Monstrum 3

Level by Lukasz Croft (August, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

drop onto a slope and start to slide. Slide a little and then jump up grab a ledge. Pull up and get flares, secret #1 and secret #2. The statistics show the secret count as two. Hop back and continue the slide to the bottom. Pick up Desert Eagle ammo and MP5 super ammo. Run south down a tunnel to pick up a small medipack. Turn around and kill the rat that followed you. Continue south and monkey swing over a deadly pit. Slide down another slope and continue running through wall darts. Jump a spike pit and continue south to an intersection. Kill six rats and step into the intersection to trigger the spike walls in the side tunnels. When they pass, enter the side tunnels for Arabic gun ammo and MP5 super ammo. Enter the south tunnel to trigger the spike wall and then retreat to a side tunnel until it passes. Do not save in these tunnels. If you have to reload, the spike walls are reset and start again.


Return to the south tunnel and see a movable cage in the south-east corner. Pull out three movable cages and push them out of the way. Enter the east tunnel and go to the end for the Arabic Gun and secret #3. Then go back and enter the hole in the south wall. You overlook a very large dark blue room. Kill the dog walking around. Go south to the pedestal and kill another two dogs. Pick up the Golden Amulet and two demigods attack. Go to the east wall and shoot them one at a time from a long distance. When done, you can pick up a small medipack near a skeleton at a pillar near the entrance. Go to the south-east corner behind a fire for Desert Eagle ammo.


Go east and enter an open gate. Shoot the barricade and slide into the water. Go north to pick up Harpoon normal ammo. Then swim south and pull up into a room. Kill three rats and a shark in the water. You may have to jump back into the water to lure him to you. Pick up a small medipack from a skeleton. Move the north-east cage for a large medipack. Move the north-west cage for MP5 normal ammo. You may also have to kill another rat. Go to the skeleton and push the cage to the corner. Enter the tunnel and pull back the blue block. Then push it to one side as a skeleton attacks you.


Run into the tunnel and jump over a spike pit. If you fall in, there are spikes from the side wall. Pull up as a blade ball falls from the ceiling. Run down the tunnel to the end and turn around as locust attack and the skeleton reaches you. Jump up to grab a ladder above you on the east wall and start climbing. At the top, back flip into a tunnel. Then pull up into a tunnel in the north wall. Run down the tunnel and the locust stop but a horseman attacks. Kill him and exit the tunnel on a ledge above the dark blue room.


Go to the north wall ledge and pull the wall switch. You get a cut scene of doors opening on the ground floor, although a pillar gets in the way of the view. Follow the ledges to the south-west and jump to another ledge. Kill a bat and jump south to a ledge between two columns. Pick up the MP5 and get secret #4. Give yourself full health and safety drop to the ground. Kill a demigod and go to the open gate in the south-west corner. Run south towards the wall switch, then turn and go back into the room to kill another demigod.


Return to the south wall and use the wall switch to open the gate to the west. Go there and kill six guards. Go around the floor and pick up Arabic gun ammo, three MP5 normal ammo, small medipack, and a large medipack. Find an opening in the south wall and enter a room with deadly molten gold on the floor. Jump to the west onto a safe slope beside a ladder. Then jump into the north-west corner alcove for secret #5 and two grenade super ammo. The ladder goes nowhere so return to the safe ledge at the entrance.


Go south and then jump into the dark south-east corner. Go west up a few stairs and pull up to a north column for grenade normal ammo. Get down and jump to the ladder on the north wall. Shimmy to the left and go past the ladders and onto the wall until you can shimmy around the corner. Drop onto a safe tile for the secret #6 and the grenade gun. You get a cut scene of a skeleton so use the grenade gun on him. Grab the wall and shimmy to the left around the corner to a ladder. Climb to the top and pull up to a ledge. The camera view changes. Kill the tinnos wasp that flies towards you from the north.


Go to the tunnel in the north-west corner and locust attack. There is a fire wraith and an ice wraith but they just chase each either for the rest of the level. Sprint though the tunnel as the ceiling collapses. In the next room, kill a guard for harpoon poison ammo. Shoot the vase for a small medipack. Use the switch and the gate opens. Kill the two guards that emerge from the open gate. Pick up a Desert Eagle that a guard drops. Enter the gate and kill a guard near the bottom of the steps. Go down the steps and pick up MP5 super ammo.


Climb the ladder at the north wall and pull up into a corridor. Go north but be careful of the swinging chain. Continue north into an ice cave. Go west for grenade super ammo. Go east and kill the polar bear. Follow the tunnel in the east wall around to where you see water. Kill a polar bear and pick up MP5 normal ammo from between two pillars. Go stand in the water until a shark swims within range to kill. Swim to the west side and pull up in the center, as the sides are deadly. Turn and kill another shark. Jump to the ice block for harpoon poison ammo.


Get back to the west block and run and jump into a water hole at the west wall underneath the wall torch. Follow the tunnel to pick up a small medipack. Then surface into an ice cave to kill a polar bear. Go to the south-east corner for a large medipack. Go to the wall switch and turn to kill another polar bear. Use the wall switch and enter the open gate. Follow the tunnel to kill a guard and get Arabic gun ammo. Climb the block and monkey swing to the side of the swinging chain.


Enter the next room and turn to the right. Use the wall switch and get a cut scene of an underwater block. Dive into the water and swim underwater to the north side for a large medipack and Arabic gun ammo. Then pull up to the north ledge. Kill the guard on the other side of the pit. Get into the pit and pick up harpoon explosive ammo. Then safety drop into the blue pit. Kill a polar bear and use the floor lever at the south wall. I found it difficult to get into the correct position. Get close and use roll to get into the corner and eventually it worked. Climb back up into the tunnel and continue north to the open gates. Pick up Arabic gun ammo that was dropped by the dead guard.


Continue north and kill two ahmets. Then you come to a moving wall. Jump into the room and watch out for falling ice. Go to the north-west corner for a small medipack. Go to the south-east corner for Arabic gun ammo. The water is safe so dive in and pick up MP5 super ammo from the central mound. Look under the west ledge for an underwater pull-down switch. Pull the switch and surface to see the north doors open. Jump into the doors and kill two guards at the far wall. Run forward and to the left to trigger the spike roller. Then go pick up MP normal ammo, MP super ammo, and Arabic Gun ammo from the room floor.


Enter the north tunnel and watch out for falling ice. Light a flare and jump through the two circular slicers. At the north end, climb the ladder to a small room. Kill two dogs and shot the vases for flares. Exit to the west and kill an attacking tinnos wasp. Turn and go north and follow the corridor to kill a horseman. It is not obvious but the north wall is climbable. Climb up to an opening for MP5 super ammo and a small medipack. Return and go south to follow the corridor to kill a horseman. In this corridor you see a ladder on the north wall. Climb it and enter a tunnel for the harpoon gun. Exit and go back to the entrance.


Climb the west wall and pull up into a tunnel. On your left you can see a small block. Push it back and pick up Arabic gun ammo. Continue west and you overlook a room with a pool and an ahmet. Jump down and kill the ahmet on the ledge. Also kill a shark in the water. You can see a closed timed door at the west wall. Dive into the pool and see an underwater lever on the lower east wall of the central block. Pull the underwater lever and swim up to the block. Run to the right in a loop to the open timed door. Enter and jump to grab the edge of a sloped column.


Climb up, slide and jump forward to another column. Locust attack and a two demigods on the floor shoots at you. Kill the demigods and jump down into the big tunnel in the east wall. The rest of the floor is deadly. When you land, turn around and kill another demigod. Follow to an ice room and go up the south-east slope for grenade super ammo. Kill a guard in the west tunnel. Go there to pick up Desert Eagle ammo. Run down to the end of the tunnel as spikes pop up after you. In the next room kill six guards. Pick up the MP5, MP5 super ammo and Arabic gun ammo. There is also an empty vase. Go to the north-east corner and climb the ladder on the pillar for a small medipack. Get down and kill a guard who drops grenade flash ammo.


Go south and kill the shark in the water. Swim to the far end and pull up. Go forward carefully as there are long floor blades. Go forward for another blade trap. Pull the switch on the left wall. To the right wall is a spike trap. Continue down the tunnel and try to avoid blade traps, spike traps, falling ice and a crushing ceiling block. Kill the polar bear and shoot a vase for harpoon explosive ammo. Continue to kill a guard and get Desert Eagle ammo. Continue and drop in a pit for a small medipack. Climb back up and watch for falling ice. Kill the polar bear and continue down the tunnel. Climb a block and pick up a large medipack. You get a flash of a cut scene. Jump off the end into a deep pit and the level ends.