a running jump to the first breaktile and an immediate running jump to the second one.When you land, take one quick step forward, then a standing jump forward.Jump off the first slope without sliding, then take two more jumps off the slopes ahead and grab the wall at the end.Climb up quickly before the flames return, and save your game so you won't have to do this again.

Go into the next room S and pick up the picture. To get back out, use the facing slopes, jumping from one to the other while using an arrow key to bring you steadily E. When you reach the point where the slopes become steeper, you'll start sliding down E.You can either resume your jumps or allow Lara to slide off to the floor, hoping she'll land between the flame blowers.If she does, you can get safely by the remaining flames by hugging the wall and using sidesteps (or a side flip).Save your game again when you get to the E end. Pull the switch in the opened E alcove and proceed to the next opened gate in the W wall (the gate slams shut as you enter).

Many thanks to Harry Laudie for the following solution to the elaborate block puzzle in this room:

Go forward to find block #1 in the entrance tunnel.

Push block #1 to the north two times. To the west is block #2.

Push block #2 to the west three times.

Go north to a junction. To the west is block #3. To the east is block #4. In the north wall is a blue block.

Pull back block #4 to the west one time.

Go back to the entrance tunnel and push block #1 to the north two times.

Go back and push block #4 one time to the east.

Go back to the entrance tunnel and pull block #4 to the south one time.

Run around again and push block #4 to the south three times into the entrance tunnel. This blocks the area where you entered.

Go north and pull block #1 to the south two times.

Run around again and push block #1 to the south two times into the entrance tunnel.

Go west and pull back block #2 to the east two times.

Go around to get behind block #2 and pull down the wall switch.

Go to the entrance tunnel and look north to see that a blue block has dropped.

Go around and push block #2 to the west two times.

Go north and pull back block #3 to the east two times.

Go around to get behind block #3 and pull down the wall switch.

Go around and push block #3 to the west two times. Notice that the blue block in the north wall has dropped.

Go north and see block #5 in the west wall.

Pull back block #5 to the east two times.

Go around to get behind block #5. Enter the room and pick up a picture from the pedestal. You should hear a gate open.

Go around back into the entrance tunnel and go north to find two open gates.

Pull down the wall switch in the south alcove. Go east into the large room.

Proceed to the next open gate in the N wall. Follow the passage past two empty alcoves, turn left at the bend and you'll see a closed gate ahead.Take the first left and find the blue globe in a corner.The other alcoves have presently inaccessible wall switches.Move the globe beneath the NW blue ceiling tile, this will raise a timed ledge in the middle alcove N, run there and pull the switch to raise another timed ledge.The ledge will probably fall before you can hop away, so simply reverse roll, take a standing jump out of the hole, and run directly across the hall to the middle S alcove.Repeat, and this time turn right coming out of the alcove and use the timed switch in the far right N alcove.After you pull the third switch, the E gate opens (which is also timed, so don't dawdle).Enter and pick up the picture from the pedestal as the gate slams shut behind you. Now that you have three pictures in your inventory, turn back toward the gate, which opens obligingly, and follow down the corridor back to the main area.

Enter the SE passage between the blue gates and follow the winding ramp upward.You'll be attacked by two dogs when you reach the top.After killing them, pull up into the W crawlspace for some revolver ammo.Continue around, either right or left, until you reach an upper room.Place the pictures in the empty wall frames to open a black trapdoor in the center of the room. Drop down into a closed ledge in a depression in the floor.Turn to face N, take a few backflips and use the right arrow key until you land on the small blue NE tile.You hear spikes being triggered down below.Run and jump slightly NE to the blue block, pull up, get down on the other side and pull the switch.Use the ledges to get to the next block W and pull the switch there too.

Go back to the first block, sidestep to a corner (to get away from the switch) and pull up to the top, and use the monkeyswing to get over to the SE block.Pull the two switches you find on the blocks on that side of the room.When the fourth switch has been pulled, that central ledge falls open.Safety drop to the floor and go SW to pull the switch in the corner (screenie of a block lowering to expose a switch). Go and step onto the nearby blue tile, this raises a timed block E.Run and jump onto that block and those ahead, in a counterclockwise direction.You have to grab the last one (yellow in color) and pull up, turn right and take a running jump to the W ledge.

Pull the nearby wall switch.When you step away, the yellow block rises again for a few seconds.Jump quickly to it and take a standing jump and grab to the central structure.Pull up and jump off the slope to the rope that has mysteriously appeared.Release and fall down onto a block inside the central structure where you're protected from the spikes. Pick up the fourth Trident, then wait for the spikes to retract and hop down through any opening to the floor.Use the rising blocks to get back up to the W ledge, then get to the rope and use it to swing past the hole in the ceiling. Exit E and go back down the ramp, killing three more dogs on the way.Turn right at the end and enter the NE opening between the blue gates.Go up the stairs and turn right at the end to be warped briefly back to New Hermitage.Exit this room, go down the stairs and at the bottom turn right between the large columns.The first door opens as you approach it, and as you continue toward the next door you'll be warped back to The Mystery of the Northern Star. Go forward and place the last Trident, and a flyby shows the exit gates opening NE.Go there to bring this grand adventure to an unceremonious end.