Adventure in Venice

Level by Peter Tedstone

Walkthrough by Yoav

The level starts when Lara slides down, after the second slope, do a jump over the hole, get into paint room, pick up flare. Get out and climb down to shallow water floor, light flare and look for wire blocking the way. Jump over it and start swimming in the canal, you find yourself in a big pool, swim to floating wooden box, climb onto it, run and jump forward.

Follow the way to the other paint room, shoot dog and guard (notice that he will drop LaserSight), go to next room and pick up flare, shoot on high mesh. Pull Lara into crawlspace, it's secret place 1. Pick up wine, get down and go to pool, swim through the big underwater fan. When Lara gets close to the gate, press CTRL on your keyboard, Lara will open the gate. Don't lose time, start swimming a long way in the canal, get out in small courtyard, pull out the block hiding in the wall, pick up Gate Key, use it and get in the house.

Follow the right side, shoot two dogs and in those rooms, pick up more flares and shotgun; and in last room, shoot vase on block and pick up Gate Key. Go back to corridor, pick up madipack in the room from left, proceed to kitchen, pick up flares in the next room, now back to kitchen and shoot the glass, you see black gate that needs a crowbar. Well, you'll come here later. So go to other side and use the key to open the gate there.

You are in a place with a pool and four horse statues, climb onto one of those blocks around, run and jump over these horse statues, it's secret place 2. Pick up wine, get down, shoot the guard and pick up shotgun ammo. Jump to canal, swim until you see a place that you can get out of the water, on the bridge shoot the guard and pick up flares, near the black gate, there are two pools; in one of them pick up the Crossbow. Climb up on ladder and shoot the guard, notice that he will drop the crowbar, back to ladder but don't climb down, shimmy left and climb on the block, combine the Crossbow with the lasersight and look for the red lamp opposite but far away from you, shoot and the gate is open. After the shooting jump to crack on the wall, shimmy left, pull Lara up and pick up wine.

Now before you go through the black gate that you opened, go back to the house near the kitchen, to closed gate. Now you can open it with the crowbar, shoot on small boxes and find secret place 3, pick up wine and get back all the way again.

In the courtyard look for a ladder, climb up to roof, jump above the wire, shoot guard and shoot on lock in the door, get in and pass the place, go to right side, look for scaffolding before jump over it, shimmy right and pick up more wine. Shimmy left to scaffolding and from there to the rope, forward to next scaffolding, shoot again on lock on the door, jump and catch the chain, slide down, shoot the mesh and get into the house.

Follow the corridor, shoot those vases, pick up GateKey, go to room with the red curtain, use the key near the piano, get in the kitchen, look for hole in ceiling, shoot the mesh and pull Lara up. Go behind the big fan, shoot the mesh, be careful from the wire on the floor, now go to right side and climb on rust block, pick up madipack, go to left side, climb on small slope and jump forward to secret place 4. Pick up wine, now shoot on small box, use the crowbar to open the door above, get into the opera room.

You are on the opera roof, shoot the guard around, then run and jump to over the structure with ball, shoot the target on ball, the ball rolling will open the door down there, go through the open door, shoot many guards and dogs. You see a structure with a closed gate, go behind and get in the room with many pictures on wall, go around. There are four crowbar levers and balls above them, use the crowbar on the first one from left, the gate is open, you can pick up the Stolen Jewel.

Go back to the structure, climb up where the ball was before, jump to scaffolding, shoot the guard if you not did it before, pick up Gate Key, find another wine by one of the corner pillars, light a flare and use it in the end of corridor. Jump to pool, swim and get out of the water, go over to the black van and the level is finished.


Addendum by José: After you get secret place 3 and go through the black gate, go right and kill the guard near the ladder. Behind that ladder is a new gate key. Pick it up and open the gate which is at the other side of the courtyard. Enter and get a lot of goodies.